Football Preview: Shrugging off 2010 is St. Ignatius’ top priority

St. Ignatius returning players (from left) Charlie Goldensohne, Will McKee, Dominic Truoccolo, Travis McDow and Kerry Crowley, will need to play key roles for the Wildcats to be successful in 2011. (Photo by Devin Chen)

St. Ignatius returning players (from left) Charlie Goldensohne, Will McKee, Dominic Truoccolo, Travis McDow and Kerry Crowley, will need to play key roles for the Wildcats to be successful in 2011. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Bonta Hill

The 2010 football season for St. Ignatius was a tumultuous one for the program, to say the least.

After going winless at home on their way to a 2-7-1 record, the Wildcats were rocked by a midseason coaching change — one that saw longtime head coach Steve Bluford relieved of his duties.

St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia directs traffic at practice. This will be Regalia's first full season at the helm of the program, after taking over for Steve Bluford midway through the 2010 season. (Photo by Devin Chen)

But the Wildcats have convinced themselves that 2010 is fully out of their minds, and that it won’t have any effect on this year’s team.

John Regalia, who is entering his 14th season with the program, took over coaching duties for Bluford last October and continues to focus on the future.

“We have a great team this year, great coaches and we’re 100 percent looking forward to 2011,” Regalia said. “We’ve been working since January moving forward. We have a great schedule, and that’s where our focus and attention has been as a program.”

Regalia and his team will be moving forward with the same run-heavy offensive system they deployed last season, but they’ll have to do it without standout running backs Zac Schuller and Jacob Brisbane, who both graduated.

Looking to fill those shoes and compete for carries will be seniors Kerry Crowley and Dominic Truoccolo, as well as junior Albert Waters.

“We have a lot of guys who got game experience last year and we’re confident they can deliver at their positions,” Crowley said. “We’re really confident with the way things are looking right now.”

The Wildcats will also be replacing graduated quarterbacks Jeff Farlow and Luke Pappas with either senior Travis McDow or junior Jack Stinn. Regalia hasn’t named a starter, but the Wildcats surely would like to avoid the season-long quarterback controversy they faced in 2010.

St. Ignatius is also expecting big contributions out of defensive back Will McKee and tight end/defensive end Charlie Goldensohns.

All wasn’t cloudy for the Wildcats in 2010, as they handed crosstown rival Sacred Heart Cathedral a 31-21 loss and won the first leg of the Bruce-Mahoney series, which St. Ignatius owns coming into the school year.

St. Ignatius quarterbacks Travis McDow (right) and Jack Stinn (left) will compete for the starting job in 2011. (Photo by Devin Chen)

“We relish the opportunity to play at historic Kezar Stadium, run through the tunnel and represent our school,” Crowley said. “The [game] means a lot to the school, but we take it week-by-week, and every game is just as important as the next.”

While playing in the daunting West Catholic Athletic League, schedule wise, nothing will be given to the Wildcats as they host Marin County Athletic League champion Marin Catholic, which highlights the non-league schedule.

After losing to Riordan last season, the Wildcats host the Crusaders in what will be the second night game ever at J.B. Murphy Field.

“It’s a rare occurrence and the exciting thing is the school has a game on campus — at night, regardless who we’re playing,” Regalia said.

Expectations at St. Ignatius this season are to improve weekly and work hard. Regalia noted that if his team did that, the team goals will come to fruition.

“What I expect out of our guys is to improve each week, as football players and young men, and that’s always been the goal for this program,” Regalia said. “We’re taking it week by week, and if we do that, everything else will take care of itself.”

2011 Schedule – WCAL games in bold
Scrimmage: Sat. 8/27 – vs. Galileo, 1 p.m.
Week 0: Sat. 9/3 – vs. Marin Catholic (Kentfield), 1 p.m.
Week 1: Sat. 9/10 – vs. Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland), 1 p.m.
Week 2: Fri. 9/16 – @ Menlo-Atherton (Atherton), 7 p.m.
Week 3: Bye
Week 4: Fri. 9/30 – @ Mitty (San Jose) @ Foothill College (Los Altos Hills), 7 p.m.
Week 5: Sat. 10/8 – vs. Serra (San Mateo), 1 p.m.
Week 6: Sat. 10/15 – vs. Valley Christian (San Jose), 1 p.m.
Week 7: Fri. 10/21 – vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral @ Kezar Stadium, 7 p.m.
Week 8: Sat. 10/29 – vs. St. Francis (Mountain View), 1 p.m.
Week 9: Sat. 11/4 – vs. Riordan, 7 p.m.
Week 10: Fri. 11/11 – @ Bellarmine (San Jose) @ San Jose City College, 7 p.m.

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52 Comments on "Football Preview: Shrugging off 2010 is St. Ignatius’ top priority"

  1. Nice article on SI. Rough last season, tough schedule, tough league. New year.

  2. I can’t wait until the Bruce Mahoney game! Hopefully SI doesn’t pull that cheap shot against 74 again.

  3. his name is Goldensohn*

  4. SI, just a lacrosse school. They go 0-fer the WCAL. Well maybe one win in WCAL as they’ll probably win the SH game as always.

    • Nah, I think they’ll upset Riordan this season.

    • SI is the best all-around school for athletics in the city, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Plus they’ll definitely beat sh and riordan.

      • That was humor, Cat.

      • jimmythekid | August 22, 2011 at 9:16 PM |

        SI is not good at sports.( 2-7 get real) They are not a “city team” since students from the city make up less than half of the student population.It is possible that they beat Riordan, but if they do, it will be the last time for many years….I don’t know maybe they are good at lacrosse.

      • Johnny Drama | August 23, 2011 at 6:13 AM |

        @cats pride…there’s no point in talking to these Irish folks. They have blinders on. I posted last season the total WCAL/CCS/State titles of all schools in SF. It was SI, Riordan and SHC in that order. The Irish were last by a mile. They then try to argue that a CCS championship in D4 or D3 is more impressive then a WCAL title, which any self respecting sports fan knows is complete nonsense. They may have had a better run lately, only in hoops but overall over the storied histories of the holy trinity, SI is clearly the better athletic program. Now some of the Irish contingent will respond to this saying that only basketball is a real sport or we are not a city school because we attract kids from all over the Bay Area. To them I say we will take our high yearly enrollment and our multiple championships over their CCS basketball championships every day of the week. And to them I also say, if it wasn’t for the girls doing all the heavy lifting and winning those state hoops titles, you would be so far behind we wouldn’t be able to see you. I will give you more talent this year but with all your players transferring, we’ll see how you look in the coming years. BRING IT …….. GO CATS!!!

        • And theres the kickoff by Johnny Drama! Ooooh, and the ball goes out of bounds at the 15 yard line and that will draw a flag.

          Lets dissect this one shall we?

          YES, the WCAL is the toughest league in Northern California. It is comprised of 2 Division I schools, 3 Division II schools, 3 Division III schools, and 1 Division IV school. The majority of championships in each sport offered SHOULD be won by the higher division because of student enrollment/population. The more you have to pick from, the better your chances of having the best athletes. Schools like SH, SI, Riordan and Valley Christian will occasionally challenge for a title, but year after year, the Bellarmines and Serras will dominate.

          NO, it is not fair for you to say a CCS title is less meaningful than a WCAL title. If CCS was so “easy” theres no reason why SI cant win those titles that SH wins. Unfortunately for SI, the most recent history has SH elimininating from CCS. If SI won these CCS titles, would their fans be saying “ehhh, its not meaningful, I’d rather win WCAL”. Heck no! CCS, NCS, are PLAYOFFS. You win, you keep playing. Who doesnt want to keep playing? Thats a harder task because its one and done in CCS. And these are kids! What kid can handle that kind of do-or-die pressure? Thats more pressure than any WCAL title run.

          YES, numbers dont lie Drama. SI has alot of titles…. BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORN. Sports history can be looked at as a body of work. You have Yankee fans claiming their 27 World Series titles, or Celtics fans claiming their 17 NBA titles… A realist needs to look at sports in eras. SI was dominant a time ago. Their last era (Lippi Era) was probably their last dynasty. They have a factory of LAX players which has made SI a LAX legendary school. I dont see them ever declining in that sport. But other sports, they struggle to even remain competitive in the tough WCAL league. SI will just have to be like SH and have one year here or there where they win a title, but most of the time they will bow to the Serras, Mittys, Bellarmines, and St. Francises.

          NO, this wont be the end of it. Im sure you will dissect my reply. I cant wait!

          • @JD

            I would not call their last run in basketball impressive with the “talent” that they have had and all the should’ve, could’ve blah blah banter that SH keeps talking about. If SH had the facilities that SI has (football field, track field, swimming pool, tennis courts etc) then maybe they could give SI a fight but that is never going to happen so the best that they can be competitive in is basketball and volleyball, and throw in cross country. Practically every other sport they have to go offsite to get in a practice.

            • Johnny Drama | August 24, 2011 at 8:26 AM |

              @Ari…You’re in mid season form and the season hasn’t started yet…love it. My man Josh, Dice and I are looking for new representation to keep our show alive, we’ll call you!!

              I shall address your rebuttal:

              1) I think you strengthened my argument by breaking down the talent level in the WCAL. There should be no doubt, after reading your wn post, that a WCAL title is more impressive and more difficult to obtain than a CCS title.

              2) Do or die pressure? Are you kidding me. So you are saying that the pressure of the BM game far surpasses that of a CCS playoff game because SHC can’t win the BM game but can win a CCS championship. Again, you seem to be arguing against your point. I also reflect on the Serra 40 point massacre at home. Too much pressure? It seems SHC plays better when they play an inferior opponent which is usually in the CCS and they buckle under pressure when they play WCAL competition when it counts. One final point on CCS, Riordan who has been the doormat of the WCAL with VC for the past 3 seasons always seems to upset the higher seed in the first few rounds and ends up in the quarter finals. Again, CCS is inferior to WCAL play, therefore the trophy’s aren’t as “shiny”.

              3) I agree, SI’s body of work is very impressive. I like your Yankee comparison and I’ll take it. As Josh pointed out, we are very competitive across the board while SHC has only been relevant in hoops as of late. We won titles under Reardon and he will re-energize hoops once again. I think it is clear who has the superior athletic PROGRAM.

              On a side note, there are some similarities with this years SHC hoop squad and the 2009 class. In 2009, the planets aligned for that team to make a deep run at State. The SoCal D3 was in a down year and their nemesis on Phelan no longer had Camacho and Jones, who owned them. This years main nemesis, is now residing in Las vegas and Sac High will be playing D2. We will see if they don’t “buckle” under the pressure as they normally do, or will they rise to the challenge.

              I’ll wait to hear from ya!

            • SI smokes SH in xc every year. And if you look at league stats sh is usually not competitive in xc. Last year was the first year they had both the boys and girls teams go to state, while for SI this is the norm. (both boys and girls team have made state the last 10 out of ten years). SI is the only boys team in division 1-4 to have done this, you can check that on dyestat.

              • I for one won’t lose sleep over how the cross-country teams do.

              • Cross country looks really good on your college application as activities you participated in high school.

                @ Cats Pride…I bet you get alot of people stopping you at Stonestown when you rock your SI Cross Country shirt / hoodie that says CCS Champs on it. Give yourself a pat on the back for winning CROSS COUNTRY.

              • i was merely commenting on Fan’s comment about how sh is good at xc.

              • and i don’t run xc but ill be sure to go to a race and give everyone a pat on the back, just for u.

              • I wasn’t commenting on how good SH was in XC but throwing in another sport that they could be competitive in because you don’t have to have a “facility” on campus to run xc.

  5. How many ways can you misspell Goldensohn? It’s GOLDENSOHN. Sheesh.

    • Goldensun

      Hmm. I don’t see how it can be misspelled.

  6. I passed around my notepad for the players to write down the correct spelling of their names. In my notepad, I have ‘Goldensohns.’ I’m either blind or illiterate. Sorry for the mispelling.

  7. It will be interesting to see how the team responds for the full season to Coach Regalia. He did a nice job stepping in last season and coming up with a win at the Bruce, now he has to stand the heat for a whole season. Still don’t like the way the situation was handle with Coach Bluford if my understanding of the reason he was dismissed as the coach is true. You want your best players out on the field at all times regardless of their background (financial or otherwise) and as a coach having the ability to discipline your team is one of the more important duties you have. For if your team does not respect you or have a bit of healthy fear of the coach, they will not follow you into battle especially when outside influences dictate what is going on, on the field and that is never good for a team.

  8. Josh Weinstein | August 23, 2011 at 4:13 PM |

    There’s absolutely no reason to believe the comments by certain Irish supporters because they don’t believe in facts. Well, here are the facts SH…

    SI won 7 titles last year: Boys soccer WCAL Champs, Girls volleyball CCS Champs, Boys volleyball WCAL & CCS Champs, Girls golf WCAL & CCS Champs, Boys lacrosse WCAL Champs & ranked #1 in the West and #18 in the USA, Girls lacrosse ranked #3 in the West and #25 in the USA.

    In addition, 37 SI student athletes from the Class of 2011 signed to play for Division 1 schools next year including athletic powerhouses Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, UCLA, and Cal.

    Not to mention SI won the Bruce Mahoney trophy, again. And our varsity football team will suit up a lot more than 35 players this season.

  9. how many wcal championships in football for each school,riordan,sh,si

    • and how many ccs titles (all sports) for each sf school?

    • From the WCAL website, Riordan has 3 WCAL football championships, SI has 2, SHC has 0.

      • From the CCS website, Boys only CCS titles (all sports): Riordan has 41, SI has 40.5, SHC has 11.

      • WCAL titles in the 3 major sports (Football, basketball, baseball):
        Football: Riordan-3; SI-2; SHC-0
        Basketball: Riordan-14, SI-13, SHC-3
        Baseball: Riordan-2, SHC-2, SI-1

        CCS titles in the 3 major sports:
        Football: SI-1; SHC-1; Riordan-1
        Basketball: Riordan-13; SHC-8; SI-6
        Baseball: None, but SHC and SI were runners-up

        • Good stats, however SHC has CCS title in baseball in 1998

          • Don’t forget State basketball titles. One apiece for boys’ titles.

            • Good catch, Anonymous, for SHC baeball CCS title.
              Yes, 1 State basketball tiltle for each.

              • SI’s state title goes back to 1926 but still… SHC (Sacred Heart College) won another section baseball title in 1910.

                In the 1890’s they played in a college league with SI, St. Mary’s Cal, Stanford and Santa Clara.

        • Johnny Drama | August 25, 2011 at 7:57 AM |

          @SF City Fan: For the CCS titles in the major sports, I assume it includes boys and girls? If so, the Crusaders have a decisive edge and are in first place even if it is co-ed for the other 2 schools. Makes you reflect back on how dominant they were in the 80’s and early 90’s. The mid to late 2000’s were also a great time to watch the city teams play as all 3 fielded very good teams, specifically in BBALL.

          • The CCS titles in the major sports is boys only, so it’s actually relatively close w/ the 3 schools. The City schools definitely dominated in the 80s and 90s in bball. Also remember that they all played Div I at that time-with SI losing to a powerful Carson-LA team in 1984 State title game, and Riordan losing to juggernaut Mater Dei by 2 pts in 1990.

  10. jimmythekid | August 25, 2011 at 2:32 PM |

    Drum roll please…….. the winner is Archbishop Riordan Wild applause from the fans!!

  11. Bob the Builder | August 25, 2011 at 9:40 PM |

    Jesus man… Ari Gold and johnny Drama need to find a day job haha. they got a lot of time on their hands. I love rivalries too, but this getting a little out of hand. It is high school sports for gods sake. lets keep it competitive, but while still making it fun for us high school kids. Stop bringing up past numbers of 100 years agi and lets talk about the present. I mean 99% of these kids aren’t gonna play in college so lets leave the talking on the field to the kids in the uniforms. Thank You and Goood Night

    • 100 years ago, SHC (Sacred Heart College) beat SI to win the SFAL baseball title. Harry Heilmann hit homer in that game…. Irish had planned to have a rugby team the year before but apparantly never played. It was a year before Lowell played Poly to start their football rivalry. Soccer wouldn’t start until 7 years later.. How’s that for “100 years ago”?

      • Here’s another: On February 9, 1911, SHC played SI in basketball for the first time, winning 36-15. Harry Heilman was on this team.

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