Football: All-City Team

(Photos by Devin Chen, Doug Ko, Eric Luis and Aaron Perez. Illustration by Josh Jalil.)

(Photos by Devin Chen, Doug Ko, Eric Luis and Aaron Perez. Illustration by Josh Jalil.)

By Jeremy Balan

It’s hard to put into words just how important Valentino Miles was to the Sacred Heart Cathedral football team this season.

The best way to gauge Miles’ impact, however, was when he was not on the field. In the moments where Miles was not in the game, the Irish offense struggled mightily, but when he was in, the standout senior running back was electric.

Miles ran for a city-high 1,602 yards and had 18 touchdowns rushing, but was also the Irish’s leading receiver, with 514 yards and four touchdowns on 34 receptions. He amounted for more than 71 percent of Sacred Heart’s total rushing yardage and more than 58 percent of the Irish’s total yards from scrimmage.

Most of that production came in West Catholic Athletic League play, arguably the best football league in Northern California, and that’s why he’s the City Player of the Year.

As much as Miles meant to the Irish offense, the All-City first team offense is dominated by St. Ignatius, mostly stemming from the strong left arm of junior quarterback Jack Stinn.

Stinn, a first-team selection himself, threw for a city-high 2,597 yards and 18 touchdowns.

His favorite targets were fellow first-team selections in wide receiver Mike Pia (851 yards and eight touchdowns on 45 receptions) and tight end Travis McDow (645 yards and four touchdowns on 41 receptions).

The St. Ignatius passing game flourished, but first-team fullback Dom Truoccolo may have been the most dynamic offensive player on the team.

After the Wildcats’ game against Mitty early in the season, opposing head coach Matt Haniger called Truoccolo “one of the best blocking fullbacks I’ve ever seen,” but when starting running back Kerry Crowley went down with an injury in the Central Coast Section playoffs, the senior moved to halfback.

Truoccolo ran for 316 yards in the Wildcats’ final two games, including 179 yards and a touchdown against Sacred Heart in the CCS Division III championship game.

The St. Ignatius offense garnered most of the first-team attention, but Sacred Heart was most present on the defensive side of the ball.

Irish senior linebackers John Morello and Viliami Uikilifi led a standout run-stop unit all season, while senior defensive backs Zach Tapel and Gino Ragusa limited the opposing passing game.

The first team is undoubtedly West Catholic Athletic League-heavy, but the Academic Athletic Association had its share of standout individuals.

Mission junior Mane Fale and senior Darius Grays led the AAA’s largest and most athletic line on both sides of the ball, while AAA Player of the Year Davon Hargraves led the Bears at quarterback and on defense at safety.

Many AAA standout players played both ways, most notably Galileo sophomore Ronzel Fox, who ran for 903 yards on just 121 carries, caught 19 passes for 377 yards and secured a team-high 108 tackles.

Mission head coach Joe Albano certainly had the players, but the fact that he ended a 57-year championship drought and completely turned around what was a dead program in just two years earns him City Coach of the Year for the second season in a row. All-City Team

Player of the Year
Valentino Miles, senior running back, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Coach of the Year
Joe Albano, Mission

First Team

Jack Stinn, junior, St. Ignatius

Running Back
Lajarie Mabrey, senior, Washington

Dom Truoccolo, senior, St. Ignatius

Wide Receivers
Mike Pia, senior, St. Ignatius
Andrew Vollert, senior, St. Ignatius

Tight End
Travis McDow, senior, St. Ignatius

Offensive Line
Kevin Blohm, junior, St. Ignatius
Chris Crowley, senior, St. Ignatius
Mane Fale, junior, Mission
Riley White, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Robert Wolfgang, junior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Ronzel Fox, sophomore, Galileo
John Morello, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Viliami Uikilifi, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Defensive Backs
Davon Hargraves, senior, Mission
Kevin O’Connor, senior, St. Ignatius
Gino Ragusa, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Zach Tapel, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Defensive Line
Joseph Gilleran, senior, Riordan
Charles Goldensohn, senior, St. Ignatius
Darius Grays, senior, Mission
Mark Singh, junior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Jaime McHenry, senior, Washington

Michael Capitolo, junior, St. Ignatius

Daniel Lalor, junior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Second Team

Zach Masoli, sophomore, Riordan

Running Back
Kerry Crowley, senior, St. Ignatius

Jordan Gomes, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Wide Receivers
Chris Hall, sophomore, Riordan
Jeivon Parker, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Tight End
Philip Montgomery, junior, Washington

Offensive Line
Deion Deng, senior, Riordan
Joshua Kidd, senior, Washington
Collin Luu, senior, Lincoln
Nick Reese, junior, Riordan
Devon Villanueva, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Noah Bull, junior, St. Ignatius
Algeron Malbrough, senior, Mission
Mark Mulligan, junior, Riordan

Defensive Backs
Will McKee, senior, St. Ignatius
Antoine Porter, junior, Mission
Kelvin Sanders, junior, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Albert Waters, junior, St. Ignatius

Defensive Line
Sergio Alvarado, junior, Washington
August Peters, junior, St. Ignatius
Kevin Sullivan, junior, St. Ignatius
Alonzo Sweets, senior, Balboa

Laboyd Ricard, senior, Stuart Hall

Jose Rodriguez, senior, Riordan

Adam Badi, senior, Washington

Honorable Mention

Allan Abilar, junior, Burton — Aram Gevandian, senior, Washington — Jack Harrington, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral — Kyle Nelson, sophomore, Galileo

Running Backs
Antoine Crecey, junior, Balboa — Jay’Von Fields, senior, Lincoln — Ethan Hankins, sophomore, Stuart Hall — Armani McFarland, junior, Riordan — Kamari Mitchell, senior, Marshall

Wide Receivers
Ryan Gazale, senior, St. Ignatius — D.J. Harvey, senior, Riordan — Matt Hewitson, sophomore, Sacred Heart Cathedral — Dontell Jackson, sophomore, Galileo

Offensive Line
Rajah Britton, senior, Lincoln — Jack Gardiner, junior, Sacred Heart Cathedral — Andrew Lei, senior, Galileo — Brandon Nguyen, junior, Mission

Alex Asadorian, senior, Stuart Hall — Drew Jackson, senior, Riordan — Toby Kuang, senior, Lowell — Luis Moran, senior, Balboa — Arcelio Reybol, junior, Riordan — Davion Telfor, sophomore, Lincoln — Mike Wallace, sophomore, Sacred Heart Cathedral — Charlie Yip, junior, Washington — William Zolan, senior, Lowell

Defensive Backs
Damon Bannag, senior, Lincoln — Nathaniel Warren, senior, Riordan — Stevin Zhu, senior, Lowell

Defensive Line
Robert Harlin, senior, Lowell — Rodney McKinney, junior, Stuart Hall — Iwunna Ugbaja, senior, Riordan

Andres Arellano, senior, Balboa — Joshua Burnoski, sophomore, Lincoln

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58 Comments on "Football: All-City Team"

  1. Good job guys. Be proud of all your accomplishments.

  2. This shows that SHCP is probably not gonna do so well next year… All their players are going, going, gone.

    • I wouldn’t say that just quite yet. SHC has always been able to field good teams. Just because they’re losing some players doesn’t mean they won’t be competitive.

      • the have four returning starters and some more players that played a good amount. the will be good next year trust me

    • @ RC, SH should return to its wing-option with Peralta being the starting QB. He is more a running than throwing QB. Look for next year Brett Rasso who is very versatile, and defensively Kelvin Sanders is going to be a D1 prospect.

    • I wouldn’t talk too soon. Riordan won 3 games on all levels combined. Their frosh were shut-out 9 out of 9 times. Not looking good out there.

      • Riordan only won 3 games combined because everyone is playing up…

        The QB who would be playing Frosh ended up competing on JV and a good number of freshmen accompanied, determining the Frosh season. The young, YOUNG freshmen had to compete against Sophomores and Juniors, and still won 3. Varsity was missing some key components that determined their season.

        In other words, I wouldn’t talk too soon about Riordan either…

      • @ICStars Rome wasn’t built over night If you know anything about what’s
        going on at Riordan I think they had (5) Soph on Varsity and (15) Freshman on JV’s give them one or two years they will be pretty good.

        • San Mateo wasn’t built overnight either. On MaxPreps, they list 9 frosh on the JV’s. Half their points scored were against St. Mary’s when they dropped a 60-spot on them, otherwise they were shutout 4 times. Their frosh went the whole season scoreless. That doesn’t look too good for the future. (And don’t worry, I know about bad teams).

  3. The Irish have one returning starter on the offensive line. Will that present a problem?

  4. This year they only had one returning starter on their O-Line, and they did a good job. They have a great Line coach. They’ll be fine. Next year, SHC will have a lot of athletes so they will use a lot of different people but not rely on anyone like they did Miles.

    P.S Will Peralta be competing with anyone for the starting job this off-season?

    • I think he’s got a lock on it. Logan White will probably get it the season after. He was JV QB as a freshman.

      • I think Logan White probally and should be the starter. Three things Bigger, Stronger and Faster.Can we say ‘The Future’ Sophmore or not
        he did a great job for being a Freshman on JV’s

  5. Jeivon parker should be first team

  6. I feel like there are some deserving players left off this list

    • Wonder if Parker can get a scholarship to Wash St. like SH great, WSU great, NFLer, Jason Hill. Mike Leach is the head coach now and you know they will throw it 50 times a game. Parker has excellent size and catching skills. So much so that head coach John Lee only throws to him 3 times a game.

      I feel there are too many AAA players on this list.

  7. yaaa travisss

  8. The Irish sure did miss Zach Tapel in the championship game against SI. Heart and soul of the team. As for Jeivon Parker, the Irish didn’t use him right and didnt get him the ball enough to make plays

    • That’s a good point too. It all stemmed from the Mitty game that should not have been played at Kezar that night. They usually close that field if someone so much as spills a drop of Aquafina on it. Still, the hesitation on that rogue fake punt and the bad snap did us in. Otherwise it’s the greatest moment in SHC’s sports program instead of the worst event since 1906. They even put the loser’s trophy in the trophy case. Someone hurry and put a bag over it.

      • since when two bad plays make a complete foot ball game?
        if offence would move ball better need no punt.

        • It was early in the game and he should have punted. If he faked without hesitating, it would have made all the difference and we wouldn’t have to endure one of the worst disasters in prep sports history.

        • where was the offence. if it was good you dont punt and no bad snap from center.

  9. I think Jack Harrington should have gotten second team QB given the fact he did play the whole WCAL season and went to the D3 championship. Masoli while he may have skills, didn’t play the whole season and for the games that he did play I believe his stats and Harrington are probably comparable for those games. I know that Masoli got the first team on the WCAL league and the sophomore of the year for his school but I believe that he needs to have a whole season under his belt to be given honors like that.

    Also Wolfgang and Gardner are seniors.

    • The determining factor between the two was turnovers. They had almost identical passing yardage and TDs, but Harrington threw 10 interceptions and lost a ton of fumbles. Masoli had some fumble issues too, but only threw three interceptions.

      • Harrington threw 10 interceptions and lost 7 fumbles, SHC recovered the other 4 fumbles. Harrington played in 13 games to gain his 1239 yards passing.

        Masoli threw 3 interceptions and lost no fumbles, Riordan recovered all 13 of his fumbles. Masoli played in 9 games to gain his 1205 yards passing.

        Zach got injured in the St. Ignatius game and missed the final game of the season for the Riordan football team. Zach, still has not been able to play basketball yet because of the injury.

        Harrington threw for 503 yards in the 3 playoff games he played in, so at the end of the League Season, Harrington had 736 yards passing and Masoli had 1205 yards passing.

        Zach Masoli threw for 100 yards or more 6 times in 9 games, and in the 3 games he did not pass for 100 yards, he threw for 84, 98, and 54 yards.

        Jack Harrington threw for 100 yards or more 8 times in 13 game with 3 of those games in the playoffs. In the 5 games, he did not pass for 100 yards, he threw for 24, 39, 30, 0 and 0.

        Note: 5 of Harrington’s turnover came in the playoff games, 4 Ints and 1 Fumble Lost.

      • If he only had some good receivers out there…. I like Jeivon Parker, but can you imagine him at 6’6″? I won’t mention the “other” receiver who quit.

    • Masoli was the W.C.A.L. Sophomore of the Year, one of the awards voted on by the coaches of the W.C.A.L.

      He was not the Sophomore of the Year for his school as you state.

      Masoli was the Riordan QB for every down played until he got injured in the second half of the Saint Ignatius Game, which was the 9th game of the season.

      Zach has already missed more basketball games than he missed football games.

      Since Harrington passed for 0 yards in two W.C.A.L. games and threw 7 and 8 times in those two games and Masoli threw for 50 or more yards in every game he played in this football season. And against those same teams Zach threw for over 100 yards and had one of his better passing days against Mitty in one of those games.

      • I know he wasn’t the sophomore for his school. He represented Riordan with that win as voted on by the coaches. How much of his yardage came after Riordan was behind in the score and they had to throw it instead of running and also wasn’t the running back McFarland?, injured during the season also. So his offense was a passing one whereas Harrington’s was a run first with Miles. I know the first 2 or 3 preseason games Masoli had a lot of passing yards.

        • Since Harrington was not even on the All League Team for the W.C.A.L., there should no question who is the better QB.

          Masoli was W.C.A.L. First Team All League.

          Harrington was not on the W.C.A.L. All League Teams.

          Zach passed for 406 of his passing yards in the first half of league games, which means only 299 yards were passed for by Zach in the Second Half . So 57% of his passing yards in league was in the first half.

          • That’s why you have your opinion and I have mine. In regular season play Harrington went 2-0 against his city WCAL opponents and Zach didn’t , but neither had a win against the other teams in league. Zach was the only player from Riordan that got first team, not Harvey who broke a school record for receiving or McFarland. SH had 3 players on first team I believe.

            • Let’s put this another way.

              You want to take Riordan’s best player off the Second Team for San Francisco, after SHC already has 12 players on first and second teams.

              I don’t understand someone, who can’t see that Riordan’s best offensive player all year was Zach Masoli. And you can’t say the same thing about Jack Harrington.

              So if you want Harrington on second team, you will need to demote 6 of the SHC players to Honorable Mention, so other players from the AAA and Riordan can take their spots.

              That seems a reasonable cost to me to move Harrington to second team, since he has neither the stats or the all league achievements to beat Masoli to the second team.

              Heck, before the team came out, I figured Zach Masoli was Riordan’s best hope of landing a player on first team for the All City Team.

              Then you came along and attacked Zach as not being good enough to be on the All City Second Team.

              And you can’t find any thing to back up your opinion except that SHC beat Riordan and SI in the League Games.
              And everyone knows who got the bulk of SHC offensive yards in both games was Miles, not Harrington.

              • I was talking about first team for league not JB’s all city team. Heck I believe for the all city team (1st, 2nd and HM every other QB had more wins then Masoli). Stats must play a big part of the selection process. All I am saying is that in my opinion Harrington as a senior should have gotten the nod for 2nd team, but because of his final stats in the CCS game it really hurt his chances for that which I can understand. And yeah lets face it on a team that did lack defense and really an offense, the QB is gonna get the nod everything for any post season awards.

                If Masoli returns to form from his injury and Riordan gets better on defense and gets some receivers for him to throw to, I am sure he will put up some amazing stats as a junior and senior.

        • Sacred Heart Cathedral had the best running back in San Francisco this football season.

          This made it easier for SHC to throw the ball, since everyone’s game plan was to stop Valentino Miles.

          All Harrington had to do this season was not to make a lot of turnovers and to pass the ball to his receivers to keep the opposing defenses off balance.

          He should have been easily able to pass for 1000 to 1500 yards before the playoffs started, but at that time he had 736 yards passing and 12 turnovers.

          Zach Masoli played for Riordan team, where he was the offensive team leader, and every teams game plan was to stop him, since he was the best offensive player on the Riordan team.

          There was not a lot of double coverage on any of Riordan’s receivers. The Riordan running game did not gain 800 yards this season and only averaged 2.9 yards per carry.
          All this made harder for Zach to throw for passing yards.

          So Zach had to make no turnovers, which he did very well at. He had to get the offense to move the ball and score TDs, he did pretty good at this also.

          But Zach was playing with the Riordan Defense, not the SHC Defense, and the Riordan defense needed to stop the opposing teams more than it did.

          Riordan had no margin for error, since most of the league teams scored at will against the Riordan defense.

          Also if you took Harrington away from SHC and put Peralta in as QB, I think you may have achieved the same results.

          At the start of the season, with Riordan starting a sophomore QB, I figured there might be 10 or more turnovers by the QB. This did not happen. The Riordan QB position had 6 turnovers on the season only 3 by Zach Masoli, the other 3 came in the game Zach did not play.

          • ARHS Stats, SHC relied on Mile’s running game (with the help of a few defensive TD’s in some games) to fuel them. They didn’t need to pass the ball 30+ times a game, in order to win; whereas Masoli and Riordan needed to rely on their passing game in order to have any chance of being successful. Harrington helped lead the Irish to the 2nd CCS Championship game in school history and won 7 games compared to Riordan’s ONE close (37-33) win against the team SHC beat 56-7. For being the ultimate “stat” guy, you’re forgetting that the most important stat is wins and losses. Although Masoli may be a good athlete with skills to be successful in the next years, Harrington was a winner THIS YEAR.

            • First, against St. Mary’s the defense scored 5 TDs, so the offense scored 21 points for SHC that game.

              Sorry, but Riordan only attempted 21 passes per game. (209 attempts in 10 games) In no game, this season, did Masoli attempt more than 28 passes in a single game.

              If no other players besides Peralta and Harrington threw passes for SHC, then SHC attempted 16.2 passes per game. (211 attempts in 13 games)

              If you don’t count the playoff games, then SHC attempted 17.4 passes per game. (174 attempts in 10 games)

              So both teams passed just about the same number of times per game.

              SHC might actually have won their second CCS Championship, if Harrington does not turn the ball over to SI 4 times in the Championship Game. (3 INTs and 1 Fumble Lost)

              In only one SHC loss this season, did Miles gain over 150 yards in the game on offense. And that was the St. Francis game, where he was held out the first quarter, and the offense was placed on Harrington’s shoulders for an entire quarter.

              This did not work out well for SHC against St. Francis.

              So just imagine that first quarter mutiplied out for an entire season’s stats and that would be your comparison between the 2 QB’s if SHC did not have Miles to run the ball and catch passes.

              Some notes on that first quarter: The SHC Defense stopped the first SF drive of the game and made them punt, but Harrington threw an interception that was returned for a TD by St. Francis. SF scored again after a SHC punt. On the next SHC offensive series, Harrington threw another interception that was returned for a TD by St. Francis. So Harrington threw 4 passes in the first quarter, and two were caught by SF and returned for TDs, the other 2 passes were incomplete. By the End of the Quarter, St. Francis had a 21 to 0 lead, that they held until the end of the game.

              While in the same situation for the St. Mary’s game, but Riordan’s best receiver and best running back were not playing the entire game, because of injury, Zach Masoli led Riordan to their only victory for the season.

              So if Miles was at Riordan instead of at SHC, SHC might not have won a game all season, and Riordan may have then won 4 or more games.

              Zach Masoli averaged .33 turnovers per game, and Jack Harrington averaged 1.31 turnovers per game with an outstanding Running Back in the backfield with him that averaged 123.2 yards per game. And an SHC running game that averaged about 100 yards more per game than Riordan’s running game.

              These turnovers averages should have been reversed if Harrington was a better QB this year, since he had a better running game.

              Sacred Heart Cathedral did win more games than Riordan this season, but that was due to the SHC Defense and Valentino Miles and not due to Jack Harrington

  10. Yes but Harrington played more games than Masoli did in the WCAL so it is understandable that he would have more turnovers. So did he have 10 INTS over the game comparsion between the two or overall for the whole season?

  11. Ok thanks for your perspective and the info

  12. Seems like the whole sacred heart team got some recognition on the alll city team

  13. Stuart Hall gets no love. They had a pretty good season

  14. Jerry Peralta deserves it. He is a better football player than White at the time being. White may have the skill sets to be a good quarterback but I do not believe he is varsity ready where Peralta is. Dont get me wron White is a very good player, and will do wonderful things at SHC and probably at the college level as well. But it would be more beneficial to have him play another year of jv or watch a season of varsity football before he steps in as a starter. And for Peralta he has the drive and work ethic to become a great QB for next season.

  15. This is unrelated to SF Sports, but the QB that just beat Bellarmine in the CIF Championship D1 game will be the next Tim Tebow. His name is Johnny Stanton.

    • City Lights | January 13, 2012 at 9:42 PM |

      “This is unrelated to SF Sports, but the QB that just beat Bellarmine in the CIF Championship D1 game will be the next Tim Tebow. His name is Johnny Stanton.”

      Nobody will ever be the next Tim Tebow don’t make a fool of yourself.

  16. Rasso and Sanders Im calling it next year.

  17. Does anyone know who the returning lineman is for SHC ?

  18. Former SI Football Player | December 18, 2011 at 8:17 PM |

    Watch out for SI next year. A lot of players from this championship team will be returning: Stinn, Blohm, Vollert (who, by the way, is not a senior), the list goes on. And their JV team went 9-1 and won WCAL. On another note, why aren’t there more members of SI Oline on the All-City team? They dominated in the CCS Championship game and gave Stinn good protection all year long.

  19. I would not go as far as to say SI Oine dominated in the CCS Championship game. SHC Defense kept them in the game. Stinn did not even complete one pass in the game.

  20. Hey JB, great job on the All-City list! You’ve undoubtedly been out to a lot of football games this season and your hard work shows off here. I’m sure you’ve had a chance to interview some of these players and coaches and for many of them, it’s their first time ever being quoted. Who do you think gives the best/most fun/most interesting interviews and why? (This can be any sport, not just football). It’s so interesting to compare and contrast what the high school kids say compared to some of the pros and you get to see this first hand. Thanks for the great work this season.

  21. Bonita Britton | January 3, 2012 at 12:54 PM |

    Ra’ Jah Britton plays for Lincoln high a senior baby you are doing big thing and i love you and very proud of you. Go Mustans….

  22. I believe Dametry Williams from Lincoln and Treyvon Hiks from Stuart Hall should be on here. They both helped carry there team to great victorious

    • Football season ended a long time ago. You should’ve argued about their omission 2 months ago, when the season was still fresh. Unfortunately, the deadline has passed and Stuart Hall only plays 8-man football, so the criteria to make the All-City team seems kinda hard to make if you don’t play 11-man football.

  23. I think they should have a list for AAA and a list for WCAL

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