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Games of the day: Stuart Hall-Crystal Springs Uplands, Serra-St. Ignatius, Mission-Balboa Sacred Heart Cathedral-Riordan. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA football
Mission 16, Balboa 0
Lincoln 8, Galileo 6
Washington 42, Marshall 6

WCAL football
Serra (San Mateo) 49, St. Ignatius 28
Sacred Heart Cathedral 35, Riordan 7

Non-league football
Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough) 24, Stuart Hall 16

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  1. Man, I can’t believe the St. Ignatius football team didn’t do their fight song speech @ the end of their game today. That was kinda dumb to have the SI football team let down their student body.

    • Put yourself in their shoes. They just got embarrassed (by a VERY good team, nonetheless) in front of all their fans. Cut ’em some slack, Paul.

      • Paul B. I cant agree with you more. Keep to the tradition that every SI football team has ever followed after a game, win loss or tie.. Bluford would not have let that fly!

        SI your comment is weak and your username should be changed immediately since you do not reflect the true ignatian sprit..

    • is that a joke? paul you obviously were never an athlete. and the student section completely let the team down. after the 3rd quarter the entire student section was sitting down not even paying attention except for the what i assume to be seniors in the first few rows. get your priorities straight paul

      • Paul Blu wouldn’t of let that happen…but the things that he did let happen were much worse. Don’t speak of which you know nothing about. We don’t need fans like you at SI

        • Anonymous you confuse me, you speak of being an athlete but then complain about the student section sitting down in the third. any superior athlete knows you compete to the final whistle and play the game as hard as you can no matter what kind of fan support you are getting, let alone if the weather was terrible or if the band was in tune.

          Peace you also let me down with your comment. You obviously have not been around SI long enough as a school or as a Football program to understand what Bluford did for the growth in character in the boys of the football program and school in general. And you are miss informed on the “things he did let happen were much worse” comment. You are the type of person that is adding to the on growing softness of the schools athletic program.

          • i would like to know how the fans sitting down reflects how hard and long an athlete plays? not once in my last comment did i say that because the fans sat down, the players stopped playing. obviously that isnt true looking at how SI scored most of their points in the 3rd and 4th quarters. and also 415, dont u dare act like u know more than Peace knows. because fyi, i know the exact details of the entire situation. and yes, the things that blu let happen and promoted were not very good, if anything they were completely against the ignatian way.
            try not to act like you know everything when it is obvious you do not know much about what it is like to be an athlete or what is going on in the SI community

  2. SH totally man handled Riordan today. The score could have been more lopsided but give the Irish props for saving some of their starters for games down the line. Riordan, while giving a good effort, just did not have the level of intensity or skill to hang with the Irish today. Masoli while making a couple of nice plays, was under pressure all day and couldn’t find his stride. Nice touchdown pass but then got picked off on the last play of the game by Ragusa. Miles was running over the defense and so did the rest of the running back crew. Harrington bounced back nice and looked good. Glad he was able to rest from the 3rd quarter on. SH defense is the real deal.

    • Without Miles, Sacred Heart Cath. does not win the game.

      Miles gained 215 of the 375 yards gained by SHC on offense. 158 rushing and 57 receiving.

      It was not until near the end of the third quarter that another SHC RB ran the ball for 10 yards or more on a single running play and only 2 backs gained more than 10 yards on two plays (once for each RB).

      No other SHC RB gained more than 23 yards.

      It was a lucky play by the SHC DB to catch the INT on his back after the ball was tipped on a hail mary pass.

      The DB for sure did not step in front of the receiver to intercept the pass.

      The first time SHC did not put running backs into the game, that did not run plays with the first team in the first half, was in the Fourth Quarter.

      • Sure they would have. Riordan couldn’t move the ball at all.

      • are you kidding me? | October 9, 2011 at 8:48 AM |

        With or without Miles, SH wins this game. Yes, he is the best player on SH and had a great game on Saturday. SH gave him the ball continuously because Riordan proved they couldn’t stop him. Harrington rarely had to throw the ball and when he did he made some good passes. The O-Line is improving each week but still needs to find a way to buy him some more time in the pocket. Also SH defense is on another level compared to Riordan so don’t tell me SH is a one man team with Miles because the defense is the backbone of their team. Lucky play? One helluva play by Ragusa to INT that pass to end the game. That kid is a good athlete who jumped backwards to pick off that pass to end the game: no luck involved there.
        ARHS Stats, you may have the numbers but you clearly lack knowledge of the game of football and how its played.

        • Harrington threw almost as many passes as Masoli.

          S H C threw more passes than Riordan. (20 atts + 4 sacks for SHC) (18 atts + 2 sacks for Riordan)

          Until Riordan put in their subs, no other running back for S H C averaged more than 2.3 yards per carry, except for Miles.

          Fan October 8, 2011 at 4:49 PM
          “Miles was running over the defense and so did the rest of the running back crew.”

          • Dont argue with ARHS Stats if you dont have the stats to back it up.

          • If the running game didn’t work, Jack Harrington would have passed more. He’s not exactly a slouch at quarterback.

            • But that turned into points for St. Francis tonight, when Miles did not play in the first quarter.

    • At ARHS stats guy, even without Miles scoring 3 touchdowns SH WOULD HAVE WON. Riordan only scored one touchdown and that was near the end of the game. If your best player is hot the rule is you keep giving the ball to them until the other team can stop them. The only one who stopped Miles on saturday was Coach Lee who sat Miles out after it was clear Riordan’s defense could not stop him. And it’s your opinion on the INT by Ragusa. Just like mine to say he made a good pick off. Just like Riordan had the chance to do on the Harrington pass to Viliami that the Riordan DB couldn’t come up with and it went for a touchdown.

      • Miles gained half the yards on each TD drive by S H C

        First TD Drive: Miles 55 yards, S H C 11 yds gained by other players.

        Second TD Drive: Miles 27 yards, S H C 5 yds gained by other players.

        Field Goal Attempt Drive: Miles 12 yards, S H C -3 yds gained by other players.

        Third TD Drive: Miles 64 yards, S H C -1 yds gained by other players.

        Fourth TD Drive: Miles 31 yards, S H C 38 yds gained by other players.

        Fifth TD Drive: Miles 30 yards, S H C 32 yds gained by other players.

        • He gained so much because they gave him the ball. You have to keep going with what works. Why not?

      • Riordan scored against the first team S H C defense.

        Since S H C never played their second team defense in the game, unless Ragusa is a 2nd team DB.

        Since no S H C player was able to move the ball down the field except for Miles, and Miles had almost half or more of the yards gained on every S H C scoring drive.

        Miles also converted most of the third down conversions during the game for S H C.

        Miles gained at least 44% of the yards gained by S H C on every S H C scoring drive.

        So if Miles does not play, S H C does not score.

        There was an S H C offensive series in the beginning of the second quarter, where Miles did not gain any yards and S H C did not get a first down and had to punt.
        S H C had only scored 14 points at that time.

        • Interesting analysis ARHS Stats… I wasnt at the game but If Tino Miles was obviously going to get the ball, why didnt Riordan put 8-9 in the box or have 2-3 players spy Miles?

          SI for years/decades have zeroed in on SH’s RBs (Miles, Yarnway, Sheppard, Sheppard, Rance, etc.) and have held them below their per game average. I remember Rance as a soph crying from so many hard hits he took from Riordan defense because it was obvious he was getting the ball 8 of out every 10 times.

          I dont know whats the deal. Is their a lack of talent? Is Miles that good? Is SH’s complementary players that good? Enlighten me.

          • Johnny Drama | October 11, 2011 at 3:22 PM |


            • Drama, whats youre evaluation on Stinn? Who does he compare to? Rank among SI QBs post 90’s? Better than Lee? Hansen? Buich? I like how the offense has opened up to where the QB throws at least 50% of the time. Traditionally high schools are run heavy. Im liking this wide open offense.

              Also wheres Igor playing now? Is he still with Dallas? If hes not on any team, na-na-na-na-na-naaaaa! Jason Hill still in the league and played well last week for JAX. SH – 1, SI – 0 on current NFLers. and just so i dont leave out Riordan, ARHS – 2 (Wright & Strickland)

          • It seemed to me, a few times, when Miles ran straight ahead into the line, he would not find a hole and then bounced the play outside.

            When Miles would run side to side, from a Wide Receiver position, he would beat the defense with his quickness.

            Also, at times the Riordan player’s on defense did not play the defense correctly. I could tell this by what the coaches were yelling on the sideline.

            Miles has a lot of speed to out run the defense, like he did in last year’s game.

            The Riordan defense was not able to hit him in the back field, on most plays.
            But the defense did not open up wide running lanes either, so Miles was able to get outside the defense after they were sucked into the middle of the field on plays to the middle of field.

            • Against Valley Christian, who had three starting RB’s gain 50 or more yards.
              It appeared that the VC RB’s would get held up at the line of scrimmage for 1/2 a second or so and then sneak thru the line and break into the secondary.

              Riordan, also had their best RB playing against VC, so the offense was able to move the ball against VC. This allowed some of the defensive player’s a little time to rest between series.

              Since Riordan got only 4 first quarter plays on offense due to a fumble on a kickoff return, the Riordan defense was on the field for almost the entire first quarter. Riordan’s second offensive series started in the second quarter, and behind by 14 points already. S H C had scored 2 TDs and missed a Field Goal after the Kickoff Return Fumble by Riordan. Riordan held the ball for 2 minutes and 40 seconds of the first quarter.

              S H C had two possessions in the first quarter, where they started on the Riordan 32 and the Riordan 23 yard lines. They scored a TD when they started from the 32 and missed a FG when they started from the 23.

            • Check this STAT: SHC 35 Riordan 7.

  3. Johnny Drama | October 11, 2011 at 4:03 PM |

    @Ari…the jury is still out on him, he is definitely no Zac Lee but I would say he is a significant step up from the previous QB. He looked good against Serra but I will wait and see how he fares during league play. If he continues to progress, he may have a great senior year. Igor is in south beach with LeBron and Wade playing for the Dolphins. So that score is 1-1.

    PS….I responded to your post on another thread…..if I’m not blocked, take a look and tell me what you think!

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