Girls Basketball Top 10: SI atop preseason poll

St. Ignatius senior forward Maria Kemiji-McDonald (left) and the Wildcats have enough firepower returning to top our first poll of the year. (Photo by Devin Chen)

St. Ignatius senior forward Maria Kemiji-McDonald (left) and the Wildcats have enough firepower returning to top our first poll of the year. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. St. Ignatius (2010-2011 record: 24-8. Final ranking last season: 1)

The Wildcats only lost two players to graduation and should return seven seniors from last year’s top team, including forward Maria Kemiji-McDonald, the early favorite for City Player of the Year.

2. Sacred Heart Cathedral (2010-2011 record: 16-13. Final ranking last season: 2)

The Irish upset rival St. Ignatius in Central Coast Section Division III championship game last season, where then-freshman GeAnna Summers-Luaulu came of age. Add a year of experience, and the still-youthful Irish could do some serious damage.

3. Lowell (2010-2011 record: 28-5. Final ranking last year: 3)

The Cardinals return 17 players from last season’s Academic Athletic Association championship team, including league Player of the Year Lorna Tuufuli and fellow junior Katarina Lum.

4. Mercy (2010-2011 record: 20-9. Final ranking last season: 6)

The Skippers have fallen just short of a CCS Division IV championship for the past three years, but their two best players, Mariah Masoli and Courtney Sabahi, are in their senior years and Mercy could be on the brink of a section title.

5. Washington (2010-2011 record: 24-11. Final ranking last season: 3)

The Eagles lost a host of graduating players from last season’s squad that went undefeated in the AAA regular season, but first-team All-AAA guard Raelyn Cheung-Sutton is back and should lead Washington to another league championship appearance.

6. International (2010-2011 record: 20-9. Final ranking last season: 8)

The Jaguars are returning every starter from last season’s team that broke out for 20 wins.

International will feature a cold-blooded scorer in senior shooting guard Denia Ebersole and a dynamic point guard in sophomore Natalie Kelly.

7. University (2010-2011 record: 16-12. Final ranking last season: 9)

The Red Devils have a ton of speedy young guards and the best shot-blocking center in the City, Amelia King.

8. Convent (2010-2011 record: 19-11. Final ranking last season: 5)

The Cubs won their second-consecutive Bay Counties League West title last season, but will lose City Player of the Year India Pearce and four other seniors. Convent will need to lean heavily on junior guards Isabella Borges and Bianka Quintanilla-Whye, the Cubs two leading scorers returning.

9. Galileo (2010-2011 record: 16-10. Final ranking last season: 10)

The Lions started four freshman last year and will be improved, but could struggle in the frontcourt with the loss of graduated first-team All-AAA forward Bianca Hussein.

10. Lincoln (2010-2011 record: 16-13. Final ranking last season: NR)

The Mustangs were upset by Wallenberg in the first round of the AAA playoffs last season, but return their top three scorers in senior center Jessica Garrett (9.8 points per game), junior forward Michelle Wong (9.1 ppg) and sophomore guard Ezra De Asis (9 ppg).

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81 Comments on " Girls Basketball Top 10: SI atop preseason poll"

  1. Watch out for SI, they just got bigger 3 feahman
    six footers and 1 highly skilled soph are in the roster.
    They will be contenders the next four years.

    • They got 3 freshmen six foot girls?

    • They always are contenders. That is valuable information though, that’s impressive.

      • “Contenders” yes but haven’t won a single CCS or WCAL title since Coach Berry left. The best chance they had was Elise O’Connor’s
        senior year when they got beat by 3 points at the CCS final against VC, and again last year swept SHC in WCAL league but got outplayed
        in Santa CLara. I hope this will be the year!

    • 3 freshmen six footers R U talking about?

    • Actually one 6 footer, one 5-10 and one 5-9. Still some good yound size.

  2. “The Cardinals return 17 players from last season’s…” how many girls they have on the team?

  3. 22??!?!?! Thats a lot of benchwarmers. How high do their uniform numbers go? 60 something?

    • Using all the legal numbers between 10 and 55, you can have 30 players suited up. And that is not counting the single digit numbers.

  4. The SH girls would be so much better if the coach didn’t play favoritism with them. I hope for the best.

    • someone is speaking the truth !

    • SH GIRLs need a REAL coach | November 28, 2011 at 1:03 PM |

      sh varsity team is so weak.they got lucky last yr when they won ccs. si had some player that was sick.cause if they had them gurl they would of got beat like they did at the bruce, only have 1 good player. n i feel sorry 4 her.. n they need a real coach cause everyone see he don’t no what he’s doin That so call coach, is messin up their girls basketball program. n that real.n all them parent need to get him out of him like si did the varsity boy coach. mr carey need to gurls not goin to have no college look with mr carey being their what i say 10-18.SH please get a REAL COACH.!!!

  5. Wildcats Hoops | November 16, 2011 at 4:25 PM |

    Yes, three frosh six footers have made the varsity as well as 5 or 6 talented frosh on the JVs. All club players and most from the Mission Rebels. The SI girls hoops program got deep with the Class of 2015.

    • sounds like a Brian Harrigan copy-cat.

      • Only 2 are from MRC rebels 4 from SF eagles 1 from SF rebels 1 from
        Club sport these are class of 2015

    • SI will be at the top for the next 4 years with all the existing and new talent on Varsity and JV teams. Most of the talented players from both teams are playing for different clubs, not Mission Rec

      GO WILDCATS!!!!!

    • Honestly, it doesn’t matter what teams these girls come from, it matters how they play. you could be on an amazing club team and sit on the bench the whole time while someone on a crap one can be better than you. Give some credit to the club coaches but don’t forget that they improve significantly through the St. Ignatius basketball program. Give the SI coaches credit.

    • SHC has a very talented team, Don’t worry, we will some good competition in the next 4 years.

      • SI, SH and most WCAL teams have very talented players. The team that has the best defense and teamwork will win!

  6. @Teamwork only 4 are from SF eagles, just see the prior post!!!

    • 5 from 2015, 1 from 2014, 2 from 2013

      • Actually, there are only 4 girls from the SF Eagles Elite AAU team. Josie Little, who is on Varsity, and Janessa Manzano, Paige Watters and Addy Walters who are on JV. The other Eagles girls are from the Asian teams. Also from that same SF Eagles Elite AAU team, class of 2015, all girls made either varsity or jv for there schools.

        Nelly Escobar, varsity – Mercy
        Erin Hanley, varsity – Convent
        Kayla Coloyan, varsity – SHC
        Yazmeen Goo, varsity – Westmoor
        Vicky Duenas, varsity – Pittsburgh
        Tiarre Cobbins, JV(??) – Jeffferson

        • Who really cares, didnt just about all the SI girls at some point play at MRC and Oscar before the Eagles poached them. Really, they all should thank MRC for giving them the foundation..

          • give it a rest yes they started with oscar but they all left for a reason and the girls were not poached by anyone its amazing how some people at mrc keep holding a grugde about this girls leaving if the coaching at that progam was better girls would not leave focus on the girls you do have and stop hating on the girls that left

          • Oscar was a good coach but unfortunally no one else comes close.

          • Who ever coached these girls should have worked on some fundamentals!!! I went to see SHC scrimmage on saturday those frosh that are on varisty…sorry are you kidding? If your gonna be that small you should be a good ball handler and be able to run the point positon, not just be playing all out of control doing nothing, that was embarrassing..SHC is in for a long season.. What a joke!

            • I was at the scrimmage as well. All I saw was a ton of wide open missed 3 pointers, mostly fed by the “out of control” freshman. And I agree SHC is in for a long, long season. SI will dominate the next few years.

            • I don’t really care which basketball club a kid comes from, but for anyone to talk crap about high school kids needs something better to do with there life.

        • Big T is on Varsity for Jefferson.

  7. The SI girls put there heart and soul into every game, which is why they have been consistently in CHAMPIONSHIPS and ranked highly every year.

    • You are certainly right. They are in championship games but they lose to SH. Even with a way better team last year, they still couldn’t beat SH in CCS.

      • 1 game out of how many? 3?
        Just because SI had one bad game at an unfortunate time doesn’t mean they can’t beat SH this year. They did it twice; they can do it again!

        • Youre unbelievable… I’ll save my breath and you can look up the last 10 years SH/SI women’s basketball record head to head (regular season and playoffs). Trust me, your SI win/loss record is laughable. Its SI/SH football-esk.

          • Yes and you can look up the past two years and then try that again. if you have noticed. RECENTLY, SI has been winning and has a very strong returning team, especially since there were only two seniors last year. Plus, if you see the more recent wins, you might say that it’s “laughable.”

    • How cute, the SH/SI rivalry!!!!! Bball season will definately be fun this year!

  8. Sh had the opportunity to be a powerhouse team . Sh girls will have a hard and long season . BEST OF LUCK !

    • They’ll be better than last season. Carey will get the ball rolling again.

      • SH will have no inside what’s so ever .. they will get killed on the boards once Wcal starts .. Let’s see what Carey does ! good luck to Sh program

        • SH will be good. I wouldn’t count them out, SFFAN.

          • No they won’t have a chance with SI and Mitty, they’ve got no size!!

            • I wouldn’t count out a team because they don’t have height. I watched the SI team last year, a short fast team, make it into the NorCal quarter finals, I believe. I may be wrong on the quarter part but they made it pretty far without actual posts. They probably would’ve gone farther with one really good post but teams just have to work with what they’ve got. Height isn’t everything.

    • SH GIRLs need a REAL coach | November 28, 2011 at 3:07 PM |


  9. I wonder who will be joining Maria, Kaitlyn, & Courtney in the SI varsity girls starting lineup?

  10. SI volleyball season just ended so Maria might play this weekend! Starting line up will be interesting and surprising as well. SI girls varsity team this year will be very competitive. THey are no 5 in SF chronicle
    rankings, but as we all know they have been very good but just can’t seem to win big games!

    • Dont’ you just love these SI commenters that refer to the players by first name only? Sorry we arent in your inner circle because we arent on a first name basis.

      • I am an SI fan, and I don’t just know the SI girls by first names. I knew most of the SH varsity’s first names, and plenty from other teams(from WCAL) as well. It’s not really an inner circle. If a player is returning, especially a returning starter, many WCAL girl’s basketball, not just SI, fans will know their names.

  11. Actually I am kind of excited to see what Harrigan and Toni Russell do with their St. Francis squad. It’s still a bit shocking that you have one of the winningest coaches and a high school hall of famer not coaching at their old high school. Can wait to see SH v SI but also SH v St Francis

  12. Club ball, asian ball, elite travel team….. Who cares? It’s time for school ball. Everyone competing for minutes, for respect and for bay area bragging rights. As long as the game is honored….may the better team win!

    • You are so right Bball fan. But SI will be dominating in the next couple of years with their 8 freshmen girls are playing JV/Var this year. Good luck to all!

      • @ANON..totally agreed, and thank god for EAGLES ELITE girls deciding to go to SI, they will be so fun to watch as they will run over the WCAL..What a class!!

        • The best 4 Eagles elite to be exact! Plus some pretty good players from other clubs as mentioned from previous comments!

        • Eagles Elite players aren’t gonna do anything in the wcal! Maybe one of all their players will be ok. MRC has the top frosh players at SI by far..who made vars again? And when MRC played the Eagles MRC would always win except maybe 2 games. Eagles have no guards and they will get exposed at the high school level. Just for the record my kid doesn’t play for any of these club teams but I noticed over the years MRC players have class when thy win or lose can’t say the same about the Eagles.

  13. No one counting on mercy-sf but they have two of the top players which are seniors returning and the rest of team who are very talented including the freshman girl.(from the eagles elite) working with their coach, mike g., will be very competitive this season. Go skippers!

    • I would not be counting on the Skippers to win the league title,
      Eastside College Prep is still a strong team, Pinewood graduated the best players,but added a few from AAU teams from the area. It seems
      that these SF eagles players are highly hyped, iI know a few players
      from the SF eagles Elite but your freshman is average not a standout
      player, Masoli is the best player on that team together with Haight and
      the shooter Schivo , add Sabahi and you have a strong quality team.

  14. Sounds like sour grapes!

  15. For the record I would like to thank Armando for doing a great job in coaching the girls from the sf eagles elite because of him the girls got prepare for high school basketball. Thanks a million Armando from us, keep up the good work.

  16. Josie Little will start for S.I. 6-2 freshman center. U will have 4 eagle starters at S.I. next year and more coming. Kayla Coloyan is going to help S.H. in a big way. Why do people hate on kids? It’s high school season and these kids have to work together, why would adults say things to have kids believe they are playing with the enemy or they are better than teammates? Let go of the grudge and enjoy these years we get to c all thus talent play together.

    • unless you’re the parent of this kid, you really shouldnt put her name out there like that…

  17. NO CLASS! Eagles don’t care what MRC thinks. That’s why a former NBA player and college coach took his daughter off MRC and put her on the Eagles?

  18. Any further comments about club teams or the coaching staffs will not be approved. You’ve made your points on those respective topics. I’m tired of the bickering.

  19. happy camper | November 28, 2011 at 1:25 PM |


  20. All these negative comments–particularly the ones which directly/indirectly insult kids–are a reminder of how so-called adults ruin sports for children. How about showing some class? The goal of sports is for kids to learn the game,the team concept, personal discipline, and to have fun. A kid can learn this stuff on a great team or a team that barely wins any games.

    Sadly, some of these player/kids will read a lot of the garbage that’s written here. These kids have enough to deal with—leave them alone.

    If you think the player at such and such school is overrated or over-hyped, try keeping it to yourself.

  21. Eagles Coach | November 28, 2011 at 1:41 PM |

    Everyone stop all this. Let’s enjoy the years we will c all this talent on the floor together. Hope everyone has a great season and learns everything they can to improve as young adults and as basketball players.

  22. Richard Malino | November 28, 2011 at 2:16 PM |

    i’ve read this whole thing and i have one question…… If you ALL have SOOO much to say about each other and or the programs, why doesn’t ANYBODY put their real name to their comments???? Step-up !!

  23. happy camper | November 28, 2011 at 2:17 PM |

    thank you eagles coach.

  24. Captain buzz | November 28, 2011 at 5:48 PM |

    Wishing all the players of the girl’s basketball teams good luck. It’s going to be an interesting and fun time. See you at the games

  25. Richard Malino | November 30, 2011 at 1:36 PM |


    • Richard Milino, you’re one of those knukle head dads that’s hiding under the alias of Richard Malino..You’re not real, nobody has heard of you..

      The reason why people dont put there real names up here is so they can express themselves and how they feel and there’s no confrontation when they see each other. Maybe, some stuff should not have been said but it is free speech. Mr. Fake name, are you promoting violence here, because that’s whats going to happen.

  26. This is thread is hilarious.

    Several of those girls are highly talented basketball players but what is going to make them successful in life are morals and ethics and hard work. Most of the larger clubs do not teach fundamentals they take or get the best players because parents want them to play with the best and they win some trophies while not usually improving their skill set.

    Oscar was an amazing person he was around when I was a kid playing at the Rec.

  27. Is there a latest ranking out there?

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