Football: Washington’s running game too much for Mission to handle

Washington senior running back Jamie McHenry turns the corner against Mission on Friday at Washington High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Washington senior running back Jamie McHenry turns the corner against Mission on Friday at Washington High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Bonta Hill

Over the course of its first four Academic Athletic Association games, Mission High School’s defense didn’t allow a touchdown.

While the Bears were able to solve the offenses of Marshall, Balboa, Burton and Galileo, they had no answer for Washington’s powerful rushing attack on Friday.

Washington senior quarterback Aram Gevandian throws a ball downfield against Mission on Friday at Washington High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

The Eagles turned a first-place showdown into a one-sided affair, throttling the visiting Bears 28-7, as senior running backs Lajarie Mabrey and Jamie McHenry combined for 305 yards rushing and had two touchdowns apiece.

“Overall, I think this is one of the better games [we played all season],” said Washington head coach Karl Finley. “We’re a very good team, but we haven’t peaked yet. I think we’re getting closer to becoming a great team.”

While Mabrey and McHenry did the heavy lifting for Washington’s offense, the Mission (5-3, 4-1) backfield tandem of Algeron Malbrough, Davon Hargraves and Antoine Porter was unable to get loose against a stout Washington (6-2, 5-0) defense, which limited the Bears to 151 yards of total offense.

McHenry, who rushed for 118 yards on 12 carries, got Washington started when he took the Eagles’ second play from scrimmage 51 yards to the Mission 10-yard line. He scored two plays later on a 4-yard run to open the game’s scoring.

The Eagles were held scoreless for over two quarters after McHenry’s first score, until Mabrey, who ran for 187 yards on 27 carries, broke a 75-yard touchdown run through the teeth of the Mission defense to give the Eagles a 13-0 lead in the third quarter.

“[Lajarie and McHenry] work [really] well together,” Finley said. “If one doesn’t get the ball he blocks for the guy who is getting the ball. They don’t care who gets the most carries.”

Mission struck next on a 15-yard touchdown pass from Hargraves to Porter to cut the Washington lead to 13-7 with 5:13 remaining in the third quarter, and after forcing a Washington punt on the next drive, the Bears appeared to seize momentum.

Mission senior quarterback Davon Hargraves scrambles out of the pocket against Washington on Friday at Washington High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

But a Hargraves fumble sucked all the energy out of the Bears’ sideline and the Eagles capitalized on the fumble recovery immediately, when McHenry scored on a 35-yard run down the right sideline early in the fourth quarter.

“It was a little bit of everything today,” said Mission head coach Joe Albano said. “With a good team like that, you’re not going to win that way.”

Albano stressed that the loss was only a single game in a long season, but was not pleased with the Bears’ week of preparation.

“Hopefully this is a good learning lesson, because we had a horrible week of practice and today was an outcome of that,” Albano said. “When you don’t put the effort in during the week, [you lose], and that’s what happened.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
W: 10:30 — Jamie McHenry 4-yard run (Aram Gevandian kick good)

Third Quarter
W: 8:06 — Lajarie Mabrey 75-yard run (kick failed)
M: 5:13 — Antoine Porter 15-yard pass from Davon Hargraves (kick good)

Fourth Quarter
W: 11:30 — McHenry 35-yard run (Vincent Chen run on conversion)
W: 2:01 — Mabrey 6-yard run (Gevandian kick good)

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31 Comments on "Football: Washington’s running game too much for Mission to handle"

  1. Not what I expected at all. Good try though Mission. I still believe you will win it all this year!

    • Honestly, you sound like a fool. Wash house all day baby we takin the ships!! bouta go sailing…

  2. washouse lessgo


  4. Mission beat themselves their starting QB was on the sideline and they put him in when they were already losing..

  5. I think wash might beat SI or SH if they played

    • ess eye chair-eez | October 29, 2011 at 6:22 PM |

      Wait, are you serious?

      • Well why won’t you play us. Here’s why – if you lose your rep goes into the toilet. Wash will beat any city WCAL team. If you think not then play us cowards.

        • wcal teams want to be challenged in the preseason thats why

        • Washington lost to El Camino this season. The Score was El Camino 29 Washington 19.

          El Camino lost to Menlo-Atherton and Jefferson. The scores were: Menlo-Atherton 43 El Camino 7
          Jefferson 37 El Camino 20

          Jefferson lost to Sacred Heart Cathedral, the score was SHC 45 Jefferson 14.

          Menlo-Atherton lost to Saint Ignatius, the score was SI 24 Menlo-Atherton 7.

          I thought it would be harder to find common opponents. This was to easy.

          Find a team that Washington beat, that also beat a team that beat SI or SHC. I don’t think you can do it.

          I have SHC by 58 points over Washington and Saint Ignatius by 63 points over Washington.

        • The last AAA team Riordan played was Lincoln in the 1998 season.

          Riordan finished the season with 3 wins and 7 losses. Riordan’s other victories that year were Sacred Heart Cathedral and Pacific Grove.

          Riordan passed for 98 yards that season, lost all 5 WCAL games. Riordan gained 2284 yards rushing that season. Riordan had no RB gain 1000 yards that season.

          Riordan’s leading rusher was Tipetti Paini and he gained 707 yards that season, against Lincoln he had 3 carries for 17 yds and 2 TDs.

          On September 25th, 1998 at Lincoln
          Against Lincoln, Riordan rushed for 408 yards and Lincoln rushed for 86 yards. Best rushing game of the season for Riordan, and also the best rushing defense game of the season for Riordan.

          Lincoln completed 4 of 18 passes for 66 yards, Riordan intercepted 3 passes. Riordan threw one pass that was not completed.

          Riordan lost 3 fumbles to Lincoln and recovered 1 Lincoln fumble.

          Riordan had 4 different players gain TDs rushing. One TD was scored by the special teams or the defense.

          Only one Riordan RB gained 100 yards rushing in the game, and that was the only game he got 100 yards rushing that season and he did not score. (10 carries for 127 yards)

          The score was Riordan 49 Lincoln 0

          • interesting stats. but talk is cheap . play us cowards don’t talk. you win – case closed . We will play you any time anywhere.

            • Kezar for Keeps | October 30, 2011 at 12:21 AM |

              Big talk for someone that goes by “Anonymous.”

              • really Kezar for keeps? what’s the difference between a fake name like yours and Anonymous.

              • Kezar for Keeps | October 30, 2011 at 12:40 AM |

                I’m not the one challenging people and trying to act all tough. It’s easy to act like a tough guy when you can hide behind “Anonymous” on the internet.

                The fact remains that the AAA schools simply can’t compete with any of the SF WCAL schools in football and it’s not even close. If you have eyes, that is obvious.

                At one time, the public schools could hang with the Catholic schools, but that time has passed, unfortunately.

              • let me get this straight. You go by the name Kezar for Keeps which means no one knows who you are i.e. you you don’t have the balls to use your real name but because I choose to use the term anonymous I’m hiding. Interesting logic. It’s really not key board Rambo talk to challenge you WCAL city teams because Wash will play you anytime any where. See if you can get the AD of any WCAL school to play us at the end of the season. We lose then you can go all GA GA about your private school power.

              • Kezar for Keeps | October 30, 2011 at 1:06 AM |

                Again, the reason why I talked about you being anonymous is because you’re out here challenging people and calling people cowards. That is hypocritical.

                I’m not calling people cowards, therefore, my comments are not contradictory.

                The funny thing is that I didn’t even go to a private school, so I don’t know why you’re saying “you,” like I’m a player on a team.

                Obviously, you are a Wash player and think you can hang with the WCAL teams. That’s fine, you should believe that as a competitor, but those of us who can make rational distinctions know better.

                The WCAL schools are better in every sport, it’s just a fact and there are so many examples. It doesn’t diminish the AAA competitors,

                If jbalan wasn’t so political, he’d tell you the same thing.

              • I’m not getting involved in this.

              • OK Kezar you are right and I apologize for calling anyone coward. It is inappropriate. I agree that on balance WCAL has better Athletics but it isn’t a fact that Wash football team could not play well against the 3 WCAL teams this year. It’s your opinion. My opinion is Wash would win 2 out of 3. I think we can agree that if they played we would then know the facts.

                Again I apologize for my rude behavior. I’ll clean up my behavior in the future.

              • SF Wrestling | October 30, 2011 at 3:05 PM |

                “…The WCAL schools are better in every sport, it’s just a fact and there are so many examples…”

                Every sport? That is certainly not the case with SF WCAL schools. In wrestling, we went 7-2 against Riordan and 4-1 against SH wrestlers last season.

        • jeff , southcity , san marin , & sh would beat wash . .

  6. Luis Simental | October 29, 2011 at 6:17 PM |


  7. Bear Backer | October 29, 2011 at 9:37 PM |

    The reason Mission starting QB (Hargraves) was on the sideline in the 1st qtr was because he did not come to practice all week, he’s lucky he even got to play. Injured or not u still have to show up to practice even if u have to sit there and watch practice. There were several other Mission players that were taking this game for granted and it showed. Only a handful of Mission players wanted that game and it doesn’t work like that, you have to work as a team. And in the end the team that wanted it the most got the W and it was Wash. And on a side note all he Mission players who were pouting at the begining of the game because you didn’t start, that was so disrespectful to your coach. It’s not his fault YOU didn’t show up to practice. Build a bridge and get over it!

    • taking the game for granted?? huh? the top two teams play and they were taking the game for granted? Well I guess one excuse is as good as another. It wasn’t even close,

  8. I agree, the private schools, especially the WCAL schools, have stronger sports teams. But I don’t think that it’s because WCAL schools just have better athletes. The grades requirement just wrecks the AAA league. Kids who are really good at sports could never get into or afford school like SI where you grades are inflated so tou can play and instead they go to public schools, fail, and never get the chance to shine. Not to mention that because of tuition, the WCAL schools can afford to have these great programs that really develop the kids. No one can make the case that public school teams can really contend with WCAL teams. But don’t think that it’s because of superior athletes. It’s all the way the system is set up.

    I would bet that if you took away grade requirements, and invited everyone to play, the talent pool at most AAA schools would contend with schools like SI or SH. Here’s an example by means of soccer. The white kids at SI and SH play on club soccer teams in the city that consistently get beat by teams of Latinos from AAA schools. But most of the kids on the Latin teams don’t have the grades or the desire to play for school. If they did, it would be a different story.

  9. Well actually SH lowered their GPA from a 2.5 to a 2.0 in order to have people eligible to play sports. My nephew couldn’t get the 2.5 to play one year and the next year they lowered it and he was able to play.

    So I don’t believe that the academic requirements are really that tough for any public, private or catholic school when it comes to having an athlete play especially if that athlete has some superior skills in the sport that they play.

    As far as going to a private school, the have scholarships such as the Piro at SH which pays for everything, tuition books lunch etc. Your supposed to have over a 2.5 I believe but I know of students that have been on academic probation who still get that, which to mean is just wrong because their students who have above a 3.0 or better consistently and they get nothing from the school in the form of financial help while some student who can’t get a 2.0 stays and gets everything free, that’s just wrong. SI has that magis program to help bring diversity to their school, which is another way to say its not a total elite school. Not sure what Riordan has but I am sure they have something to help out students.

    So I would say that the WCAL schools just do a better job of recruiting athletes to their schools and are able to keep them their through various programs.

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