Girls Basketball: Mercy caps impressive tourney run with win over Convent

Mercy senior forward Courtney Sabahi closes in on Convent's Lizzie Whittles in the Urban Shootout championship game on Saturday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Willie Eashman)

By Josh Levine

Mercy High School jumped out to a 21-0 lead over Convent of the Sacred Heart on Saturday afternoon and never looked back in its dominant 63-28 win in the Urban Shootout championship game at Kezar Pavilion.

Led by senior forward Courtney Sabahi, who finished with a game-high 23 points, the Skippers (9-0) completed the Urban Shootout the same way they started it — dominating opponents with a high-pressure defense and a run-and-gun offense that is the staple of the team.

Convent freshman forward pushes the ball up-court against Mercy in the Urban Shootout championship game on Saturday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Willie Eashman)

“Today showed everyone that it’s not just our main players that do all the work,” Sabahi said. “Everyone is an asset to this team and we all work hard out there. Mariah [Masoli] and Monique Mariano kept feeding me the ball and we have such a good connection on and off the floor.”

Masoli shot 50 percent from the field and accompanied that with six steals and five assists. Mariano added eight assists and three points.

“It feels good to be 9-0 and everyone stepped up, not just our starting five,” Masoli said. “I kept feeding the post and we took advantage of [Mariano’s] height down low, especially since we know Convent is a smaller team.”

It was a disheartening loss for the Cubs (3-5), who defeated a tough Branson team on Friday in the tournament semifinals. Branson went on to defeat host Urban in the third-place game 48-29.

“We didn’t take care of the ball today,” said Mercy head coach Jon Mercado. “And on top of that, [Sabahi] killed us out there. Our big girl, Erin Hanley, got two early and quick fouls called on her and that kept us completely out of rhythm. She was aggressive because we told her to be, and that falls on us.”

No Convent player scored in double digits, but Hanley led the team with nine points.

“I tip my hat to [Mercy],” Mercado said. “None of them are selfish out there and they are 9-0 for a reason. Right now, we are a young team and we have a lot of positives going for us in the future, so we’ll be fine. But we certainly have a lot of work to do.”

While the tournament championship certainly felt good, Mercy coach Mike Gutierrez saw some room for improvement.

“There’s a reason I coach all 32 minutes of a game. [The West Bay Athletic League] is probably one of the toughest [leagues] in Northern California,” Gutierrez said. “Our record is great, but it doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Scoring Leaders

Courtney Sabahi — 23
Mariah Masoli — 14
Nelly Escobar — 6
Tallia Schivo — 5
Christina Haight — 4

Erin Hanley — 9
Shannan Lum — 8
Jaime Hun-Nishikado — 5
Isabella Borges — 4
Two players tied with 1 point

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  1. GCJ01 says:

    Great job both schools. I wish both schools luck during their respective seasons.

  2. SHC fan says:

    Team work is why you are champions. Great job ladies

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. weball says:

    check the stats, mercy hasn’t even been tested these girls are the real deal. Defense wins Championships ladies, its all about how bad you girls want it. Mercy >>>>BEASTMODE

    • SI Fan says:

      Check the stats? Go look at the teams they have played? They haven’t played not 1 top team. My daughter’s 8h grade St. Cecilia team would beat the teams they are playing. Lets be real here!

      • BBallFan says:

        Comparing Mercy’s completion to an 8th grade team is horrible. Mercy beat Mills, who beat Pinewood. Mercy is the real deal and built to win now. They have a lot of heart and will do well into league and CCS.

        • Anonymous says:

          I like both Mercy and SI vars teams. Both are undefeated. Mercy have defeated quality but not as tough as teams SI beat, like Terra Nova who’s
          Got 3 Div 1 recruits. Comparing Mercy’ s competition to an 8th grade team is just not right. Mercy have great players in Masoli and Sabahi, with
          Haight and Schivo and the other post Nia. SI’ s team have developing
          Players, they might win the WCAL title this year, even go deep in the state championships. A match between these two teams however will be
          A lopsided win by SI. So I hope your daughter will play high school ball
          Next year, then you will see how different middle school basketball and high school.

      • love bball says:

        your a big joke hahaha

        • WCAL Fan says:

          It is a big joke and an insult to compare an 8th grade team to a Vars HS Team. First off, SI has a bigger pool to draw from compared to Mercy. So I wouldn’t be surprised to hear SI has a better team. Can we stop putting down HS kids. Keep up the hard work Skippers! It gets old that you Cherry Pickers think you’re better than everyone else in the City. I do look forward to watching both teams play this season. Every dog has their day.

      • Liz E. says:

        My respond to SI fan is that you are really a red devil fan and hoping to start some trouble but it’s not going to work. Each team works hard in trying to win and to me that is what counts. Like “all that glitter isn’t gold” said play hard and play as a team well said All that glitter

        • Peter L says:

          Liz E. .A Red Devil fan has nothing to do with this. Your team is a very good team with many talented players. Mercy should do well this season.

          SI Fan…As a long time St. Cicilia parent and coach, with all due respect, I dont recall any 8th grade team that in my opinion can match up to a varsity team. Which team are you referring to.


  5. WCAL Fan says:

    Good job you St Thomas More Alumni lady Skippers and to the rest of the team.

  6. All That Glitters Isn't Gold says:

    Either way, Mercy is still solid. They play hard and work as a team. Just because praise is given to them, people always have something say but not from their mouth but their rear. If you want SI to be mentioned then talk about them. You get what you put in and that’s why they are doing well.

  7. Saint Cecilia says:

    all that glitter you have my vote! My daughter will be going to Mercy next year. Go Skippers

  8. Mercy Alum says:

    Excellent choice

  9. SI Fan says:

    Bad choice!

  10. weball says:

    SI Fan you herd correct, efficiency is key. its not about how many shots you put up, or how many players you have on your team that can make a shot, its about rebounding, defense, getting the other team out of rhythm, and FG %….get with the program skippers are just getting rolling can’t wait to see the 3’s start raining, AND you can’t out coach Mike “CCS” G.

  11. Big Happy says:

    We love Mercy basketball, 9-0 Gooooo Skippers

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