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Game of the day – University vs. Castilleja girls basketball: After a first-round loss in tournament play last week, the Red Devils have won two straight games and will take on a hot Gators squad that has started the season 3-1. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league boys basketball tournaments
Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton) 54, Lincoln 46 at Lions Club Invitational @ Burlingame
Oak Grove (San Jose) 72, Mission 65 (OT) at Fukushima Tournament @ Independence High School (San Jose)
Washington 46, Fremont (Oakland) 42 at Lions Club Invitational @ Burlingame
Marshall 71, Terra Nova (Pacifica) 41 at Lions Club Invitational @ Burlingame

Non-league boys basketball
Urban 65, Athenian (Danville) 44
St. Ignatius 73, Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) 66
Galileo 66, University 54
Balboa 56, Tamalpais (Mill Valley) 41

Non-league girls basketball
University 57, Castilleja (Palo Alto) 53
Sacred Heart Cathedral 53, Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto) 34
Wallenberg @ El Cerrito, 7 p.m.

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26 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. ella hill hutch | December 7, 2011 at 3:42 PM |

    calling a pinewood victory tonight over SI! interesting Si would schedule pinewood, nothing to gain everything to lose.

  2. I’m pretty sure SI scheduled this game when Stephen Domingo was still healthy. Also, a tough pre-season schedule will help SI, once the WCAL season starts. Even if the lose this game, they will probably still make the CCS playoffs, so basically this game will help them in the long run. WCAL basketball teams make the playoffs like 95% of the time.

  3. SI beat Pinewood today by 10 points without 3 starters in Stephen Domingo, Nick Johnson, and Antonio Aguilar. All 3 guys are hurt but Nick and Antonio should be back next game. Steve will be back in 1 week. Should be interesting once SI has everybody healthy. Good Luck to the kids.

    • According to the scoreboard, SI won by 7 points, not 10. At any rate, all these tough games on the road will definitely help SI, as they have a fairly young team. Reardon-led teams usually get better as the season progresses. I think this season the WCAL will be very exciting.

  4. You guys forgot the Galileo vs University game, they just finished playing and the score was,
    Galileo Lions boys- 64

  5. JBalan, why wasn’t the Galileo vs University game up on this Wednesday scoreboard?

  6. What a great win Galileo had against them today. Jbalan, would you have considered them a big underdog playing against University?

    • Joshua Levine | December 7, 2011 at 10:58 PM |

      I was there and watched part of this game tonight. Galileo simply had so much size on University. #10 for Galileo is a great athlete and his inside presence was a big difference maker… University can still shoot that 3 ball but they couldn’t get inside as much. Galileo is a great team and would be tough for a team like Lowell to face.

      • Lowell already beat them by 17.

        • Lincoln beat university by 30 in a scrim…..

          • Feel the Pain | December 8, 2011 at 2:18 AM |

            University’s SF ranking should definitely take a hit with this loss. I had all 3 WCAL schools along with Mission and Lincoln rated ahead of them. Balboa is a team to watch as they went on the road and won at Tamalpais to start the season 5-0. The Cardinal Classic is next up for the Bucs and a tough opener, I hope they can win out. I would like to see a matchup of guard play between Bal’s athletic leapers and Lowell’s tough D. Stuart Hall is also in it, so we should have a better barometer of the SF rankings after this one.

  7. Mission not looking so much like the #17 team in Norcal looks more like the #17 team in San Francisco step yo game up boys your slipping. LET’S GO BEARS

  8. how did Sh do ?

    • Irish beat Menlo-Atherton 65-23. They play in the John May tournament at Dougherty HS starting Thursday.

    • SHC Girls did well and good to see them bounce back from the whooping Carondelet gave them the night before.

  9. john and dijon transformed balboa with they”re arrival, things are looking great and its a joy to see balboa back on the map. cuddos to them two

  10. Great job Gal!!!!! AAA is coming on strong this year!

  11. i really hope your going to cover the cardinal classic , dont be suprised if stuart hall runs away with it theyre on a roll

  12. lincoln played a sloppy game yesterday. there was no effort in their offense and they look tired. pretty sure now other will see their weakness. the bench has to step up and help on the boardS.

  13. Mission is looking strong this year…which shouldn’t be a suprise. Even though they lost to Oak Grove (in OT) it says a lot when they push things to overtime with one of the better teams in the BVAL’s Mount Hamilton Division (The Mount Hamilton Division is BVAL’s “A” league).

  14. Marshall has won their last three games and are looking good. They have two losses, both coming at the beging of the preseason. The lost to University was because marshall played with five guards none of their bigs were at that game. University got away with a win they did not deserve, Marshall gave it to them with all underclassmen. The game was very close with univerity winning 67/64 with only seconds on the clock.

    They have make the ajustment without Theo Hill, and have developed their own idenity. Marshall is being looked over because no theo; believe me, they are tough, play hard and have some talent. I watched Marshall Saturday beat a athletic Fremont of oakland team With six men.

    Marshall won by thirty last night and move on to the second round against a very good Burlingame team tonight, know matter what happing tonight, Marshall is still one of the best teams in the AAA. Yes, theres’ a number of teams in the AAA that’s improved and are better, Marshall is still better than those teams. Marshall is a good team, if any team in the AAA is looking pass them, your making a big mistake.

  15. i hear that lincoln and mission are the team to beat. well, imo, they played like jv. none of the guards are worthy. THEY could not complete in any higher division like burlingame, de la salle, etc. if so, prove me wrong,.

  16. WCAL, Are you talking about Lincoln or Mission?

  17. Mission has alot of talent on their team, but they need to learn how to play together. There’s too many ego’s on that team. If can gel together (which I’m hoping they will) they can be a dangerous team. They also need to rebound, Prescott is the only one who rebounds on that team & he’s not even as big as some of the other “bigs” on that team are. Their 6 footers need to start rebounding and quit trying to shoot 3 pointers. I predict Mission to win it all but they have to put all these pieces together before anything.

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