Girls Volleyball: Lincoln forced to forfeit 10 matches for using ineligible player

By Jeremy Balan

For the second consecutive season, Lincoln High School’s girls volleyball program has been sanctioned for using an ineligible player.

Due to a failure by the Lincoln athletic department to file transfer paperwork for an incoming player from Mercy, the Mustangs have been forced to forfeit their first Academic Athletic Association win over Balboa, as well as four non-league matches and five tournament matches.

The infraction was self-reported by Lincoln athletic director Kenyatta Scott, who has taken full responsibility for the mistake.

“It sickens me to no end and the weight of that falls on me as the athletic director,” Scott said. “The paperwork was submitted to me and I didn’t get it in.”

Because of the a similar issue last season that caused Lincoln head coach Vincent Tang to be suspended from the AAA championship game, combined with this year’s infraction, the San Francisco Section has put the program under probation for two years.

“All of our athletic directors and coaches are told that you must process CIF State transfer paperwork for all transfer students,” said San Francisco Section commissioner Don Collins. “Here, the athletic director has stood up in a forthright manner and taken responsibility. That is laudable, but we should not make the athletic director the fall guy for the Lincoln forfeits. The coaching staff is also accountable . . . and coaching staffs here and throughout the state know that you don’t just place transfer students on the court before their transfer paperwork is submitted and approved.”

If the program commits any further eligibility violations within that two-year probation period, it will be disqualified from postseason play.

“We take all of this very seriously,” Scott said. “I have to go to the group and explain to them what happened. They’ve done all this hard work and I’m the one who has this resting on my shoulders. It’s a sickening feeling.”

Although the Balboa forfeit will hurt Lincoln in the AAA standings, which currently has the team in eighth and out of the playoffs, the Mustangs’ remaining schedule is almost entirely composed of the weaker teams in the league and the forfeit should not threaten their playoff hopes.

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12 Comments on "Girls Volleyball: Lincoln forced to forfeit 10 matches for using ineligible player"

  1. This is so ridiculous. This is Vince Tangs third strike in not even two seasons. Shouldn’t he be taking responsibility and not repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

    Also why wasn’t the burton game taken away? didn’t she play then and was not yet eligible?

    • This has nothing to do with vince or the player. It’s all on Scott, who should seriously be re-considered as an athletic director.

    • I think you are unclear of all the situations that have taken place here. Last year he admitted to his mistake and took his suspension. This year It has been paper work issues that the athletic director should be on top of. He doesn’t need to take any responsibility for this mistake made by the AD. The student is eligible now and should have been from the start. The The coach and his program is now taking unnecessary media jabs by “fans” who have no understanding of whats been going on.

    • volleyballdiggerxoxoxoxo | October 19, 2011 at 5:47 PM |

      why do you care so much about this. It’s not that big of a deal, and Lincoln’s team will fight for the rest of the season. And no, she didn’t play in the Burton game. There is proof she didn’t. She was told she was cleared for at least 2 months. And Scott is sorry for what happened, just leave it alone. Life is life.

  2. She didn’t play in the burton game.

  3. Lincoln will still take triple A !

  4. True Volleyball Fan | October 16, 2011 at 2:33 PM |

    How can the coaching staff be accountable if it was the athletic director who told them that the player was cleared? It’s just sad to see this happen to their program where the wrong people have been blamed. I wonder if Don Collins knew of the whole story or just wants to help Mr. Scott save face by still putting it on the coaching staff.

  5. As Don Collins says: “…coaching staffs here and throughout the state know that you don’t just place transfer students on the court before their transfer paperwork is submitted and approved.”

    According to the article above, Scott stated the paperwork was submitted and him he did not get it in. That is Scott’s mistake, but it’s a bigger mistake by the coach (especially a coach who made an error last year) to go ahead and play the student before she was approved. A coach needs to hear explicitly (or get a copy of the approval) that the player was approved, and not merely assume she was approved.

    Unless Scott told the coach that the player had been approved, then this error is primarily on the coach.

  6. Volleyballmaniac | October 17, 2011 at 12:27 PM |

    Many of you assume this and that and believe rumors that has been told. You all do not know what really happened. To vballfan, please know the facts before blurting things out. They have proof that she did not play the Burton game.

  7. Scott told her she was cleared. Vince knows from past mistakes to not let her play. It isnt her fault

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