Football: Lincoln overcomes mistakes in comeback win over Marshall

Lincoln's Giovanni Catalan knocks the ball lose from Marshall's Vaughn Davis on Saturday at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Willie Eashman)

Lincoln's Giovanni Catalan knocks the ball lose from Marshall's Vaughn Davis on Saturday at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Willie Eashman)

By Bonta Hill

For the first 42 minutes of its game against visiting Marshall High School, Lincoln did everything it could to lose a football game.

But after recovering a Marshall fumble with 6:30 remaining in the game, the Mustangs drove 70 yards, capped by Demetrius Williams 4-yard touchdown run and that proved to be the difference in Lincoln’s 14-7 Academic Athletic Association victory on Saturday.

“It was ugly, but I’m just happy [we] overcame adversity better than last week,” said Lincoln head coach Phil Ferrigno. “They showed a lot of heart in a hard-hitting game. “

On the other sideline, the Phoenix were disappointed a game so important in the AAA playoff race slipped through their grasp.

There was one play in the third quarter that specifically touched a nerve.

The Phoenix were leading 7-6 early in the third quarter with Lincoln deep in Marshall territory when Marshall’s Mark Alexander stripped Lincoln fullback Giovanni Catalan at the 6-yard line, and returned the ball for for a 94-yard touchdown to give the Phoenix what appeared to be a 13-6 lead.

But the touchdown was taken away on a penalty for a block in the back, a call that infuriated the Marshall sideline.

“That was a phantom call and I didn’t believe it was a block in the back at all,” said Marshall head coach Kamon Pierce. “The game shouldn’t have been that close anyway. We’ll just have to take our frustration out on Burton [next week].”

Still, Lincoln’s defense was stout throughout, limiting the Phoenix to just 91 total yards of offense, while the Mustangs rushed for 225 yards of their own.

Lincoln senior running back Damon Bannag works his way through the Marshall defense on Saturday at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Willie Eashman)

But the Mustangs battled self-inflicted mistakes all game, including fumbles, penalties, and failed red-zone opportunities.

“We’ve got to handle snaps better, and eliminate the silly mistakes,” Ferrigno said. “We’ll take the win and keep improving.”

Even though Marshall lost in the game’s final moments, they still have an outside shot at making the AAA playoffs.

“We need to run the table to get to where we want to get, but we just need guys to consistently come to practice,” Pierce said. “We let one get away today, but give Lincoln credit, they made the plays and we didn’t.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
M: 2:52 — Kemari Mitchell 5-yard run (Vaughn Davis kick good)

Second Quarter
L: 6:05 — Giovanni Catalan 15-yard run (kick failed)

Fourth Quarter
L: 1:19 — Demetrius Williams 4-yard run (Jay’von Fields run on conversion)

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43 Comments on "Football: Lincoln overcomes mistakes in comeback win over Marshall"

  1. lincoln refs were making foul calls they know there wasn’t no block in the back and it took away their td they would’ve won if it did they did the same thing in the jv game when they threw that 50yrd td pass and ref call saying their was an receiver on the left side did an illegal move when their was no reciever over their and they said it was a penalty marshall said on who and ref said on the reciever on the left side and ref failed to tell what number and marshall did the same play but on the the other side made a td back to back and they still did not let marshall have that they know marshall won they need to check these ref calls they dont like marshall scoring.

    • Parent&Supporter | October 24, 2011 at 2:38 PM |

      I agree!!! Just keep doing what you do MARSHALL and keep playing, don’t ever give up, keep that Phoenix spirit alive…God bless the Marshall Football team both JV & Varsity and the coaching staff. Keep your heads up! GOOOOOOOOOOO——–MARSHALL!

  2. Kezar for Keeps | October 24, 2011 at 12:11 PM |

    As a public school grad, it pains me to see the awful grammar on nearly all comments on AAA stories. The WCAL commenters are annoying, but at least they can form a sentence. Is anyone teaching these kids?

    • At least they’re trying their best to prove a point, don’t try to act smart. It’s not about grammar or whatever, at least “pf” is trying. It doesn’t hurt to try, and be thankful that you graduated already JUST THANK GOD FOR THAT, and don’t try to act smart, it’s either you prove a point or don’t comment at all.

      • Kezar for Keeps | October 24, 2011 at 2:43 PM |

        Yeah, acting smart is such a terrible thing, huh? That type of thinking is exactly the problem.

        Why should I THANK GOD for graduating? It’s not exactly hard to graduate from high school if you actually try.

        It’s great to TRY to make a point, but if people can’t understand what you’re trying to say, it kinda eliminates the point. Oh, and the point I’m trying to make is that the AAA commenters mostly use poor grammar, which takes away from the points they are trying to make, and all you have to do is read the comments for proof of that.

    • Whether you like it or not, Kezar for Keeps is right. If you’re going to make a comment, at least make sure everyone can understand it. The comment by PF was a LONG RUN ON SENTENCE. What’s even funnier is that it was allowed to be posted just as it was. So don’t get mad because Kezar for Keeps was telling the truth. Ideally, you should agree because the whole purpose of posting a comment is so people can read and understand what you wrote….RIGHT?!?!?!?!

      • @ Kezar for Keeps…so you think you’re really smart huh….but let me tell you something, the knowledge that you have is not yours, it is a given gift from GOD and GOD ALONE, so don’t think that you graduated from high school because it was all you, NO, NO, NO…that was God that blessed you with that knowledge/wisdom to accomplish and achieve your goals, so think about it. Help out a brother/sister if you come across mistakes.
        @ GCJ 01….thank you very much for your concern and nobody’s mad, just don’t try to act smart too, be thankful for the gift of knowledge from God, just encourage and help out a person with the mistakes but don’t make such comments and try to prove that you’re smarter. Help out and correct a brother/sister.

        • Kezar for Keeps | October 25, 2011 at 2:41 PM |

          Again, this whole nonsense of intelligence being a bad thing is part of the problem. It’s ok to be smart and to be able to put a coherent sentence together.

          Yes, God bestowed on me and all those who can graduate from high school and college great wisdom! And then he smote the rest of the people in the world with stupidity and poor grammar skills.

          Obviously, that’s the logical explanation why most of the AAA comenters have awful grammar. It’s because God wants them to. And if that’s what he wants, why would I go against his wishes and try to help “a brother/sister”? Then that means teachers are doing SATAN’S work! AAAAH!

          • @ Kezar for Keeps…you know I just don’t want to argue over this non-sense but with a humble heart, I’ll just forgive and forget what I’ve posted that harmed you, just hope and pray that whatever was said/posted in the pasted that offended you, I apologize, just let it be….GOD BLESS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY IN JESUS!

            • I pray that God bestow the gift of sportsmanship and talent to AAA teams that dont kick extra points and go for 2 point conversions when they are up by a gazillion touchdowns.

              On another note I pray that God blesses Jeremy Balan for all his efforts to maintain SFPreps.

              God have mercy on WCAL teams when they play AAA teams. They know not what they do because WCAL cannot play down to the level of AAA teams. May AAA teams still hold their heads high after a beating they endure at the hands of WCAL teams.

        • Anon: I hear what you’re saying, but simple mistakes like that are bad. If you’re going to make a point, you have to make sure that what you are saying makes sense so that people will be able to understand the message that you’re trying to convey. You do have a point though….maybe the person has a some sort of disability. However, if this is not the case,it is sad to see someone who is making mistakes that is taught and corrected in elementary school.

  3. There wasa block in the back & a trip of a Lincoln player from behind. The jv game, the Marshall team was lined up incorrectly. You must have 7 players on the line of scrimmage and the last man on the line cannot cover the inside receiver. Only the outside receiver can go out for a pass, because he is the outside receiver. The Marshall team had 3 receivers and 2 running backs & 1 quarterback. For a formation to be legal for a forward pass the outside receivers must be on the line of scrimmage, with the 2 inside receivers off the line of scrimmage. Marshall needed to put a tight end on the opposite side of the field and or another receiver on the other side of the field and the inside receiver on the trips side would have had to stepped back to make this an eligible passing formation.Marshall could of run the ball in their formation but a pass was illegal. The refs got it right.

    • First, if the refs call on the jv game was correct why did they fail to tell what number the recevier was. Marshall coach repeatedly asked the ref what number was the recevier but the ref did not answer all he said was”the recevier on the left side” but there was no recevier on the left side.You are right, You must have 7 players on the line of scrimmage and the last man on the line cannot cover the inside receiver. Only the outside receiver can go out for a pass, because he is the outside receiver. The Marshall team had 3 receivers and 2 running backs & 1 quarterback,and we needed to have a TE on the opposited side or another recevier but we did our recevier were on the right side and their was a TE on the left side. So the ref lied calling a penalty on the recevier on the left but their wasn’t that is WHY he FAILED to show PROOF of that recevier’s number.Calling one penalty on one pass was okay but to call TWO back to back,come on now. Lincoln AND marshall know that phoenix had that win.

  4. for the varsity game marshall should have won and there was no block in the back the refs couldnt even give a number so wheres the proof.

    • Yes, refs just called a penalty but failed to show proof they did the same thing in their jv team back to back. but don’t even worry marshall is going to win the rest of their games.

    • i saw tape & #12 on marshall pushed #88 on lincoln

      • Yeah, whatever, that’s what they all say when the referee/officials can’t get the number…and a lot out there really do have something against Marshall….just PLAY MARSHALL AND PROVE ‘EM WRONG!!!!!GO PHOENIX!

      • there was no #12 for marshall

  5. man i see u yost do yo thang dude

  6. Kezar for Keeps | October 25, 2011 at 12:40 PM |

    So tired of these comments about the referees. I wasn’t there, but I doubt the referees deliberately called penalties that didn’t happen. So often in these comments, people with major sour grapes blame the referees instead of putting the accountability on the teams.

    Marshall is SO good, there’s no way they could lose, unless the referees were cheating. Such nonsense. No coaches or players from successful programs ever blame the officials. Oh yeah, it’s Marshall, I forgot.

    • Referees do make mistakes and when they do, there are times they will admit fault and correct the mistakes and there are other times they won’t. It’s obvious there was a bad call here and the referees didn’t reverse the call…much to the dismay of the Marshall fans. So they do have the right to be upset with the referees. HOWEVER, the entire loss can’t be blamed on the refs. If Marshall excuted their game plan better, the blown calls by the refs wouldn’t have mattered too much.

  7. Parent&Supporter | October 25, 2011 at 2:13 PM |


  8. #12 blocked #88 in the back

  9. #12 blocked #88 in the back and the refs didn’t call nothing but once Marshall scored off a fumble the refs called blocking in the back

  10. i just doubled check and marshall does not have a #12

  11. Ari Gold Sucks | October 25, 2011 at 8:28 PM |

    Can I just put this out here? From what I’ve gathered after reading this site regularly, I really don’t like this “Ari Gold” commenter. He/she is annoying, antagonistic, and seems to have nothing better to do than come on here and bash AAA teams, other commenters, coaches, or the current systems of management at both public and private schools. Ever notice how people like her/him/it only criticize? I support everyone’s right to leave a thoughtful comment on this site, (or even something obviously unfounded that supports their school) but really Ari, give it a rest already, no one wants to hear it! Comment if you agree, and maybe this person will take it to heart.

    Jbalan, what do you think?

    • yes. give it a rest aaa teams would blow out the whole wcal.

    • Ari Gold’s real problem is that he probably was a kid who went to one of the AAA schools and tried out for a team (or two) and didn’t make it. Ever sinse then he’s been mad at the AAA. Ari Gold probably graduated from an AAA school and knows deep down inside, he has AAA pride, but won’t let go of the fact that he just wasn’t good enough to play in the AAA!!!!!

  12. marshall doesnt have a # 12 the number 12 from last year took hyz jersey … lol

  13. Everybody knows that the AAA don’t like marshall and everybody says that their football program is a waste of money to the AAA but I think it’s really not their are alot of kids out here with alot of talent and some of these kids wind up in defferent schools. It would be bad for a school to lose it’s program.How would the kids show their talent and it all starts at school. Marshall don’t let anyone or anything stop you just keep doing what your doing.

  14. ok so im going to set the record straight they knew we were the faster team so they wet the field the day before …. and about the ghost call of the game i watched the ref throw that flag after he seen that my team mate was going to score they hate seeing the underog come on top but its cool marshall jv and vars just keep it up and we gone do what we do …… #lets go phoenix

    • Kezar for Keeps | October 26, 2011 at 1:35 PM |

      IT’S A CONSPIRACY! Don Collins has to step in to stop this injustice of bias officials doing everything they can to hold back Marshall’s obvious dominance of the AAA.

  15. Its just a game. Concentrate on your academics. Thats whats going to take you far.

  16. The whole deal is, the front office can’t afford a team like Thurgood Marshall to win the championship because guess what, Don Collins can’t have Marshall representing the AAA. Imagine what others would think about these “hoodlums”.

    • uhm we’re the same as any other team dont judge us based on where our school is located at and on what problems we have had in the past we are young men doing something positive we dont do anything to disrespect the AAA so yall dont have to like us we can careless but if your not on the field with us dont judge us ………….so if your a real boss come to one of our practices and say we are some “HOODLUMS” to our faces ……….

    • Why would the AAA not want Marshall to win a championship? Marshall’s Varsity girls basketball won the school’s first title in 2005 by coming from behind to defeat undefeated Washington.
      Good luck to Marshall and all of its teams in the upcoming season, some of this sounds like motivation to win out the rest of the season.

  17. looks like marshall is just going to have to prove the AAA and everybody what we do.

  18. first of all we are not hoodlums and for someone to say something like that is very disrespectful and if that is true about don collins not wanting thurgood to represent the AAA well thats just to bad because we are here to stay

  19. A bunch of hoodlums they say. This is why we strive everyday to get the job done.This is why everytime we step foot on the field it’s a war.This is why Everywhere we go is a warzone.This is why everytime they see us they quiver. Because we are Thurgood Marshall.

  20. I guess they don’t teach sarcasm at Thurgood…..

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