Football: Week 5 Pick ’em

Lincoln football players celebrate after their win over Balboa last week at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Lincoln football players celebrate after their win over Balboa last week at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Every week, members of the staff, other local media members and one of our commenters will make predictions on the weekend’s games featuring our local San Francisco teams. Please feel free to make your own picks in the comment section and discuss the week’s games.

We were having some technical difficulties earlier today, so that’s the reason for the delay in posting, but without further ado, here are this week’s picks.

Dylan Kruse — Sports Editor, San Francisco Examiner (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 33-7)
Burton 27, Lowell 21
Lincoln 24, Galileo 17
Stuart Hall 42, Crystal Springs Uplands 35
Serra 21, St. Ignatius 13
Mission 26, Balboa 19
Washington 28, Marshall 10
Sacred Heart Cathedral 35, Riordan 13

Mitch Stephens — Senior writer/columnist, (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 33-7)
Lowell 14, Burton 13
Galileo 21, Lincoln 14
Stuart Hall 45, Crystal Springs Uplands 35
Serra 28, St. Ignatius 21
Mission 21, Balboa 14
Washington 35, Marshall 20
Sacred Heart Cathedral 21, Riordan 20

Weekly Commenter — Kezar for Keeps (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 31-9)
Burton 12, Lowell 8
Lincoln 20, Galileo 17
Crystal Springs Uplands 52, Stuart Hall 48
St. Ignatius 16, Serra 13
Mission 35, Balboa 14
Washington 42, Marshall 0
Sacred Heart Cathedral 28, Riordan 20

Jeremy Balan — Editor, (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 29-11)
Lowell 20, Burton 6
Galileo 27, Lincoln 16
Stuart Hall 46, Crystal Springs Uplands 38
Serra 22, St. Ignatius 15
Mission 34, Balboa 7
Washington 49, Marshall 6
Sacred Heart Cathedral 30, Riordan 27

Josh Levine — Writer, (Last week’s record: 7-0, Overall: 28-12)
Lowell 16, Burton 13
Lincoln 24, Galileo 23
Crystal Springs Uplands 21, Stuart Hall 10
Serra 31, St. Ignatius 3
Mission 35, Balboa 0
Washington 55, Marshall 10
Riordan 28, Sacred Heart Cathedral 20

Bonta Hill — Writer, (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 24-16)
Lowell 30, Burton 20
Galileo 35, Lincoln 14
Stuart Hall 40, Crystal Springs Uplands 28
Serra 27, St. Ignatius, 20
Mission 36, Balboa 22
Washington 40, Marshall 12
Riordan 24, Sacred Heart Cathedral 22

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11 Comments on "Football: Week 5 Pick ’em"

  1. Lowell 40 Burton 6
    Galileo 28 Lincoln 7
    Stuart Hall 21 Crystal Springs 21
    Serra 42 SI 14
    Mission 13 Balboa 6
    Washington 2 Marshall 0 (Forfeit)
    Sacred Heart Cathedral 46 Riordan 6

    Are you guys kidding with how close the SHC-Riordan score will be? There won’t be any letdown after the Bells game. The Irish had the best team in the league shut-out for 3 quarters. In the meantime, Valley Christian sacked Riordan’s QB 6 times.

    Where’s Ari Gold when I need him?

    • I wholheartedly agree with IC — SHCP by 35-50.

    • Ari is warming up……he is going to bring it at the SH-Riordan game later on.

      • another 5 years of bottomfeeding for Riordan football and they will be in that SH category which led them to asking out of the WCAL back in the very late 80s through the 90s. Riordan was ALWAYS ahead of SH. Tides have turned. Not sure whats the issue. Riordan has all the facilities. SH has a patch of fake grass as a practice field. If Im an athlete that wants to excel, I need to go to a place with all the facilities and Riordan has them all, albeit the dumb Jolly Rancher. The only thing I can come up with is higher end athletes dont want to go to Riordan anymore. I long for the days when SI becomes bottomfeeder. If only SH can absorb Riordan (hmmmmmmmmm…….)

        • i heard that SHC practices at Westmore HS which has a beautiful brand new field.

          • SHC played their Frosh game against Riordan at Westmoor. Do you know if all the teams practice there?

          • Johnny Drama | October 11, 2011 at 3:52 PM |

            @Ari..let me pull out Pandora’s box and open that bootchie! I will refrain from using the R word…but when SHC was tired of being the bottom feeders for many years, low and behold in came a frosh class with names such as Greene, Brown, Cooper, Hubbard, Yarnway, De’end Parker. 2 years ago a kid named Johns and a kid named Miles transferred in as sophs. Winning begets winning and SHC is riding the wave of that 2009 class. We’ll see if the momentum carries after this season. It was only 2007/2008 that Riordan won CCS in hoops and football……yet they failed to build on that. Why you ask……I say lack of vision and lack of funds. The old AD expected kids to just show up and dominate the WCAL like they did in the 80’s and 90’s. The school did not adapt to the change in demographics and athletic culture. The city’s athletic landscape changed and the AD refused to bid for kids (to his credit or discredit, depends on how you look at it). This plus the facts that it’s an all male school and you see the result. I believe this will change with the boarding program and renewed passion at the school. people always bust our (SI) chops because we bus kids to SI. Well, there’s an all male school in San Mateo that buses kids in from DC, SB and Millbrae bart stations. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. NOW….let the venomous hate begin…….

            • That is Pandora’s box Drama. I’ll add another layer to your opinion and tell you steroids are also a problem too. I only have one in-person experience when I ran track back in the 90s and we had a meet at Serra. While making a trip to the locker room, three of my teammates and myself witnessed needles to the butt action by two of their baseball players. We were 17 so didnt know what to think of it because never even thought about cheating like that or even try steroids since we weren’t elite athletes or would become elite athletes.

              The whole bringing in kids, paying kids, free rides are nice mother’s tales. Can it happen? Sure. Is it fair? Whos to say? Who gets hurt really? Is the student on financial aid with parents working extra jobs to pay the tuition going to cry foul? Perhaps. I’ll look at it this way, if the students getting these “benefits” actually are excellent students as well as excellent athletes and become good people in society, I dont have a problem with it. But if its your prima donna who cheats, and expects you to bend over for him/her, then its best the school cut ties with him/her.

              You see alot of prep schools, academies popping up now. Look at Ashley leaving a perfectly good situation at BOD. You think he wants to go to class? Hes probably going to load up on 5 PE classes in Vegas. I’ll use SI’s Whitehead for example… I know Lippi loved his talent but Whitehead’s ego and parents basically ended that relationship.

              This is a long discussion for another day.

  2. May I ask what these scores are for? Are they just peoples estimates on how the game will turn out?

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