Girls Basketball Top 10: Top teams hold form

The emergence of University freshman guard Katie Lo (right) is just one of the reasons why the Red Devils are looking like the favorite in the Bay Counties League West. (Photo by Devin Chen)

The emergence of University freshman guard Katie Lo (right) is just one of the reasons why the Red Devils are looking like the favorite in the Bay Counties League West. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. St. Ignatius (3-0, last week’s ranking: 1)

The Wildcats didn’t play a game last week, but there is no reason to move them from the top spot.

2. Lowell (4-2, last week’s ranking: 2)

The Cardinals couldn’t get over the hump again in their second consecutive loss to St. Francis (6-1), but beat a solid Santa Rosa (3-1) team to wrap up their week.

3. Mercy (6-0, last week’s ranking: 3)

The Skippers very well could be at No. 1 or No. 2 on this list, but we still need to see them beat a quality opponent to move them up. Mercy got wins over Half Moon Bay (3-3), El Camino (1-3) and Capuchino last week (2-5), but have only beaten one team with a winning record (Mills, 4-3).

4. Sacred Heart Cathedral (3-3, last week’s ranking: 4)

The Irish dropped their first game of the week to powerhouse Carondelet (5-0), then responded with a solid win over Eastside Prep (4-3), a Central Coast Section Division V finalist last season.

5. Washington (3-1, last week’s ranking: 5)

The Eagles lost a ton of seniors, but have been playing well, with wins over Pittsburg (2-4), Woodside (0-5) and Mountain View (3-3). Their first loss of the season also came this week, to Moreau Catholic (2-4).

6. University (5-1, last week’s ranking: 6)

The Red Devils have won five in a row, including wins over Castilleja (4-4), Head-Royce (3-3) and No. 9 International last week.

7. Convent (2-4, last week’s ranking: 8)

We’re still trying to get a good read on the Cubs, who beat former Division V power Branson (3-1), then lost to undefeated Sacred Heart Prep (4-0) last week.

8. Galileo (5-2, ranking last week: 10)

The Lions move up a couple spots after a 2-0 week featuring blowout wins over Oceana (0-4) and Jefferson (3-1).

9. International (1-3, last week’s ranking 7)

Standout senior guard Denia Ebersole may not be entirely healthy and the Jaguars have played a tough early schedule, but will be primed for Bay Counties League Central play.

10. Urban (4-1, last week’s ranking: 9)

The Blues have been playing well against relatively easy competition, but took a step back with a loss to Emery (3-1) last week. Urban also beat Gateway (1-3) handily last week.

On the brink: Lincoln (3-5), Lick-Wilmerding (3-1), ICA (1-0).

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15 Comments on " Girls Basketball Top 10: Top teams hold form"

  1. Mercy ahead of SHC…no way!! Mercy hasn’t played anyone yet and won’t till when they play 1 or 2 teams in their league. SHC on the other hand is playing top teams Carondolet, East Side Prep etc.. and is still without one of there better players and plays in the strongest league WCAL. Mercy always has a sandbagger schedule year after year.

    • mercymercyme | December 13, 2011 at 5:59 PM |

      By the way Anon – Mercy beat both SI and Lowell during this past CCSF Summer League and Tournaments. Their ranking was earned IMHO.

      • I’m sorry but Mercy earned their ranking for winning all their preseason
        Games. Summer league doesn’t count besides SI and Lowell played
        Mostly JV girls during summer league if Mercy played SI this season it will be a lopsided win for SI. Maria Masoli is the heart and soul of Mercy
        once she graduates and no one takes her place Mercy won’t be the same without her. Let’s wait for league play how they compare to other
        Teams from the league. Mercy deserves their ranking!

  2. Mercy is still 6-0. Does’t matter they had a weaker schedule, they are still undefeated, which has to mean something. It’s not like they put Aptos middle school on their schedule; they still had to beat other high schools. If SHC is really that good, they wouldn’t have lost to Lowell.

  3. Keep up the good work Skippers.

  4. JJ I like the way you think. Go Skippers

  5. Playing teams like El Camino, Capuchino, Half Moon Bay twice and San Leandro (0-5) is not saying much! Why don’t the schedule tougher teams in the pre-season? At least a few good teams? Would help in post season as year after year they lose in there league and always have an early exit in CCS.. Just saying play somebody and win and you will get your kudos. I do like number 15 on Mercy very good player, probably best all around player on the team 55 plays hard too! The point guard shoots way too much she needs to look at the post more….

    • Try not to lose to Lowell in your 1st game, then maybe SHC would’ve been ranked higher than Mercy. Besides, the point is to be ranked #1 or #2 at the end of the year, not ranked #1 or 2 in December

  6. Mercy will be # 2 next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Giving credit | December 12, 2011 at 5:25 PM |

    Mercy will be playing better teams. These first weeks are mainly to get us to work on fundamentals and the team to get adjusted. Then Practice what need to improve on and go forward. The team doesn’t depend on one or two players to score and by the look of things, I’m sure you see it’s a well balanced team. They move the ball well and are still improving. Getting everyone involved is key. Lowell was originally one of the teams we were suppose to play early in the pre- season but they weren’t able to. The next couple of weeks rankings may change but you got to give credit where it’s do. Yes we can be better but so can everyone else. Just so that you know, Eastside Prep isn’t the same team as last year. They lost most of their team to graduating seniors. They are made up mainly of freshmen.

    • Eatside lost 2 tough players to graduation; however, they still have their junior post player, several tough sophomores and also freshmen. They only have one team so everybody plays varsity ball whether they are ready or not. They will be ready when league begins!

  8. bball player | December 12, 2011 at 8:02 PM |

    let me put it this way talk is cheap. The best team will show it on the floor. Good Luck to all the teams!!

  9. Don’t hate mercy (6-0) gooooo skippers!! Have a nice day

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