Boys Basketball Top 10: Stuart Hall leaps up

The Lowell boys basketball team comes together during a timeout against Urban on Monday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral (5-0, ranking last week: 1)

Sacred Heart played its weakest opponent of the season in their only game last week and it showed. The Irish simply outclassed Hillsdale (2-4) in a 42-point win, rounding out an an impressive early-season road trip where they outscored opponents by an average of over 33 points per game. Things will get significantly tougher when the Irish take on Jesuit (8-1) on Friday.

2. St. Ignatius (3-3, ranking last week: 2)

The Wildcats keep the No. 2 spot after a week where they took down Sacred Heart Prep (4-2) and lost to still-undefeated El Camino (7-0). With Stephen Domingo and Antonio Aguilar likely returning this week or the next, the Wildcats should be at 100 percent heading into league play.

3. Balboa (9-1, ranking last week: 4)

The Bucs just keep winning and keep moving up in the Top 10. Balboa put up another winning week with a blowout victory over Jefferson (1-7) and a 53-50 win over Milpitas (4-3).

4. Lincoln (4-6, ranking last week: 5)

The Mustangs haven’t piled up wins, but have been playing very solid competition. In three tournament games in Yuba City last week, Lincoln beat Rancho Cotate (5-4) in the opener, then dropped two consecutive games to host Yuba City (6-2) and McNair (5-2).

5. Stuart Hall (8-3, ranking last week: 8)

After losing a game to No 3. Balboa two weeks ago, the Knights have won four straight, including wins over Bay (5-5), No. 6 Mission and Leadership (6-3).

6. Riordan (3-2, ranking last week: 7)

The Crusaders move up a spot after arguably their best win of the season, a 23-point victory over Aragon (3-4), in their only game last week.

7. Mission (4-5, ranking last week: 3)

The Bears may be one of the most talented teams in the City, but even Mission head coach Arnold Zelaya will admit they aren’t playing up to their potential. Mission started last week with a solid win over University (4-4), then surrendered an 11-point fourth-quarter lead in a loss to No. 5 Stuart Hall.

8. Lick-Wilmerding (6-3, ranking last week: 7)

The Tigers didn’t play a game last week, but slip one spot due to Stuart Hall’s big move up.

9. Lowell (5-3, ranking last week: 9)

The Cardinals only played one game last week, an 11-point win over Urban (4-3), but will take on national competition in a tournament in Orlando, Fla. this week.

10. Gateway (6-1, ranking last week: NR)

The Gators haven’t exactly played an elite schedule, but move into the Top 10 for the first time this season after a week week where they took down ISA (1-5).

On the brink: Galileo (4-6), University (4-4), Marshall (4-6), Burton (3-2).

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  1. Hoopfan says:

    My AAA favorite is Mission but they will not win alot of games if they continue to play that one on one crap & not rebound. C’mon guys play as a team, you guys are so talented & most of you played together this past summer to the Rebels. You guys can be dangerous once you play TEAM ball. Let’s go Mission!

  2. JJ says:

    I’m surprised Lincoln is ranked so high, when they weren’t even in the conversation as one of the top teams in the AAA, when the season started.

  3. JJ says:

    Yea, that’s who I meant, ooops!!

  4. JJ says:

    According to SI’S boxscore in their last game, Domingo played and scored 9pts.

  5. ARHS Stats says:

    Domingo played against El Camino, it was his first game of the season for SI

  6. Anonymous says:

    how is gateway up there?!!?

    • jbalan says:

      Had to drop Galileo with three losses last week, and University, Marshall, Urban, Burton or any other teams on the borderline didn’t do anything to warrant moving in.

      Gateway is 6-1 and they played Lick tough. They will contend with Bay and Waldorf for the BCL Central title. They’re right there with the borderline Top 10 teams.

  7. YUP says:

    heard burton is legit this year

    • GCJ 01 says:

      I hope this is true. They’re due for a successful season. They haven’t had a solid and successful season since the 2007-2008 season and haven’t put together any string of continuous winning seasons since their run of continued success ended at the conclusion of the 2003-2004 season. I hope they can turn it around this season. It would be nice to see them back on top.

  8. John says:

    will there be baseball rankings this year?

  9. Ball is life says:

    Hey Mission, play mission ball. Cause you guys can be so good when playing for each other. Deffence is the key

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t bay even on the brink? They barely lost to stuart hall with one of their best players injured.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where is UHS? Just curious, haven’t been to a game but would have thought they’d be in the top 10

  12. Anonymous says:

    ayy jbalan im taking some issue with these rankings. it feels like teams that beat mediocre competition make big jumps. i realize you don’t have that much to go off of for your rankings and I can’t fault you too much, but do you honestly think stuart hall is better than riordan lick and lowell just because they beat bay, leadership, and had a win over mission last week. And Balboa has certainly impressed with their wins this year, but they only beat stuart hall and lick by 5 and 4 points, respectively. It seems like in this case it would be hard to rank them ahead of at least lincoln, especially after they only beat a carlmont team that lick crushed. It realize your in a tough position because it’s hard to go off of anything else other than wins, but I think we should also look for skill and talent and how teams look. I would bet the not ranked university is actually a top 4 city team. i think theyre should also be some poll to see what more people think

    • jbalan says:

      Stuart Hall beat Mission, so that pushes them up above them. I’ve seen Mission play, and I believe they are better than Lick and Lowell (who I’ve also seen play), that’s why they’re behind them.

      Eventually I will see every team, but right now, the only teams I haven’t seen in the Top 10 are Sacred Heart, Stuart Hall and Gateway.

  13. WCAL Fan says:

    Thanks for all you do JB. It’s much appreciated by us fans.

    • GCJ 01 says:

      Hey JB, how come when we say “thank you” for all of the work that you do, you never say “you’re welcome?”

      C’mon JB, we’re trying to show you some love here. Your site has been the only source of media that has put as much depth into SF high sports since the days of Loco Sports and Comcast Youth Sports television shows (although, in my opinion, Loco Sports was the better of the two by far).

      • IC Stars says:

        What do you want, flowers? Maybe he’s out playing tennis somewhere.

        • GCJ 01 says:

          Seeing how most of your comments are idiotic, I expect this from you. So, with that said, I hope you and your family will have a blessed Holiday season.

          • IC Stars says:

            Geez, if it were ‘idiotic’, I’d make some 4th grade remark about your hair. Remember, BART runs until 3am on NY Eve.

            • JJ says:

              I agree with IC STARS. Leave JB alone. He has enough to deal with, when he has to ask questions like “When are the new rankings coming out?” every single Monday.

  14. Stroke says:

    Top 5 Guards in the SF public schools???

  15. annonimous says:

    top 5 guards in public schools not in order: lowell’s Brian robinson , balboa’s Dijon jones, mission’s Kevin murray, mission’s Antoine porter, marshall’s John sears

  16. Anonymous says:

    SHC is definitely worthy of number one ranking by far! They beat a good El Cerrito team by 20, they beat a 6-1 team in Dougherty valley and a good SRV team by thirty. No other SF team could do that!!! Not even SI. Mission lost to ElCerrito.

  17. Feel The Pain says:

    When Riordan wins on Thursday and Friday, vs. University and Balboa, I wonder if they’ll move to #3?

  18. AFitzsimon says:

    I know a lot of you are wondering about this Jesuit team. I am from the city but go to school in Sacramento right now. I have seen them play twice beating national power Strake Jesuit and blowing out Nevada state power Bishop Manogue. SHC big men have the advantage but Jesuit has the advantage at guards. Jesuit shoots the lights out and can put up points in a hurry. Should be a good one. Just thought I’d give you all some insight on that matchup.

    • IC Stars says:

      Thanks A. I looked at Jesuit’s rosters on their hoops site. Where did that 6’8″ sophomore come from? And a 6’6″ kid on the frosh team? Don’t try to impress us too much….

      • AFitzsimon says:

        They have some big kids at that school. It’s very similar to De La Salle, Serra, and Bellarmine, a large all-boys school. They draw talent from all over the Sacramento region. I will say this, the 6’8 sophomore doesn’t get many minutes. Neither does the Sophomore that’s 6’8. Players to watch on the Marauders are 10 Akachi Okugo 12 parker uu 21 bryce pressley. They do the fundamentals; run the court well, crash the boards hard, play solid defense and if you leave parker and akachi open they will drain deep balls. It will be a good challenge. Jesuit will also be playing in the Dunes Classic at St. Ignatius next week.

        • Anonymous says:

          Jesuit is ranked 4th in the state (Massey ratings). If SHC is able to pull an upset ,this game will be a statement for SHC !

          • IC Stars says:

            Well, I hope they beat those “other” Jesuits at SI.

            • IC Stars says:

              I sure didn’t expect a 27-point lead by the Irish against Jesuit… You’re right about Parker Uu. He’s easily their best player.

              • Anonymous says:

                This SHC team just works quietly and are very deadly , so does this blowout win against Jesuit propel them to near top rankings in NORCAL , they sure as hell deserve it . They probably won’t dwell on it and just focus on the task at hand . This team is a sleeper lurking in the shadows , we must all take notice .

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know how Washington’s doing? Heard they’re pretty bad this year.. Sad

  20. Wet-Dogg says:

    these rankings would only matter if there were a tournament of champions for the city. i think we should have something like that not just the three leagues playing each other’s seniors in an all star game. but a real tourney at kezar or something to determine who the best in SF really is.

    • WCAL Fan says:

      That’s a really good idea Wet-Dogg.

    • jbalan says:

      I explored the idea of a postseason tournament last year and was quickly shot down. Because of the CIF state championship rules, if any team plays after the state tournament, they would be disqualified from postseason play in the following year.

      • Anonymous says:

        In a couple years if SFPreps gains enough speed/funding, a SFPREPS funded holiday tourney could be fun and garner a lot of attention.

        • ARHS Stats says:

          Move the Site around from year to year.

          Lincoln and Washington could host every so often, maybe even Mission could host along with SI, SHC, and Riordan.

          If schools with small Gyms, want to host they would have to rent Kezar or U.S.F. to host the tournament.

          Invite the Top Teams

  21. bball says:

    marshall will be on this soon

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