Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart Cathedral serves notice with rout of Jesuit

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Joshua Fox drives through a group of Jesuit defenders on Thursday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Christian Chew)

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Joshua Fox drives through a group of Jesuit defenders on Thursday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Christian Chew)

By Bonta Hill

The Sacred Heart Cathedral boys basketball team was eager to challenge itself against Northern California power Jesuit High School of Carmichael.

In what was supposed to be a measuring stick to see how good the Irish are at this point in the young season, the game turned out to be a mismatch.

The Irish scored the game’s first 14 points and led 24-4 after the first quarter en route to a 67-51 non-league rout of the visiting Marauders on Thursday.

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior guard Herman Pratt leaps to save a ball from going out of bounds against Jesuit on Thursday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Christian Chew)

Sacred Heart (6-0) held Jesuit to 15 percent shooting in the first period and forced six turnovers, leading to 10 early fast-break points.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what the score was, but I knew we were playing well,” said Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour. “We knew [Jesuit] was a good-shooting team and we wanted to limit their 3-point shooting. It was a combination of them missing shots and our half-court defense.”

Offensively, Sacred Heart couldn’t do anything wrong in the opening eight minutes, shooting 70 percent from the field. The Irish went on to shoot 61 percent for the game.

“They came out and made every shot, and played a lot more aggressive than us,” said Jesuit head coach Greg Harcos. “We laid an egg.”

While Jesuit (8-2) was befuddled by the Irish surge, senior forwards Taylor Johns and Joshua Fox controlled everything inside. Fox led Sacred Heart with 16 points and 10 rebounds, and Johns added 10 points and seven rebounds.

But the contributions of senior Tyler Petroni and Herman Pratt could be a big boost this season for Sacred Heart.

Petroni hit two 3s in the pivotal first quarter that broke the game open, and Pratt added five points and two steals.

“Tyler’s doing stuff that he’s capable of doing and it’s not something we don’t expect [from him],” Barbour said. “Herm just plays an all-around game. If we can stay healthy, we can be pretty good [this season].”

Jesuit wasn’t able to amount any serious threat, and in the third quarter, found itself down by 25 points. The Marauders shot 33 percent for the game and committed 16 turnovers.

“When you have guys you count on and things don’t go well for them, it snowballs down to the rest of the team,” Harcos said. “We’ll be back down here next weekend at the Sand Dune tournament, so we’ll see how we respond to this.”

Meanwhile, Sacred Heart will get to enjoy this win before boarding a plane Monday for the Cactus Jam tournament in Phoenix.

“It was good to see our team come out hard and aggressive, and our chemistry is a lot better this season,” Fox said. “It was good to make a splash on the scene.”

Scoring Leaders

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Joshua Fox — 16
Tyler Petroni — 14
Taylor Johns — 10
Hermann Pratt — 9

Parker Uu — 13
Bryce Pressley — 10
Kurt Parker — 6
Thomas Sperbeck — 5

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35 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart Cathedral serves notice with rout of Jesuit"

  1. Some say SI would have the edge against SHC but the way SHC is playing im not sure it might be a blow out if its not a sold out Dunbar show best PG in the league Domingo well have to play extremely well against Johns and Fox two very talented players in the WCAL SHC W57-48L SI

    • guru maybrey from riordan is no joke, fastest guard in league

    • Tall order for SI , SHC seems to be somewhat of a relevation this early in the season – scary because they can only get better , Good luck and keep on keeping on .

  2. It was fun to watch Guru play. He is fast and will take it to the hoop. Also, that other kid Jayday (not sure of spelling –sorry) is fun to watch. Keep it up Crusaders.

    • Feel The Pain | December 23, 2011 at 11:31 AM |

      Love to watch the speed that Riordan has at the Guard position. I can’t wait to see them matchup with T. Dunbar, it should be interesting.

  3. SHC has to be the WCAL class of the City then SI then Riordan. I can’t wait to see Johns and Fox go up against Gordon (Mitty).

  4. Was at this game and came away very impressed with SHC. They are clearly the top team in SF and will contend for the WCAL title, although, IMO, Gordon and Mitty are a bit better. If the Irish can play consistently like they did last night, they have a legit shot at state now that Ashley is gone. They will have to hit free throws at a higher rate though. Good showing for the holy trinity last night. I was surprised to hear Riordan blew University out of the gym. SI was too much for Washington. Looking forward to a fun year in SF Hoops.

  5. For SH to beat Mitty, they are going to have to hit 60-70% and we know thats not going to happen as long as Aaron Gordon swats undersized Irish’s shot attempts in the paint. So basically they will have to hit ten 3-pointers and just hold Gordon to 25 points and the rest of the team to 20 points. Gordon has the “Senque Carey dominate the game for 32 minutes” look. Ive never seen any player besides Carey just own the game in scoring, rebounding and passing and floor control. Gordon is in that category minus the passing.

    Drama, whats your opinion on the progression of Johns and Fox in comparison to last year? What have they added to their games?

    • Johnny Drama | December 23, 2011 at 2:06 PM |

      Ari my man…Happy Holidays. Johns and Fox basically play the same game as last year but they are just a year older which brings a bit more savvy and a bit more physical maturation. Johns is an athletic player but not a “baller” which means he gets by on his athleticism. Fox can play he has a good all around skill set. Good shooter, can post up and can handle it. They are good players who will get some low D1 or D2 looks. The peroni kid is key for them. He plays well they win. If he doesn’t, teams will clog the lane on the bigs……curious to hear your take if you have seen them.

      • Drama, I havent seen them this year. Wanted to go last night but couldnt escape from work. Im always looking for how the college prospect players game translates to the next level. I think Fox can be promising. His shooting form is picture perfect. Fox isnt ultra quick but he plays smart and in slow-motion like speed. If he can add Johnny Mrlik like drive to the basket craziness, he would be a real contributor the next level. Johns Im sad to say wouldve been better suited for one of the basketball academy teams. Under the SH system hes playing out of position because he would be a SF in the next level and he should work on his perimeter game. 90% of his offense is in transition offense, put-backs, and posting against smaller players. So judging by what you saw yesterday, Johns although great for SH, hasnt done much to create some real skills for college. If SH had a 6’7 kid, Johns would definately flourish and show off some real college skills.

        From what I saw of Petroni last year, he definately can shoot. Not sure if hes as accurate as Folan, but if he can get SH 10 points a game thats gravy. The Petroni, Parker, Pratt combination needs to put in 20-25 a game for them reach the next level which should be NCS finals.

        On the SI side, Im not on the Dunbar bandwagon. Lit-tle Tre-vor Dun-bar. Little little little. A 5’9 guy? probably 5’7 in shoes!! Sorry but colleges arent drooling over tiny PGs like this guy. Curious to how more much Domingo will shoot this year given he doesnt have to share with Mrlik. I read Domingo has a soft verbal with VA Tech.

  6. All I can say is “GO IRISH”. Were proud of all of you. Good luck in Phoenix .

  7. i cant help it but….. Bartender!!! THREE shots of Petroni! Whos running point for SH since Tapel is out? Petroni? Pratt? or by committee?

    My top 3 favorite SH PGs: 1) Lyryan Russell, 2) Phil Doherty, 3) JP Passaglia

    • Feel The Pain | December 24, 2011 at 9:12 AM |

      How about Jesse Yamzon, he played up at Skyline in the early 90’s.

      • he was a very good pg considering he was only 5’5″, but built like a fire hydrant. too bad he went up against the great riordan teams of that era. i believe riordan beat sh before a packed house @ kezar by 50 that season.

    • Johnny Drama | December 24, 2011 at 9:56 AM |

      Ari..LaRyan was 5″10 on a good day but more like 5’9 yet he dominated WCAL play with his quickness and vision and earned a ride to USF. Dunbar is similar but dare I say with better handles. You will like him when you see him. He isn’t a dominant big PG like Skiffer but he will do well in league play.

    • Mine are Jerry Mahoney, Harry Heilmann and Matt Gallegos. Really, there’s too many to mention. LyRyan Russell, Dave Pella, Daryl Burns, Albert Johnson, Jr., John Brown (3-pointers were lights-out), Joe Brougher (6’6″ soph starting at point guard and never turned it over). Heilmann played on the 1911 team and Matt was all over the floor, all-league, nailed long shots (before the 3-point stripe), dived after everything in sight and much to the relief of Jerry Phillips, hit his free-throws.

  8. SHC is the big dog of San Francisco period, too much talent but I agree that Fox and Johns to be legit D1 ball players should expand their game. But I give the 2 boys-Fox and Johns credit cause they do what ever it takes to help their team win. These kids play hard and with a huge heart of passion and desire. SI will be up and down this year with good talent like Aguilar-Dunbar-Domingo etc. Riordan is young and will learn the hard way about having to play hard every night to be successful with Mabry-Harvey-Arenas etc…Good luck to the city schools, play hard, play smart and good things will happen!! Go city schools!!

    • Fox and Taylor duo is formidable but to say DI is a stretch. Both will benefit from some JC or DII level. Nothing personal but each may be able to play some at next level while getting a degree. Only DI (ie Pac 12 and above) talent in WCAL is Gordon. Domingo is a stretch but he will have to improve his inside game. Domingo may be mid-level Ivy League type.

      • Well I know that both have an offer from a school in the Sun Belt conference which is a low D1 but is still D1. Its early in the season they will get better as will their team.

  9. The Irish are really going to miss Zach Tapel at point guard. …..That kid brings tough defense and smart play at the point guard position. It sucks that he tore his acl in football ……Hopefully their point guard kalih James steps up right away and runs the team like Tapel did…..

  10. SH will surely miss Zach , but having watched the Jesuit game , both guards James and Otis have stepped up to the plate and are taking the challenge head-on . Good on you lads , continue to work hard and you will reap the benefits of your hard work . Good Luck .

  11. any predictions for the big Bruce Mahoney game ?

    • A nice Irish rout if they don’t let themselves be intimidated.

      • @IC Stars – “a nice Irish rout”?? You’re delusional. BM will be a close, hard-fought game.

        • I didn’t expect the football team to win 38-14 either. See you in January. Bring your earplugs.

          • “On paper” can be thrown out the window when these kids are playing before a full-house at U.S.F.

            The only prediction that will be correct is the place will AGAIN be electric.

  12. Don’t believe SH will miss Tapel as much since they knew right away that he was done with ACL injury from football. So they will be fine with the guards they have. If they keep playing the way they did against Jesuit then they have a chance to go far but pitfalls abound in league play

  13. wow!!!

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