Football: A pick ’em CCS championship finale

The Sacred Heart Cathedral football team stands together during the national anthem prior to the Bruce-Mahoney football game against St. Ignatius on Oct. 21 at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Eric Luis)

The Sacred Heart Cathedral football team stands together during the national anthem prior to the Bruce-Mahoney football game against St. Ignatius on Oct. 21 at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Every week, members of the staff, other local media members and one of our commenters will make predictions on the weekend’s games featuring our local San Francisco teams. Please feel free to make your own picks in the comment section and discuss the week’s games.

It’s our final weekend of football, but you’ll be surprised with who our “experts” selected in the lone game this week.

Four of the six pickers this week took surging St. Ignatius, and at this point, we’re not sure if that would be an upset. Sacred Heart dominated the first meeting, but the Wildcats’ stunning win over Valley Christian apparently made most of us believers.

All that being said, if the Wildcats win, we will have a tie for first place between Dylan and Mitch. We’re still mulling over potential tiebreak solutions. Dylan locks up the competition with an Irish win.

Last week was the worst week for our “experts” as a whole. Only Jeremy picked Mission in the AAA championship and no one saw SI beating Valley Christian.

Dylan Kruse — Sports Editor, San Francisco Examiner (Last week’s record: 1-2, Overall: 70-20)
Sacred Heart Cathedral 30, St. Ignatius 27

Mitch Stephens — Senior writer/columnist, (Last week’s record: 0-3, Overall: 69-21)
St. Ignatius 29, Sacred Heart Cathedral 28

Josh Levine — Writer, (Last week’s record: 0-3, Overall: 65-25)
Sacred Heart Cathedral 35, St. Ignatius 28

Weekly Commenter — ARHS Stats (Last week’s record: 1-2, Overall: 65-25)
St. Ignatius 31, Sacred Heart Cathedral 28

Jeremy Balan — Editor, (Last week’s record: 2-1, Overall: 64-26)
St. Ignatius 24, Sacred Heart Cathedral 20

Bonta Hill — Writer, (Last week’s record: 1-2, Overall: 61-29)
St. Ignatius 31, Sacred Heart Cathedral 28

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35 Comments on "Football: A pick ’em CCS championship finale"

  1. Sacred Heart Cathedral 31, St. Ignatius 7

  2. SI 27 SH 14

  3. Mary Wallace | December 3, 2011 at 1:58 PM |

    Irish, 34-12. Tino Miles running strong and Big D shutting down SI like they shut down Bellarmine for 3quarters.

  4. 4 out of 6 picks are for SI! Wow!

  5. SH-56 SI-14

  6. SI’s defense is stronger this time around, I see SI winning this game, as they were embarrassed last time. Can’t wait for kick-off. It should be a great game with great weather.

  7. IRISH NATION | December 3, 2011 at 4:53 PM |

    IRISH 36 SI 28

    • Great swarming defense by SI to propel them to a win over SHC. Key of the game was the ball-control offense, and HUGE plays from the whole defense. Charles Goldensohn made a hard sack on Harrington which was one of the big plays, not to mention that 50 yard fumble recovery for a TD. William McKee made a game-saving shoe-string tackle on Valetino Miles when it looked like Miles was going to burst for a 60 yard TD run. Joey Miller was a beast harassing the QB all game. August Peters was in SHC’s backfield all game, giving Miles a hard time. Great game, but it was obvious that SI was propelled by their great fans.

  8. Ok, I was nestled about a few rows away from Jeremy Balan. Didn’t want to bother the hard working guy. But that game was a big yawner and its a wonder why it was my first hs game in probably over 10 years. The matchup and the stakes drew me but it was just so boring. At least I had my baby daughter there to keep me entertained.

    It was a thing of beauty for SI fans. Winning in the 3 yards and a cloud of dust fashion. What was the longest gain? 5 yards!?!?!? The only thing entertaining was the seagulls taking a crap on the SH fans. They might as well took a crap on John Lee and his unimaginative play-calling. Good one John Lee! Fake punt? Why? Ballsy??? No way, just plain stupid. … The other laugh was that 3rd down play when Stinn threw to a wide open WR/TE and the guy flat out dropped it. Good thing that drop didn’t come back to bite them.

    Oh well, congrats SI. SH good season. Onto basketball!!!!

    • It’s always a boring game when your team loses. I thought it was pretty exciting. Anyways, SHC probably took that play from the Aptos playbook when they tried 2 fake punts on SI and both failed. When will people learn that fake punts don’t work on SI?

      • Even if SH won this one, it wouldn’t have changed my mind about how boring it was. I lost sight of reality which is high school football is about having the best (bigger) O-Line and D-Line and handing the ball off to your RB and do your HB counter, HB power, HB dive., HB toss. And that pretty much is it. I was hoping to see SI’s aerial attack but i think they only threw the ball less than 10 times?

        Whenever I saw Harrington do his role out to the left or right and either get sacked or throw that pass completed for 2 yards, I just thought, what a waste of an SH qb who can actually throw yet Lee insists on doing his throw on the run plays. I know Lee bleeds green white and blue, but theres no color to his playbook. its just black and white.

        • yea, i was expecting to see more throws by si as well, but i can’t complain. bellarmine rarely throws the ball, and look how good they are.

    • ARI GOLD! You have to be the most negative person on the board. A big yawner????????Boring????? You weren’t there obviously. Tonight was fun and a great high school experience. We had a great time watching a good football game that went down to the wire. The SH passing game matched the seagull droppings though. In the second half there was six consecutive SH pass plays that went QB fumble, INT, Sack, Deflection, INT, sack or something close to that. The fake punt call was perplexing.

      • Wait, so Ari Gold you’re telling me you’re an adult and you’re on a high school sports website ripping on every team you can get your hands on (except SH of course) in every single sport? This is kinda ridiculous isn’t it? I thought you were immature when I assumed you were in high school, or at least close to it… Come on why don’t you just give some positive feed back instead of always being so mean and putting kids down.

      • @wcalobs… i was there. i missed the first SH TD because the ticket line was lengthy. THE PLAY OF THE GAME was the Mckee tackle on Miles by his toes. Miles even did a long jump just to escape the diving attempt. If Mckee misses that, thats TD SH. But he made it and the ensuing play was THE FUMBLE. It was “The 3.5 yards a run by Dom Show” after that.

        Jevon Parker is a very capable receiver and although Albert Waters is just as athletic, he doesn’t have Parker’s size. SH should have went 4 wide, with Parker on his own side and run Miles to the flat on that side. Also missing Zach Tapel hurts. He’s an impact player on both sides of the ball and definitely would’ve been a factor.

        Lastly, I hope those who fell went home with a clean bill of health. Really scary situation. Definitely Kezar’s railings would’ve held everyone’s weight.

    • How did you know it was me?

  9. To JJ he stepped out a 1 yard after the first but the ref for some reason placed the ball 2 yards back to make it turnover on downs. So basically you sound ignorant, because SH has had that fake punt scheme since August. Think before you speak

    • I sound ignorant because SHC’s fake punt, failed??? The punter made a bonehead mistake because he ran out of bounds short of a 1st down. Maybe he didn’t know where the 1st down marker was because I think they only had the 1st down markers on SI’s sideline. It was a great game, but the sound system sucked. Also, you couldn’t tell how much time was left on the clock nor the score of the game because you couldn’t see a scoreboard if you sat on SI’s side of the field. Could you see a scoreboard if you sat on the SH side???

    • did neither of you read the article, that wasn;t a planned play. the punter thought he could do it, so he went for it.

  10. This was really POOR COACHING your best player Again doesn’t get the ball this IS Crazy last week the week before and ALL SEASON 5 HAS GIVEN you a win or helped keep you in the game how much $$ does #8’s family have to make you not give him the ball. It blows everyone’s mind on How can you di this to your team unbelievable how many interceptions has he thrown not including fumbles . WOW up 14 to 7 you fake a punt this is nit POP WARNER you face 8 in the box all season so if Miles is drawing 3 players somebody us open

  11. The true hurts and this really hurts when everyone else knows what type player that Miles is but its obviously that the Head doesn’t believe in him up 14 to 7 and you do a fake out DUMB CALLED OF THE YEAR THEN YOU GET THE BALL BACK WITH A CHANCE TO WIN AND YOU STEAL YOU DONT GET HIM THE BALL. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING ALL SEASON BUT TO THE PLAYERS GREAT JOB! !!!

  12. twitterspectator | December 3, 2011 at 11:31 PM |

    Wasn’t there because I’m at college, but great job on the tweets. I didn’t go to SH or SI. I’m sure those updates take a lot of work, but they added a lot of color to the game and had me clinging to my twitter feed. Would love it if something one game a week during basketball could be updated throughout the quarters!

  13. It was a great game due to the whole atmosphere of both schools.

    The tide turned on that fake punt play. Was it the punter or the Coach that called that one? I remember last time they did that in a game, the coach let the player call his own number if he saw the opening. Wonder what they saw on that particular play that they thought it would work. Guess we won’t know but giving SI that short of a field to work with put a lot of pressure on the SH defense to come up with a stop. After they tied the score you could feel the momentum shift.

    Then the fumble…..oh you could see it coming. Harrington was a bit winded talking to Miles after the previous play and took his eye off the ball for a millisecond then wham loses the ball and SI must have been in a blitz package because there was not a green jersey anywhere near the play. It was all down hill after that. Oh well better luck next year.

  14. I watched last years team and came to all the games this year SHC was a running team the reason they lost is because Miles didn’t get the ball there’s something wrong with this you win when you give him ball you loose when you don’t so there was no plan to win 2nd place is the

  15. You can all complain and analyze this game but the truth is, this was SI’s night to shine. These boys are so close to each other that they HAD to win, for each other. There was so much chemistry with this team. They never gave up on themselves and it showed tonight. Ari you are a sore loser… this was not a boring game!! There were very few penalties, the clock was running as the ball was rarely run out of bounds, it was a very fast paced game. SI just plain dominated SH in the 2nd half. SH made many mistakes and SI made very few. That’s gonna win you games. Wondering what the attendance was? Anyone know?

  16. I heard it was just a bit over 10,000 in attendance.. There was supposedly 7,000 right before the start of the game and the line still stretched around Willie Mays plaza….

  17. I heard the attendance was almost 13,000. SH made some mistakes, but I didn’t think they played a bad game, they showed up and the defense kept them in it. Congrats on both schools for their accomplishments. I think if SH played SI again, it would be anyone’s game again.

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