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Games of the day – St. Ignatius vs. Valley Christian football: Both teams are coming off of lopsided losses last week and are in dire need of a win to keep postseason hopes alive. Riordan vs. Bellarmine football: The Crusaders face their toughest opponent yet in the Bells, which trounced Valley Christian 48-6 last week. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL football
Valley Christian (San Jose) 24, St. Ignatius 21
Bellarmine (San Jose) 56, Riordan 0

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  1. SI & SHC still can’t win a league game @ home & Riordan can’t win a single game ever.

    • The record of the three WCAL schools in S.F. during league play this season, 1-6-1.

    • SI, SH and Riordan rarely beat the WCAL teams in the South Bay. Serra beats the SF teams in football like 90% of the time, Bellarmine like 95% of the time, Valley Christian like 94% of the time. Even Mitty wins like 85% of the time

    • Riordan was the undefeated League Champion in 2000, beating all the Southern Schools that year. Riordan also beat both SI and SHC in 2000. Riordan beat Bellarmine and Saint Francis in the first two league games Riordan played that year. The Riordan Lower Level teams also won at least half their league games played that year, they only lost 4 lower level league games in 2000 (JV and Freshman combined).

      Last Wins by Riordan vs. current WCAL Teams
      Saint Ignatius 10/9/2010 21-14
      Archbishop Mitty 10/4/2008 25-22
      Sacred Heart Cath. 9/29/2007 35-28 Non-League Game
      Junipero Serra 10/13/2007 20-3
      Valley Christian 9/30/2006 34-13
      Bellarmine 10/6/2000 31-14
      Saint Francis 10/14/2000 16-10

      Saint Francis 11/1/2008 0-0
      Saint Francis 11/2/2007 21-21

  2. Ok ARHS stats break down the Bellarmine game

    I am sure the crusaders put up a fight but were overmatched in some areas. How did the wideouts do? And is your top running back able to play yet?

    • Bellarmine had 10 different player’s carry the ball for rushing yards, none had 100 yards rushings, but about 5 of those player ran for over 30 yards.

      Bellarmine played 3 QBs and played their second and third team defensive and offensive team.

      Riordan gained 7 yards in the second half and 1 first down.

      Bellarmine gained 508 yards (351 rushing) in the game, and Riordan gained only 109 yards.

  3. They sure like “like” at Serra. How much was the tuition at Serra? I know “like too much”.

    However to your point, City teams rarely succeed anywhere in football, home or away. Just the way it is.

    • It’s all numbers. The peninsula and South Bay schools have thousands more people to consider for enrollment than the City schools do.

  4. is it coaching or is it still just bad play ……how long to get a play in ….. you punt on fourth down…

    • This coach is in the same predicament as the last coach…..he’s working with limited talent. I say by the time these sophs are seniors, they will be competitive in league play.

  5. Thanks ARHS Stat guy for updates. I remember the 2000 Riordan Champions.

  6. Tough loss. Good learning experience. Will some players who have sat out finally be able to play soon? Hopefully those extra bodies can help on both sides of the ball. Gotta take the lumps with the successes and this is probably going to be a growing season for the football team, not a lot of successes but more learning to be better in future seasons. Hopefully there can be an upset win before the end of the season.

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