Friday Scoreboard

Scores will be updated as they are sent in. Please send in your scores to or call them in to (415) 251-0918. The score phone line is open 24 hours a day.

Game of the day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Christopher football: Both teams looked impressive in first round wins and the winner tonight will advance to the CCS Division III championship game against either Valley Christian or St. Ignatius. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

CCS Division III football semifinals
(5) Sacred Heart Cathedral 42, (1) Christopher (Gilroy) 23

Non-league girls basketball
Balboa @ Oakland Tech, 6:30 p.m.

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  1. Valentino Miles gets the ball and scores 6 touchdowns. He had over 133 receiving and 150 rushing yards.

  2. No, it’s not a record for the 6 TD’s by Miles. Against San Jose Academy, Jermaine Sheppard had 7 TD’s on 7 touches.

  3. when is valley christian vs. SI?

  4. 7 pm at valley

  5. Good job SHC. The 5th ranked school destroyed the top ranked school. I’m beginning to wonder who did the seedings because the top ranked school aren’t doing too well….

    • The seedings are based on CCS points.

      • Thanks JB. I guess sometimes these points can be misleading! But then again, the playoffs are a whole new season so upsets should be expected from time to time.

        • The CCS points don’t take into account the strength of the league the teams play in, so even low-seeded WCAL teams do a lot of damage. St. Francis, as an eight seed, beat a one seed in the Open Division and SI beat Aptos.

          Valley Christian is the third seed in Division III, but everyone recognizes they are the favorite to win, they just didn’t have as many CCS points as Christopher and Aptos.

          • Hence, why I said the points are misleading. The strength of the league is very important, and in my opinion, should be considered during the seeding process. I have no problem with the point system, but that shouldn’t be the only factor.

          • Christopher is one of the Tri-Champions of the MBAL and Aptos is the Champion of the SCCAL.

            Both Leagues are considered ‘B’ leagues in the C.C.S.

            The WCAL is considered a ‘A’ league by the C.C.S. and WCAL teams win almost 70% of the games they play against other C.C.S. teams in any sport. Football will be a higher percentage.

            This Season WCAL vs. C.C.S.:
            Riordan lost to Sacred Heart Prep.
            Sacred Heart Cathedral beat Terra Nova, Jefferson, Monterey, and Christopher.
            Saint Ignatius beat Menlo-Atherton and Aptos.
            Serra Beat Wilcox twice.
            Bellarmine beat Piedmont Hills and Terra Nova.
            Mitty beat Pioneer, Palo Alto, and San Benito.
            Valley Christian beat Burlingame.
            Saint Francis lost to Oak Grove, and then beat Oak Grove in the Playoffs.
            Saint Francis lost to Palma and beat Willow Glen.

            NOTE: Only 1 C.C.S. team played this season by the WCAL did not make the C.C.S. Playoffs

            So WCAL teams have lost 3 games and won 16 games so far this season, which is 84.2% won.
            St. Francis and Serra play on Saturday against non-league opponents, so this percentage could raise to 85.7% if both games are won or fall to 80.9% if only one team wins on Saturday.

            • Monterey is one of the other Tri-Champions of the MBAL.

              Terra Nova is the Champion of the Peninsula – Bay Division.

              Oak Grove is the Champion of the BVAL – Mount Hamilton Division.

              San Benito is the Champion of TCAL.

              So WCAL teams have defeated 6 C.C.S. League Champions, so far. And they might defeat another on Saturday Night.

              5 of the 7 WCAL teams in the C.C.S. Playoffs have defeated at least one league Champion.
              Valley Christian will not play a league champion, if they win on Saturday, since they are playing WCAL teams the rest of the way.

            • Thanks ARHS Stats. This just proves that the CCS shouldn’t just rely on points alone. However, to reference JB, it should be expected that a WCAL team win the championship since it is the stronger division.

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