Football: Team previews begin next week!

Washington and Galileo line up before a play on Nov. 11 at Washington High School. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

Washington and Galileo line up before a play on Nov. 11 at Washington High School. (Photo by Tawnya Gray)

It’s taken us a little while to get going, but we will begin publishing our football previews beginning next week.

All of these dates and the order of the teams are subject to change, but here is the tentative schedule.

July 28 – Lowell
July 31 – Lincoln Mission
August 4 – Burton
August 7 – Galileo
August 11 – Balboa
August 14 – Sacred Heart Cathedral
August 18 – Marshall Lincoln
August 21 – Mission Lincoln St. Ignatius
August 23 – St. Ignatius Marshall
August 25 – Stuart Hall
August 27 – Riordan
September 1 – Washington

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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

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87 Comments on "Football: Team previews begin next week!"

  1. Anonymous | July 19, 2011 at 1:24 PM |

    Sweeet! You guys should do like a key factor to the season and player/s to watch on the team, that would be awseome!

  2. Anonymous | July 20, 2011 at 8:52 AM |


    • A very down year for the AAA which is sad considering how bad it has been lately. So many seniors are gone. Wash & Bal will be down after losing all those seniors, Lowell will be bad again, Gal will be looking for another Nelson, who knows about Marshall and Burton. My AAA fav would be Mission but who knows when grades come in, dark horse is Lincoln, even though they were terible last year. The AAA is up for grabs.

      WCAL schools will be rough again too. Hard to see Riordan making huge improvements, SHC returns some key players but lost a lot. SI will have a comeback year. If they can find a quarterback and somehow sweep preseason and beat RHS and SH, they could win CCS.

      • “If they can find a quarterback” is a question that a lot of high school football programs would love to have answered.

        • Concur with AAA comment and Riordan will be even worse than last season (though it was nice to see them beat SI). The Irish have the advantage over SI and Riordan with skill players and if they can win their pre-season games, knock-off Riordan and SI and steal one from a peninsula team, they’ll have a good shot at a CCS title.

          • I don’t see the Irish having the advantage over SI when SI pretty much own SHC in football.

            • …and don’t ask me how. I don’t see how they don’t play over their heads when going up against a 118 year-old rival.

  3. Johnny Drama | July 21, 2011 at 2:54 PM |

    SHC has the advantage over SI every year yet can’t seem to beat them. The word choke comes to mind. Read that Johns will focus on hoops and will not play football this year. If true, a big blow for the Irish.

    Word is that Masoli will be the QB starter at Riordan. They may not be as bad as folks think.

    SHC better win CCS this year because there will be a huge drop off in talent when this group graduates. Much more evident on the hardwood than the gridiron. Unless, they get another transfer a la Johns and Jackson as sophs.

    • I sure hope Johns plays football… we need those long arms out there. As for the SHC-SI games, I’ve been trying to figure that phenomenon out myself. I think they get intimidated for some reason. In any event, after last year’s debacle, I’ve seen my last SH-SI game on any level.

  4. WCALOBSERVER | July 21, 2011 at 8:47 PM |

    Word is last season’s starters, Anthony Ramirez ’13(starting JV QB) and Ismael Orozco ’12(starting varsity QB) will not return to the field(huge blow) in order to focus on their baseball careers. In other words, Masoli will more than likely be the varsity quarterback for the crusaders.

    6’5 wide receiver Taylor Johns ’12 will stay focused on his basketball career and not return to the field because of that matter. Rumor is Jack Harrington ’12 will be the Irish’s QB for this upcoming season due to the loss of Murphy because of graduation.

    • Harrington has a lock on the QB position. I overheard one of the coaches telling some others that he’s the real deal.

      • Johnny Drama | July 23, 2011 at 9:36 AM |

        If he was real deal he would have started well before his senior year.

        • I heard this when he was still with the JV’s. It was a toss-up with the QB competition last season. I think Murphy being a senior put him over the top.

  5. WCALOBSERVER | July 22, 2011 at 10:16 AM |

    In my opinion it doesn’t matter who the Irish have as QB due to the loss of the 6’5 Johns and due to having such a power runner in Miles who was second in WCAL last year in rushing yards. I myself as an observer is expecting the Irish to go with a run heavy offense this year with Miles and Tapel in the backfield.

    As for the Crusaders I have no idea whats going on over there at Phelan Avenue. All I know is that Masoli ’14 will most likely be the QB for the Crusaders. AJ is going to be a heavy blow to the team on both offensive sides of the ball and defense.

    • Looks like ZM will start. He has a good arm out there. SHC’s Frosh QB last season was also good (How many 14 year-olds throw 65-yard passes?) but I suspect he’ll start on JV this season.

  6. Anonymous | July 22, 2011 at 1:15 PM |

    Honestly the loss of Johns does not have that much of an impact to the SH offense. They will still have many offensive weapons

  7. Anonymous | July 22, 2011 at 3:14 PM |

    also parker who has been on varsity since sophomore year

  8. When it comes down to it, the SI offensive and defensive lines are usually BIGGER, and they will win the Bruce Mahoney game in the trenches, like they do most of the time.

    • That’s true in close games but then Riordan did beat SI last season with one of their smallest, weakest-ever teams.

  9. WCALOBSERVER | July 23, 2011 at 11:53 AM |

    Will Coach Bluford be returning to his coaching duties?

  10. WCALOBSERVER | July 23, 2011 at 2:15 PM |

    I have heard the Irish frosh QB from last season is transferring to Riordan.

    • I just found out the kid Bobby Arenas 6ft 185lbs and a rocket for an arm transferred to Riordan. According to the kids at Riordan he is in school their. 2 good and solid QB’s at Riordan now in Arenas and Masoli who are good friends since they were 8 yrs old playing pop warner football, looks like Riordan is getting back slowly and will compete by next yr…Good luck kids!! Go WCAL sports…

  11. Think all city teams AAA & WCAL will have a down year. Preseason games tell much about where the programs are at heading into league play.

    If its true about Masoli being Riordan’s QB, I think Masoli will have a tough learning experience in league especially playing the south bay teams in the league. That’s a big jump from freshman to varsity in a league such as the WCAL. Hope he is successful.

    SH V SI is always fraught with many “what if” from team talent to coaching. SH has some amazing talent over the years but falls short in the big game whereas SI may have not had the same level of talent in certain areas but they seem to always come ready and focus for the rivalry game.

    Miles should be the runner he was last year before he got hurt. Tapel although not the brute runner as Miles, should bring some nice moves to passing situations & returns. Can’t blame Johns for focusing on basketball but Parker has nice height and bulk also.

    SI should have a front line that is big. Anyone know if the Hagan kid moved up to varsity? Although Bluford isn’t coaching (which is a huge loss) SI will continue to have strong coaching

  12. @wcal fan

    Hagan is a big kid but will not be up on varsity. the varsity has a good line already

  13. Cats pride | July 23, 2011 at 8:08 PM |

    Anyone know who is going to be the starting QB for SI? It’d be really nice to have another Zach Lee haha.

  14. WCALOBSERVER | July 23, 2011 at 11:01 PM |

    Riordan may not be as bad as people think. The new head coach over at Phelan seems to know what he is doing. Orozco not playing is a huge loss for the Crusaders. Kid had a strong arm and knew how to run. Masoli has the frame of a varsity QB but does he have the mindframe? We’ll see this season.

    The Irish should be a team to look out for this season as they are coming back with a vengeance after losing so many close games with the peninsula teams. In my opinion one flaw about this upcoming team is their offensive line. They graduated 4/5 of their starting linemen.

  15. Manifest Destiny | July 24, 2011 at 7:54 AM |

    Let us not make too many premature predictions. Most of the SI team is still vacationing in Tahoe or the Hamptons. Their Marin and San Mateo County suntans will have to adjust to the commute and climate of 37th Avenue before we can tell what kind of team they will be. The Cats are in a scrimmage with Galileo on August 27th! Plenty of good football to watch prior to the Bruce ( I only come to Kezar once a year) Mahoney game.

    • I’m doing the opposite. All the Kezar games except the Bruce-Mahoney game.

    • Cats Pride | July 25, 2011 at 9:45 AM |

      Well, if you’re on the football team you are only allowed to miss one week of summer training so I doubt that will be a factor.

  16. the irish offensive line may not be big but they will get after it. word is lou cobos in now the o line coach over at SH. from the past you know that he will coach them to get after it and work hard. they have the mindset to be a good offensive line. also the d-line is small but quick and strong. for example Mark Singh is someone to watch for

  17. @wcalobserver

    I heard that also about the qb from Irish frosh team. Will he play JV or Varsity(not qb with Masoli there but some other position?). But I believe he didn’t play all the games so if he does move up does he have the stamina to last a full season in league?

    • I think he’ll be JV. Jack Harrington has the QB spot on the varsity. I don’t know who their back-up is.

      • Johnny Drama | July 25, 2011 at 7:07 AM |

        @IC Stars, the frosh QB from last year, I believe Arenas is his name, has transferred to Riordan. You seem to be mis-reading the posts from above. It appears to be confirmed.

  18. the freshman quaterback from sh last year has transferred from sh. he is at riordan now. the back up on varsity is Jerry Peralta

  19. WCALOBSERVER | July 25, 2011 at 11:17 AM |

    With President Daly at the helm of Riordan, he will be attracting more athletes to the school. Be sure to watch out for Riordan in the next upcoming years

    • Johnny Drama | July 26, 2011 at 1:06 PM |

      I hear great things are happening on Phelan. It benefits all us city schools when Riordan is relevant athletically. It seems like an eternity but it was only 4 years ago when they won CCS in football and basketball.

      Lookint forward to seeing their improvement under Daly’s watch.

      If I were SHC, I’d be looking over my shoulder!!

  20. Anonymous | July 25, 2011 at 2:54 PM |

    @ IC Stars

    Yes it is the son of Ken Peralta

  21. SI has some raw talent this year. They have incredibly strong backs, wide receivers and tight ends with an above average sized o line. Although it may be a rebuilding season for them, they will be a team to seriously look out for.

  22. Tino miles is the real deal. Can run catch and block. Beat running back in WCAL.

    Zach Tapel is a very versatile player. From what coaches told me, he can play any skilled postion on offense and defense can play multiple postions.
    Jeivon Parker is a really talented reciver that can tackle on defense and catch in traffic.
    These are players that need to step up their game for the Irish to contend for a CCS championship.

    • Johnny Drama | July 27, 2011 at 10:01 AM |

      I agree that Miles can go, the kid can play. He is the 2nd best back in the league behind Marshall from VC.

      How’s his health? If I recall he injured his leg/knee/ankle? When he’s healthy, he can change a game with 1 play. He may struggle a bit due to a whole new line.

      • stignatiuswildcats | July 28, 2011 at 3:38 PM |

        I don’t know if I would be so quick to crown Miles #2 in the WCAL. Durell Crooks from St. Francis and Erich Wilson from Serra are great backs as well and could be better than Miles.

      • I think he’ll be healthy. He looked good when he came back from that injury. I don’t think it was serious.

    • Cats Pride | July 27, 2011 at 10:08 AM |

      No, Byron Marshall from Valley Christian is by far the best running back in the league. Just watch this

  23. Anonymous | July 26, 2011 at 4:54 PM |

    who is on si’s o line?

  24. Stuart hall will have the best season record wise this year . They have alot of guys returning and should dominate the teams in their league.

  25. Anonymous | July 27, 2011 at 2:43 PM |

    has anyone heard who will be on the O-Lines from both Sacred Heart and St. Ignatius

  26. Anonymous | July 27, 2011 at 3:32 PM |

    Watch out for SHC’s defensive. Their defensive last year was mainly made up of juniors.

    • Anonymous | July 27, 2011 at 5:51 PM |

      i agree. they only had three or four seniors tht played defense last year. and only two started

  27. Agreed the Irish Defense will be good ,highly expericened

  28. so i had a chance to check out sacred heart in there camp at Marin Catholic and i must say there corner by the name of “Gino ‘Ragusa” was an outstanding player and excited to watch him guard competitive receivers and lock them down

    • Gino Ragusa is a flat out beast. He will get after it no matter what. Recievers in the WCAL should watch out

      • Ragusa is a hard working kid who has made great strides since he began playing football as a freshman. No pop warner etc for him just a nice kid who has made the most of his abilities with dedication and hard work.

  29. Anonymous | July 28, 2011 at 3:45 PM |

    I am also wondering about the Sacred Heart line. They graduated four of the starting five from last year

  30. I follow the Cats closely and i think we need to straighten some things out. First, the team is led by a great looking o-line, in skill, heart, and experience. Second, they have a great backfield of BLUE Collar running backs who aren’t afraid to run between the tackles and take hits. Their QB is very talented and should come up big for them this year. As usual at SI, the defense will be staunch and has already proven that through passing camps.

    As for SH, I believe their problem will be that Tino is a WHITE Collar running back. SI proved during the Bruce last year that it only takes one good hit and he goes out for the game. Their o-line will be young and inexperienced and small and that will give their QB trouble throwing to any receiver, regardless of how good he is.

    And finally Riordan. It doesnt matter who they have on offense or defense at all this year. The game will be played at SI under the lights which gives SI a huge advantage. They will be out for revenge and Regalia will have them so tuned in that they won’t come out with anything less than a total dismantling of the Crusaders.

    • j$sunsetkid | July 28, 2011 at 5:31 PM |

      SI alum you’re wrong..
      1) nothing about SI is “BLUE” collar
      2) Tino is BLACK.

      • Anonymous | July 28, 2011 at 8:18 PM |

        He said Tino is a white-collar runningback, not a white person lol. And what makes you SI isn’t blue collar at all?

    • Miles did not go out on a “good hit”, he went out on a tackle at the 1 yard line. They couldn’t just tape him up and send him back out there.

  31. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING BOUT SI ALUM | July 28, 2011 at 9:58 PM |

    OK SI alum, what you said is very very one sided. Who are Si’s great running backs that will run between the tackles. Because sorry i have not heard of anyone. Also im pretty sure they havent even picked a starting QB yet. Also Sacred Hearts line may be small but they will get the job done day in day out. SI may be big they also do not have much experience. And lastly any one hit can take anybody out of any game. If you hit someone hard and good they could be done for a full season or the rest of their career. SO what you said makes no sense. go back get your facts straight before coming back and throwing out that garbage.

    • SI’s starters ARE very experienced. O-line, defensive backs, and tight ends are all returning starters, as well as some linebackers.

  32. WCALOBSERVER | July 28, 2011 at 10:16 PM |

    Without the terrible coaching job at Riordan the crusaders are sure to win. With Isola retiring, the new athletics director is putting the athletic program back on top

  33. yes i agree, very well said :)

  34. With a new athletic director,new coaches(real coaches not some group of old boy drinking buddies)
    and the fact that riordan always has talent. riordan will be a powerhouse once again.

  35. Bugs Bunny | August 5, 2011 at 8:53 AM |

    I dont think that that folks like Anonymous and Observer are doing the “New Guys” any favors on this board. I beleive there are still 5 or 6 coaches from last years staff at Riordan. Let these guys go to work. I am sure if you are all right they should win right away. The only thing wron with the Riordan football team was the coaching right? Sure glad you got that fixed.

    • Football Observer | August 8, 2011 at 3:29 PM |

      The new coaches at Riordan took over way too late to make any significant difference in this seasons win/loss totals. It looks like the coaching staff is not completely re-tooled but with a whole off season to find and recruit more quality coaches that will change. The returning to-be soph/juniors/seniors didn’t look like they lifted a weight in the last year. These new coaches are starting from scratch. The huge bright spot is that last year’s frosh class has some legitimate talent especially with Arenas transferring over. They have huge potential as a class and there is no doubt Masoli will be making his mark.
      The AD and coaching staffs of all the sports need to convince the good athletes to play multiple sports. Whoever talked the kids (probably parents too) at SHC and Riordan into only playing basketball or baseball are doing a disservice to kids and the schools.

      • Bugs Bunny | August 9, 2011 at 9:27 AM |

        Sorry. No breaks were given to the old staff. My son will be a returning Soph. from the class you are talking about. I am not sure how the new staff is doing but I wish them well. I hope they can get the numbers where they need to be. very excited about the 2 new additions.

        • Maybe the kids are just tired of getting jerked around “Football Observer” and dont want to play for a new coach every year!

      • I hear good things about the Arenas kid, i here he’s a big kid and strong while benching 255 lbs at Riordans weight room. I think Riordan is headed the right way with youth and solid coaches. Mr.Patrick Daly is old school and wants to bring back the hard workering kids with or without talent. Rumor is Arenas may sit out this year in football but again just a rumor…

  36. riordan coaching staff
    varsity..sweeney,chuck ball,jared johnson,tom martinez,roberto calvo y perez
    jv…dozier head coach,stewart boyer,jay sen morris,josh ruiz
    frosh..herrera head coach,edgar flores,mark mino,johnny santiago

  37. I’m hoping that any football team from the AAA league can win @ least one against a non-league team instead of being blown out all the time.

  38. Who is running the SI O & D? They have been pretty stagnet & boring to watch on O, but their D has been fun. Are they changing up their systems?

  39. When will the preview for Marshall come out?

    • It probably won’t be coming out. We made every effort to reach out to the coaching staff and pushed back their story three times, but could not get the necessary access to write a preview and arrange for a photographer to shoot the team. At this point, the ball is in the Marshall coaching staff’s court. We can’t do the in-depth previews we’ve been doing without a cooperative effort from the teams and an open line of communication.

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