Baseball: SF schools shut out of All-WCAL first team

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior pitcher Chris Miguel sends a pitch toward the plate against Riordan on April 12 at Moscone Recreation Center. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior pitcher Chris Miguel sends a pitch toward the plate against Riordan on April 12 at Moscone Recreation Center. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Selections made by West Catholic Athletic League Coaches, not staff.

WCAL Most Valuable Player
Alex Blandino, senior shortstop, St. Francis

Pitcher of the Year
Tyler Davis, senior pitcher, Mitty

First Team
Kyle Alwyn, senior designated hitter, Mitty
Braden Bishop, junior outfielder, St. Francis
Christian Cecilio, senior pitcher, Bellarmine
Sean Edgecumbe, senior outfielder, Mitty
Stefan Fahrner, senior catcher, Mitty
Brett Fuller, senior first baseman, Mitty
Matt Glomb, senior shortstop, Bellarmine
Tyler Goeddel, senior third baseman, St. Francis
Greg Kenter, junior outfielder, Bellarmine
Gordy Madej, senior infielder, Mitty
Andre Mercurio, senior outfielder, Serra
Jon Nelson, senior catcher, St. Francis
Richard Prigatano, senior first baseman, St. Francis
Barry Timko, senior pitcher, Serra

Second Team
Ramiro Alvarez, senior catcher, Riordan
Kevin Barker, senior outfielder, St. Ignatius
Shawon Dunston, Jr., senior outfielder, Valley Christian
Luis Lerma, senior catcher, Valley Christian
Nick McFarland, senior outfielder, Valley Christian
Nick McGrew, junior infielder, Valley Christian
Chris Miguel, junior pitcher, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Bryant Park, junior infielder, Valley Christian
Mark Rauschnot, senior designated hitter, Valley Christian
Orlando Razo, sophomore pitcher, Serra
Colin Reed, senior pitcher, St. Francis
Kevin Zhang, senior pitcher, St. Francis

Honorable Mention
Bryson Brigman, freshman infielder, Valley Christian
James Correa, senior infielder, Mitty
Thomas Cox, junior pitcher, Serra
Dominic Defiesta, senior second baseman, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Ryan Degregorio, junior pitcher, St. Francis
Nicholas Frattini, senior pitcher, Bellarmine
Maurice Fuller, senior outfielder, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Nico Giarratano, sophomore shortstop, St. Ignatius
Matt Jackson, senior infielder, Valley Christian
Conner Jauch, junior outfielder, Bellarmine
Jack Klein, sophomore outfielder, St. Ignatius
Matt Krook, sophomore infielder, St. Ignatius
Austin March, senior outfielder, Serra
Michael McEntee, senior first baseman, Serra
Matt Michellini, senior pitcher, Serra
Collin Monsour, junior pitcher, St. Ignatius
Johnny Mrlik, senior pitcher, St. Ignatius
Ismael Orozco, junior shortstop, Riordan
Geo Saba, senior infielder, St. Francis
A.J. Santiago, senior second baseman, Riordan
Rudee Silva, senior pitcher, Valley Christian
Cameron Stewart, junior pitcher, Valley Christian
Ryan Strombom, senior pitcher, Serra
Jimmy Wallace, junior pitcher, Bellarmine
Jon Williams, senior outfielder, St. Francis

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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15 Comments on "Baseball: SF schools shut out of All-WCAL first team"

  1. I know Mrlik, Barker and Monsour from SI. Congrats to all of them. Each one is really great person, humble, kind and very talented. I wish Mrlik well at Vassar where he will play basketball and baseball and to Barker who will be playing baseball at Davis. Good Luck guys!!

  2. How can this be? Johnny Mrlik wasn’t wcal MVP ? He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. What’s up with that Jeremy ?

  3. When will the all-city team come out?

    • Hopefully our Baseball and Softball teams will come out next week… They take a while to do…

  4. this is ridiculous | June 12, 2011 at 11:40 PM |

    jbalan, the all city team should consist of the sacred heart center fielder shortstop and catcher as well as all the sophmors on si, JUST SAYING

    • sacred heart shortstop catcher and centerfielder? is that a joke? none of them have done anything this season besides the center fielder? I actually have never even heard the names mentioned of the shortstop and catcher.

  5. Anonymous | June 14, 2011 at 3:43 PM |

    South Bay always dominates in baseball. The SF coaches need to step it up and do more for thier teams, like promoting thier players and HELPING them get into school to play ball. They just show up and coach. We need some new young coaches in the city…

  6. the short stop got rockie of the year at sh awards dinner and the catcher broke the record for throwouts this year. As for the the center fielder he had an off year compaared to his junior year. The SI team was a better team and being a SI alum i was happy to watch them win. However i would say the SH team players individually were better including the center fielder shortstop catcher and others. The line up the middle needs to consist of good players and lets be honest the best players in the city and for first team all city should come from SI and SH.

    • WCAL Alum | June 14, 2011 at 4:53 PM |

      In all honesty, only three players (Barker, C Miguel, Alvarez) are locks for all-city san fran preps. Yes, you can take any of the other players on SH, SI, and Riordan on honorable mention and they would lead most of all categories in AAA, BCL or other leagues, but when comparing apples to apples ie WCAL – None of the players (other than the 3 mentioned) had productive years in league.

      It will difficult to quantify an ALL CITY team because the quality of all the leagues is SO much different. I.e a .300 batting average in WCAL easily equates to .500+ in any other city league.

      • yeah your right, however look at all the players on SH and SI when they did compete against city teams, such as 4 hit games from the players against urban or stuart hall etc….just proving that the competition for all city should won by most SH and SI players, despite recognition within the WCAL.

  7. actually no your wrong about alvarez, i watched him play both times against SI and once against SH. The catcher from SI is probably better then him and the catcher from SH is definatley better then him. Both SI and SH catchers deserve recognition over him. I would say the SH center fielder can give Barker a run for 1st team and Chris miguel will have it locked up, otherwise i think all are wide open.

  8. WCAL alumni | June 15, 2011 at 5:57 PM |

    I agree that the SH centerfielder would most definitely give barker a run

    • Anonymous | July 31, 2011 at 1:53 PM |

      Barker runs a 6.5 60yd dash and can throw 90 from the outfield. He’s not going to a D1 school for nothing. SH’s centerfielder has absolutely nothing on Barker.

  9. @anonymous, apparently you are pro-SI if you think that Barker is that much better than Maurice Fuller. I’ve played against Barker for 4 years in high school season and tournaments. Don’t get me wrong, Barker is one hell of a player and an even greater guy. But you can’t really judge someone until you have actually gotten to know them. Barker may be going to Davis, butt will have a hard time seeing the field next year, because the Head Coach at Davis recently resigned from coaching. As for Maurice, he is one of the most gifted and underrated athletes I have ever seen. Both of them deserved higher honors than they were awarded. Barker (WCAL 2nd team, All City 1st team) and Fuller (WCAL HM, All City HM)

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