Football: Playoff Pick ’em keeps on rolling

The St. Ignatius football team celebrates after its comeback win on the road against Aptos on Friday in the first round of the Central Coast Section Division III playoffs at Aptos High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

The St. Ignatius football team celebrates after its comeback win on the road against Aptos on Friday in the first round of the Central Coast Section Division III playoffs at Aptos High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

Every week, members of the staff, other local media members and one of our commenters will make predictions on the weekend’s games featuring our local San Francisco teams. Please feel free to make your own picks in the comment section and discuss the week’s games.

As long as San Francisco schools keep playing football games, we’ll keep picking winners and losers.

This week, we have ESPNHS writer (and Washington graduate) Harold Abend picking for the commenters, but we also could crown a winner under certain circumstances.

Dylan and Mitch, currently tied for first place, differ on the Sacred Heart Cathedral-Christopher game and if the Irish fall on Friday night, Mitch will be our champion this season.

Although he is well out of contention, editor Jeremy Balan is the only picker that picked Mission over Washington in the Academic Athletic Association championship.

Dylan Kruse — Sports Editor, San Francisco Examiner (Last week’s record: 4-0, Overall: 69-18)
Washington 28, Mission 24
Sacred Heart Cathedral 31, Christopher 27
Valley Christian 24, St. Ignatius 13

Mitch Stephens — Senior writer/columnist, (Last week’s record: 4-0, Overall: 69-18)
Washington 21, Mission 20
Christopher 28, Sacred Heart Cathedral 21
Valley Christian 42, St. Ignatius 28

Josh Levine — Writer, (Last week’s record: 3-1, Overall: 65-22)
Washington 21, Mission 7
Christopher 42, Sacred Heart Cathedral 35
Valley Christian 24, St. Ignatius 10

Weekly Commenter — Harold Abend (Last week’s record: 4-0, Overall: 64-23)
Washington 35, Mission 20
Sacred Heart Cathedral 42, Christopher 28
Valley Christian 45, St. Ignatius 21

Jeremy Balan — Editor, (Last week’s record: 4-0, Overall: 62-25)
Mission 28, Washington 26
Sacred Heart Cathedral 31, Christopher 21
Valley Christian 35, St. Ignatius 28

Bonta Hill — Writer, (Last week’s record: 4-0, Overall: 60-27)
Washington 24, Mission 20
Sacred Heart Cathedral 28, Christopher 25
Valley Christian 26, St. Ignatius 14

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40 Comments on "Football: Playoff Pick ’em keeps on rolling"

  1. It would be great to see SHC and SI in the CCS bowl. What a great rivalry and a boost to the City of San Francisco

  2. Everyone has SI losing….I wonder why! Good job everyone…you know your football!

    • Because thhey are playing one of the best teams in NorCal with one of, if not the best players. SI will give it their best as they played them pretty tight in the regular season.

      On a different note, not one AAA team has ever seen a player on the same field as them such as Byron Marshall!!! They are used to wannabe fball players with minimum to no skill such as GCJ01 was when he attended an AAA school.

      • @Anonymos O.J Simpson
        You sir fail

      • Yes they have. O.J. Simpson (Gal) and David Henderson (Lincoln).

        • Dave Henderson used to play for the A’s and Giants and his nickname was Hendu and batted 2nd after Rickey Henderson.

      • @GCJ01 You shouldn’t have counted SI out now we have the SF Catholic Bowl GO IRISH! Get that second win

        • Thank you for your comment, however, if you read a LATER post of mine, I stated that I hope that BOTH SI and SHC win so that way SHC can kick SI’s butt again so you SI fans can finally be quiet!

          I’ve noticed a theme with SI supporters, none of them can read, nor do they get ALL of the facts before they comment. Again I say, all that money to go to SI and what did you actually learn?

          In any event, I hope that you and your family had a Blessed Thanksgiving.

          • The person above is clearly an SH supporter. They explicitly said “GO IRISH! Get that second win”. And considering SH won the first game, I think it’s safe to assume that both sentences in the aforementioned citation support SH. However, I’m sure you felt satisfied insulting the general SI population based on your analysis of a few students/alumni.

            And before you attack anyone else, I am not a supporter of SH or SI.

          • SI=CCS Champs

    • I wonder why the AAA doesn’t apply for membership into CCS? Because they would never win a playoff game! Great job AAA…you know you suck at football!

      • If you think you can do better, why don’t you sign-up and coach one of the AAA football teams and help them out instead of insulting the teams in the league? Let’s see if you accept the challenge….

    • EVERYONE knows their football, yet SI is winning at halftime by 2 TD’s vs VC? Talk about no respect for SI

  3. Nice pick on the Mission-Wash gm, Jeremy

  4. SHCITYCHAMPS | November 24, 2011 at 2:23 PM |

    OJ Simpson was decades ago, and David Henderson would have been an average back in WCAL

  5. David Henderson would have been one of the best backs in the whole WCAL … are you serious ??

  6. He would not have been a average back in the WCAL. Everyone “in the know” in the City knew what type of talent he had. Do not believe me? Ask any coach in the WCAL. They all knew who he was. The only reason he attended public school was because he was a SPED student and WCAL schools do not offer SPED classes. I am not a AAA honk, I am just saying that if you post on this board you have to know who that kid was or have seen him play. I have seen both.

    PS Cam Marshall in my opioion is better than Byron…I have seen both first hand.

    • Also to say that the AAA has never seen a back like that does not know the history of the AAA. It does suck compared with other leagues but that is only the case going back to the late 1990s

      • The AAA was a very good league years ago…I was referring to the current teams in the AAA.

        • That is completely accuracte. Academic counseling centers are not the same as SPED classes. That is why they do not hire special education teachers to teach there unless they teach something else. But like WCAL Coach said, lets not dishonor his memory.

        • I can agree with that. The league as a whole is lacking.

    • Well said. Who would’ve thought that WCAL schools didn’t offer SPED classes? Of all of the schools, you would think such schools would! But I’ll leave it at that….

  7. @What!, @GCJ01 “because he was a SPED student and WCAL schools do not offer SPED classes…”

    That is not accurate. Many of the schools in the WCAL have entire sections of the academic counseling centers devoted to students with learning disabilities. David Henderson did not attend a WCAL school because he did not apply to any.

    • That is accurate. The only school that offers anything close in the WCAL is Riordan. Academic Centers are not SPED classesthey are different. However, I do agree with you in not dishonering his memory.

      • What!: Thank you for clarifying the difference. Obviously some people do not understand the difference between academic centers and ACTUAL classes!!!!!

  8. Don’t insult the late David Henderson. I have been around for some years and he was every bit as good as OJ. Rest his soul, he is gone too soon.

    • He was a great back who ran for over 5,500 in his prep career. So to the “genius” who said he would’ve been an “average” back in the WCAL obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He was just getting his life back together when he passed away. My prayers go out to his family.

      • just because you can run for 300 yards against Wallenburg doesn’t mean you can do it against Bellarmine and Valley Christian…..huge difference there fella! Why didn’t he go major D1?

        • He didn’t go D1 because he had to deal with personal matters. He was in the process of concluding them and was receiving help so that he can take his game to the next level before he was shot. He ended up passing away as a result of being shot.

          By the way, V. Miles was a Balboa product before going to SHC. Henderson, in my opinion was the better of the two. So if Miles can do it, Henderson definately could’ve done it!

          • WCALOBSERVER | November 27, 2011 at 4:03 PM |

            Funny thing about this comment is that Wallenburg doesn’t even have a football team so that goes to show your knowledge of the AAA

            • I am the first to admit I don’t know anything about the AAA except that the sports and academics are subpar….

    • Can we keep the postings regarding the late Mr. David Henderson positive. He was a great back that could’ve and would’ve made it at any level. Let’s just keep it at that.

  9. JB…good call on the Turkey Day game. For some reason, your colleagues decided to go with Wash. To SOME extent I can understand why, but, it wasn’t a wise choice. It was a great game from what I hear though.

  10. Great Job SH! OK SI let’s go! pull the upset and we will be in for a special treat next week, WCAL dominating playoffs as usual, Go Irish!

  11. I say oops! For the people who picked against SI! SHC vs SI in the final!

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