Boys Basketball: St. Ignatius’ fast break the difference in win over SHP

St. Ignatius sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar drives through the Sacred Heart Prep defense on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

St. Ignatius sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar drives through the Sacred Heart Prep defense on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Jeremy Balan

With several players returning from football and a few key early injuries, St. Ignatius’ boys basketball team hasn’t even installed a zone offense.

So when Sacred Heart Prep of Atherton opened in a 2-3 zone defense, the Wildcats were at a loss.

But after only leading 21-20 at the half, St. Ignatius found success in its transition game to secure a 58-50 non-league win in its home opener on Tuesday.

St. Ignatius senior forward Michael Loginoff goes up for a contested layup against Sacred Heart Prep on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

“It’s not fair for me to expect those guys to do it. The football players have only had two practices,” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon. “We were trying to draw stuff up during timeouts, but [Sacred Heart] was very disciplined. They outthought us and out-hustled us.”

The Wildcats (3-2) scored 27 fast-break points (19 coming in the second half), spurred by point guard Trevor Dunbar, and shot a staggering 70 percent from the floor after the halftime break.

The playmaking sophomore scored 11 points, but left his biggest impression with his own personal highlight reel of no-look assists. His total of eight assists is deceiving, as the Wildcats mishandled several Dunbar passes, not even expecting the ball themselves.

“The play at the end was to get out of the way and see what he could create,” Reardon said. “It’s nice to have that tool in your arsenal and that’s how we got most of our buckets. He’s a leader just because he always has the ball in his hands and he’s very unselfish, and that’s why he’s successful.”

The Wildcats also got a lift in the late moments from senior guard Nick Johnson, who has missed much of the early season due to injury.

After being held scoreless through the first three quarters, and with Sacred Heart only trailing 43-32 with under three minutes remaining, Johnson hit a shot in the lane and connected on a 3-pointer on consecutive possessions to give St. Ignatius breathing room.

“It’s his first game back after missing a little bit more than a week, so he had some sea legs for the first three quarters,” Reardon said. “He needed that to get himself going again and we need him. He’s our captain and he was a very effective player last year until he got injured.”

As effective as the Wildcats were converting off Sacred Heart (3-2) turnovers in the open court, against the zone they struggled mightily to score.

“Obviously when you see a player like [Dunbar], who can do a lot of things with the ball, we were just trying to keep him in front of us,” said Sacred Heart head coach Tony Martinelli. “When we play the zone, at least we have a couple of guys in there who can help and then close out on shooters.”

The Wildcats are still eagerly awaiting the return of standout junior wingman Stephen Domingo and starting senior center Antonio Aguilar, who are both out with injuries, but could return to action as soon as the weekend.

“We have the components, but we’re a ways off of having the machine work together,” Reardon said. “Right now, we have a bunch of good pieces that haven’t jibed yet.”

As well as Dunbar played on Tuesday, Reardon couldn’t help but be optimistic about the future.

“Just wait till you see him with Domingo,” he said.

Scoring Leaders

St. Ignatius
Daniel MacLean-Vernic — 13
Michael Loginoff — 12
Trevor Dunbar — 11
Terrance Roberts Jr. — 11
Two players tied with 5 points

Sacred Heart Prep
Ricky Galliani — 12
Matt McNamara — 12
Cole McConnell — 10
Ian Bennett — 7
Pat Bruni — 4

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  1. Dunbar and Domingo are going to be a deadly duo.

    • After barely beating Prep?

    • I can name at least 4 previous SI point guards way better than this Vaughn Dunbar kid.

      1. Joe Skiffer
      2. Tim Yamamura
      3. Cassidy Raher
      4. James Chuong

      • Are you kidding me Ari Gold? this kid is probably around the top 25-75 in the nation and one of the best PGs in Cali. With a little keight and more consistency on his jump shot, he could be in the top 25. and with domingo, theyre going to be a ball handling and shooting team

        • dont forget get this is he is a sophmore too

        • Im not kidding. If this guy was SOOOOOOO good, he wouldve made varsity freshmen year like the 4 I mentioned. Not sure if Cassidy made varsity freshmen year but for sure the other 3 were varsity their freshmen year.

          • Kezar for Keeps | December 14, 2011 at 7:35 PM |

            He probably should have started as a freshman, considering SI pretty much didn’t have a point guard last year. Give him some time. He’s small, but might be the best PG in SF.

            • If he was on varsity, the guy would’ve got 5mins a game, playing time. Last years PG was decent, you gotta remember that last year, SI beat MITTY, they underachieved last yr with all that talent.

          • Albert Johnson, Jr. started as a freshman. He was very impressive and showed a lot of poise. He’d dustmop the USF gym floor with any SI dude.

      • I would include SI’s Dan Oycharbal ’84 on this list.

        I think I misspelled his last name.

        He played on the 1984 SI NorCal Championship team with Levi Middlebrooks and I think David Wilson.

      • Feel The Pain | December 15, 2011 at 2:51 AM |

        He’s only a Sophmore. He’s been turning heads since middle school. When he’s a senior, we’ll make the comparisons. This kid is special, I mentioned when last year that he reminded me of Ray Kelly. He might be better.

        • Ray Kelly went on and started as a frosh @ TCU, before transferring to UC Santa Barbara. He was the starter and faced the great UNLV Championship teams during that era.
          You can’t forget about Reggie Jackson who was PG for the Riordan team with Mullins/Munk. He had a awesome standing leap (triple jump champ) and used this to steal many passess. Also, his partner denfield wade also played pg. There must have been 6 matchups with the Gary Payton-Greg Foster Skyline teams and Jackson/Wade controlled Payton and swept them. More recently, Daniel Cannon was solid pg and led the Crusaders to their most recent CCS championship coming up short against Sac in the Norcals as he had a sprained ankle in that game…
          Lastly, Doherty from SHC was a very good pg for the Irish in the 90s.

          • Most of the Riordan Point Guards I named got 200 or more assists their senior seasons.

            Reggie Jackson and Denfield Wade were a real good guard combination for Riordan.

            I think Gary Payton & Greg Foster may have played on the 1990 Skyline High School Teams, I know Riordan beat Skyline twice in 1990, once in a non-league game and then in the Nor-Cal Division I Championship Game. So Skyline must have had some real good players in 1990.

            Jackson & Wade’s Crusaders played Skyline 4 times their junior and senior seasons, but all were preseason games, no playoff games. Twice in the Crusader Classic (Championship {Dec 85} and SemiFinals {Dec 86}), and then a home and home serries (Dec 85 at Riordan, Dec 86 at Skyline). These Skyline teams may have had Payton & Foster on them, but I don’t know for sure.

            Riordan has graduated a lot of good point guards and other really good basketball players, I was just trying to mention the top point guards for Riordan.

            • Pat, how about 1-2 punch of Taryn Washington and Gene Bytof???

              • They were on the same team when Gene was a junior and Taryn was a senior, but they were rarely on the court together that season.

                Gene Bytof was mostly a backup player his junior year. Most of Gene Career Stats were gained his senior year.

                Tavio Lucas and Rashad Lowry (Sophomore) ran the point guard position for Jaha Wilson and Vince Smith (Sophomore) in 1993.

              • What about Ranon Ross, David Padilla, Jeff Anthony, Warren Salary etc the 80’s Riordan was like a factory putting out good teams year after year.

            • The class of ’85 Riordan team is the one that beat Skyline with Payton and Foster

    • Does SI have any inside size or inside offensive threat to go along with Dunbar and Domingo who seems more like a “3” or “4”?

      • SI has Mr. AGUILAR at center, but he’s on injured reserve. He has nice back to the basket moves and a good rebounder.

    • If we are going to mention other schools point guard (LyRyan Russell,[SHC]), then you have to mention some of Riordan’s Point Guards

      Alton Byrd ’74

      Phil Kess ’80

      Ray Kelly ’89

      Warren Salary ’83

      Jaime Edwards ’90

      These are some of the best Point Guards in Riordan history.

      • U forgot Wayman Strickland and the PG when Riordan the whole thing when they had Tofi & Kately, lol. I forgot his name but he was like 210 lbs and 5-2 in height.

        • Wayman Strickland was not a point Guard. He was a Guard / Forward. Ray Kelly was the point guard, Wayman’s senior year. Ray was Junior.

          Don’t know who you are remembering in 2002.

          Guards were Josh Vergara, Matt Straus, Joe Belfrey, and Adam Hoffman.

          Forwards were Marquise Kately, Ryan Bruno

          Post Players were John Tofi, Myron Jackson

          Starters were Josh Vergara, Matt Straus, Marquise Kately, Ryan Bruno, and John Tofi.

          You may be remembering Joe Belfrey.

          • It was fun watching Tofi and Kately play ball back in the days. Wonder where they are know.

            • Tofi is playing basketball in Europe. He was also an assistant coach at a city college in Sacramento a year or two ago. I do not know if he still coaches at that college, however, I do know he is playing basketball in Europe.

              • John Tofi was an assistant coach at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento during the 2008-2009 season. He is no longer coaching at the college.

              • Thanks for the updated GCJ01. Tofi was a good and humble kid. I just heard that Kately is playing basketball for the Richmond Rockets.

              • WCAL Fan: You’re welcome. I’m glad Kately is still playing. It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t stay at Cal. Him and Powe would’ve been a huge threat, but he did find success at Morgan State. Hopefully, Kately will get another break and play pro in Europe or even here in the States.

                On a side note, I would love to see a Tofi vs. A. Gordon match-up just once. Tofi has more power, but Gordon is more athletic of the two. Would’ve been nice…in my opinion.

          • Kately and Tofi combination was just unstoppable. Not sure if they both played at the same time but Dwayne Fontana and Jaha Wilson were monsters! IMO, in the history of WCAL, these guys are in my top 5. Both of them would eat Drew & Aaron Gordon for breakfast.

            • Dwayne Fontana was a senior, when Jaha Wilson was a freshman at Riordan.

              Jaha joined the Varsity Team for the Playoffs after playing the entire season on the Junior Varsity team.

              Jaha Wilson was actually put in to the State Championship game against Mater Dei in 1990 in the first quarter. Riordan was playing for the Division I State Championship and lost the game by 2 points.

              • I wonder why both couldn’t get a break in the pros here in the States. I know Fontana went on to play pro overseas, but just reading their collegiate stat sheets (not to mention the schools that they went to, ASU and USC) I would think that at least one NBA team would’ve taken a chance on them.

            • Wish I would have seen Fontana play. I have heard stories about that guy. If they would have eaten Drew and Aaron Gordon for breakfast they must of been a site to watch.

              • I would never say Dwayne and Jaha would have eaten Drew and Aaron Gordon for breakfast. But it would have been a competitive matchup for both the Riordan players and the Mitty players.

                But if you had a time machine and scheduled Dwayne’s Riordan team vs. Drew’s Mitty team, it would have been a really good game to watch.

                Jaha Wilson never had all the talent around him that previous Riordan star player’s had around him, or at least he made it look that way.

            • Feel The Pain | December 16, 2011 at 7:57 AM |

              No one is mentioning Paul Fortier, 6’9 Center from SI 79-82. He played at U of Washington then had a long career playing professionally abroad. Is now an assistant with Romar for quite a few years now. He helped a 5’9 guard by the name of Isaiah Thomas develop, as they almost knocked off UNC in the NCAA tourney last year (he was drafted in the NBA). Sounds like there could be another 5’9 lefty guard doing the same thing in down the line. Hmmmm…sounds interesting.

              • Sorry, but I did mention him on a post on December 15th at 5:24 PM.

                Look down this comments column

            • I think Drew and Aaron would be able to hang. However, you’re probably right Ari because Drew’s temperment (which was his problem while at UCLA) would become a burden on the Gordon brothers.


  3. Ali Thomas best 2-guard, although he could play point. In fact, in 4th quarters, Lippi put him at point because he was an outstanding FT shooter and knew he would get fouled. I would put Toboni after Thomas on the rankings. Justin Labaugh after Toboni. Sorry Jeremy, Mrlik doesnt even crack my top 5.

  4. dunbars wet hes only a sophmore i really think he’ll surpass all of the guys u put on that list. hes a standout sophmore and though next year si will have a better team i think dunbar will get the colleges calling his senior year when its his team

  5. Doesn’t the fact that he’s a sophmore and you guys are comparing him to si’s “greatest” point guards mean something?

  6. No one was better than Lyran Russell of SHC…that guy was fast and could shoot.

    • LyRyan was the best pure point guard SH had. The guy rather pass than shoot. He was ultra quick and could get to the basket whenever he wanted. The only other PG I have better than LyRyan was Senque Carey. 6’4 and did absolutely everything. Too bad health issues robbed him of a promising college career.

      • Did Russell come over from Washington High School and finish at SH or did he leave SH and finish at Washington?

        • LeRyan started at Washington and ended at SH. LeRyan actually is around as a ref these days and I’m curious why he left Washington. I also know one of LeRyan’s old teammates from his Washington days (Galileo High Varsity Boys coach Jeremy Lee).

          Between Russell and Lee, that would have been a great, if small AAA backcourt.

  7. yup! a lot of top tier div 1 colleges are just craving a 5’9 pg. unless this guy is kemba walker, he will be a bench player in college.

    • CAL’S starting PG last year was short, Jerome Randle.

    • Feel The Pain | December 15, 2011 at 2:56 AM |

      The 4 point guards that you mentioned were better than Trevor,

      1. Joe Skiffer
      2. Tim Yamamura
      3. Cassidy Raher
      4. James Chuong

      Did these guys even sit on the bench on a major 4 year univ. basketball team, highly unlikely. He will be a bench player for the first year, but he will get some run time.

      • I know Skiffer played for Boise State.

        • Feel The Pain | December 15, 2011 at 3:10 AM |

          I stand corrected JB! Still, having someone mention SI’s greatest with a sophmore is saying something. This guy played against Artis in runs and held hisown. I’ve watched him for over 5 years playing and he continues develop his overall game. Where did you dig up the info on Skiffer? Nice!

  8. Hoosiers, Aguilar is big, but 6′-3″ and the two guys playing the 4 are around 6′. Domingo seems to prefer the 3 spot which highlights the weakness for the team come league.

    • Aguilar is a John Antonini clone except Antonini was an absolute beast night after night. Dont know if I can say the same about Aguilar.

  9. Red Heads are tough man!

  10. My list of top 3-6 all time that I’ve seen from each school:

    SH: LyRyan Russell, Justin Love, Albert Johnson, Kevin Greene, Jerry Brown
    SI: John Duggan, Ali Thomas, Paul Toboni, Justin Labaugh, Luke Whitehead
    Riordan: Dwayne Fontana, Jaha Wilson, Marquise Kately, John Tofi, Vince Smith, Rob Jones
    Bellarmine: Jeb Ivey, Jason Norman, Cas Schneller
    Mitty: Drew Gordon, Aaron Gordon, Terrell Worthy, Brandon Worthy, Collin Chiverton
    Serra: Tim Kennedy, Jason Hardee, Decensae White
    St. Francis: Senque Carey, Joe Kavanaugh, Patrick Dennehy, Chase Lyman

    • Riordan’s Best Player’s
      Erik Newman ’85, Terrence Mullins ’86, Kevin Restani ’70,
      Jaha Wilson ’93, Dwayne Fontana ’90, Dorian Manigo ’90,
      Marquise Kately ’02, John Tofi ’02, Robert Jones ’07,
      Joe Lanfranco ’60, Ray Kelly ’89, Wayman Strickland ’88,
      Elmer Love ’74, Francisco Pepin ’78, Brett Crawford ’80,
      Denfield Wade ’87, Reggie Jackson ’87, Greg Bond ’74,
      John Pacchetti ’73, Jim Ryan ’73, Ron Niccoletti ’70, Alex Lopez ’81.

      All Riordan’s WCAL Player’s of the Year are included on this list, and I saw every one who played for Riordan since the start of the 1979-80 Basketball Season.

      Some Player’s missing for the other schools
      SI: Levy Middlebrooks, Paul Fortier, Jeff Thilgen
      SF: Mike Norman, Shawn Grant, plus a few others who played against the great Riordan teams of the late 1980’s
      SH: Eric White
      Serra: John DeFoe

      Saint Francis and Saint Ignatius were always right behind Riordan pushing the Crusaders hard to maintain their dominance of the WCAL.

      Every Season in the late 80’s it seemed every school in the WCAL had at least on marque player each year.

    • Johnny Drama | December 15, 2011 at 7:53 PM |

      @Ari…my brother from another! I’ve been travelling on business and my Ipad was damaged on my trip. I’m back just in time for some hoops. Between you and stats, you covered most of the top ball players. I would also include Camacho from Riordan due to his amazing senior year. Senque, Kately and Duggan were the best WCAL players I saw play. I have a feeling Aaron Gordon may be better than all of them when he is done with HS. J KIDD is the BEST HS player I’ve ever seen. Nobody comes close to him in my opinion, in the last 25 years out of the bay area.

      As far as this year, SI will be OK but I doubt they will be better than last year. Domingo will have to step up when he returns and build off of his good summer on the AAU circuit. They will miss Ari’s guy Mrlik’s scoring. Dunbar can play, he’s a ball player. He will do well in WCAL play. He’s quick and can handle the ball and has a decent jumper. Aguilar is a bull on the boards but doesn’t give you lots of points. The class of the league will be Mitty, SF and SHC, although losing Tapel will hurt them a bit. If Peroni keeps shooting well, that will open up the O for the 2 bigs. Gordon is clearly the best player by a mile. SF has the big kid and some athletes. I think Serra will surprise some folks. Riordan may be worse than last year if you can believe it. They need a hoops intervention.

      On another note….how bout those CAT’s winning CCS in football over your Irish!! Since you like CCS ‘ships, we’ll trade you that W for the BM win haha!

      Talk to you soon man…..maybe I’ll see you at the games!!

      • you guys ever cover aaa players. don’t forget about those mission boys in 89 and 1990. they had the best guard( asian kid) and team with jeff cariaso , who went pro.

        • AAA Fab: You have to remember that they attended WCAL schools…so don’t expect them to know much about the AAA (or even cover it for that matter). With the exception of ARHS Stats, who actually knows what he’s talking about and has a great depth of knowledge.

          • I don’t claim to know as many AAA player’s as I do the WCAL player’s.

            But there have been some really good players who played at Balboa, McAteer, Wilson, Washington, and Lincoln and probably other AAA schools.

            Lincoln: Harold Keeling
            Balboa: Winters Patterson, and the Big Center during the Dean Maye years, when he was coaching Balboa
            Washington: David Boone

            There are a bunch of other player’s also, I just can’t remember their names.

            • I know you didn’t make that claim. I was acknowledging the fact that you do have a great wealth of information. No matter what league or sport it is, you provide us with facts.

              • OK

                I was just making sure that it was known there should be other people out there with more knowledge of the AAA than I have.

                But that I do recognize that other schools beside the WCAL schools play sports in San Francisco.

            • The Big Center I was thinking of was Marquette Alexander

          • Best player from McAteer was Wilson Stephens and Dior Lowborn would’ve been a Riordan “great”, but he unfortunately transferred.

      • Camacho wasn’t any good. Who ya kiddin’?

    • Skiff to my Lou | December 16, 2011 at 10:02 AM |

      Ari- your SI list is pretty faulty, I will leave it at that.

    • I think Matt Jones was a better player than Paul Toboni

  11. Johnny Drama | December 16, 2011 at 5:47 AM |

    Who actually knows what he’s talking about? this coming from the clown who predicted SI to lose 3 times in CCS then kept changing his “prediction” to claim he called the game correct.

    And how’s this for knowledge…Cariaso was a 6’2 guard who had a pro career in the Phillipines.

    • Good job. Yes I did!

    • I didn’t change my predictions. I stood by them. So if you’re going to make a comment, make sure you do so correctly. Are you offended that I said that ARHS Stats knows what he’s talking about? He does. He’s very informative and unlike your misguided and immature comments, there are substance to what he says.

      I see I left a mark on you since you’re trying to turn my comment that was meant to acknowledge, in a positive manner, another commenter on here into a negative one. Let it go little Johnnie, let it go! I hope that you and your family will have a happy Holiday season.

      • haha…Happy holidays to you and yours as well!!! I see you turned over a new leaf so I will give you kudos for no longer being a scrooge!!

        I look forward to more harmless innocent banter!

        • I’m still the same person my friend, you just wasn’t paying close attention to certain things. Harmless banters are always nice….at times, they’re somewhat productive as well. Happy Holidays. Now on to basketball!!!!!

  12. when is masoli expected back?

  13. Haters Haters Haters “Trevor Dunbar ” is the truth and he will probably win a State championship are at the least a Nor Cal championship so teammates get ready for the ride and keep your eyes open here come a prefect pass. Stephen Domingo oh lets do it dunk after dunk assist after assist believe it SI in you will achieve it. Check the mix tapes out either name mentioned they putted in work and hard work does passes off.

  14. Trevor Dunbar good kid and great player…enough said!!!

    • Trevor vs Chris! I want to see that game. Both came from Aptos who has a very talented coach. They were well coach in middle school. Vote to see that game happen. It will be a great reunion and they are both excellent ball handler.

      • Feel The Pain | December 17, 2011 at 9:58 AM |

        Aptos does have a talented coach otherwise they wouldn’t have made the Championship game 6 out the last 7 years. He develops these kids to be young men when they enter high school. Here is a brief list of his players in the last 4 years or so.

        Stephon Nettles (Serra- Frosh A) you’ll hear about him in time.
        Moss Brenner-Bryant (Lick Wilmerding- Var. Soccer)

        Trevor Dunbar (SI- Var. BB)
        Jordan Wilson (Washington- Var. Baseball)

        Derek Russell (Leadership- Var. BB)
        Antionius Toiloia (Leadership- Var. BB)
        Demetrius ‘Taz’ Williams (Lincoln- Var. FB/BB)
        Devin Banks (SH- JV. BB) he’ll be playing Var. soon.

        Miles Prescott (Mission- Var. FB/BB)
        Chris Young (Lincoln- Var. BB)
        Anthony Knight (El Camino- Var. BB)

        In addition, he’s developed some other Baseball players as well.

        Eli Smoot (Balboa- Var.)
        Joseph Mueller (Lowell- Var.)

        There are probably many other deserving kids to be mentioned but I am not up to date on where they are are what they play. Great job coach Sylvestri!

  15. Jorge Camacho should get a mention – specifically for his Sr campaign. He must have lost 35lbs from his Jr year and improved his game 100% and was able to play the entire game

  16. Kately and Tofi were arguably on the best AAU team ever…Leon Powe, DeMarcus Nelson, Ubaka, Sims and a kid from Ohio named Lebron James!

  17. San Francisco has a very rich tradition of high school basketball going way back in the day for both the AAA and WCAL teams. In 1981 when we still had great newspaper coverage of high school sports, I reached back into my archives from The Progress and the following is the paper’s 10 player All City basketball team

    C Paul Fortier SI Avg 16.3
    C Quentin Stephens Washington Avg 15.0
    F David Boone Washington Avg 22.9
    F Craig Perry Wilson Avg 21.2
    F Alex Lopez Riordan Avg 17.8
    F Steve Kalpakoff SH Avg 17.3
    F/G Jeff Thilgen SI Avg 11.3
    F/G Riley LaFleur Wilson Avg 21.5
    G Harold Keeling Lincoln Avg 24.4
    G Marcus Tartt Lowell Avg 17.4

    Only time will time what heights Dunbar will reach but I believe he is already in fine company with some of the best basketball players in the city to come out of any school.

    Thanks JB for bring back the focus and passion for high school sports that San Franciscans have.

    • I think you mean Wilson Stephens.

      • No this was before Wilson Stephens time. Quentin was a high scoring center with Boone. If I could some how scan the clipping and post it on the site I would. It had all ten pictures of the players and was a great write up on each individual player.

        This was the time when Summer Pro hoops was played at Hamilton Gym and Potrero Hill Rec before they moved everything to Kezar. To get on a summer team in the city you had to be an exceptional high school player to go up against Lester Connor, Wallace Bryant, Don Robinson, Barry Young, James Shephard, Mike Quick etc….

        Some of us are really old school to remember when AAA basketball was right up there with the private schools. I mean that was 30 years ago which doesn’t seem that long ago….

    • Feel The Pain | December 17, 2011 at 2:06 PM |

      Wow, I remember that Washington team of Boone and Stephens coached by Coach A. They are the only AAA Boys team to ever play for the State Championship in Div. 1, when they fell to Carson 54-52. The AAA was deep back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I’m not sure but I think Wash. lost in league play, tells you how balanced and powerful the league was back then. Boy have times changed!

      • I remember Washington being good the year before as well. With Lamar Baker, Willie Gaskin and Tommy Fraiser. They had epic battles against Wilson with Crositi Speight and the Wise brothers. Lincoln I think had Harold Kneeling and Lowell had Steve Sewell. Even SI had great talent with Paul 4-T-A. That year Washington lost to Bellermine in the TOC end of the year tournament.

        • I remember most of those guys, especially Steve Kalpakoff. 32 minutes of hussle.

        • Feel The Pain | December 18, 2011 at 12:00 AM |

          Francois Wise 76′ and Pierre Wise 78′ or 79′. Francois was a beast! Played for Fullerton State! My brother went to school with them! They were ballers.

    • While on the subject of San Francisco producing great basketball players, I’ve come across a list of great San Francisco bball players that went straight to D-1 schools right out of high school (some of those on the list all of you have already mentioned in your comments):

      Harold Keeling- Lincoln High-Santa Clara
      Tony Graves-Lincoln High- U of Portland
      Troy Morrell-Lincoln-University of Washington
      Robbie Grigsby-Lincoln High- University of San Francisco
      James Renfroe-Lincoln High-Santa Clara
      Eric Booker-Balboa-University of San Francisco
      Richard Morton-Balboa-Cal State Fullerton
      Dexter Howard-McAteer-Pepperdine
      Jody Daggs-McAteer-University of Nevada-Reno
      Wilson Stephens-McAteer-University of San Francisco
      Craig Perry-Wilson-Purdue
      Roy Palmer-Wilson-Eastern Washington University
      Akili Jones-Lowell-University of California-Berkeley
      Phil Smith-Washington-University of San Francisco
      David Boone-Washington-St. Marys/Marquette
      Quentin Stephens-Washington-University of Nevada-Reno
      Ramaundo Vaughn-Washington-Washington State University
      Anthony Glanton-Washington-Eastern Washington University
      Ken Crawford-Washington-University of Utah
      Marlon Redmond-Mission-University of San Francisco
      Alton Byrd-Riordan-Columbia
      Kevin Restani-Riordan-University of San Francisco
      Brett Crawford-Riordan-University of Pittsburgh/U.S. International
      Terrence Mullins-Riordan-Oklahoma
      Chris Munk-Riordan-University of Southern California
      Jaha Wilson-Riordan-University of Southern California
      Dwayne Fontana-Riordan-Arizona State University
      Ray Kelly-Riordan-University of California-Santa Barbara
      Marquis Kately-Riordan-University of California-Berkeley-Morgan State
      John Tofi-Riordan-University of Texas-El Paso
      Rob Jones-Riordan-University of San Diego/St. Marys
      Paul Fortier-S.I.-University of Washington
      Levi Middlebrooks-S.I.-Pepperdine
      David Wilson-S.I.-University of Washington
      Martin Dioli-S.I.-Gonzaga
      Eric White-Sacred Heart-Pepperdine
      LaRyan Russell-Sacred Heart-University of San Francisco
      Ali Thomas-Sacred Heart-University of San Francisco

      Those who went from a JC to a D-1 school are the following:

      Braxton Clark-Wilson-DeAnza-U of Houston
      James Booker-Mission-DeAnza-U of Texas
      Delvon Anderson-Wilson-CCSF-U of Montana
      John Trezvant-O’Connell-CCSF- Texas A&M
      Marcel Gordon-Lincoln-CCSF- Tulsa
      Orlando Phillips-Wilson-CCSF-Pepperdine
      Edward Allen-Mission-CCSF-Pepperdine
      David Peed-Riordan-Skyline-Eastern Washington
      Erik Newman-Riordan-College of Southern Idaho-St. Marys
      Wendell Owens-Balboa-CCSF-University of Hawaii
      Kelly Wesley-Mission-CCSF/DeAnza-U.S. International
      Marquette Alexander-Balboa-CCSF-University of Hawaii
      DJ Smedley-Lincoln-Saddleback-University of Illiniois-Chicago

      Please note that both lists do not contain everyone. Thanks to Ramaundo for comprising both lists.

  18. Terrence Mullins ( Riordan ’86) has to be the best hoops player to come from Aptos. He had ridiculous hops and a deadly jumper. Highly recruited and is the only SF player to play in the Final 4 / Title Game @ Oklahoma.

  19. troy mc donald | July 21, 2012 at 8:51 PM |

    Yeah,one person a lot people may not know was one of the best guards come out of san Francisco,vino roberts.He played from 82-86 at balboa high school.He played 115’s as a freshman & was so good the coach let him come play with varsity at the TOC that year.DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON VINO ROBERTS

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