Commentary: Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius, Part II belongs at Kezar Stadium

The thousands of people that show up annually at the annual Bruce-Mahoney game at Kezar Stadium (pictured) will likely not be entirely accommodated in the rematch between Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius on Saturday in the Central Coast Section Division III championship at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica. (Photo by Eric Luis)

The thousands of people that show up annually at the annual Bruce-Mahoney game at Kezar Stadium (pictured) will likely not be entirely accommodated in the rematch between Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius on Saturday in the Central Coast Section Division III championship at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Update (Tuesday, 10:10 a.m.): According to the CCS website ( the game is no longer scheduled to be played at Terra Nova. Sacred Heart Cathedral athletic director Phil Freed has said Foothill College in Los Altos Hills and San Jose City College are possible candidates to host the game, but Kezar Stadium is officially out. Grounds crews began removing the sod this morning. There will likely be more to come on this story.

Update (Tuesday, 10:30 a.m.): We’ve been informed AT&T Park is also being discussed as a potential site.

Update (Tuesday, 3:30 p.m.): It’s official. The game will be played at AT&T Park on Saturday at 7 p.m. Working on the full story now.

By Jeremy Balan

In the afterglow of St. Ignatius’ shocking win over Valley Christian in the Central Coast Section semifinals on Saturday, there was a collective feeling of confusion from many who follow high school sports in San Francisco.

An unprecedented matchup of venerable City rivals Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius in the Division III CCS championship will be played in . . . Pacifica?

The occasion and the teams participating screams for a rematch under the lights on the City’s biggest stage at Kezar Stadium, but instead it will be held at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica.

“We have our sites lined up in the north, south and central [parts of the section] well before the teams are decided,” said CCS commissioner Nancy Lazenby Blaser. “Generally speaking, it’s unusual to have two City schools [in a football championship]. We don’t wait until the last weekend to decide where to play these games.”

The CCS certainly has valid reasons for not selecting Kezar.

Terra Nova features a turf field, while the condition of Kezar’s grass field, especially in wet conditions, could be in question. The CCS also tries to play as many championships at high school sites as possible, due to lower costs for the facilities and easier-controlled security.

All of those reasons are perfectly acceptable if the game was a normal CCS championship matchup. This game, however, will be anything but normal.

The two teams have never played twice in a season or in any postseason play, even when they were both members of the Academic Athletic Association prior to moving to the West Catholic Athletic League.

During the annual regular-season game between the two teams, 5,000-7,000 fans are regularly in attendance, and although the crowd may not reach that number for the championship game, the 2,600 capacity at Terra Nova will likely be stretched to its limit. Kezar, on the other hand, can seat up to 10,000.

“The only concern I have is the enormity of the crowd and that Terra Nova won’t be able to handle it,” said Sacred Heart athletic director Phil Freed. “That is my concern as athletic director more than what goes on on the field. Here’s this great matchup with historical perspective and I’d hate to have it marred with the fact that we can’t have everyone who wants to see it be there.”

There are also issues with limited parking spaces at Terra Nova and in the surrounding neighborhood, especially since Serra and Menlo-Atherton will be playing in the Division I championship game at the same venue at 3 p.m. Lazenby Blaser also said that the stadium will not be cleared out in between games and that fans from the first game could stay for the second.

“We get 6,000-7,000 for a regular season game, now we’re playing for all the marbles,” Freed said. “People are going to come out of the woodwork. Six thousand people is a possibility and that’s not going to happen at Terra Nova.”

While Sacred Heart has pushed for the move, the St. Ignatius athletic department is resigned to play wherever the CCS designates the game to be played.

“We are going to go wherever the CCS tells us to play,” said St. Ignatius athletic director John Mulkerrins. “If the CCS tells us we are playing at Kezar Stadium, that’s where we’ll play. If they say we’re playing at Terra Nova, then we’ll go there. It’s uncharted waters and we’re at the mercy of the CCS. We’re just excited to be a part of the championship game.”

Freed contacted the CCS and made his case to move the game to Kezar, but the section held firm.

“We don’t ever want to turn people away,” Lazenby Blaser said. “We always encourage people to come early, but we may have to turn people away if the fire marshal says the facility is at capacity. They called and asked [to move the game to Kezar], but there’s a lot of logistics to moving the game.”

And if some of those people who might be turned away happen to be players’ family members, students or die-hard fans of the two teams, the CCS appears to be willing to live with that.

Freed had Kezar on hold for a Saturday game until noon Monday, but San Francisco Recreation and Parks could not hold the field further due to the field’s scheduled winter closure, in which they take out the field’s grass and replace it with new sod.

Lazenby Blaser said that the logistics of moving the game to Kezar would be difficult to deal with, but that will pale in comparison to the issues that could arise at Terra Nova.

As much as the crowd, logistics and other issues don’t make sense for the game to be played at Terra Nova, the resonating fact remains that an all-City football championship should be played in San Francisco and an opportunity to showcase what will be one of the City’s most important high school football games in history will be missed.

“I hope I’m wrong, because that would mean the game goes on without a hitch,” Freed said. “It will be a great way to wrap up the football season in San Francisco.”

The teams may be from San Francsico, but unfortunately football in San Francisco has already been wrapped up.

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105 Comments on "Commentary: Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius, Part II belongs at Kezar Stadium"

  1. let em play at kezar

  2. Mickey Blue Eyes | November 28, 2011 at 6:44 PM |

    SHC plead a case why not SI? Come on Mulkerrins call the CCS and say that the schools can do all the logistics themselves. I mean they do it every year why not do it again. Come on SFRP Step up and tell the CCS the game should be where it ought to be. KEZAR Stadium. Come on now this is going to be a madhouse if no one form the Serra MA game leaves then the place will be packed and forced to move on. THe thing is CCS is too lazy to move everything. And yet the CCS has said many a time it is bleeding money. So in an effort where the 3pm game may sell out that is 2600 X 8.50 per ticket to account all ticket sales will be $22,100. Whereas if they moved the game to kezar and I am thinking it will guarantee 5000-6000 which is double what they will get from Terra Nova…I just hope that Terra Nova, Daly City and San Bruno and Half Moon Bay Police are oin standby cause athere is liable to be heavy rioting to all who do not get into this game.

  3. The CCS commitee didnt plan on this, and what makes sense to the general public still won’t change their minds especially when all their planning was done months ahead of time. If SH/SI met for the CCS title in basketball, people will still need to travel to Santa Clara to watch it. CCS wont accomodate just because two schools in the city make it and it makes logical sense to have it in the city. Thats just life, but in closing, “Go Irish, Beat SI!”

    • Good point Ari Gold. I think the game should be held at Kezar, however, you are correct in that the CCS committee secures their venues in advanced.

  4. Great points Jeremy. I sure hope the can make a change at the 11th hour and move it to Kezar! Where’s the Facebook page to support this worthwhile cause?

  5. If moving to Kezar is not an option, then perhaps the CCS can move the Serra and Menlo-Atherton game moved to 1PM, and demand the stadium to be cleared out. At least those of us who want to go to the game, have a chance to get in.

  6. Also, SI and SH should sell tickets at the schools (just like the basketball Bruce game at USF), any leftover would be sold at the door.

  7. Oh well, that’s life!!! There’s nothing U can do about it.

  8. Mickey Blue Eyes | November 28, 2011 at 7:13 PM |

    SO what happens if I have a ticket and am unable to get into the game? Will CCS be refunding the tickets I DOUBT IT…ANd CCS has changed sites before. The DIV game was slated for SJCC asnd is now being played somewhere in Monterey county because Palma and Carmel are in the title game. As for teh basketball title game I can see that but the CCS does have SJCC still available as there is no game there Saturday Night. They could have moved the game there. That would be better than having a riot in Pacifica.

    When comparing this to basketball, you will notice in all the title games there is only one place hosting two games TERRA NOVA…In basketball there are 3 games on Saturday and 2 on Friday so there is no worry about that and the venue holds a higher capacity than 2600 so double dipping is not a problem. The issues are apples and oranges when it cxomes to comparing Basketball and football…

  9. Mickey Blue Eyes | November 28, 2011 at 7:14 PM |

    from my nephew who is a student at SHC, they have already sold over 700 tickets and it is just Monday…

    • I have not heard they are on sale @ SI…

    • I just got off the phone with the SH front office who said they have NOT even received the tickets for the game – they get them later today. They should be going on sale tomorrow at school. You may want to check your info.

      • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 11:43 AM |

        THey are selling them to in school people only and will go on sale to the public later. They usually do this all the time for big games to make sure everyone in school gets a stab at getting tickets before the public does. Besides the front office staff at the school is clueless when it comes to ticket sales…

  10. If the crowd won’t fit, move it somewhere that it will. Demand is obviously there. It’s not that hard to change venues… or is it?

  11. Looks like us Riordan people aren’t getting in.

    • Us Riordan fans will have to sit this one out. SI/SHC better go to the game before this one to make sure they get in. Good luck to both teams. Hope there isn’t a riot if fans can’t get in.

      • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 5:17 PM |

        Now that it has been moved to AT&T there will be plenty of room for teh Riordan fans, the Lincoln fans, the Washington fans and ALLL CITY Prep fans. I would love it if we got the whole stadium filled for the game. that would require 40K plus fans, and I am just saying there may be about 33% -50% of that at this game this weekend

  12. How about CCSF Rams Stadium? – turf and holds about 5000 people – plenty of parking

    • I brought that up and thought it was a viable option, but the fact that they only have one side of stands appeared to be a deal-breaker.

  13. KEZAR! City Championship should be IN THE CITY. Make it happen! GO IRISH!

  14. SOCAL SF football fan | November 28, 2011 at 8:27 PM |

    What does Candlestick have going on that day?

  15. Too bad ATT isnt available. Cal’ season in over, why not keep up the goal post. The baseball game is played there annually. Saturday night at AT&T!!!

    • I think that cost would be a bit out of the CCS’s price range.

      • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 28, 2011 at 8:52 PM |

        Well the football setup is still at AT&T until the second week of January after teh Kraft Bowl. So this could be a viable option but parking may present a problem with Cirque going on in the lot as well…as far as I know the allotment for the school total does not even match the student population for each school. With only I believe 800 given to each school SHC has almost already sold out their allotment…All I have to say is this…I DO NOT WANT CCS ANY LONGER COMPLAINING THEY DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY> YOU HAVE A CHANCE to clear almost 45K on one game and you are blowing it to settle for a lesser game. and if no one leaves the Serra MA game, you will really be screwed….better have the PD on speed dial.

  16. So does anyone know what its looking like? Is Kezar looking like it’s a go?

    • Unless something happens before 6 a.m. tomorrow, from what I was told, Rec and Parks intends on removing the grass from the field.

      • Well…. if that happens. There goes a historic game. What could’ve been one of the most memorable games in the San Francisco’s history for HS’s

  17. one of the shc linemen | November 28, 2011 at 8:38 PM |

    i think we should play at KEZAR cuz not only would it benefit the fans but it would also be cool to have the seniors on both teams go through that tunnel one last time before they graduate. please move to KEZAR!

  18. How does a team with a losing record get to play for a “championship”. I gues this is the new way in America where everyone is special and everyone gets a trophy

    • That’s an entirely different topic for a different day.

    • its called pre-season schedule. while SH plays an average schedule (Terra Nove is a quality team), SI plays a pre season schedule where every team they play wins their league. The tougher you schedule, the more CCS points you get. Simple as that. Play tough teams, and get enough wins and you’re in.

  19. Typical SI crap. They don’t want to play at Kezar, because they do not want to be reminded of how bad they lost in the Bruce. If that was not the case, SI would of definintely pulled some strings to move the game.

    • Exactly typical SI passive agressive what ever the league wants. Last time I checked SI has beat SHC 16 out of the last 20 years at Kezar if they pushed it it could have happened.

  20. This is a no brainier. either yes or no so that way both teams can prepare other than that whatever school if SHC offense and defense shows.BAM MMMM

  21. typical CCS/biased south bay. They are just mad because they have two city teams that did well.

  22. Kezar for Keeps | November 28, 2011 at 9:53 PM |

    Almost all of these comments seem to be from the SH side. Why no comments from the brigade of SI commenters?

  23. Freed has a point. So many people are gonna be there to see SHC take the gold.

  24. Quit pitching a fit about where the game is…just let the kids play a game of football and deal with it. Get off the computer and go get a ticket if it means that much to you

    • How about instead of typing a message on here, bang one out to SI’s administration and let them know that their fans will pay the same price to sit in dinky bleachers on the visitors’ side as SH fans will to sit in a real grandstand on the home side! The SI suits will blame everyone but themselves for this! If both schools pushed in concert, this change could be made!

      CCS has moved big games in the past out of San Jose’s PAL stadium to SJCC when the marquee shows Bellarmine-St. Francis instead of Pioneer-Leland! Why not now?

  25. Here’s an idea. If Kezar is out of the cards and the CCS insists on high school facilities, how about Washington High’s Eagles Stadium in the City? It seats about 5,000, with plenty of overflow, standing room seating in the south end zone. The playing surface happens to be one-year-old, all-weather turf… The only bugaboo is there are no lights, simple, kickoff at 2:00pm! CCS will get some serious cash, SFUSD and the AAA would benefit from a huge crowd in their premier football facility while SI and SH fans who pay for seats can actually sit in them. Everyone gets home in time for dinner.

    It honestly sounds like the CCS cares more about making it easier for a mini-van load of their own folks than it does for 3-4,000 fans, the student athletes, and their families. Does one have to swallow a stupid pill to become a CCS official? Playing at Kezar, or at least spacing better at Terra Nova makes completely perfect sense!

    Ms. Lazenby-Blaser doesn’t get it or refuses to get it. They decided on finals locations months ago! Come on! I remember an airline flight once where the schedule, made months in advance said it was going to Charlotte, North Carolina. Had Captain Sully insisted on keeping the schedule, there would have been no “Miracle on the Hudson.” Leaders make adjustments, even when it means undoing months of planning when practicality demands it! The Commish sounds like she excels at one task–making hemmroids! Dictating while seated to hassle others–and then gets sick time to deal with her sore backside!

  26. Well, I can remember getting a call, to say that my CCS Basketball Semi, SI VS SH as a Basketball Offcial was changed to Foothill College because of the crowds!!! And, it was a very LAST MINUTIE THING!! The CCS Board should look into changing the SI VS SH Football game back to Kezar, or somewhere else, AS IN THE CITY OF SF.

  27. mickey Blue Eyes | November 28, 2011 at 11:30 PM |

    Can you explain to me how the DII gfame got switched frrom San Jose CC to Westmont and the DIV site was changed from Saturday Afternoon at SJCC to Pacific Grove. Also if all championship sites are determined, then why when CCS posts the brackets before the seeding do all games have a TBD as site and time???? If as you say the sites are chosen ahead of time, the sites should be published and posted as such?????

    Infact you even are contradicting what your site says in regards to this matter…(taken from CCS website)

    CCS bylaws, which are approved by the Board of CCS, consisting of school administrative representatives from every league in the CCS does NOT guarantee, promise, nor expect staff to assign neutral sites in ANY playoff rounds or games, including the finals. Where the notion started that schools are guaranteed or even should have a neutral site for playoffs is puzzling. This is foreign to our CCS playoff policy and always has been. There has never been any such policy or guarantee or even a position that this should be included in our policy.

    In fact, most of the other 9 sections in California play at the home site of the higher seeded team through the semi-finals. CCS has attempted to provide a more tournament-like atmosphere for the playoffs by insuring quality sites with good facilities for a multiple of schools to compete on from the quarter finals on in our championships. It would be much easier for the CCS if we did as the other 9 sections do. As a result of our extra efforts as a staff, we continue to be criticized by coaches and parents who obviously do not understand the process nor policies established by our member schools, nor the meaning of the “seeding” of a team. Perhaps the following will be of assistance in providing a better understanding

    The “seed” a team receives via the seeding process does NOTHING but determine who their opponents shall be. There are no other rights nor privileges granted to higher seeded teams, such as neutral sites or some other perceived right to other benefits. It has nothing to do with where or when a team plays, only with WHO they play.

    The CCS playoffs rely on the goodness of our member schools to host and staff such events. Schools willing to work extra days of their own personal time and generously provide their site for the use of many other schools have always been, and will continue to be, allowed to play on their own field. They volunteer their site well before the season even begins; they agree to host whether they advance or not; they are not expected to send their team somewhere else and then require their own school support staff to remain at their site, missing their own school’s game to host other schools. This has been the CCS playoff policy and will continue to be until such time as the principals of our member schools change it. ”

    And CCS would never contradict themselves and say play at a neutral site

  28. mickey Blue Eyes | November 28, 2011 at 11:36 PM |

    Maybe I may not have a big problem with teh Terra Nova thing if it were teh only game but there is a game scheduled prior to this one and as Lazeby says if you go to the Serra game you can stay for teh SI SHC game. so if the Serra MA game draws 2000 then the SI SHC game will only get 600 allowed into the stadium? Is this fair to teh schools NO. Also, why is it that Trerra Nova is the only sitye to have a double header. Why nopt move the SI SHC game to Kezar and have the Serra MA game at 7pm at Terra Nova and everyone gets money and wins. I can guarantee what CCS is doing right now is a lose lose proposition for all involved…It is a shame that two city schools playing for a football championship inn CCS are being robbed of a great game and fanbase.

  29. if you want to have the game in the day time with grass move it to the campus of lincoln high school (sf) there field is nice green big and there staduim easily fits 5000 plus

  30. Terra Nova coach cried so much when his team was moved to the OPEN Division and had to play Bellermine on the road. Terra Nova was losing money because they could not host a game in the lower division. He is the one that created this point system that the CCS uses to seed teams in the playoffs. This game was not scheduled at Terra Nova last week or last month. Now you give him two championship games on the same day which the City of Pacifica and the school can not handle. Think about the saftey of the people that do not get into the game. CCS use some comman sense and move the game to a field that can hold the crowd.

    • This is interesting. Do you have proof of this information. If so, I would like to know how you came across it. Normally, venues are scheduled months in advanced. However, it sounds like you’re saying this isn’t the case.

      • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 9:44 AM |

        If venues are scheduled months in advance as CCS ssays why do they not post the sites when the brackets come out. I am sure they have an idea of where to put games yes but no firm sites are nailed down. I think the theory that TN is losing money by being forced to Open is credible, but also why is it that TN whose capacity is 2600 is hosting two championships on the same day and abandoning a venue with double the capacity in order to do so… KEZAR is available is the CCS will just call SFRP they will delay the sodding project for teh game if CCS will make the cal. It is funny coming from an organization claiming to bleeding money that they do not move in order to make money. I bet if SHC and SI both put up the costs they would do it, but SI is just playing mouse and shooing away the issue…

  31. Unbelievable that CCS would not move this game given all of the hype surrounding it. And the passive nature of SI on this is also unbelievable given the way that they have been playing these last couple of games. If CCS is crying that they are poor then this one game between arch rivals is sure to get them into the green! I mean yes there is a lot of hype and hoopla around the Bruce-Mahoney game but the buzz for the DIII championship seems to be right up there!

    I for one along with dozens of other people want to see the game and I don’t want to be turned away at the gate because Terra Nova can’t handle the capacity crowd, that is just plain bs. I mean you will easily get 2,000 people from each school to attend the game, that is 4,000 people minimum to watch a game at a venue that only holds 2,600 and you will have people staying over from an earlier game. Recipe for disaster at Terra Nova. At this point if there are no viable options to play in San Francisco, then move it back to SJCC so at least all those who want to go and see the game will have that option even if they have to travel a bit further to see the game.

    Nice article Jeremy!

  32. My advice is to go to the D-1 game before and just stay, they will not be clearing out the fans from the previous game. Two for one deal.

  33. Why not ATT? WHY NOT? The Bruce Mahoney baseball game between Si and SH is played there every year. If it’s about money, many SI and SH families will step up and help pay for it, without a doubt. If the CCS stubbornly refuses to back down on moving this game, we should really get on their case. I don’t understand why SI isn’t pushing as hard as SH on this-why accept something so clearly unacceptable? If they keep the game at Terra Nova then at the very least they need to require everyone attending the 3:00 game to leave when that game ends.

    Thanks for raising this issue and starting the effort to change the venue.

  34. Move the game to a facility that can handle the crowd.

  35. Sign of the times…..absolutely NO common sense!!!

  36. The sad thing about it, the morons from CCS don’t even look at this website.So we might as well stop complaining because those clowns don’t care and their not changing their mind. They can’t stand the catholic schools Most of them probable never had a job in the private sector.Seeing the patential money this game could brang to the league. They have cut back on their scholarships and this is a time for them to make it up.
    And for the president of the league to say that the fans from the Serra’s game don’t have to leave. Is like going to the opening of a popular movie and 3/4’s of the people stay to watch it again because it was good. It’s not Palma vs Carmel. Serra people have a tie to this game also Jeramy great job it;s awesome what you do for HS sports. I sure wish the cats on 37th ave pushed for the change. Obviously the Jesuits haven’t taught Mulkerrins and Regalia to think of your famly,friends, alumni and students first just themselves.

    • Anonymous – seems silly you make assumptions base only on what you have read here – you don’t know what is being done at SI and to attack what the Jesuits have or have not done – very poor taste. Now there is a change – perhaps something was done….

      • @BigMikeDC It’s not what i read on this site it’s facts I know they weren’t pushing to change.Let me tell you it was SHC that pressed the issue They teach enter to learn leave to serve. ShC is thinking about both schools not just SHC How would you feel showing uo to watch your kid,nephew or grandson and they told you.Sorry you can’t come in were full and they could have avoided it.

      • As an SI grad from the 70’s I am a little disappointed in the current SI administration’s apparent, cavalier attitude regarding a change of venue. Back in the old days, LaRocca, Haskell, and Laveroni would have fought like hell to have the game played locally.

  37. The game is no longer being played at Terra Nova, but Kezar is officially out. See the update at the top of the page.

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 29, 2011 at 10:23 AM |

      So because the CCS dragged its feet, we’re now robbed of a championship game in SF. This is even more infuriating.

    • Ah – the power of the press!! Got to believe your article (published here and in the Examiner) and the comments on this website had a hand in moving the game. Good job Jeremy!

      Foothill or SJCC should be acceptable alternatives as it will allow fans of both schools to attend.

      • my vote: Foothill College

        • Kezar for Keeps | November 29, 2011 at 11:05 AM |

          Over AT&T?

          • no, but AT&T does not appear likely.

            • Kezar for Keeps | November 29, 2011 at 11:16 AM |

              The latest update says they’re discussing it.

              • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 12:36 PM |

                And wouldn’t ATT&T sere as a perfect venue to show off for the Regional games next season and possibly if and when the CIF ever was to move the SBG out of CARSON… THis could be a perfect way to get teh field ready for play in teh Kraft Hunger Bowl too. It will give teh stadium staff and all the logistics involved to get it right and have a perfect dress rehearsal for teh big game in January…

              • Jeramy it’s at ATT confirmed GO IRISH! BEAT THE CATS!

        • If the game is not in SF, they will get only 2500 at the game, if it’s in or near SF, probably close to 5,000. I, for one, will NOT go to the game if it’s in San Jose or Los Altos Hills, but if the game is played in SF, I will definitely go and take MUNi to the game. San Jose and Los Altos Hills is too far for people who cannot drive.

  38. ATT! ATT! They HAVE to do it at ATT! It’s set up for football right now, the Bruce is played there for baseball, it’s in SF, it’s PERFECT!

  39. Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 10:40 AM |

    OK why not play the game Saturday afternoon at Washington High in SF? SHC has used Washington in the past. Could they try and see if they can get it again?

  40. Cirque du Soleil plays at ATT all weekend, but their big top is in Parking Lot A, so the field is available. This would be, like, the greatest football game of all time. Fingers, eyes, toes are crossed that CCS does the right thing and goes with ATT.

  41. Latest update says they are considering Foothill, SJCC, Washington HS, or AT&T. Personally I think AT&T is too big of a venue and will kill the atmosphere. That leaves Wash as the best option because it is the other in-city venue. Let’s hope for Wash!

    • Have you ever been to the Bruce Mahoney game at ATT? It’s fantastic. 1000’s of people come. This would draw an even bigger crowd. But I’m being told the odds of this happening are not good. Still think it would be the perfect venue. Better than Wash – I don’t think 2 WCAL teams want to play at Wash. Just sayin’.

  42. You all are nutz! …Doesn’t anyone work?

  43. ..They want a fair neutral field and Kezar IS SHC’s home field..but I agree to keep the game in the city. It’s been exhausting driving 1-2 hours to the South Bay, especially after work and what not

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 3:10 PM |

      who wants a fair and neutral field? CCS???? If that is the case why would the Open Division title game not be moved from SJCC where Bellarmine plays all of its home games….I mean CCS has really screwed the pooch on this one. In no way would I ever even consider Terra Nova to be a site that host a championship game even POP Warner has deemd the site to small to hold championship games…

  44. what about City College Field in SF? What does it hold? It is turf.

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 4:46 PM |

      The reason CCSF was eliminated was there are not two sides for stands. Terra Nova has nice home side but teh visitor side is small…

  45. Lets just solve it all by set up a madden12 or ncaa12 game. Create all the players virutally and play. No need to worry about parking or tickets or location. Just let me get a quarter or an offensive series.


  47. Just in, the game WILL BE PLAYED at AT&T Park.

  48. wow. its nice that both SI and SHC have people high up at AT&T and with the Giants. This will be a classic! Great for the city and both schools.

  49. ATT Park! They got it exactly right! How cool is that? Game of the century!

  50. Can I buy a ticket at the game??

  51. Is this for real?

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 4:01 PM |

      YES FOR REAL it became official around 3pm this afternoon. And yes both teams have people within the Organization. They always play the first game of the WCAL meeting between the teams there. Bruce or No Bruce on the line. This is great for the City of San Francisco. and now everybody just needs to show up

  52. The game will be at AT&T Park at 7pm Saturday. Tickets are $10.00 each.

    Here’s the SF link:

  53. Props to Jeremy for the article that really got the ball rolling. Thanks for giving a lot of people a voice to make the case for this game to be played in San Francisco!

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