Football: Balboa rallies in fourth quarter to get first AAA win over Lowell

Balboa junior running back Antoine Crecey breaks away from the Lowell defense for the game-winning score on Thursday at Lowell High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

Balboa junior running back Antoine Crecey breaks away from the Lowell defense for the game-winning score on Thursday at Lowell High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

By Ryan Kuhn

Trailing 8-0 heading into the fourth quarter, Balboa High School scored on two consecutive drives, each capped by long touchdown plays, to capture its first Academic Athletic Association win of the season with a 14-8 road victory over Lowell High School on Thursday.

Balboa senior quarterback David Lantow throws a ball downfield against Lowell on Thursday at Lowell High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

“The season has been [really] tough for us and we talked about that, as a team, we need to trust each other because we lost that,” said senior quarterback David Lantow,

Lantow brought the Buccaneers (2-5, 1-3) even with Lowell (3-3, 2-2) at 8-8, when he threw a 56-yard touchdown pass to fellow senior Andres Arellano on fourth down with 8:44 remaining in the game.

“I knew Andres was going to catch that ball, I knew he was going to break away from that defense and I knew he was going to score,” Lantow said. “I believed in him and I trusted in him. He got the job done.”

After Balboa kicked the ball back to the Cardinals, Lowell fumbled on its second play of the ensuing drive to give possession back to the Buccaneers. The Cardinals’ power running attack gained 216 yards but surrendered three turnovers.

“It [came down to] who was going to make the most mistakes and we made more mistakes than they did,” said Lowell head coach Danny Chan. “You need discipline and focus.”

Balboa responded with another big play, when running back Antoine Crecey sprinted past the defense and down the sideline for a 57-yard score to put the Bucs up for good.

Lowell got the ball back though, and a pass interference penalty on the Buccaneers with 4:09 remaining gave Lowell new life, but the Balboa defense held strong and forced the Cardinals to turn the ball over on downs to seal the victory.

Balboa senior Andres Arellano works his way through the Lowell defense on Thursday at Lowell High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

“We fought back and good things happened,” said Balboa head coach Alvaro Carvajal. “This is the team I know I have. It wasn’t pretty on offense, but the effort was there. If you give effort, [it] cures mistakes.”

Scoring Summary

Third Quarter
L: 0:39 — Reggie Webb 1-yard run (Webb run on conversion)

Fourth Quarter
B: 8:44 – Andres Arellano 56-yard pass from David Lantow (Antoine Crecey run on conversion)
B: 8:05 – Crecey 57-yard run (conversion failed)

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20 Comments on "Football: Balboa rallies in fourth quarter to get first AAA win over Lowell"

  1. Way to go Bucs! If anything, you always beat Lowell!

  2. finnaly dey won gj

  3. Again!!! Whats with the 2 point conversions attempts and no XPAs? No faith in your kickers? How bout this AAA, take down all your goal posts in all your stadiums. Theres no need for them.

  4. wow balboa beat lowell. im not surprise by the victory. way to go bucs

  5. you obviously didn’t see the score at halftime Ari we actually have a good kicker but why not go for two if thats what your down by. Its called smart football so stop tryna dog the AAA

    • 1) the halftime score was 0-0.
      2) lowell went up 8-0, so duhhhhhh, Balboa has to go for 2.
      3) With the score 8-8, Balboa goes up with a TD. why not kick the XP? The 2pt conversion failed.
      4) Hypothetically if Lowell scored the game tying TD to make it 14-14, does the coach opt for a 2pt conversion? Or since the AAA claims to have good kickers, do the SMART FOOTBALL move and kick the PAT?

      SMART hahahahah. give me a break. LAME is more like it. And I will dog the AAA sports forever. You should know that by now.

  6. Ari Gold if you are a follower of San Francisco sports you should know (to put it bluntly) that there is a lack of personnel in the AAA, as well as a disparity in skill level with other leagues. I played in it so i know.

    • @ D … im going to dispute that even you, I dont care if you are 5’3, 110 lbs, can kick a football 20 yards for an extra point. Even a player with a “weak” leg can practice striking a football precisely so that it can travel 20 yards.

      • i doubt you could kick 10

        • Wow youre really smart. Of course I couldnt kick 10 because the shortest FG attempt possible is 18 yards!!!! You guys are unbelievable.

      • ILove2ptConversions | October 21, 2011 at 7:34 PM |

        If you hate teams going for 2 point conversions so much stop throwing a hissy fit and go watch the nfl.

      • sorry Ari, I was a 275 lb lumbering linemen, I highly doubt I could. Listen, this isn’t something thats “wrong” with the AAA, it’s all the coach’s decision. Last year at Balboa we did field goals, as well as many other schools. I really admired your past comments on SFpreps, they were really insightful, but this time you just come off as disrespectful.

  7. stop trying to play the AAA we have talent we dont lack skill and we could go toe to toe with any other school

  8. Lowell always goes for 2 pt conversion so Coach Al’s decision to go for 2 on the 2nd touchdown was the correct call.

    As for talent, if you took a all-star team from the AAA and gave them the coaching staff that other leagues have, they could compete with any other league. Coaching and the number of coaches on the staff are the biggest differences between the AAA and the other leagues. Also, the teams just don’t have the number of players like they did years ago.

    I’m a AAA alumni and proud of it!

  9. Balboa never kicks since zack left 2 years ago carvajal doesnt kick he barely did then ,zack could kick 40 yards field goals easy is just a matter of carvajal isnt his style balboa had great kicker before and im sure best could kick it but carvajal preffers not to .

    • Anon if you know zach then i def played with you at some point, but we did kick last year, all the time. We had Erik Sutton.

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