Boys Basketball Top 10: Sacred Heart top team again

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Joshua Fox is one part of one of the Bay Area's best frontcourts and the Irish are the City's top team. (Photo by Christian Chew)

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Joshua Fox is one part of one of the Bay Area's best front courts and the Irish are the City's top team. (Photo by Christian Chew)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral (2010-2011 record: 23-7. Final ranking last season: 1)

All of the key parts are returning for the Irish, including one of the best frontcourts in the Bay Area, featuring senior forwards Joshua Fox and Taylor Johns. If they improve on last season’s shaky guard play, the Irish could make some noise in the West Catholic Athletic League championship race and the Division III state tournament.

2. Mission (2010-2011 record: 23-11. Final ranking last season: 5)

The Bears return a ton of talent and may have the best point guard in the City in junior Antoine Porter. He started to come into his own late last season, and is starting to garner college attention. They’ll also have some length in the front court that will serve them very well in the Academic Athletic Association.

3. St. Ignatius (2010-2011 record: 17-10. Final ranking last season: 3)

The Wildcats will likely rise to the No. 2 spot once standout junior Stephen Domingo returns from a broken wrist, but that will be well into the non-league season. Without Domingo and last season’s City Player of the Year Johnny Mrlik, the buzz around the program is focused on sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar, who is a star in the making.

4. Lincoln (2010-2011 record: 20-13. Final ranking last season: 8)

The Mustangs will have a solid core of seniors returning, including guards Chris Young and Ares Brown. The Lincoln frontcourt may not be experienced, but will be imposing with three players over 6-foot-3, including 6-7 sophomore center Seth Snoddy.

5. University (2010-2011 record: 28-7. Final ranking last season: 2)

The Red Devils will have talent, they’ll just be really young. Only three seniors return from last season’s varsity squad, and without last year’s stars Noah Springwater and Zio Enriquez, it will be interesting to see who takes on a leadership role. In head coach Randal Bessolo’s system, however, University can probably hang with any team in the City.

6. Riordan (2010-2011 record: 9-18. Final ranking last year: 6)

The Crusaders are losing six graduated seniors from last season’s team, but should return five upperclassmen this year. One of those graduated seniors was do-everything, first-team All-City selection Aaron Anderson, and Riordan will have to rely heavily on the guard play of seniors Anthony Castillo and D.J. Harvey. Castillo is the Crusaders’ leading scorer returning, averaging 7.9 points per game last season.

7. Stuart Hall (2010-2011 record: 16-13. Final ranking last season: 8)

The Knights will be senior-heavy, but will also feature a host of young incoming talent. Senior guards Tim Connolly and Laboyd Ricard will set the pace for the Stuart Hall offense, while junior center Andreas Peritos will occupy the inside.

8. Lowell (2010-2011 record: 21-10. Final ranking last season: 7)

The Cardinals lost a lot of size to graduation, and still could use an emerging scorer, but head coach Rob Ray consistently has one of the best defensive teams in the AAA.

9. Washington (2010-2011 record: 25-10. Final ranking last year: 4)

The Eagles are defending AAA champions, but they are literally losing every key player from last season’s team. Washington will have a lot to prove, but could very well move up. Just not yet.

10. Lick-Wilmerding (2010-2011 record: 14-14, final ranking last year: NR)

The Tigers return one of the Bay Counties League West’s top players in senior Isaiah Boone and got the edge in our final spot with wins over borderline teams Urban, Bay and Waldorf last season.

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125 Comments on " Boys Basketball Top 10: Sacred Heart top team again"

  1. Kezar for Keeps | November 16, 2011 at 12:56 AM |

    Oh boy. Commence AAA vs. WCAL arguments for the 68,791,985th time.

    • Can you PLEASE stop instigating??
      Does it really matter which league is the best? The only thing that matters is that these kids have a fun time playing the sport they love and get an education….
      People like you make it more than it is, and make certain leagues look bad

      • BBALL fan, he’s being sarcastic. #smh

      • In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter which league anyone plays in. However, there is some tension (maybe even playful tension) between the AAA and WCAL. Though, it’s not to the point where it’s a major rivalry or anything.

        Depending upon which side you’re on, the WCAL feels that they are the better league because they yield more successful teams than the AAA (in which in most cases it’s true for right now).

        The AAA takes offense to being labeled as a weak league because that league does the best it can with what it has. It doesn’t have as many resources as the WCAL, but it get’s by with what it has (and does a great job at it to).

        The one thing that you will see little of (or none at all) is the BCL supporters and alum jumping into the mix.

  2. Are these overall rankings or rankings relative to the league they are playing in?

    • also what needs to be understood is that the WCAL school pulls some of the best AAA players from the AAA. That is never mention when you talk about what leauge is better. There are at lease five players consider top AAA players who are at WCAL shools, this mostly based on players will receive a better education, and will have a fast track to a division one school because it’s the WCAL.

      • Who are these player’s?

        And what AAA schools did they attend before transferring to WCAL Schools.

        Until a student attends a AAA school, he is not a AAA player.

        He only becomes a AAA player when he makes a athletic team at a AAA school.

        Right Now, I can name more varsity player’s who transferred from WCAL schools to AAA schools.

  3. bballobserver | November 16, 2011 at 1:39 AM |

    SF Preps, keep your eye on Urban: Coach Joe Skiffer has them well organized. And the three some of Julian Matulich, Matt Monges and Nate Cohen will make them tough.

    • They were certainly in the conversation for the 9-10 spot. We’ll be watching, don’t worry.

    • Who is Matt Monges?

      • bballobserver | November 16, 2011 at 10:44 AM |

        Julian Matulich is the Urban center. A Senior, he has grown over the past 6 months. Nate Cohen is a Junior, about 6’1″, 215 lbs, all league, mentioned all city. Worked on his shot, quick to the basket. Solid defense. Matt Monges transferred to Urban from out of the area. Solid shooter.

    • julian “gold bullion” matulich is a 6’0″ 225 pound aerial flyer who will be a beast on the boards this year! Nate “the minoan” cohen gets his nickname from the ancient civilization. His fundamentals are insane-o!! Finally, Matt “the banana nut muffin” is a physical specimen. standing just over 6’9 and 179 lbs. he will be a force to reckon with in transition.

    • How luxurious it was for SI to have a 6’3 point guard when Skiffer was there?!?!

  4. Will mission this year beat a WCAL team or have the talent to keep up

    • yea we will coming from gione edwards

      • from kevin murray

      • A former WCAL player…just like Porter

        • Which school did Antoine Porter attend previously? Did he leave for financial, academic, or personal issues?

          • He transferred from Sacred Heart Cathedral, played at Mission last year as a sophomore. Don’t know the details why.

            • thats too bad he didnt stay at SH. Definately would’ve have been a major contributor with Fox & Johns.

              • Yep, but I think the SH guards will be improved this year. I was impressed with Herman Pratt as a sophomore last season and hopefully Zach Tapel’s football injury doesn’t linger.

              • Zach Tapel’s leadership and toughness will be missed if he is injured and cant play. He’s not so much a half court scoring threat but since 60% of SH’s points are off their full court press and transition baskets, thats where his non-stop motor will be of great value. Pratt hopefully added to his game and needs to have a Nate Gartrell-like role (reliable 3rd scoring option + stellar defense).

              • What happened to Tapel? Any word on his status?

              • Got hurt in SH’s last football game against Mitty. Appeared to be a leg injury. Last I heard, he could be out 4-6 weeks.

              • both Gionne Edwards and Antoine Porter previously attended Sacred Heart FYI

    • Per the sfgate article on mission , the kids could not make it academically at SHC, now they have 3.03 GPA at Mission

  5. I think SH should be able to take it all the way to state again.

  6. Aye I personally think Lincoln and Mission both in AAA championship.

  7. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  8. money miles prescott

  9. What about Burton they still hav that Terence guy on their team

    • He’s a very good scorer, but I have to see a little more to put them in the top 10

      • Boston Lager | November 18, 2011 at 7:17 PM |

        Terance is really good, but he has no supporting class behind him. and all a team really has to do is shut terrance down and then Burton has no offense to be honest. Terrance is a great player tho

    • Terence is a great player, but just like Boston Lager said, he has no supporting cast.

      JB: As much as it pains me to say this, Burton won’t make the top ten UNTIL they have more than one good player on their team. This has been the issue since the 2004-2005 season. The last time Burton had a championship calliber team was the 2003-2004 season when they had Denver Mack, Tyrell Price, and Darnell Perry. After they graduated, Burton has been struggling to have a decent team. Every year it seems to be a “one man” show with a lack luster supporting cast. To their credit, they make the playoffs almost on a yearly basis, but aren’t really a major threat.

      In order for Burton to become a competitive team like they were from the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s, their talent needs to step their game up so that the team can shake its “one man” show image.

  10. how bout marshall they only lost 2 seniors last year

    • They were originally 7th, then yesterday I was told Theo Hill would not be playing for Marshall this year. It’s a shame, because I had him as the early favorite for AAA player of the year.

      I can’t go into the details, but that’s why Marshall isn’t in there… For now.

  11. I wonder who is coaching the Lincoln boys varsity hoops team this year?

  12. Can’t wait to see Trevor Dunbar. I’ve seen his Oakland Soldiers mix tape, and he looks pretty amazing. Him plus Domingo will be a deadly combo, especially with Reardon at the helm. GO CATS

  13. Jeremy, how about wallenberg this year? AAA semifinalists

    • Lost seven seniors, including their best two or three (maybe four?) players. Hard to tell what they’ll look like this year. We’ll see.

      • I was trying to post earlier today but couldn’t as I was at work. Wallenberg did lose four top players: forwards Aaron Brown & David Li and guards Ronnie Campbell & Andrew Choung. All except Choung were All-City and Choung was a starter and a favorite of Coach Mulligan. I think Choung scored 12 big points in their win over Lincoln in the playoffs.

        ITe Wallenberg frosh/soph team didn’t have a particularly good season as they went 1-8 (though there were some close losses). I remembered watching them a little bit last season but I didn’t think anyone stood out so we’ll have to see who will step up to fill the departed senior’s shoes.

        Wallenberg does return their big 6’3″ Asian Center who looks like he’s more suited to playing football than basketball. The big kid is not exactly fleet of foot but gives the Bulldogs a presence.

        One kid to look out for is Andrew Choung’s younger brother Jeremy who is a freshman. Both the Choung’s played for my CYO grammar school. Jeremy’s a quiet kid and was the third wheel in his 8th grade CYO team last season. However, Jeremy’s got a pretty solid shooting touch and should find a nice home at Wallenberg. I’m not sure if he’s varsity ready as I don’t think he played ball outside of CYO (AAU or Asian Leagues). But with Coach Mulligan and his staff, he will get a good chance to develop. Perhaps there are other freshman that will also step up that we don’t know about.

        But regardless, all the AAA teams know that Coach Mulligan will make the best of his talent. :)

        • Boston Lager | November 18, 2011 at 7:19 PM |

          LOL hahahah ^^^^ at this guys sorry response that walemberg is even semi decent with all their seniors gone

          • Don’t underestimate Wallenberg. Coach Mulligan is a great coach and has made contenders out of the teams that he’s coached!

          • Boston,

            You should read a little more carefully. I did not say Wallenberg will be decent. I just said that Coach Mulligan will make the best of whatever talent he has and the other AAA teams can’t take the Bulldogs for granted.

            As a Wallenberg grad who’s watched Mulligan coach since his first year (my senior year), I have great respect for his ability to maximize the talent he has.

            • Don L:

              I agree with you. I’ve played against the teams he has coached. He is a great coach AND teacher. He can take a bunch of no-names and turn them into competitors!

  14. When Domingo returns(which will be way before league starts) SI will have a deep team.the combination of Trevor Dunbar, Domingo, Antonio Aguilar, Nick Johnson ,and Al Waters. I can’t wait for the Bruce Mahoney game because both teams will have great talent. SI also has some very talented juniors coming up from last years JV team that many people don’t know about but will make a name for themselves this year on varsity.Good luck to SI,SH,Riordan, and all the other San Francisco teams.

  15. What about Galileo? I heard they had picked up a new guy from Lick-Wilmerding, and he was suppose to make the team a lot better this season.

  16. yianni gogonas | November 16, 2011 at 8:44 PM |

    watch out for riordan. they got rod big baby hidalgo and big hicks comin in

  17. champions find a way | November 16, 2011 at 11:26 PM |

    naw everyone needs to watch out for lick-wilmerding. isaiah boones one of the best players in the city. they also got a little guard named pj stone who’s one of the best shooters. and don’t sleep on 6-4 f-c junior ben schneider. i expect them to hop at least lowell and washington in the early season.

  18. Sacred Heart Cathedral hands down most talent…next year, SI

  19. Anyone know if SHC had any transfers or star incoming freshman for basketball?

  20. It should be really good basketball this year from many SF teams, SHC with big talent, SI with good talent and a smart coach and Riordan with coach Buck who has young talent with sophomores Jiday Ugabji and Zach Masoli and Bobby Arenas, will be a very good basketball games this year…Good luck kids.

  21. Lowell also has 10 returning seniors and their point guard bryan robinson is back from a season ending knee injury last year.

  22. ella hill hutch | November 17, 2011 at 9:53 AM |

    rankings are inherently skewed. Thoughout history, AAA teams are always weaker early in the season. They lose games early and fall even further in the rankings. By the end of the year, the mission team that lost to lets say Stuart Hall early is not the same mission team playing under the lights in the city championship at kezar. AAA teams have a built in lag period of growth, but come league play they go.

  23. Dont forget wallenberg

  24. Crusader Whisper | November 17, 2011 at 1:28 PM |

    If all return from last season’s rosters, Riordan will have at least 3 guys 6-5 or taller: 6-5 jr Ross Jones, 6-6 jr Graham Gilleran, 6-6 sr Beau Cadigan.

    • Thanks Crusader Whisper. I hope they all return and can go hard. Hopefully Ross gets lots of pointers/practice w his brother Rob.

  25. Brandon Teragawa | November 17, 2011 at 4:16 PM |

    itss funny the basketball articles always seem to have the most comments..

  26. University is going to be reallly good this year. Junior Guard Chris Mah is wet and can score from anywhere on the floor whenever he wants. Junior Harold Getz is also a beast down low and is a mismatch for defenses. Sophomore Jack Gale is sooo talented. Dont sleep on University with Coach Besselo at the helm.

    • only time will tell if they can connect

    • It’s going to be a tough void to fill with Noah Springwater and Zio Enriquez gone. I don’t know if there up to the task, even with a coach as good as Randy Bessolo…

  27. Whos the top 3 SF Public school team in your opinions?

    I think thurgood gunna smash.

  28. Lincoln Vs University scrimmage this saturday , that’s going to be interesting

  29. whats the big deal with randy bessolo? He’s not a great coach, he’s mean. He has no respect running the score up on teams the way he did last year. He should know that in the city every year the teams change and now that hes lost his best players other coaches aren’t going to forget the way he treated them last year. ma’s coach was right when he said that stuff about bessolo. he plays this five out offense and all his team does is launch threes. he has talented players, but he has a few things to learn about respect.

  30. Lincoln beats University by 30 =|


  31. lick just thoroughly outplayed lowell in their gym. pretty convincing performance. they reset after every quarter but it looked like it was at least a 20 point win

  32. Lick Wilmerding looks pretty athletic and deep this year. They came out with a convincing win over a very athletic Lowell team.

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 20, 2011 at 1:16 PM |

      Stop with this nonsense about winning a scrimmage. Doesn’t mean jack.

      • Oh because when the Lowell coach wants to play a fifth quarter after Lick was already winning by six, that definitely doesn’t mean jack. Lowell was going on all cylinders, but just couldn’t match up.

        • Kezar for Keeps | November 20, 2011 at 2:54 PM |

          Did the game count? No, it didn’t . Just because you’re a Lick player (or a Lick parent) and you think you’re better doesn’t mean you need to try to pump yourself up. Win an actual game and then talk.

          I can’t believe I’m defending Lowell, but bragging about winning a scrimmage is just ridiculous.

          • Sounds like someone’s mad they lost. Cry about it.

            • Kezar for Keeps | November 20, 2011 at 7:48 PM |

              First of all, I didn’t lose. I’m 26 years old. I’m not even a Lowell fan or even a grad from there. I do, however, understand how scrimmages work.
              Scrimmages don’t count and I’m happy that Lick feels better now that they played well. but guess what, you’re still 0-0. When you beat Lowell in a game that counts, then you can thump your chest all you want. It’s a little premature to get excited about at win in a scrimmage that ultimately means nothing.

              • It’s a little premature to start hating on a team for winning a scrimmage, that according to you means nothing. I think someone needs to lay off the haterade…

              • Kezar for Keeps | November 20, 2011 at 8:16 PM |

                Wow. You apparently don’t know how scrimmages work. You’re still 0-0. Congrats. And I love your “hater” nonsense. That’s what people say when they have no valid argument.

          • Just because the game is a scrimmage doesn’t mean you write it off. In fact, the scrimmage atmosphere made it seem as if the kids were going harder to gain starting spots. There was DEFINITELY no lack of effort.

          • i heard max pollard didn’t play as much as he normally does though since he just came back from soccer. just saying, not trying to take anything away from lick

    • very athletic ? I was there and I don’t know if I would call that team very athletic, athletic maybe. Lick does look tough though

      • Sacred heart #1 | November 22, 2011 at 1:47 PM |

        Lowell and Lick will play in round two of the cardinal classic tournament if they both win round one, that will answer the questions in a game that matters. The reason everyone is excited about lick doing well against lowell is because they usually lose by 20. Lowell is always going to be decent which means Lick is better this year, thats all the scrimmage result means, good luck to lick this year they are going to be much better this year especially with the great job their coach does with them every year and as usual Lowell will be in the thick of the AAA best teams. BUT if the game happens between them later on, my money is on lowell especially in a regular size gym.

        • lick’s gym isn’t regular sized? i’m pretty sure it’s fairly large

          • Not really Large, but probably regular sized.

            There are about 4 or 5 rows of stands across from the teams, but there are walls on each end of the court, (I am guessing at the distance) about 6 to 8 feet from each end line.

            The University Gym has most of the same configuration.

            Lincoln, Saint Ignatius and Riordan have a lot more space behind the end lines, even with one side of the Riordan Gym being close to what Lick-Wilmerding and University have on both ends. I probably could add a few more San Francisco High School Gyms, in here, but these are the ones I have been at in the last 2 or 3 seasons. I think Mission might be included on this list, but I may be misremembering the AAA Gym I was 5 to 10 years ago.

            • Mission’s gym is longer than a regular high school court (or so it feels like). Maybe it’s because the WALLS are literally on the sidelines and the basketball court feels more like a bowling alley.

              The other City AAA schools that have regular sized courts are: Washington, Lowell, O’Connell, and Burton. I guess you could throw in Wallenberg as they play at Kezar. Burton’s gym is an underrated gem. It’s roomy, fairly clean and bright unlike Washington and Lowell. O’Connell’s gym is one of the newer ones though I don’t know how it’s held up over the past few years.

              The remaining City AAA schools that I think have smaller courts are: Balboa, Galileo, ISA, Marshall and June Jordan. It’s a shame that varsity games are played on the courts at Balboa and Galileo. These two courts are extremely small, especially for boys varsity games. ISA, Marshall, and June Jordan’s gyms are not big so they may have regular sized courts but it feels a little more compressed than a Burton or Lowell.

              • Thank You for the information.

                I remembered Balboa having a tightly enclosed gym, with walls on all four sides of the court.

                The only difference between Balboa and Lick is the 5 rows of stands on the far side of the gym (sitting at the scorer’s table) and I think a little more space on the scorer’s table side of the gym also.

              • In the case of Marshall and June Jordan, we must remember that those were previously middles schools at one point. That could possibly explain why their gyms are small. As for Gal and Bal, that’s one I can’t explain. Gal used to play their home games at the gym in the Presidio, but began to play their home games on their campus in the early 2000’s.

  33. COncerned Citizen | November 20, 2011 at 2:25 PM |

    Rod Hidalgo(Riordan)-Most underrated player in San Francisco

    • He did not impress me, when he played last year on the Junior Varsity.

      He did not lead the JV team to a league championship last year, and the JV’s lost 10 of their last 12 games, beating only Valley Christian in that stretch. Only 4 of those games were closer than 10 point victories by the opponent.

      Coach Curtin gave every JV player a chance to play in almost every game, they played last season in league. But no one stepped up and played defense and scored points against the opponent’s best defenders and led the JV Crusaders to 6 to 10 wins in league.

      In the W.C.A.L. to play basketball, you need to be able to play good man to man defense to get onto the court in a close game.

      There were 5 to 7 players from last season’s Junior Varsity Roster, that I would expect to see on the Varsity this season before he made the varsity roster.
      But none of them guaranteed themselves a spot on this season’s varsity, at least in my opinion.

      Coach Buckner makes all decisions on who makes the varsity team, not me

      • hey stats, when will the riordan roster (all levels) be posted on maxpreps?

        • probably by the beginning of next week.

          The varsity probably got their game uniforms today, and will be wearing them against the Riordan Alumni on Wednesday, though they might be getting them after tomorrow’s scrimmage.

          I don’t know when the JV uniforms are being handed out, but I would assume sometime this week.

          The Freshman teams don’t play games until December 6th, so their uniforms will probably not be handed out until December 2nd or December 5th.

          So the Freshman teams will not be posted until after December 6th, if I go to those games.

          I have not looked beyond the Crusader Classic yet, to see what my schedule is the next week.

          • What time is that Alumni game Stats man?

            • Starts about between 6:45 PM and 7:00 PM.

              It will start when the varsity is ready and the alumni team is ready.

              The start time is changeable, in other words.

  34. sfprepsforthewin | November 20, 2011 at 8:32 PM |

    honestly i think it’s totally valid to make a comment that lick outplayed lowell. that means something, considering lowell is ranked higher. he/she wasn’t making a big statement that lowell is bad or anything. although of course scrimmages don’t count for anything, they really do give a sense of how teams that might not get a chance to play agaisnt each other will fare. Do you think that the scrimmage is completely meaningless?

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 20, 2011 at 8:37 PM |

      Not totally meaningless, but I don’t think any judgements on the teams should be made like they played a real game. Lowell and Lick might have been trying new or different things, as they should in a scrimmage, and there could be a totally different result if the game actually counted.

      • I was there, Lowell pressed full court which is nothing new for them. They played there varsity guys 2/3 of the game as did Lick.. Just from what I saw they were pretty evenly matched Lowell being a bit faster and stronger and Lick being a little longer with more balance in general. If they played 2 in the regular season they would split. Lick took this one though, but I agree scrimmages aren’t the real deal

  35. Mission bal playoff no doubt. Cubales will be comin in hot after a girls vball championship. In likin bal this year

  36. Heralded Chronicle and Maxpreps writer Mitch Stephens released his Bay Area top 20 teams with Mitty as the #1 boys team followed by #2 De La Salle and to my surprise #3 Sacred Heart Cathedral. I dont think I’ve ever seen SH ranked this high except for when they were #2 back in 1996 behind Dean Maye’s Balboa Bucs team. What? Really? A AAA team was actually #1? Oh what talent that team had! Marquette Alexander, Dennis Williams, Winters Patterson (RIP), the Bodie Brothers… All that talent but no brains. Hey, if a 5’8 SI guy hits 4, 5, 6 three-pointers in a row, you might want to guard him!!! … In closing, no AAA teams made Mitch Stephen’s top 20. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

  37. Ah crap! You’re too sharp Jeremy. I think Mitch meant Mission San Jose….. I failed to scroll down the page and look at the girl’s top 20.

    • Nope, Mitch Stephens meant Mission of San Francisco. The Chronicle Top 20 lists Mission’s record at 23-11 and that matches Mission-SF’s record on MaxPrep’s website.

  38. Hey Ari, that Balboa team was never taught proper defensive principles. If you ever watched that team you would have seen what I am talking about. SI won because Lippi demanded they play defensive, block out, dive for loose balls. Cassidy making all those three’s, was a lack of discipline in closing out and a bit of luck on his part. They were so talented, coach Maye and the players’ believed they didn’t have to play defense. To say they were stupid, because they didn’t play defense is ignorant. That team was extremely talented offensively

    • Keep in mind that Balboa was SO DOMINATING in the AAA during those years with Maye, it wouldn’t be surprising if they got lazy. Balboa was playing tough competition during the preseason but wasn’t challenged a ton during the AAA season. I remember one game where Coach Mulligan of Wallenberg was just trying to hold Balboa under 100 points. Alas, didn’t quite do it as Balboa won 101-49 that particular time.

      That sort of summarizes the issues Balboa had with the AAA teams. I don’t think any of the teams back then had big / semi-athletic kids AND the discipline to hang with Balboa. Galileo had the Walls brothers who were very good (Lenny played in the NFL, Kenny played at BC for hoops) but they were a running team. Teams like Lowell and Wallenberg typically slowed things out because they knew they couldn’t compete athletically. Balboa won with their offense / athletic ability and unfortunately, they lost because of that too.

      • That Balboa team would’ve probably finished 3rd or 4th in the WCAL that year. As proven they lost to SI which beat a SH team that only lost 2 times that whole year and likely Bellarmine who I think were WCAL co-champions that year. Playing a AAA schedule didnt at all challenge these guys. If they played WCAL, they would’ve been brutilized game after game. They would win a majority but they would’ve definately had to work for it. No 50 point blowouts.

        The “Jet” was fun to watch. Fast, high flying, pressing, dunking, and absolutely no defense whatsoever. Their defense was Marquette just sitting back there because no one is going to go to the rim and challenge him or he’ll swat the ball into the stands.

        I was there in the NCS playoff between SH and SI when SI upset SH in OT. The Balboa players where in the stands taunting SH because they looked ahead and knew that was the likely matchup. I guess another reason why they lost to SI was their dream matchup was all for not, and they took SI lightly. I hate that SI team. I really hated that team, but I was glad they beat that cocky Balboa team.

        • If that was in 1996, it was a CCS game. It’s galling that the WCAL champ didn’t go to the Nor-Cals while the AAA champ did. (Yes, I know it’s its own section ARHS Stats). The refs made a horrible call when Albert Johnson, Jr. got clobbered on the way to the hoop and the SI player was only called for a shooting foul and not a breakaway, which it clearly was. That cost the game right there. I agree with you about the SI team exposing Balboa for how good they really were.

          • Sacred Heart Cathedral won 11 League Games in 1996 and lost 1 League Game, and won the League Playoff Championship.

            Saint Ignatius beat SHC in the C.C.S. Division I Semi Finals in overtime, before losing to Bellarmine in the C.C.S. Division I Championship Game.

            Saint Ignatius scored 76 against SHC and SHC only scored 65 in the overtime game in the C.C.S. Playoffs.

            Bellarmine finished in second place in league in 1996 and Saint Ignatius finished in third place in league in 1996.

            Sacred Heart Cathedral had only lost 2 games all season before the C.C.S. playoffs started.

            • If you were there, you would agree that the wrong call was made against AJ-Jr. and that ultimately cost the game. Had they called a breakaway, SHC would have regained possession after the foul shots.

              • I was probably at this game, since only one other WCAL team was playing in other C.C.S. division Semi Finals and it was probably on the other night.

                Since Division I and Division II Semi Finals have almost always been played on opposite nights, either Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

                I have no memory of the game, but there are a lot of disputed calls by fans at games, that I do not agree with.

  39. My predicting starting 5 for this year in SI boys varsity hoops: Nick, Antonio, Trevor, Stephen (when he comes back from injury), & Albert (when his football season ends).

  40. I hope Riodan has a better year than they did last year. I do believe that they were better than the 9-18 record they posted last year. Unfortunately, teams do go through tough seasons, and Riordan had one last year. But they should be able to bounce back this year and be more competitive.

  41. They should be middle of the pack this year in league. They have a collection of good players, but I just don’t see a takeover type of player(s) like Mitty, SHC or SI has this season. They really haven’t had a dominating player since the Camacho/Cannon CCS title a few years ago. It shaping up that their guards (mabrey, arenas, masoli, harvey, mcfarland and castillo) will be their strength with their big guys (gilleran, jones and cadigan)providing rebounding, garbage put-backs and just plain space-eating. Good guard play can take your team a long way in HS ball…Coach Buckner is one of the better coaches in the league and will position the Crusaders for CCS/NorCals

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