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Game of the day – Lowell vs. Lick-Wilmerding boys basketball: The teams scrimmaged in the preseason and it generated quite a conversation in the comments section. Now we’ll get a true look at the teams in the Cardinal Classic semifinals. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league boys basketball tournaments
Mission 67, Anchorpoint Christian (Gilroy) 13 at Fukushima Tournament @ Independence High School (San Jose)
Lincoln 62, Terra Nova (Pacifica) 38 at Lions Club Invitational @ Burlingame
Balboa 59, Stuart Hall 54 at Cardinal Classic @ Lowell
Alameda 68, University 56 at Island Classic @ St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda)
Lick-Wilmerding 45, Lowell 35 at Cardinal Classic @ Lowell
Calaveras (San Andreas) 60, Wallenberg 32 @ Bret Harte Tournament (Angels Camp)
Sacred Heart Cathedral 72, San Ramon Valley (Danville) 44 @ John May Holiday Classic @ San Ramon Valley (Danville)
Marshall 49, Washington 32 at Lions Club Invitational @ Burlingame
Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) 70, Waldorf 61 @ Cloverdale Tournament
Carlmont (Belmont) 57, Bay 27 at Cardinal Classic @ Lowell

Non-league boys basketball
Riordan 56, Westmoor (Daly City) 48
Gateway 41, Urban 38
Leadership 60, Drew 42
ISA @ Sequoia (Redwood City), 5:30 p.m.

Non-league girls basketball tournaments
Oakland 61, Lincoln 26 @ Lady Hornet Invitational (Alameda)
Mercy 68, El Camino (South San Francisco) 30 @ El Camino Tournament (South San Francisco)
Washington 57, Woodside 43 @ Terra Nova Tournament (Pacifica)
Washington (Fremont) 75, Balboa 20 @ Lady Hornet Invitational (Alameda)

Non-league girls basketball
University 49, Head-Royce (Oakland) 45
Drew 49, Leadership 16
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 40, Waldorf 22
Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton) 45, Convent 43
Emery (Emeryville) 59, Burton 37
Galileo 71, Jefferson (Daly City) 47
Urban 45, Gateway 22
Lick-Wilmerding 57, Athenian (Danville) 39

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44 Comments on "Friday Scoreboard"

  1. Again, if you have any info on the question mark games, let me know. Thanks.

  2. Galileo boys is playing tomorrow at Amador

  3. The leadership/drew game is switched. The boys won and the girls lost

  4. Gateway beat Urban tonight. 41-38
    Gateway looks like a team to beat

    • mmmm ok kid

      • gateway looks like a legitimate threat. would not be surprised to see them in the city’s top 10 ranking on monday.

        • I would be very surprised.

          Urban (2-1), beat Fremont Christian (0-5) and Crystal Springs Upland (2-2)

          Leadership (5-2); beat Capuchino (2-4), Wallenberg (0-4), Drew (1-6), Kehillah Jewish (2-2), and Jewish Comunity (4-1)

          Athenian (4-2); beat Oakland Military Institute (1-2), Fremont Christian (0-5), Quarry Lane (0-5) and Wallenberg

          Drew (1-6); beat Chinese Christian (1-8)

          O’Connell (0-1)

          Find a team that has defeated some good teams

          Only one of the teams Gateway beat, has defeated a team with a winning record

          • bballobserver | December 10, 2011 at 11:16 AM |

            Urban also beat Athenian and Leadership. Urban played sloppy offense and lost by three. To many turnovers. Let the Gateway zone set up. Nate Cohen (averaging 17 points per game) scored 9 points.

            • you have to credit Gateway for the sloppy offense of Urban and holding Nate Cohen to just 9. Great effort by the gators

              • gateway’s defense was stifling at times. they played a very disciplined zone. gotta give them credit.

          • how do you explain the top 10 ranking of Bay last week? they have played nothing but bad teams.

  5. Drew Girls 49 Leadership Girls 16

  6. Man, the Lowell boys basketball team still can’t win their own tournament. That sucks.

  7. Props to balboa they are really showing up

  8. Since when do Stuart hall start loosening to bal

  9. Kezar for Keeps | December 10, 2011 at 2:46 AM |

    Riordan barely beats a Westmoor team that lost to Lick by 20. Holy cow.

    • Maybe Riordan had a bad day. Almost every team has a bad games. But their narrow victory does raise some eyebrows,

      • Riordan did not play well the first 10 to 12 minutes of the game against Westmoor. At this point Westmoor held a 13 point lead (22-9).

        Riordan finished the half down only two points though (25-27). So the Crusaders finished the second quarter on 16 to 5 scoring run, twice getting the Westmoor lead down to two points, but not tying the game.

        And Riordan outscored Westmoor in the last 20 to 22 minutes of the game by 21 points (47-26).

        • I wonder why Riordan was down by 13 in the first place. I still think that they’ll do good this year, but I can’t recall Westmore being that great of a team where Riordan would be down early in the contest like that.

          • I think the Riordan player’s may have thought all they had to do was show up and they would win the game.

            Westmoor came out and played very well in the first 10 to 12 minutes of the game, it actually looked like they might have the biggest win in Westmoor history, if they could have kept that level of play until the end of the game.

            • That’s a common mistake that, not just basketball teams, but all sports teams make. You can’t just “show up.” You have to play as well. That mentality leads to upsets (which almost happend). I still say Riordan will be a great team, but their mentality needs to change if they’re going to hang with SI, SH, and the rest of the WCAL. I’m really pulling for them, especially after last year’s tough season. Luckily for them Westmoor couldn’t maintain their level of play or else it would’ve been an upset.

  10. People need to learn about basketball before they one on here talking. People come on here saying anything lol

    • Every person who post comments here are expert sports anaysts, statisticians, coaches players! LOL! Oh even announcers!

  11. Lol I agree with arhs stats, gateway has a lot of height and length but they aren’t that GOOD they have one maybe two legitimate threats on their team

    • as far as gateway goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. they might not have many “threats”, but they do get the job done, and have competed and beat some good teams, teams that most would say were “better” than gateway.

  12. Naw urban is really not that good either just set up a 2-3 and lock them up I think people are giving urban a lot of credit

  13. Yea, Gateway has beaten a bunch of nobody’s,..who Is even in their league??

    • Gateway plays in the BCL (Bay Counties League) Central Division.

      Their division consists of the following schools:

      Gateway (4-1)
      Leadership (5-2)
      Bay (5-3)
      S.F. Waldorf (2-2)
      International (1-2)
      Pescadero (0-3)

      • i think gateway is the best team in that division (although they might lose to bay or leadership on any given night), but despite the san fran preps presence they have, they would be in the bottom half of the bcl west, the aaa, and would lose by 60 to any sf wcal teams. im tired of people talking to about them their not a good team

        • *Gateway (5-1)
          and also blew out leadership by 19 in the Lick tourney. Wouldnt give them too much credit but I would consider them a threat to just about every team. You really have to beat those guys, good luck to any team that has them on their schedule…

          • jbalan please tell me all these gateway fans are one person

            • What’s wrong with Gateway? They’re playing good right now so they deserve to get some credit and get noticed. They have the best record out of all of their teams in their division right now.

          • yeah please don’t give them too much credit, we played like crap, but no excuses, we’ll get them back during league

        • any one of the BCL Central teams have a chance for the title in that league (except for Pescadero). I wouldn’t count International out, they could easily be 4-0 right now, and Waldorf are the defending champs. Those are the two top teams

  14. Riordan’s intensity was not good in the first 15 minutes of the game and Westmoor should of been up 25 and they didn’t take advantage. Riordan missed at least 6 2 foot put backs and 3 lay-ups. Riordan must play more physical and play solid with good box outs and start making open jump shots. On the other hand they showed some guts by making a strong come back with a no quit attitude. Coach Buckner is doing the best he can with what talent he has…Good luck kids and play smart and hard!!

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