Football: St. Ignatius capitalizes on M-A turnovers in road win

St. Ignatius junior quarterback Jack Stinn eyes the Menlo-Atherton defense on Friday at Menlo-Atherton High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

St. Ignatius junior quarterback Jack Stinn eyes the Menlo-Atherton defense on Friday at Menlo-Atherton High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

By Ryan Kuhn

ATHERTON — St. Ignatius received some help from its opponent to get its second win on the season on the road Friday.

The Wildcats traveled south and took advantage of five Menlo-Atherton turnovers, including three interceptions in the first half, to come away with a 24-7 victory.

“Turnovers are huge in any game, especially when you are on the road,” said St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia. “We have to take care of the football, and obviously defensively, we have to be an opportunistic football team.”

St. Ignatius senior defensive back Kevin O’Connor made an impression early, as he intercepted M-A quarterback Willy Fonua on the Bears’ (1-2) opening drive of the game.

O’Connor already has two interceptions and a forced fumble on the young season.

“I was just at the right place at the right time,” O’Connor said. “In a game like this, where Menlo-Atherton has home field advantage, every turnover is key.”

The Wildcats (2-1) offense complemented their defense from the start, when junior quarterback Jack Stinn threw a 40-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Mike Pia with 3:10 remaining in the first quarter.

St. Ignatius senior Mike Pia (left) runs behind a line of blockers during a kick return against Menlo-Atherton on Friday at Menlo-Atherton High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

“We needed to come out ready,” Stinn said. “It was a big game for them, [so] we needed to put up points [quickly] and get everybody pumped up, and we did that.”

After the Bears missed a chance to score on a 46-yard field goal just minutes into the second quarter, St. Ignatius capitalized on another forced turnover by recovering a fumble.

Within a minute, Stinn found the end zone again, this time on a 4-yard touchdown pass to tight end Travis McDow. Stinn finished the game with 196 yards, two touchdowns and an interception on 10-of-17 passing.

“Our fundamentals were not there,” said M-A head coach Sione Taufuoo. “We were over thinking, pushing too hard and the kids want to win, but we are still learning how to win. We have come a long way.”

In the second half the M-A defense tried to rally by intercepting Stinn with 5:45 remaining in the third quarter, and Bears got on the scoreboard with a 5-yard touchdown run by running back Taylor Mashack.

The Wildcats recovered one final fumble late in the fourth quarter to clinch their first road win of the season.

“It was our first test on the road for the season and we needed that challenge,” Regalia said. “Menlo-Atherton is well coached, they play very hard and they have some good players, so that makes a good combination.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SI: 3:10 — Mike Pia 40-yard pass from Jack Stinn (Michael Capitolo kick good)

Second Quarter
SI: 4:30 — Travis Mcdow 4-yard pass from Stinn (Capitolo kick good)
SI: 1:04 — Kerry Crowley 2-yard run (Capitolo kick good)

Third Quarter
MA: 4:38 — Taylor Mashack 5-yard run (Sam Faulkenhagen kick good)

Fourth Quarter
SI: 10:31 — Capitolo 33-yard field goal

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30 Comments on "Football: St. Ignatius capitalizes on M-A turnovers in road win"

  1. Do you think Stuart Hall Football could hang with this SI team?

    • No, I don’t think so.

      The Reason is Stuart Hall would need to find two more Offensive Lineman to block for their offense, while SI already has 5 starting Offensive Lineman.

      Plus since Stuart Hall does not play 11 man football, they would not be experienced in defending a 11 man football team, and their plays would need to be restructured to run a 11 man offense.

      Plus SI has played 3 of the better Bay Area 11 man football teams.

      Marin Catholic, I believe, is still undefeated.
      Bishop O’Dowd usually wins their League Championship.
      Menlo-Atherton plays in the PAL – Bay Division, which is the best and toughest PAL division.

      Stuart Hall has not played as good teams.
      Pinewood is probably one of Stuart Hall’s toughest opponent this year
      Pinewood has won 3 more games than it lost the last three years and finished in second place last year.
      Alma Heights lost all their games last year.
      Woodside Priory won 5 games and lost 4 games last year (3 – 3 in league)

      If you ranked the teams played by both schools (Giving the schools a number rank)
      # 5 Marin Catholic would top the list, probably followed by
      # 16 Bishop O’Dowd
      # 29 Pinewood
      # 34 Menlo-Atherton
      # 75 Woodside Priory
      # 99 Alma Heights
      Other Schools from the Central Coast Section would take the other spots

    • No. SI has key players and Stuart Hall probably does too, but SI is in one of the toughest leagues (the WCAL). SI will do well this year and Stuart Hall will do well, I guess, in their seven man league. Stuart Hall can’t hang with SI.

      • Bob the Builder | September 19, 2011 at 11:11 PM |

        Is this even a question???? Stuart Hall football is a joke. I know the program just started in past few years, but there is not question even if the Hall had a 11 man game that it would be a complete blow out and SI would put in all their 2nd and 3rd string guys in and still win. I’m not trying to be mean I am just being honest. The same goes for SH and Riordan, they would destroy Stuart Hall.

        • if you see the line of stuart hall youll beg to differ every lineman is over 6 feet and ovedr 220 pounds

          • sorry, but you need to talk to the Stuart Hall Coaches about posting a roster on MaxPreps.

            As of right now, there are no 6′ 0″ players listed on the Stuart Hall Roster.

            Here is link to the roster page on MaxPreps.

            • good job going to maxpreps you should compare the records of SHHS and ARHS who gets the job done no excuses.

              • Read the conversation.

                It is about Saint Ignatius and Stuart Hall, but Riordan would also have advantages over Stuart Hall in a 11 man football game.

                Riordan has not played the top caliber competition, that SI has, but their opponent’s would still be higher ranked than 2 of the 3 teams Stuart Hall has played.

                Sacred Heart Prep would be higher ranked than any of the teams Stuart Hall has played, and Riordan almost beat them.

              • every sport is about the record if your not good your not good theres no excuses for the league or any of that so what your saying is the reason riordan doesnt win is because they play hard teams dont set up the schedule then simple as that

              • Your team does not improve, when you play teams that are easy to beat.

                Riordan needs to play good teams to prepare themselves to play the other W.C.A.L. teams that they will face later on this season.

                If I wanted too, I could find some easy games that Riordan could easily win, but it would not help Riordan prepare for league.

          • Bob the Builder | September 21, 2011 at 10:58 PM |

            there is no point on backing up my opinion with facts because it would just be a waste of time and I am too lazy. I grew up with most of the kids playing right now in the city in all schools private, public, and catholic. Don’t get me wrong Stuart Hall has some players that were decent in the past couple of years, but honestly with their young program and small school population, this football program is a joke. I’m not saying that it can’t improve, but it takes a long time to build a strong program. There is other stuff i would say, but i don’t see the point of starting a war on the internet. I’m gonna end it with that i think it is good that Stuart Hall has expanded their athletic program and good luck to them this season.

    • Lets just get to the point. No one who knows anything about HS sports in San Francisco would say that Stuart Hall or any BCL school could beat any of the WCAL teams in football or practically any other sport.

      That’s not a bad thing or a nock on the BCL schools and they may have a handful of athletes that could hang in the WCAL, but the WCAL is bigtime athletics, where kids consistently go on to play at Division I college programs. The SF WCAL schools may be at the bottom of that league in most sports, but that is still better than every program in the AAA or BCL.

      Ask the Stuart Hall coaches or any coach in the AAA, they know they can’t compete in the WCAL especially in football.

      • Not every sport. Lowell and Lincoln could compete in swimming or volleyball with any school in the city. And what about soccer? Both Lowell and Lincoln would currently (not every year, but both temas are having staller seasons) beat any of the BCL schools and would be a competitive opponent to the WCAL schools as well.

        Now about football and basketball, (or everything else) you’re absolutely right…..

        • Not even close in volleyball. Look at how Lowell did against SI and they got killed by SHC tonight.

          No chance in soccer either. SI-SHC girls had D-I talent last year and this year and SI-SHC boys were way better than any AAA or BCL teams by far.

          Lowell and Lincoln would do fine in the BCL but not the WCAL. No shot.

          • False. MA soccer (a BCL School) would murder every team in SF.

            • This is not true. SI played MA in soccer last year and won 3-1 easily. The JV tied 1-1 but SI had 80% possession and MA had only one shot on goal. The SI soccer program has never been better with a junior class that has lost only one game in all competitions

              • I find this comment questionable considering MA boys play during the fall and SI boys play during the winter. . .

              • MA could be two different schools

                Menlo-Atherton or Marin Academy of these schools, Menlo-Atherton would have a better chance to defeat Saint Ignatius.

                Mr. Anonymous did not identify the school with the full school name

              • Menlo-Atherton is the opposition we beat

              • First off we are talking about SOCCER, not football, and because we’re talking about SOCCER, I meant Marin Academy, not Menlo-Atherton.

          • Okay fair enough about volleyball and I wasn’t talking about girls soccer anyway. Swimming definitely, both school set city records last year (AAA or WCAL) and tons of Asians swim so Lowell and Lincoln have quite the drawing pool. And I think you’d be surprised about boys soccer. SI are not as good as they were a couple years ago (When they definitely would have creamed) and Lowell is on a 25 game winning streak. No team in the league has even come close to Lowell yet, although the Lincoln game will be huge. SHCP aren’t as good as SI.

            • The only reason the AAA does not lose soccer games to the WCAL is because they play soccer in the Fall, while SI and the WCAL plays soccer in the Winter Season.

              The last two or three seasons, SI has played in the League Championship Game and won the WCAL Championship Game also.

          • SHC did beat Bellarmine and SI. SI beat the Bells too so they would clobber any other City teams.

  2. So SH “forces” 5 turnovers against Jeff, but SI “got some help from MA” in getting their 5? Were you at the game?

    • Journalistic license.

    • I agree, I am a big fan of sanfranpreps, however the bias is undeniable. Anytime SH plays, win or lose, their efforts are commended. It is always mentioned how well they played. However when SI plays, win or lose (so far it has mostly been win), their efforts are not acknowledged. No matter how well they play, the articles has made it sound like the game was just given to them, like the other team lost, not that SI won. SH had 5 turnover touchdowns, that is incredible don’t get me wrong. However SI also had recovered 5 turnovers, as well as forcing another 2 that were not recovered…. SI does not earn the respect on this page that they deserve.

      • Uh hello. It was a different writers at each game. They took away different impressions from each. That is not bias. That is just the perspective of two different people.

        • I am not just comparing these two games, look back at any of the SI football articles. They are all written with the same feeling of not giving any credit to SI, besides their new QB of course.

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