Girls Basketball: Mercy dominates Urban to advance to tourney championship

Mercy senior guard Mariah Masoli drives past an Urban defender in the Urban Shootout semifinals on Friday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Tommy Quach.)

Mercy senior guard Mariah Masoli drives past an Urban defender in the Urban Shootout semifinals on Friday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Tommy Quach)

By Josh Levine

Mercy High School simply dominated host Urban in the Urban Shootout semifinals on Friday night at Kezar Pavilion.

Mercy seniors Mariah Masoli and Courtney Sabahi scored 20 and 10 points, respectively, in the 64-34 win.

Mercy freshman guard Nelly Escobar goes up for a shot in the lane against Urban in the Urban Shootout semifinals on Friday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Tommy Quach)

The Skippers (8-0) advance to the tournament championship game on Saturday afternoon against Convent, which defeated the Branson in the other semifinals.

“We started off slow as a team, with early turnovers,” Masoli said. “Today we came out and played Mercy basketball. We’re a run-and-gun team. We like to run on offense and get our fastbreaks.”

The Blues (6-2) turned the ball over 11 times in the first quarter, which led to a 26-8 lead for the Skippers.

“We needed this today. It’s the first time we faced a team like this,” said Urban head coach Hope Broadus. “It was a good reality check. Mercy is a great Division IV team and they did a lot right. I was really impressed by our four freshmen players, however, we need to box out more and get to the line. There was a huge foul disparity, and that’s not from the referees. We simply weren’t as physical.”

Sabahi and forward Nia Ilalio dominated the paint for the Skippers and had constant putbacks under the hoop.

“Sabahi and Ilalio are doing so well in the post,” said Mercy head coach Michael Guiterrez. “Now we are able to get the ball down low to them from Masoli and point guard Monique Mariano. This will make us more dangerous later on in the season.”

The undefeated Skippers have been dominant in the early season, and even though they will be considerable favorites in the championship game, Convent will be their toughest opponent yet.

“My team is ready,” said Masoli. “We are going to come out and do work and finish this tournament 9-0.”

Scoring Leaders

Mariah Masoli — 20
Courtney Sabahi — 10
Christina Haight — 7
Monique Mariano — 7
Tallia Schivo — 7

Charlotte Blanc — 10
Natalie Sears — 6
Carly Kuperschmid — 4
Jenna Waldman — 4
Two players tied with 3 points

Convent 49, Branson 32

Bianka Quintanilla-Whye scored 12 of her game-high 18 points in the third quarter to lead Convent to a semifinal win over Branson of Ross.

The Bulls (4-2) took an early 3-0 lead on a three-point shot from Leah Gray, but never held the lead again. The only quarter the Bulls scored in double digits was the fourth.

It is the second time this season that the Cubs (4-4) have taken down last season’s North Coast Section Division IV finalist.

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24 Comments on "Girls Basketball: Mercy dominates Urban to advance to tourney championship"

  1. Great job Mercy and Convent. I wish you both luck in the championship game.

  2. Great job angel, Good luck in the championship

  3. Awesome job ladies! Teamwork!

  4. Mercy ball so hard…#1 by far don’t let the city down

  5. I like the confidence…now back it up on the court ladies. Good luck to all!

  6. Great job girls. keep up the good work you :)

  7. Mariah Masoli is such an underrated player. She is the real deal, too bad she doesn’t get alot of props! I’m a Mariah Masoli fan & u gotta see her play she’ll get u inside & outside. Keep up the good work Riah.

  8. Mercy will rollover Convent, Masoli is to good for convent players, with Sabahi ,Haight and Schivo.

  9. Oh what could have been at SHC if Masoli and Terrilyn Moe had of went there to play instead of the schools they attend now. But they are putting it too the competition!

  10. Great job Skippers. Keep playing hard ladies.

  11. I wish they could play either SI or SHC to experience a real test, if they can hang with really strong teams.
    They will probably compete but lose eventually, Masoli and Sabahi will graduate this year so Skippers take advantage , win the league ship and go deep in the CCS for next year will not be the same anymore!

    • Mercy plays in the WBAL, which is one of the most underrated leagues in the Bay Area, they play Pinewood ( a D5 state power), twice a year, as well as Eastside Prep which has had a strong D5 program as well. Coach Mike has done a great job at getting this team to the CCS D4 Finals the past few years. Granted their league is not equal to the WCAL, but its a good league.

  12. I wish SHC could win more games, But SI is the best team in the league!

    • There is a little school in black and gold down south that might disagree. (Mitty)

      • Mitty will be SCARY come league. They have already played some of the best teams outside WCAL. Beating Mater Dei and DV is absolutely huge. Playing BOD and some of the local talent in LA makes them the team to beat. SI will have to play their best to compete with Mitty.

  13. SHC was stung again by Berkeley!

    • ScarletNGray | December 19, 2011 at 1:26 PM |

      SHC was missing 3 of 5 starters so they lost the game at tip off. Even at full strength it would have been difficult to match up with Berk’s athletes. At times it seemed that Berkeley was just toying with SHC, if not the margin would have been much wider.

  14. SHC will not win till a new coach is brought in, watched them play after our game on Saturday, coaching is what is clearly lacking for this SHC team and they clearly have players who are not ready to play at the varsity level. They could have been good this year too if the right players were put on the team Good luck to SHC girls as it must be hard on these kids dealing with a coach who plays favorites and doesn’t care about winning.

    • No they don’t need a new coach. Mike Carey is as stand-up a coach as they come. Besides, you can’t expect the team to stay at their 2008 level every year.

  15. What could have, should have, would have had doesn’t apply to this team. This is SHC, so get over it. Don’t be so high on your success of your team so far. Stop hating on these kids and give them a break!

    • Things will pick-up. The JV’s are 7-1 and the Frosh are 4-0. Both teams beat Carondelet and the JV’s beat SI 55-44 at the Carondelet JV tournament. Gael Force is coming back.

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