Football: St. Ignatius shocks Valley Christian to advance to CCS title game

By Ryan Kuhn

SAN JOSE — In what could have been his last game in a St. Ignatius uniform, senior tight end Travis McDow made two catches to keep the Wildcats’ season alive.

After the visiting Wildcats gave up a go-ahead touchdown with 1:35 left in the Central Coast Section Division III semifinals against Valley Christian, St.Ignatius quarterback Jack Stinn found McDow for 18-yard score with 30 seconds remaining and also hit McDow on the ensuing two-point conversion to defeat the Warriors 43-42 on Saturday night.

“As a senior, it feels weird when you are put in a position [where] your season could be over and what you are going to do to make it last,” said McDow, who finished with six receptions for 89 yards. “That’s what the mentality was for the whole team and that is what helped us through this.”

After throwing two incompletions to set up a long third down on the game-winning drive, Stinn completed two passes and a broke off a 9-yard run to reach Valley Christian’s 18-yard line.

From there, Stinn said it was all about his receiver.

“I just told Travis to run a corner [route] and it was a perfect catch,” Stinn said. “We’ve had a couple games this year where it has come down to the last drive and this time it feels so good.”

The seventh-seeded Wildcats (5-6-1) led 35-21 to start the fourth quarter, but Valley Christian (6-6) quickly answered with its high-powered rushing attack featuring Byron Marshall, Jarrod Lawson and Ryan Steverson, who each scored a touchdown to give the Warriors 21 unanswered points and the lead.

“Valley Christian is a great team with very good players that are well coached,” said St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia. “They are a very tough team at home and we knew that going in. Even though it was the second time we’ve seen them, we had to make sure we were ready.”

With a chance to tie the game with an extra point and send the game to overtime, Regalia did not hesitate to go for the win with a two-point conversion in the final seconds.

“We had some momentum and we wanted to make sure we kept that momentum and use that momentum,” Regalia said.

The win sets up a City showdown in the CCS title game between age-old rivals St. Ignatius and Sacred Heart Cathedral, but for McDow, all that matters is continuing to play with shot at winning a championship in his senior season.

“We have to know it’s not over yet,” McDow said. “We play a team in Sacred Heart that we have seen once before, a team that we came out flat against and we have to put in a great week of practice.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SI: 5:24 — Dom Truoccolo 2-yard run (Michael Capitolo kick good)
VC: 5:03 — Jarrod Lawson 24-yard run (kick failed)
SI: 3:31 — Andrew Vollert 27-yard pass from Jack Stinn (Capitolo kick good)

Second Quarter
VC: 10:22 — Ryan Steverson 42-yard run (Bryon Marshall run on conversion)
SI: 6:40 — Mike Pia 19-yard pass from Stinn (Capitolo kick good)
SI: 0:21 — Truoccolo 2-yard run (Capitolo kick good)

Third Quarter
VC: 7:07 — Jay Macintyre 63-yard run (Zach Epp kick good)
SI: 0:25 — Stinn 1-yard run (Capitolo kick good)

Fourth Quarter
VC: 8:16 — Marshall 2-yard run (Epp kick good)
VC: 6:52 — Lawson 56-yard run (Epp kick good)
VC: 1:35 — Steverson 53-yard run (Epp kick good)
SI: 0:30 — Travis McDow 18-yard pass from Stinn (McDow pass from Stinn on conversion)

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15 Comments on "Football: St. Ignatius shocks Valley Christian to advance to CCS title game"

  1. Good job Valley Christian. You’ll be back next year. As for SI….nice win (or lucky, depending upon the view point). Next up is SHC. Can SI make it three wins in a row to take the D III championship? Or, will V. Miles run all over SI in route to the championship? I’m taking the latter….SHC for the win!

    • you said the exact same thing about Valley Christian, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

      • Hey, you never know. In all honesty, I’m actually with you on this. I was wrong on the first two, so it would be funny (and a bit embarrassing) if I was wrong a third time. But hey, if anyone gets anything out of it would be SI and the SI family who would get a championship.

        If SI stops Mr. V. Miles, they will have a good shot at winning. Despite it’s regular season record, I think SI has a more balanced team and doesn’t just rely on one person to make plays.

        Unfortunately, as it has been said by another commenter, V. Miles is the majority of SHC’s offense. Unless someone else steps up, SHC will be in trouble if V. Miles doesn’t go off like he normally does.

  2. SI/SH fans: It’s tempting, BUT DON’T FEED THE TROLL!

    @SI: This CCS run shows you that you belong among the elite. Ride this wave of confidence in order to beat a strong SH team.

    • I see you saw a troll as soon as you looked in the mirror!

      • You try to be clever but everyone knows it’s you. You just make your self look even more stupid and ignorant.

        • Stupid and ignorant? Funny, you’re the one making indirect comments…lol…so what does that make you since you don’t have the gull to say it directly? Scared! But I’ll let you have your fun since I know I brighten up your day. I hope that you and your family had a blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Time for revenge next Saturday. Go CATS!

  4. Sunsetdistrict | November 27, 2011 at 10:49 AM |

    As child of a Christian Bros student, a graduate of Phelan Avenue and a parent of a present day Wildcat, I hope my words speak to the student/athletes past and present of the city’s Catholic Schools in saying, congratulations to SI and SH for their victories and display of character and tenacity. Can anyone honestly argue against the dominance and strength of the WCAL? I look forward to the Championship Games.

  5. Anybody know where this next game will be played

  6. Found it Terra Nova 7pm

  7. As two schools who make up 2/3 of the City’s Unholy Trinity, congratulations to both SHC and SI. This has to be the first time they have ever met in a championship game for football in the long storied history of both institutions.

    Prediction: a great evening of a San Francisco tradition. Although it wont garner the attention, crowd, and sentimate of the Bruce-Mahoney series, it is a unique event to celebrate the success of both programs in 2011.

    Everybody be good to each other this and keep the temptation of subjective b.s. to yourselves.

    A good week of football in The City – Mission wins first title in 50+ years and SI/SHC in their own championship game.

  8. does anyone know what’s the line for the SHC-SI game? My prediction: SHC -3.5

  9. SI played a great game @ VC. The Coach made a gutsy call and it paid off! The regular season record was not reflective of the talent they have due to a couple of bad beats. It was a well deserved win for the Cats. Good luck, and good health to all the players.

  10. Great unexpected win for Cats. Will need another big effort to defeat SHC.

    Congrats to new head coach Regalia & his staff.

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