Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius earn CCS playoff bids

Fullback Dom Truoccolo and the rest of the St. Ignatius seniors will look to extend their season each week in the CCS playoffs. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Fullback Dom Truoccolo and the rest of the St. Ignatius seniors will look to extend their season each week in the CCS playoffs. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Jeremy Balan

The Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius football teams didn’t exactly finish their respective seasons with a flourish, but both teams have new life in the Central Coast Section playoffs.

The City rivals received CCS playoff bids in Division III on Sunday, with Sacred Heart holding the fifth seed and St. Ignatius earning the seventh seed.

Both will have to travel deep into the south end of the section, with Sacred Heart (5-5) facing fourth-seeded Monterey (8-2) and St. Ignatius (3-6-1) taking on second-seeded Aptos (9-1).

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior running back Valentino Miles will lead the Irish in their first CCS playoff appearance since 2008. (Photo by Doug Ko)

“It’s great for the City to have two teams in and hopefully there will be three soon,” said St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia. “It’s exciting for the program and for the guys to be able to have the honor to play in the postseason and that we’ve earned our way to get there.”

The two schools will face relative unknowns in the far-away opponents, but what is known is their records. Aptos dominated the Santa Cruz Coast League en route to a league championship and Monterey finished in a three-way tie for first place in the Monterey Bay League.

“We know absolutely nothing about them,” said Sacred Heart Cathedral head coach John Lee. “I met their coach today and he seems like a very nice guy. From what I’ve seen on film, they have some good athletes, but they have some things that we can take advantage of and I’m excited about that.”

While Sacred Heart and SI both have low seeds, the elephant in the bracket is another WCAL rival. Valley Christian of San Jose chose not to opt up to the Open Division this year, and will be the favorite to win the Division III championship as the third seed.

The Warriors (5-5) will take on Burlingame (5-5) in the first round, and will face the winner of Aptos-St. Ignatius. Valley Christian routed Sacred Heart and only beat SI by three points in WCAL play, but Lee is somewhat relieved both league foes are on the other side of the bracket.

“It’s awesome there are three WCAL teams in there, but they’re going to knock each other off before we get to see either of them,” Lee said.

Both teams have only one CCS title in school history, with SI winning a Medium School title in 2006 and Sacred Heart winning a Small School championship in 2008, but the overwhelming feeling from both coaches was the joy of extending their season.

“I love our chances,” Lee said. “We have to go down there to their back yard and that’s a long bus trip, but as long as we’re in the playoffs, we’ll gladly drive.”

Complete Division III Bracket

(6) Burlingame [5-5] @ (3) Valley Christian (San Jose) [5-5], Saturday 7 p.m.
(7) St. Ignatius [3-6-1] @ (2) Aptos [9-1], Friday 7 p.m.

(5) Sacred Heart Cathedral [5-5] vs. (4) Monterey [8-2] @ Monterey Peninsula College, Friday 7 p.m.
(8) Del Mar (San Jose) [7-3] vs. (1) Christopher (Gilroy) [9-1] @ Gilroy, Friday 7 p.m.

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30 Comments on "Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius earn CCS playoff bids"

  1. First round exists for both schools. JB you might as well write your article now and just fill in the stats later!

  2. It was also said that they would do good in league this year, but that didn’t happen. We shall see. In all honesty, I think SHC might be able to pull it off if they can get their offense going.

    • Who are you and what did you do with the real GCJ01? The real GCJ01 would never utter a single positive thought on a SF WCAL school.

      • Ari Gold: UNLIKE YOU, I do not mind giving credit where credit is due. SH is good, and unfortunately, their offense isn’t where it needs to be in order to compliment the defense so that they could’ve won more games. IF, their offense improves, then they might be able to pull this off and win CCS.

        IC Stars: They can’t rely completely on Valentino because they’ll become an one player offense (kind of how they are now). Others need to step up. It’s a TEAM game and Valentino can not do it all by himself.

    • Beating SI, Riordan and coming this –||– close to knocking-off Bellarmine is good enough. It’s obvious thay could have done better with the other teams. As for the playoffs, give Valentino the freakin’ ball.

  3. Good luck to all the WCAL teams.

    • Except VC… Nothing against them but powerhouse teams should opt up.

      • They were 5-5 I believe…not exactly a powerhouse

        • They don’t play like they’re “only” 5-5. Never look past a team like that.

          • Nobody is looking past them. There is no reason for them to opt up because they would lose to Bellarmine or Paly High. My point is that they may be the best team in this division but would be a lower seed if they opted up. Which means, they are NO powerhouse, just a really good team that stands in your way SHCP.

            • Looking at the way VC lost to other teams, there’s no reason SHC can’t beat them. But so far Monterey is in the way.

  4. I completly agree with Jeremy. And toGC: Yes, SI and SHCP “exist” in the first round and they will Exist into the 2nd round!

  5. Just let’s face it SHC is done they don’t have a line that can look the other team in the face and smash no HEART at all straight weak stay home and don’t suffer the ride.

    • okay so you think it was just a fluke that miles ran for that many yards this season? The line may not be huge, but they do have heart and i’m sure you will change your mind when SHC and that LINE will be holding up that trophy in a few weeks

  6. SH better have the offense on Friday or else they will have a longer bus ride back home. Seriously wake up! Monterey will try to gang up on Miles so Parker, Gomes, Hewittson, Viliami and everyone else on the offense will need to get their butts in gear and step up. Does anyone know the status of Tapel?

  7. SHC needs there coaches to come up with a game plan to just right out put there offensive line on blast show up Ready to play the SI game is over you have a chance to face VC again.

  8. they should have a game the best of the wcal agamist the best of the tripple .aaa teams are made because wcal teams are having more spotlight on sfpreps.

  9. Stop kidding ourselves SHC even if they get by the will have to face Marshall the offense or Qb is not good enough to help there defense. VALLEY CHRISTIAN CHAMPS

  10. Kingofthecity415 | November 16, 2011 at 8:07 PM |

    From my knowledge SHC has a very poor offensive line this year. Looking at last years roster, their (meat) big players left.

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