Cross Country: City runners represented well at Lowell Invitational

By Jeremy Balan

Nine San Francisco high schools competed in the Lowell Invitational on Saturday at Golden Gate Park, but it was a pair of girls runners that made the biggest impression.

St. Ignatius sophomore Kendall Hacker finished fourth in a field of 127 in the first varsity race of the day with a time of 17 minutes, 57 seconds (just 21 seconds behind the first-place finisher Kylie Goo from Westmoor), and led the Wildcats to a fifth-place finish in the first race, behind team winner Alameda, as well as San Ramon Valley, Palo Alto and Wood.

In the second girls race, Urban senior Emma McCune took 13th with a time of 19:29, and along with a 20th-place finish from fellow senior Halle Heiden, led the Blues to a 6th place team finish.

Other San Francisco teams in the girls races were Lowell (9th in first race), Mercy (16th in first race), Mission (16th in second race), Galileo (17th in first race) and Lincoln (17th in second race).

The individual San Francisco runners on the boys side didn’t fare as well in the individual or team competitions, with St. Ignatius being the highest finisher at 8th in the second race. St. Ignatius senior Conor Cannon led the Wildcats with a time of 16:25 and a 25th place finish in the second race, but Lowell junior William Chen was the City’s fastest runner with a 16:01 time and a 26th place finish in the first boys race.

Other San Francisco teams in the boys races were Lowell (ninth in first race), Mission (13th in first race), Washington (14th in second race), Riordan (15th in second race), Galileo (17th in first race) and Lincoln (18th in first race).

Top 10 finishers for San Francisco runners

Girls Race 1
4. Kendall Hacker, sophomore, St. Ignatius — 17:57
25. Emma Keenan-Grice, junior, Lowell — 20:04
26. Ana Duffy, junior, Lowell — 20:07
32. Erin Geraghty, senior, St. Ignatius — 20:23
37. Sophia Avila, junior, St. Ignatius — 20:27
46. Beverly Wong, senior, Washington — 20:39
49. Susan Li, junior, Lowell — 20:46
55. Katie Craft, junior, St. Ignatius — 21:02
57. Laura Richardson, sophomore, Lincoln — 21:04
61. Sabrina Quinonez, junior, Lowell — 21:12

Girls Race 2
13. Emma McCune, senior, Urban — 19:29
20. Halle Heiden, senior, Urban — 19:45
39. Jordan Clark, senior, Urban — 20:17
41. Clara Hendrickson, senior, Urban — 20:22
53. Marie Weverka, junior, Mission — 21:12
78. Minna Ocker, senior, Urban — 22:30
85. Joanna Beltran, junior, Mission — 23:07
90. Sammy Klipp, senior, Lincoln — 23:13
95. Astrid Rivera, junior, Mission — 23:32
97. Kelsi Snook, junior, Lincoln — 23:39

Boys Race 1
26. William Chen, junior, Lowell — 16:01
38. Alex Hillan, senior, Lowell — 16:20
43. Jeremie Showa, junior, Mission — 16:37
54. Max Niehaus, junior, Lowell — 16:56
73. David Wu, junior, Galileo — 17:30
74. Enrique Cervantes, senior, Mission — 17:30
75. Nery Martinez, senior, Mission — 17:30
80. Anderson Huang, junior, Lowell — 17:45
89. Steven Chan, junior, Galileo — 18:29
90. Samuel Wang, senior, Lowell — 18:30

Boys Race 2
25. Conor Cannon, senior, St. Ignatius — 16:25
27. Whit Henderson, senior, Urban — 16:28
28. Patrick Cummins, junior, St. Ignatius — 16:29
37. Liam Powers, senior, St. Ignatius — 16:51
52. Rich Bassin, senior, St. Ignatius — 17:22
53. Louis Alessandria, senior, St. Ignatius — 17:24
61. Ryan Pidgeon, junior, St. Ignatius — 17:47
63. Aram Durgerian, senior, Washington — 17:48
67. Shane Bannon, sophomore, Urban — 18:13
68. Andrew Latham, junior, St. Ignatius — 18:14

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  1. GO SI! says:

    Kendall Hacker is a beast!

  2. Cats Pride says:

    awesome post, good to see XC getting some love.

  3. GO SI! says:

    By the way, Ana Duffy goes to St. Ignatius, not Lowell

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for covering cross country!!

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