Football: Sacred Heart-St. Ignatius CCS championship game moved to AT&T Park

The University of California-Berkeley played it's home games at AT&T Park this season and with the field still set up for football, the Sacred Heart Cathedral-St. Ignatius CCS championship football game has been moved to the Giants' home field. Pictured is a preseason Cal practice at AT&T. (Courtesy San Francisco Examiner)

The University of California-Berkeley played it's home games at AT&T Park this season and with the field still set up for football, the Sacred Heart Cathedral-St. Ignatius CCS championship football game has been moved to the Giants' home field. Pictured is a preseason Cal practice at AT&T. (Courtesy San Francisco Examiner)

Update (Tuesday, 6 p.m.): The CCS has officially listed AT&T Park as the site for the game. Full details can be seen at this link:

By Jeremy Balan

High school football in the City apparently is not over.

After originally slating the Central Coast Section Division III championship game between Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius to Terra Nova High School in Pacifica, CCS officials and the athletic departments of both schools upped the ante.

With Kezar Stadium unavailable, the game will now be played at AT&T Park on Saturday at 7 p.m., where the field is currently still set up for football after the University of California-Berkeley played it’s entire 2011 home schedule at the San Francisco Giants’ home field.

“We’ve been working all day to get to this point and now it’s there,” said Sacred Heart athletic director Phil Freed. “I’m grateful that the CCS listened and was able to help get the game in San Francisco and that all the fans will be able to watch a great game.”

The section decided to move the game from Terra Nova early Tuesday, which likely would have been overwhelmed with fans exceeding it’s announced 2,600-person capacity.

According to Freed and St. Ignatius athletic director John Mulkerrins, San Jose City College and Foothill College in Los Altos Hills were also considered before settling on AT&T.

“It was a great example of three institutions working together to come up with a solution to a problem,” Mulkerrins said. “It’s extremely exciting to provide the students the opportunity to play in a premier facility like AT&T Park.”

While both athletic departments confirmed that the game will be played at AT&T Park, the CCS has yet to officially announce the move.

“It’s not [the school’s] decision to make,” said CCS commissioner Nancy Lazenby Blaser. “There’s still some things that need to be worked out. We’ll announce it when it’s the right time.”

The game between the two City rivals will be the first time the schools have played twice in a season and the first time they have met in postseason play.

The Division I championship game between Serra and Menlo-Atherton is still scheduled to kick off at it’s originally-scheduled time at Terra Nova on Saturday at 3 p.m.

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63 Comments on "Football: Sacred Heart-St. Ignatius CCS championship game moved to AT&T Park"

  1. This is good

  2. Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 4:51 PM |

    CCS better not call an audible here and move it to FOOTHILL OR SJCC. I mean this would make the schools look like fools. There is overwhelming response to have this game at AT&TY and the fans are responding well. I have guys who have never gone to a game since we graduated twenty years ago that are willing and wanting to go to this game…CCS quit the bellyaching and just make it official…

  3. Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 5:03 PM |

    Hey Jeremy, next time you speak with Ms. L-G, ask her why the DIV game was moved from SJCC to PAcific Grove and now to MONTEREY PANINSULA COLLEGE in a span of 48 hours and she would not budge on moving the SI SHC game out of Terra NOVA???? That is some hypocrisy there. Why not just make it official and let it go on…

    • The Division 4 championship game was in the works from the time the teams were seeded.

      Both Carmel and Palma were thought to be the favorites to reach the championship game.
      Which means the C.C.S. had time to contact the Athletic Department at Monterey Peninsula College and sound them out on moving the game there, if both Palma and Carmel were in the Championship Game.

      The favorites to reach the Division 3 Championship Game were Valley Christian and Sacred Heart Cathedral. No one at the C.C.S. or anywhere else, thought Valley Christian would lose to anyone in the Division 3 Bracket. So most plans for the Division 3 game were made with Valley Christian as one of the teams. It was not until late Saturday night, that people in San Jose found out Valley lost to Saint Ignatius.

      Since the Newspapers need to know the site of the championship games, the C.C.S. put the game at Terra Nova, a site close to San Francisco..
      On Monday when SHC and SI started selling tickets at school and asking for more tickets, and probably even giving the C.C.S. contact information for people at AT&T Park. Only then could the C.C.S. contact the people at AT&T Park and see if the game could be played at AT&T on Friday or Saturday and what the cost would be.

      I don’t believe Saint Ignatius ever wanted to play the game on Sacred Heart Cathedral’s home field (Kezar Stadium). Saint Ignatius did not even play the Riordan game at Kezar this season.

  4. Great job Jeremy on assisting the schools in this process. The right decision appears to have been made so far. I think they will exceed what they would have got at Kezar. The only question I have for fans is will the cost to enter be more than it would have been?

  5. Wow, Ms. Commissioner, why the attitude? They did the right thing, this is a great call, they should announce it asap so everyone can celebrate. This makes her look like she’s afraid the CCS will be seen as not being in charge. Who cares? Announce the game already or you’ll look ridiculous.

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 5:47 PM |

      It seems like she had no problem moving the DIV game between Carmel and Palma twice in the last 48 hours? What is she afraid that if SI and SHC fill AT&T it will make her look bad? I have guys I played football with at SHC and against at SI that have not been to a game since we graduated and this includes Bruce Mahoney games as well that are going to plan and meet there. The only drawback is all tickets are $10 sorry Kids and Seniors no discounts for this game. Like I have said before the CCS should use this as an opportunity to show off the venue for teh new regional championships that begin next year. I think this also can serve as a great site for State Bowl games if they ever choose to leave Carson California.

  6. Just read the CCS link about the game going to AT&T. Do they put the behavior warnings on all announcements or just ours.

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | November 29, 2011 at 6:38 PM |

      They put something to that effect about sportsmanship on the posts, yes but given the nature of this rivalry I guess and the way the schools “bullied” her into moving the game, I guess she was worried that there would be violence like when the 49ers and Raiders played in pre season…LOL

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 29, 2011 at 6:50 PM |

      Here is exactly what it says:

      The CCS would like to announce AT&T Park as the new venue for this historic football contest in the beautiful City of San Francisco.

      Due to the unique nature of this contest, all admission tickets for this CCS Championship Event will be priced at $10 per person.

      Good luck to both teams in this wonderful event. Please remember that this is a high school contest and while this is a historic rivalry in the City of San Francisco, please remember that this is a contest involving high school students, not professional athletes. We expect the highest decorum of sportsmanship appropriate for a high school event from the fans, coaches and players!

      Please come and cheer loudly and positively for YOUR team and not against their opponents. Players and coaches from both of these schools have worked hard all season long to earn this opportunity to play in this CCS Championship Event. Please come and support both teams’ Pursuit of Victory with Honor this Saturday evening in the tradition of great high school sports events.

      This is insulting for so many reasons. First of course is that they play it off like it was their idea. You did it reluctantly, don’t try to play us like this is what you wanted this the whole time. Second off, how dare you imply that we as city folk will be unruly and lack sportsmanship at this game. I know everyone is quiet and orderly at HS football games in San Jose and on the Peninsula (HA). Obviously us city folk can’t control ourselves at a pro venue. If it was in Pacifica, we would all be put to sleep by the fog.

      It’s a slap in the face of SF residents and fans of both schools. Simple as that.

      • I agree with you Kezar. The CCS just basically bashed San Francisco as a whole. But I look at it this way, at least San Francisco cheers and supports our teams the way it should be done. We don’t just sit down in our seats like a bunch of pansies. We enjoy ourselves AND we remain under control DESPITE what others may say.

        I think the CCS is just mad that San Francisco was dominant this year and knocked off all of their opponents. If SI and SHC wasn’t in the championship game, the game wouldn’t have made nowhere near as much money as SI and SHC is about to bring in.

        With that said, SI and SHC….show them what City football is all about. Good luck to both teams because you DESERVE to be where you are at!

        • SF City Sports | November 30, 2011 at 11:35 AM |

          Who does the Commissioner of the CCS, Nancy Lazenby Blaser, think the fans from SH & SI are? A bunch of animals and thugs who taunt high school athletes at games? After that press release above it sounds like she thinks we can’t behave ourselves. Has she ever been to a Bruce Mahoney game? Does she know that our communities and families share students and alumni from both schools for generations? Does she even know that before each game between SH & SI that the whole crowd prays an Our Father together? This woman just insulted our Catholic faith in my opinion. Her bias against WCAL and San Francisco schools can not be tolerated. Nancy Lazenby Blaser must go!

        • Oh wow. Not bashing WCAL city teams! This is a first!

  7. Ms. Commissioner of the CCS, Nancy Lazenby Blaser, is completely out of touch with San Francisco (and WCAL) sports in her conference. To her and her CCS minions, anything north of San Jose doesn’t exist in their minds. Everything is in place for the South Bay schools to have every home field advantage in the playoffs.

    It shows her complete lack of knowledge to run a playoff event thinking that Terra Nova’s stadium can fit 6,000-8,000 fans that go to a SH & SI football game at Kezar every year. Not to mention her insistence on not emptying out the stadium of the fans in the undercard game at 3pm. Not to mention the hassles with parking in Pacifica. You see, she never travels north of Morgan Hill so she has a narrow view.

    She also is biased against SI & SH and the WCAL schools because they are regional schools. I have dealt with her and I have heard many stories of her rudeness if you even suggest something that will improve the game experience for the student athletes and the fans. It’s her way or no way. And now she tries to pass it off like it was her doing the SI & SH game is going to be at AT&T Park. We all know that the SI & SH Athletics departments worked together with their alumni who work for Giants Enterprises to make this happen. You see Ms. Commissioner, this is San Francisco and SI & SH. When we play each other, it’s about being in the best and biggest venue available: Kezar Stadium for football, USF War Memorial Gymnasium fro basketball, and AT&T Park for baseball.

    She probably thinks Bruce Mahoney is folk singer and not two World War II heroes. Her time has come to leave her job. The times of high school sports in 2011 has passed her by. Nancy Lazenby Blaser must go!

    • Great post. You should also post it in the sjmerc’s high school blog, to if they will even print it. You hit a home run with that one

    • Maybe we need to move the CCS offices to San Francisco and find a new commissioner. HEY JB, Do you want a new job? I think you’d be a great commissioner!

    • First, the Central Coast Section has schools in San Francisco, Salinas, Monterey, along with San Mateo, and San Jose. There are only 7 C.C.S. schools in San Francisco, I don’t think there are too many more than 7 in San Francisco. {Riordan, SHC, SI, Mercy (SF) [girls], Jewish Community, S F Christian, ICA [girls],} There are 140 schools associated with the C.C.S.

      San Jose is located in the middle of the C.C.S., so that is where the C.C.S. Office should be.

      This C.C.S. Commisioner is not biased against the WCAL Schools. I have know her for close to 15 to 20 years now.

      For the last 5 or 6 years the Division III Boys basketball Semi Final and Quarter Finals have been held in San Francisco. This never happened when Larry Rice was the previous C.C.S. Commisioner. Back in the 1980’s, when Riordan was really good, Riordan rarely hosted a C.C.S. Playoff game. Riordan would play at Junior Colleges in San Mateo or High Schools in San Jose.

      The C.C.S. has a good commissioner, right now.

      San Francisco is on the far Northern side of the section. It is long trip here for Aptos, last year for the Boys basketball Quarterfinals and Semfinals, probably a 2 hour trip.

      • Well isn’t that sweet, one person defends the CCS commissioner only because they know her personally. That’s just precious!!!!!

        • I defend her, because she does a better job than the commissioner before her.

          I know what it was like for Riordan to travel to San Jose or San Mateo for C.C.S. playoff games in the 1980’s.

          Here is a site list for where Riordan played CCS games in the 1980’s:
          Only three games were played in San Francisco and only in three of these seasons was Riordan not the League Champion and seeded in the top 4 or 5 teams in the bracket.

          1980 CCS Games [Riordan League Champions]
          At Kezar Pavilion
          At Independence High School
          At Stanford University (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Championship game against Fremont (S)

          1981 CCS Games [Riordan 2nd Place in league]
          At Hillsdale High School
          At Canada College
          At DeAnza College
          At Stanford University (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Third Place game against Fremont (S)

          1982 CCS Games [Riordan 3rd Place in league, 2nd Place Playoffs]
          At Skyline College
          At College of San Mateo
          At Lynbrook High School
          At Stanford University (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Championship game against Jefferson

          1984 CCS Games [Riordan 2nd Place in league]
          At Fremont (S) High School
          At Piedmont Hills High School
          At University of Santa Clara (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Championship game against Saint Ignatius

          1985 CCS Games [Riordan League Champions]
          At Serra High School
          At Independence High School (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Championship game against Saint Francis

          1986 CCS Games [Riordan League Champions]
          At San Francisco State University
          At University of Santa Clara (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Championship game against Pioneer

          1987 CCS Games [Riordan League Champions]
          At Serra High School
          At University of Santa Clara (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Lost in the Semi Finals

          1988 CCS Games [Riordan League Champions]
          At Riordan High School
          At San Jose City College
          At Independence High School (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Championship game against Saint Francis

          1989 CCS Games [Riordan League Champions]
          At Bellarmine High School
          At Independence High School (Semi Finals and Championship Games)
          Championship game against Saint Francis

          1990 CCS Games [Riordan League Champions]
          At Foothill College
          At Foothill College
          At San Jose State (Championship Game)
          Championship game against Serra

          1980 Riordan was one of six seeded teams in the tournament
          1981 Riordan was not a top seeded team
          1982 Riordan was not a top seeded team, Saint Ignatius #1 Seed
          1984 Riordan was not a top seeded team, Saint Ignatius and Independence were the favorites. Riordan beat Indenpendence in the Quarter Finals.
          1985 Riordan was the #1 seed and the #1 team in the section
          1986 Riordan was the #1 seed and the #1 team in the area
          1987 Riordan was the favorite in the tournament
          1988 Riordan was a high seeded team, but Monta Vista was the favorite. Saint Francis beat Monta Vista in the Semi Finals, before beating Riordan in the Championship Game.
          1989 Riordan was the #1 seed
          1990 Riordan was the #1 seed

          • Did this injustice happen to SI and SHC as well with the previous commissioner?

            • yes, it happened to all the WCAL teams, except Bellarmine who hosted Quarterfinal Games during this time.

              I just have a file of most of Riordan’s season game results by year with playoff sites listed.

              • That’s interesting. I wonder what the commissioner’s motives were at the time and his reasoning for doing what he did…..

  8. You guys got your game at ATT Park. Quit calling the commissioner or anyone else from CCS out. Geez, you would get that kind of attitude from someone from SHC or SI.

    I’m not saying this because football is over for our alma mater but wheres the respect. If I were the commissioner, I would just cancel the championship. From this kind of attitude, there is no champion.

    And who is the AD to decide where to play. Kezar so you get home field advantage? Are you kidding me? Go play at Foothill or San Jose City like all the other championship contending teams have to do.

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 30, 2011 at 1:06 AM |

      Good thing you’re not the commissioner. Canceling a championship because people are actually holding you accountable is a little childish.

      • @RC COLA The reason the games are at SJCC and Foothill is because all the teams are from down south you only have three city teams that can qualify from SF and the rest are from Daly City south.So why not let the city make some money instead of San Jose. No home field advantage SI is the home team every other year and occasionaly plays other opponents and the amount of fans are the same.

    • City Showdown | November 30, 2011 at 6:53 AM |

      @Rc cola, its obviously not home field advantage if both schools are from the city you fool. People aren’t upset because of the original scheduling, that makes sense if you don’t have two city teams playing. But we do. Everyone is just upset at the commissioner for being so difficult when they wanted to change it and then taking credit for it.

    • rc, would you like some cheese with that whine. what a jealous, bitter individual you are. Most of these high school athletes will be playing the last football game of their short careers. Having a chance to hold an all-sf final at historic Kezar or At&T Park is a no brainer. The powers that be up here made it happen, get over it. The commish should be happy thousands of city folk won’t be descending on the sleepy, santa clara valley. Also, where is your concern for the environment? Do you really want a bunch of gas-guzzling, cadillacs, pick-up trucks, and pintos polluting your precious air quality. Many people attending this game will be able to ride muni. Holding an ” ALL-SF” final in “SF” significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Good luck to both sh and si. rc better luck to your alma mater in basketball. See you all at the game, can’t wait.

      • So doesn’t everyone who plays their last football game deserve to play at Kezar or ATT Park too? Why can’t Serra play at ATT Park too? Why can’t Bellarmine play at ATT Park? I’m sure they’d like to play their last game there too.

        Changing the subject to the environment? Stick to the topic. Everyone had a random location set for a championship game. That should be the case.

        Is everyone gonna complain when the Raiders and the Niners go to the superbowl that it should be played in SF or Oakland instead of across the country?

        • merkinworld | December 1, 2011 at 8:45 AM |

          Rc your petty jealousy rears its ugly head. In your world, if everyone can’t play at AT&T no one should be allowed to play at AT&T. That’s pretty weak.. It is a unique situation with two schools from SF playing in the final. People worked their butts off to have the game played locally, and pulled it off. If you don’t understand this, take your ball and go home.

        • merkinworld | December 1, 2011 at 9:46 AM |

          BTW rc, my environmental comments were tongue-in-cheek, It’s called sarcasm. Get an old merriam-webster and look it up. You are are the only poster on this site who is unhappy with the venue change. I get it you are MAD. If the CCS had moved all games to AT&T would that make you feel better. God luck to all CCS teams in the finals no matter where they are forced to play. Have a nice day.

    • You are obviously out of touch with reality or just do not understand the situation…….

  9. Great place to play. Fans should enjoy this one.

  10. Ok guys — Can we stop with the bashing of the Commissioner? I’m sure it took the work of many to come together to this solution in a very short time frame, including the schools (probably incl Terra Nova), alumni, giants, this site, and the CCS commissioner and staff. Kudos to ALL for their work in this. In the end, the BEST of all possible solutions came to fruition!

    • With a name like “Sfpatriot” I wouldn’t expect a comment like this from you. How much do you think the Commissioner actually did in this situation? It was the admin at SI and SHC that probably pushed harder for this more than the Commissioner did.

    • sfpatriot?! really?! She bashed the city and both scholls yet you defend this “lady”.
      Change your screen name as it doesn’t fit.

      • MY POINT EXACTLY!!!!!

      • So now you’re bashing me (ROFLOL)! I didn’t defend the Commish. In the end she aquicised (even if she did so reluctantly) so all I did was basically congratulate everyone for getting the best solution. A bunch of you commentators just want to bash people! Move on!!

  11. Terminate the commissionor! She comes off as an angry lady. Who in the world is defending this person; join the real word lady and come to work for one of the SH or SI alumni so that we can take the pleasure of dismissing you from a job.
    San Francisco is a great city that has class schools and students…..Many uf us, although went to rival HS, are great friends and intend on supporting our teams.

  12. I hope this game sells out so that we can prove our points to the “Commissioner.” I have no idea what her issue is, but, despite other’s misguided views of the schools in the City, we are simply the best! Not even her San Jose schools could beat ours WHEN IT COUNTED! Maybe that’s why she’s mad! Oh well. She should take her sideline ticket, order a hot dog and some nachos, and watch some REAL high school athletes do what they do best….AND THAT’S WIN!

    By the way, if any of you see her at the game, make sure you stop by and say hi to her and show her that we are a group of people with class! Because we are!

  13. This is going to the inaugural “Balan Bowl” right?

  14. HSFootball Superfan | November 30, 2011 at 1:56 PM |

    @ GCJ 01, the Capacity of AT&T park is just over 42,000 so if the stadium is filled, it would be the largest high school event ever held in the state of California. If each school gave each student who attends the school 50 flyers each to promotes this great “City rivalry” game (1448 si students & 1249 SHC students) that would be 2697 kids giving out 50 flyers each would be 134, 850 flyers. The CCS office should promote it also, at $10 per head, a full stadium would bring in $420k………….. Lets Do it ~~ :)

    • 2700 kids combined, but probably only 750 students will go because fact is there are students that dont care about sports, school spirit and just concentrate on studying. You know who you are! Those who go directly home at 2:10pm and dont participate in extracurricular activities! (funny, people they arent on this site reading any of Jeremy’s columns or any of our posts).

    • That will be a lot of money. I wonder how much promoting the CCS office is actually doing for this game. It’s one of the biggest cames the CCS has and should do all it can to promote it.

  15. Sell out?!!! On high side expect 10,0000. Lots of commitments with Christmas holiday season. Some wont want to bother with parking, XMas shopping traffic. Yes, it should be here (at very least Kezar if rec and park was bright), but dont expect a hugh crowd. However, all the restaurants and bars will be happy.

    • Anything can happen. SI vs. SH always brings in A LOT of fans. On top of that, it’s two City schools. Even if the AT&T park isn’t full, I’m pretty sure they didn’t print out 42,000 tickets. As long as the tickets sells out, then it would be considered a sell-out. But you are correct, the restaurants and bars will be extremely happy!!!!!

  16. Why drive?!? City folks take the Muni! But be sure to give yourself a 4 hr head start!

  17. How can we find out how much the parking lot is charging?

  18. San Fran Preps Fan | December 1, 2011 at 5:58 PM |

    Also credit Larry Baer of the Giants for helping make this happen. There is little upside for him to facilitate the game to be played at AT&T, other than the satisfaction of enabling San Franciscans to participate in a San Francisco event. Nice to have a city kid running the Giants and in a position to help the community.

  19. Each school was given 2500 tickets to sell this week and both schools are sold out. There will be plenty of tickets at the gate also. As they do with baseball, the first level will be the only section open. All other levels will be closed off. I figure total 8000-10,000 in attendance.

    • It’s going to be a pretty big crowd for the game. Imagine if they would’ve kept it at Terra Nova….

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