Football: Burton cancels final two games of non-league schedule

Burton's Patrick Lealaimatafao-Tagaloa is tackled by a group of Hercules defenders on Sept. 3 at Burton High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Burton's Patrick Lealaimatafao-Tagaloa is tackled by a group of Hercules defenders on Sept. 3 at Burton High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Jeremy Balan

Due to a rash of injuries on an already limited roster, Burton High School’s football team has cancelled its final two non-league games of the season against De Anza and Richmond.

After playing with just 18 players in their opening-week loss to Hercules, the Pumas we’re heading into this weekend’s matchup against De Anza with just 14 healthy players.

“Our team just got plagued with injuries and we already had low numbers to start,” said Burton head coach Anthony Rollins. “When you add the injuries, it makes the experience of [non-league] games nonproductive. It’s not worth it for us or the teams we would be playing.”

Despite the cancellation of the non-league games, the Burton athletic department has not considered cancelling its Academic Athletic Association season, according to San Francisco Section commissioner Don Collins.

“The only comment I can make is that we hope they work everything out,” Collins said. “We’ve asked them if they are forfeiting their season and they have told us no. They are under the impression that they will be ready to play in three weeks.”

Rollins says Burton’s AAA schedule is not in danger of being cancelled, and expects to have around 25 players in uniform for its league opener at Galileo on Sept. 30.

The Pumas don’t have much margin for error, however, and if they continue to struggle with injuries, AAA forfeits could be a possibility.

“I hate to say it, but it’s one of those game-time decisions. It depends on who is injured and at what position,” Rollins said of potential injury problems in the future. “Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps backward before you can move forward.”

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12 Comments on "Football: Burton cancels final two games of non-league schedule"

  1. Pick ‘em contest

    Any commentator from either SI, Stuart Hall, or any of the AAA football schools, can email Jeremy on Monday and get the schedule of games that will be played on Thursday thru Saturday each week.

    Obviously this week with Mission playing on Thursday, it means the pick’em need to be published on Thursday this week.

    Most of us are biased towards one school, and may not know a whole lot about the other schools in the city.

    I have never seen an 8-man football game played yet, and all I know about most of the AAA teams is what I read on this site.

    But the contest is just a fun event to get every involved.

    I got 7 of the 10 games with the correct team winning the game. I really only knew about 3 of the 10 games and was guessing on the other 7.

  2. any Player of the week awards this year?

  3. why no more player of the week that was one of the best features last year it made the kids go harder to get to be the face of the internet for a week.

  4. Due to the graduation of Johnny Mrlik, there will be no more Player of the Week Awards.

    • Richard Mrlik | September 19, 2011 at 8:21 AM |

      I know who you are. You are an SI graduate who is intensely jealous that your son did not perform at a level that warranted the recognition other kids received. Your son is a great kid. Your conduct on this website is deplorable. Get some help.

      • Dear Mr Mrlik… I dont know if you are Johnny’s dad or uncle, but you over-analysis of my comments are “deplorable”. Johnny was a superb high school athlete that greatly excelled at any sport he participated in. To put up his stats and also help his teams win are great accomplishments. To playfully point out that last year SFPreps almost had a weekly article or picture which featured Johnny, was more of me, an SH grad, respecting his athletic accomplishments. Have you ever heard that the greatest complement a player can get from as a visiting team is a “boo”? Thats because I know he is damn good. I’d much rather give credit to Johnny and his feats over a AAA player and their feats.

        In any case, Im perfectly fine and dont need your suggested “help”. As far as sticking up for your son/nephew, maybe you should let Johnny stick up for himself next time instead of pretending he’s not an adult which he is now.

        • Right.. what’s a little fun? There’s a big difference between a little ribbing and “deplorable” behaviour.

  5. Next Week’s Games:

    Stuart Hall at Potter Valley on 9/23
    Berean Christian at Galileo on 9/24
    Marshall at McClymonds on 9/23
    Irvington at Washington on 9/24

    Richmond at Burton – cancelled

    All the other varsity teams don’t have games the week before league starts.

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