Prep Wrapup: McFarland runs for 156 yards in Riordan’s loss to Mitty

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Football: Mitty 40, Riordan 21

Riordan junior running back Armani McFarland had his best game of the season, but it still wasn’t enough for the Crusaders (1-7, 0-5) to upset the Monarchs (5-2-1, 3-1-1) on the road Friday at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills.

McFarland doubled his rushing yards on the season with 159 yards on the ground and two touchdowns, including a 6-yard score in the second quarter to give the Crusaders an unlikely 14-13 lead.

Mitty responded, however, scoring 27 unanswered points to put the Crusaders away.

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9 Comments on "Prep Wrapup: McFarland runs for 156 yards in Riordan’s loss to Mitty"

  1. Wow, no Riordan fans to comment on how their team did? Interesting…..

  2. Johnny Drama | October 31, 2011 at 8:40 AM |

    That’s because they did as expected…….what’s your point?

  3. If Blake was coaching, FuBoooooooo and the rest of you would have posted before the 3rd quarter was over., demanding he be lynched before the 4th quarter began. Now what? Maybe, just maybe, it had nothng to do with the coaching, but alot to do with the personel? My comment has nothing nothing to do with the student athletes at Riordan, they are all very good kids, but how could you absolutely tear Blake apart last year and stay silent this year? I dont want you to bad mouth Sweeney, but you guys should retract your staements about Blake’s coaching acumen here and now. Arguably, he has less talent last year, than the current squad. And I maintain, he and his staff, would have gotten more out of this team than the current staff, who were put into a lose lose situation this season. Not their fault, its just the way it is.
    Ths is a process and continuity would have been the best plan going forward.

  4. Keep on playing ball Crusaders. Win or lose your true fans have your back.


      • Sorry, but you can’t beat me.

        The only people who been to as many games for the Football and Basketball programs as I have attended are Ron Isola and Mike Galvan.

        Ron probably has been at more Riordan Football and Basketball games than me.

        • Youre absolutely right. I remember ARHS Stats 16 years ago. Old bulky toshiba laptop, portable printer and everything.

  5. I heard it from a reliable source that the decision was not so much a football one but rather a decision based on other facts. Without going too much into it, take a look at last years football program. Most of the advertisements were of the BAR/PUB variety. Take a look at this years’ and they will not be as prevalent. I believe the decision was based more on image than anything, which is important under the new leadership. The “not shaking hands” incident did not sit well and set a bad example. Again, I believe it has to do with that more so than football. The results have been comparable but the new staff was brought in as part of the brand makeover shaping up at the school.

  6. My problem is not with the decison that wa made by Mr. Daly, it is his call, rather my problem is with the posters or should I ay POSERS, who bad mouthed Blake every chance they got last year on this board, but are more patient this year with the outcomes.

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