Football: Playoff Pick ’em

The Sacred Heart Cathedral football teams walks through the Kezar Stadium tunnel in their final home game last week. (Photo by Devin Chen)

The Sacred Heart Cathedral football teams walks through the Kezar Stadium tunnel in their final home game last week. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Every week, members of the staff, other local media members and one of our commenters will make predictions on the weekend’s games featuring our local San Francisco teams. Please feel free to make your own picks in the comment section and discuss the week’s games.

We’re going to have some excitement moving into the playoffs, as Mitch has moved back into a first-place tie with Dylan and Josh still remains in striking distance.

There won’t be much movement this week, as only Josh strayed from the pack, picking Aptos to beat St. Ignatius. Washington, Mission and Sacred Heart are all consensus picks.

Dylan Kruse — Sports Editor, San Francisco Examiner (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 65-18)
Washington 30, Lincoln 13
Mission 24, Lowell 17
St. Ignatius 23, Aptos 20
Sacred Heart Cathedral 31, Monterey 21

Mitch Stephens — Senior writer/columnist, (Last week’s record: 7-0, Overall: 65-18)
Washington 28, Lincoln 14
Mission 33, Lowell 18
St. Ignatius 22, Aptos 14
Sacred Heart Cathedral 35, Monterey 21

Josh Levine — Writer, (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 62-21)
Washington 28, Lincoln 7
Mission 42, Lowell 10
Aptos 63, St. Ignatius 17
Sacred Heart Cathedral 21, Monterey 20

Weekly Commenter — JJ (Last week’s record: 7-0, Overall: 60-23)
Washington 33, Lincoln 13
Mission 31, Lowell 28
St. Ignatius 38, Aptos 24
Sacred Heart Cathedral 27, Monterey 17

Jeremy Balan — Editor, (Last week’s record: 5-2, Overall: 58-25)
Washington 28, Lincoln 13
Mission 27, Lowell 8
St. Ignatius 21, Aptos 17
Sacred Heart Cathedral 35, Monterey 16

Bonta Hill — Writer, (Last week’s record: 7-0, Overall: 56-27)
Washington 24, Lincoln 12
Mission 28, Lowell 8
St. Ignatius 26, Aptos 25
Sacred Heart Cathedral 29, Monterey 22

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21 Comments on "Football: Playoff Pick ’em"

  1. All right Josh!

  2. Y’all telling me that Josh L. is the only one who believes that SI will get beat? Very interesting. I’m with you on this Josh. I agree that SH will win ONLY if their offense shows up, but SI needs to step their game up in order to win!

    • Do you know something about Aptos that we don’t?

      • Only that I think they shouldn’t be taken lightly….especially since we know very little about them or the league they play in. However, from what I’ve seen, they do put up big numbers in terms of points. They average almost 43 points a game (compared to SI’s 26) and only give up 23 points a game (compared to SI’s 29). So, if SI is going to win, their defense must show up!

        • The Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League is not a strong league for Football. Aptos, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and San Lorenzo Valley usually have the better teams.

          Only two teams from this league are playing in the C.C.S. Football Playoffs.

          This league usually has better basketball teams, both Boys and Girls teams.

          I am pretty sure SI has a good chance to win, and I don’t think either team will beat the other by more than 3 TDs.
          The only team that could win by more than 3 TDs is Saint Ignatius.

          Saint Ignatius did play a game each season against San Lorenzo Valley until a couple of years ago. This was when SLV had better teams than this season.

    • The o-V-f-A-f-L-e-E-n-N-s-T-e-I-N-O will show-up. They’re battle-tested. Just give him the ball.

  3. I think I figured it out. Maybe those who picked Aptos to lose against SI was talking about the Volleyball game that took place in the CCS playoffs. Well, you were correct! SI did win…although your scores were a little off!

    • Johnny Drama | November 18, 2011 at 9:58 PM |

      Hey @gcj01……how does crow taste ? All that smack you were talking about city WCAL teams losing and you were WRONG……stick to predicting AAA golf and leave the real sports to those who know what they’re talking about.

      JB…..getting warmed up for hoop season!

      Shout out to my man and agent Ari Gold! Look forward to our bball banter.

      Great win CATS!

      • Actually, I said SHC had the better chance of winning their game if their offense showed up….which it did, and they won. I also said that SI would have to step their game up (read my comment above) if they were going to win their game because Aptos puts up big numbers in terms of points. SI FINALLY decided that they wanted to show that they could actually play football, and they won.

        So technically, I was right in my assessment of both teams in terms of what they needed to do to win. I may talk about the WCAL City teams, but I have no problem giving credit where credit is due (UNLIKE YOU WCAL SUPPORTERS).

        Did I say SH was going to win…YES. Did I say SI was going to lose YES and they didn’t. My assessment was right, but one of my predictions were wrong. ALL IN ALL, LOOKS LIKE I KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT!

        • Johnny Drama | November 19, 2011 at 6:48 AM |

          You told JB to write them off. You said something along the lines of just fill in the score now. So you were wrong. Just man up and admit your disdain towards SI made you make disparaging remarks about SI and you were WRONG. It!s ok to hate us cause you ain’t us! Most of our detractors are people who for whatever reason were not able to attend our fine institution.

          You were bashing the city WCAL teams all season. We get into playoffs and win our first games versus higher seeds. This shows how strong our league is. I have nothing against AAA but the facts are it is a very weak league. With that said, I believe Mission can beat some WCAL teams in hoops this year. there are exceptions.

          All WCAL teams won last night so have some “whine” withnthat crow.

          • @Drama… this guy is Bizarro “Ari”. He hates the WCAL. He hates superior competition and talent. He loves boasting about pee-wee sports that is the AAA. His distaste for the WCAL SF teams matches my distain for the AAA. Got to love his passion but not a fan of his back-tracking. If you hate the WCAL then do it 100%. Don’t be rooting for SH to win when you really want them to lose so you can mouth off to WCAL elitists like me.

            • This coming from someone who has a fasination with kicking extra points and field goals, AND has a distaste for 2 pt. conversions. Very interesting!!!!! I just hope that your basketball knowledge is better than your football knowledge!

          • You must not be able to read. I actually did admit that I was wrong in the comment that you just replied to. I have no disdain towards SI, SH, Riordan, or any WCAL school for that matter. I will defend my AAA league just like you and Ari Gold will defend your WCAL league. To be honest the AAA is the TRUE city league because of the two leagues, ALL of our athletes do not come from outside the City!

            SI BARELY won their game and just like they did in the regular season, they will lose against Valley Christian. So enjoy the only highlight of your pathetic and underachieving season because it will end this week!

            I hope you’re this energized next week after the Kittens lose to Valley Christian next week. If you’re not, I’ll make sure JB sends my condolences to you and the SI family!

      • Another great year of hoops Johnny Drama. I look for the reincarnation of Johnny Mrlik into the paper-thin body of Stephen Domingo. As soon as Mrlik graduated, the seraphim’s sang loud for all to hear as Domingo now will get more shots.

        I wonder what new weapon’s he has brought this year. He can create his own shot and he does take real odd shots at weird spots on the floor because his height and length allow him to. Thats his main strength and its hard to any team to defense that. But given that, he’s still slow, doesn’t have much of a spot up game, doesn’t really slash to the basket, and isn’t much of a rebounder. I guess thats why you have Aguilar. I’ll be wait and see on the Dunbar hype. I checked out his youtube stuff and thats really nice doing it on summer league up and down defenses but thats not going to work in league play when every team plays real tough 2-3 zones.

        The excitement is in the air drama. Must see tv this year definitely the reigning POY Aaron Gordon. Drew just told him, hey bro, I blew my chance to make the family millions. Its up to you now.

  4. Josh Levine — “Writer,” (Last week’s record: 6-1, Overall: 62-21)

    Aptos 63, St. Ignatius 17

    Sure you’re not a comedy writer, Josh?

    • Now you open your mouth when you found out that SI made a big comeback in the 4th quarter….

      • I agree!!!!! and they only won by 4!

        • Johnny Drama | November 19, 2011 at 6:48 AM |

          At least they won fool!

          • Enjoy it while it lasts because those kittens will lose to Valley Christian, AGAIN! When they do, let’s see if you’re still running your mouth then! But I guarantee, just like the Riordan fans this year, you’ll remain QUIET!

            • It still proves that the WCAL is one of the strongest leagues in the state if the WCAL teams are beating teams ranked #1 (Mitty) #2, #3 and #4 in playoff brackets. Those teams are usually the winners of their leagues and the teams you are putting down, just beat two higher ranked teams. So you keep rooting for your AAA teams and because they beat each other, you keep telling yourself how great the league is. Teams that the 3 city WCAL teams BEAT in preseason, would go undefeated in AAA. SI and SHC would definitely run the tables in the weak AAA and Riordan would more than likely win league. The weakest link in WCAL would be a top team in AAA if not the top team. That speaks volumes. So we will enjoy it while it lasts. And if it ends next week, to the hands of a WCAL team, we will still take our season over winning the frosh B AAA division. Spin it any way you’d like, but if you say winning a first round CCS game against a higher seed is underachieving, then they should just shut the AAA down because the whole league is underachieving. When was the last time an AAA team won a post season game in a major sport?

              • I agree, the WCAL is a very strong league and I never denied that. The league is very competitive and fields teams that are state championship worthy. HOWEVER, where is the TRUE strength of the WCAL? Is it the City schools, or is it the Southern teams?

                I love how you WCAL supporters like to speak badly about the AAA. HOWEVER, if the City schools didn’t enroll kids from outside of the City, do you think SI, SHC, and Riordan would be as good as they are? The answer is NO. The sad thing is YOU KNOW THIS. So, my question is, how many kids that play on WCAL City teams are ACTUALLY from SF? Whether you want to believe it or not, that makes a big difference.

                As a whole, the suburban areas (though, not in all cases) of the Bay Area yields better talent than the City. If the AAA didn’t have the enrollment restrictions that it does, the AAA schools would be better.

                We do the best we can with what we have. The AAA does not have the support that the WCAL has. I give credit to the AAA comimissioner, Mr. Donald Collins, because he has done more for the AAA in his tenur than the person he replaced. He’s beginning to make the changes that needs to be done to make the league better.

                Is the WCAL the better league of the two, FOR RIGHT NOW, yes. But, before you mouth off, you need to understand the reasons why.

                If you take away some of the “privilages” that the WCAL teams have (and that the AAA doesn’t have) then the WCAL City teams wouldn’t be as good as they are. You can deny this all you want, in which you probably will, but it’s the truth. I dare you to prove me wrong!

                By the way, every year a AAA wins a post season game in EVERY sport. Our league has our own championships every year. So, by that nature, the champion has to win a post season game….right?!

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