Football: St. Ignatius rides running game, routs Riordan for first WCAL win

St. Ignatius senior running back Kerry Crowley breaks through the Riordan defense on Friday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

St. Ignatius senior running back Kerry Crowley breaks through the Riordan defense on Friday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

By Jeremy Balan

For a moment, it looked like Archbishop Riordan High School’s football team would hang with St. Ignatius on the road Friday night.

After scoring on the first drive of the game, the St. Ignatius offense was stalling, but after the Crusaders tied the game late in the first quarter, the Wildcats scored 35 unanswered points en route to a 42-7 West Catholic Athletic League win.

St. Ignatius junior quarterback Jack Stinn rolls out of the pocket against Riordan on Friday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

“When it was tied, we knew we needed to establish ourselves,” said St. Ignatius senior running back Kerry Crowley. “It was a must-win game for us, so we had to just step on the pedal and go.”

On senior night and without injured running back Albert Waters, Crowley led the offensive charge for the Wildcats (3-5-1, 1-4-1) with 150 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries.

“We wanted to establish the run and we did,” said St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia. “It’s tremendous, on a night where we’re honoring our seniors, to see the seniors get in there. Kerry is one of our team leaders and he made some big plays.”

With the run established, the Wildcats got their biggest plays from their passing game.

St. Ignatius junior quarterback Jack Stinn threw for 187 yards and two touchdowns, but did it all on just 6-of-9 completions, including a 77-yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Mike Pia.

Pia had his second consecutive 100-yard game with three catches for 119 yards and two touchdowns.

Other than their lone scoring drive in the first quarter, the Crusaders (1-8, 0-6) struggled in every facet of the game and were held to 201 yards of total offense.

“I wanted to be competitive and we were not competitive in any phase of the game,” said Riordan head coach Richard Sweeney. “It’s disappointing, because I thought we had an OK week of practice. I don’t know if they got too amped up to play a cross-town team, but we didn’t do anything right.”

Riordan didn’t have many positives offensively other than the play of junior running back Armani McFarland, who ran for 96 yards on 14 carries and had 100 yards on three receptions, including the Crusaders’ lone score on a 36-yard pass from quarterback Zach Masoli.

Riordan junior running back Armani McFarland breaks away from a St. Ignatius defender on Friday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

“He’s a good player,” Sweeney said of McFarland. “If he has a good offseason, he’s going to be one of the best backs in this [league].”

As unlikely as it may seem, the win likely locks the Wildcats into a Central Coast Section playoff bid, something Crowley and the St. Ignatius seniors have embraced.

“It’s very nice to know [we’re in CCS],” Crowley said. “We play in the WCAL and in our opinion, it’s the toughest league in Northern California. With that schedule, we feel we’re well-prepared and feel we can go the distance. Our goal has always been to win a CCS title.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SI: 9:29 — Dom Truoccolo 1-yard run (Michael Capitolo kick good)
R: 1:31 — Armani McFarland 36-yard pass from Zach Masoli (Jose Rodriguez kick good)
SI: 0:00 — Mike Pia 77-yard pass from Jack Stinn (Capilolo kick good)

Second Quarter
SI: 8:13 — Kerry Crowley 1-yard run (Capilolo kick good)
SI: 6:00 — Pia 30-yard pass from Travis McDow (Capilolo kick good)
SI: 3:29 — Ryan Gazale 31-yard pass from Stinn (Capilolo kick good)

Third Quarter
SI: 6:31 — Chad Bell 1-yard run (Capilolo kick good)

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18 Comments on "Football: St. Ignatius rides running game, routs Riordan for first WCAL win"

  1. SI came out ready to play. Almost as if they were trying to make a point……wonder why?

  2. Well, someone had to win this game. Too bad it doesn’t really count for anything!

    • I’m pretty sure SI just cliched a CCS berth with this win..
      You’re right it doesn’t really mean anything! Did you even read the article?

    • @GCJ01..I find your posts amusing given you root for teams in the weakest league in CA….possibly the country.

    • Actually, if you analyze it CORRECTLY, it really doesn’t count for anything because SI will NOT win in the CCS. They’re just going there as a “filler” team and then will get BEAT like they’ve been all season long. Again I say, it doesn’t count for anything EXCEPT ANOTHER LOSS FOR SI when it comes time for the CCS!

      As for the AAA being the weakest league in CA and possibly the country; how can you make such a comment when you OBVIOUSLY haven’t seen every league in California or in the country? Until you do, do not make such ignorant comments!

      • Hey, the AAA might be better than all the teams except for league champion of the Mission Trail Athletic League.

        The only team in that league that is any good is Carmel and their great QB.

        SEASON Points Points
        W L T For Against
        Carmel 9 0 0 491 131
        Soledad 5 3 1 221 184
        King City 4 4 1 264 187
        Pacific Grove 5 3 1 220 195
        Greenfield 5 3 1 222 158
        Robert L. Stevenson 1 8 0 115 311
        Gonzales 2 7 0 130 306
        Marina 0 8 0 27 343

      • For you to say it doesn’t mean anything is very ignorant on your part. I’m sure it means the world to some of those kids if they are able to play an additional game or two. Even though they have 1 league win, they’ve played some south bay teams tough and may do better than you think in CCS. The fact that they are still in the running for a CCS spot despite their record in league gives you an idea of their SOS as well as the credibility of the WCAL in general. So don’t be too quick to use the word ignorant when you embody that word with your previous post. You are IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED!

  3. Is someone going to get a voice mail message soon? Maybe closer to the summer?

    I feel for Armani and Zack. Hang in there guys.

  4. wcalobserver | November 7, 2011 at 1:40 PM |

    WWMD? Is that you? Bugs, if BB has a personal problem with Pres Daly let him handle it. Your failure to let it go is obsessive. Why do you only feel for “Armani and Zack”? Armani and Zack are plenty strong enough to handle the lows of high school football as shown by their effort these past few weeks. I feel for the whole team. I see the looks on their faces and body language after the repeated lop sided losses and its disheartening. I feel bad that fundamentals haven’t been taught better over the past three years and there hasn’t been a legitimate off season football strength and conditioning program. I feel bad that the past few years were such a miserable experience that a whole lot of good athletes and potential football players elected to not play. I feel bad that the field has been so bad for so long. Thank God most of the old crew is out from top to bottom and the long term effort to improve the program has finally begun.

    • I do feel bad for all the kids. I just know those 2 more than the others. I dont know if BB has a problem with Pat or not. As I have stated before I love what he is doing with the school. I do not agree with what he did with the football program. My son has 2 years left after this one and I hope he has a good experience. Why were the numbers so low on the JV team this year? All the bad guys were gone right? I hope I am wrong and the program does better over th next few years.

      Go Riordan.

  5. This thing aint turning around until we attract some very good student athletes, instead of the selfish ones, who dont care about anyone but themselves. The coaching was fine under Landridge, Blake, and now Sweeney, these are fine men, who are committed to doing things the right way. Now, we need to get Sweeney some players who have leadership skills as well as football skills.

    You all know who has that chore?

  6. Rabbit I agree. Like I said before, if Daly does what he plans on doing, my mom will be able to coach Riordan to at least 500. Coach Lang, Blake and now Sweeney have had to deal with a lack of numbers and ball players. Riordan always had pretty good skilled players but what everyone in the WCAL needs is tough lineman. If they can’t find the guys to fill the trenches , then 500 is the best they will do.

    • WCALobserver | November 8, 2011 at 7:20 PM |

      Peel and Wabbit. So Riordan has had all the weak selfish no leadership ability catholic school kids in the entire WCAL for the past five years? Is that a fact? Sounds like the excuses of losers to blame the kids exclusively for the lack of success. Who have the O line coaches been during that time? Were they held accountable? The only objective facts are how their teams performed while they were coaches. Lang won a med school CCS championship but won only 2 league games in each of his first two years with loads of talent, one win, then no wins. Blake had one win and his teams gave up 50-60+ points in seven out of ten games.
      If you want good lineman get a good line coach and make sure you have an off season weight program with a real strength and conditioning coach so the lineman can bench and squat more than an olympic bar.

  7. Players listen to other players, good, bad, or indifferent, consequently we need more leaders out there influencing those who need to step up and make contributions. Yes, coaching is important, very important I might add, but unless you have some outstanding student athletes, leading the way, that becomes much more dubious and it doesn’ matter who the ocaches afre or what they are teaching them.

  8. WCAL” not observing”, I never blamed anyone for Riordan not winning on the football field. I did point out that with the talent they will have in the near future , I feel my mom will be able to coach them to 500. I also pointed out that the last three coaches have had pretty much the same amount of ballplayers to work with in the school. Take 2007 away from the langridge years and you will find that he also did not have enough quality ballplayers to compete with. In case you do not understand this I will explain it to you. You must be able to have “good” competition in practice in order to prepare for a game and to withstand the WCAL physical play. Without enough men in the trenches to help at practice and games, a team will more than likely only make it to 500. Blame who you want for Riordans problems over the last decade but until you can compete at practice you will not be able to succeed on the field, court, diamond or track. Who are you blaming for these problems?

  9. is zach masoli out with a collarbone injury? if so, get well soon.

  10. Drew Jackson is hella raw

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