Boys Basketball Top 10: Stuart Hall moves up a spot

The St. Ignatius student section leads a cheer in the Wildcats' loss to Jesuit last week in the Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

The St. Ignatius student section leads a cheer in the Wildcats' loss to Jesuit last week in the Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral (9-0, ranking last week: 1)

The gap seemingly gets wider between the Irish and the rest of the teams in the City every week.

Not only did the Irish win the Cactus Jam tournament in Phoenix with double-digit wins over Eastlake of Washington (3-8), Scottsdale Christian (4-7) and El Toro (13-3), but their earlier win over Jesuit looks even better after the Marauders pounded No. 2 St. Ignatius last week.

2. St. Ignatius (6-4, ranking last week: 2)

The Wildcats took a step back in a blowout loss to Jesuit (11-2) in the Sand Dune final last week, but started the week off well with solid wins over Branson (8-4) and Santa Cruz (8-4).

3. Riordan (7-3, ranking last week: 3)

The Crusaders went 2-1 in the South San Francisco Classic last week, with a close loss to Edison (8-5) sandwiched between blowout wins over Tamalpais (5-7) and Terra Nova (6-7).

With Riordan hosting St. Ignatius in the WCAL opener on Tuesday, the Crusaders will have a golden opportunity to move up.

4. Balboa (11-3, ranking last week: 5)

The Bucs responded to their first losing week with an eight-point win over Carlmont (5-7) in their only game last week.

5. Stuart Hall (11-3, ranking last week: 6)

The Knights had their best win of the season last week in a 45-27 rout of No. 10 Lowell and also took down City foe Wallenberg (2-9) last week.

Stuart Hall is 6-1 against City teams this year, with their only loss coming to No. 4 Balboa.

6. Lick-Wilmerding (9-5, ranking last week: 8)

The Tigers impressed in the Head-Royce Holiday Classic last week, with wins over Oakland Military Institute (7-5) and host Head-Royce (6-3), before dropping the tournament championship game to St. Joseph Notre Dame (9-3) by 11 points.

7. Mission (7-7, ranking last week: 7)

The Bears move up a spot stay put at No. 7 despite a losing record in the Sand Dune Classic last week.

Mission dropped its first two games against Oakland Tech (8-4) and Burlingame (8-4), before taking down St. Mary’s (1-12) for the second time this season.

8. Lincoln (5-9, ranking last week: 4)

The Mustangs may have the talent, but it hasn’t amounted to a winning record.

Lincoln slides to No. 8 after a rough week at the Don Bambauer Holiday Classic, featuring losses to Miramonte (8-3), Arcata (9-3) and Terra Linda (6-6), along with a close win over Encinal (3-7).

The Mustangs will have a pair of opportunities to move up this week, however, with Balboa and Mission kicking off their AAA schedule.

9. Gateway (8-1, ranking last week: 10)

The Gators move up a spot after winning the Drew Invitational last week, with wins over Jewish Community (6-3) and host Drew (2-8) in the tournament championship.

10. Lowell (5-7, ranking last week: 9)

The Cardinals started the season strong, but have been playing their worst basketball in the last two weeks.

Lowell has dropped four straight games, including an 18-point loss to No. 5 Stuart Hall last week, and is only clinging to the No. 10 spot due to previous wins over borderline contenders Galileo and Urban.

On the brink: Waldorf (4-3), Urban (7-5), Galileo (4-8) (5-7) and University (5-8).

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23 Comments on " Boys Basketball Top 10: Stuart Hall moves up a spot"

  1. Galileo is 5-7, not 4-8 cause they beat Alameda last week.

  2. Riordan will be # 2 next week. SI plays like a small team…they are not that good.

    • Looking forward to that game! Two excellent PG’s battling and both teams are just about healthy.

    • Looks like that won’t happen. SI just beat Riordan and more than likely will stay at the 3 spot or may drop to 4. However, I don’t see them going any lower than 4.

  3. If Mission was 7th last week and are 7th this week, how did they move up a spot? Was this a typo?

  4. Yo gateway is RAW

    • gateway is really not that good. they have some talent, but play extremely sloppy at times. they should be contenders for the BCL Central if they can play fundamental basketball and limit their turnovers.

      • BCL Central Viewer | January 4, 2012 at 9:02 PM |

        Gateway is a solid team with all of the right pieces to move up this top 10 list. However they are prone to sloppy play and need to begin to limit turnovers but seem to work extremely well as a team, with great chemistry. They seem to begin to play better with each game.
        Watch out..

  5. I believe SI is the better team, but you’re right that SI plays like a small team because the players in the paint are small. The Mitty and SHC games will be brutal for SI unless they make changes.

  6. give me a break!! how is Lincoln up there with a 5-9 record?!?!?! come on!

  7. how far off is wash from being in the top 10?

  8. Lowell shouldnt be in the top 10… They got ran by Stuart Hall even with a few of their main players non factors And Urban and Gal are definetly better

  9. We will see if jbalan knows if his ranks are correct

  10. Stuart hall should be number 3 at least 4th in the city

    • Feel The Pain | January 4, 2012 at 4:19 PM |

      Stuart Hall has been a pleasant suprise coming out of the BCL. However, it’s difficult to substantiate a 3 or 4 ranking when they lost to the # 4 team Balboa head up, which was taken apart by the #3 team Riordan by 28. Hard to move them any higher than where they are currently at. But like I said, they are a solid team who has defeated both Lowell and Mission, not to mention Wallenburg.

    • How do you figure that?

      SI beat Riordan

      Riordan beat Balboa

      Balboa beat Stuart Hall

      And Sacred Heart Cathedral is the number one ranked team in the city.

      Closest game was the Balboa vs, Stuart Hall Game, a 5 point win for Balboa,

      Since you can’t figure that out, maybe Stuart Hall needs to be dropped a few rankings until you can.

      I don’t see anyway for Stuart Hall to pass the teams ahead of them, since Riordan beat Balboa by over 20 points.

      • ARHS: Stuart Hart is finally putting out a decent sports team so their fans are excited and that’s causing them to post “interesting” and misguided comments like the one above. You’re going to have to forgive them for this!

        • *Hall.. LOL See, I’m getting the school name wrong so it just goes to show who really cares about Stuart Hall. But I hope they continue to have a good season.

  11. Feel The Pain | January 4, 2012 at 5:02 PM |

    Balboa’s ranking will be put to the test in the next week. Their 11-3 record is stellar, but the level of competition they have faced has not been as challenging as other AAA schools during the pre-season. With that said, they have an opportunity to send a message that they are legit. They have:

    1/4-@ Lincoln (disappointing pre-season, can right the ship with a win here)
    1/6-Hm Washington (looking for respect)
    1/9-@ Mission (Bucs guards will be put to the test)
    1/11- Hm Marshall (2 current Bucs play the school they transferred from- If Marshall has PG Sears, watch out )

    The AAA schedule is unpredicatble and there will be upsets throughout the season, so it’s hard to pick where teams from that league would fall from #3 to #10. Still think Mission is the favorite, but a host of other schools will look to challenge them. In any event, we shall see as the games unfold. Looking forward to an interesting AAA season.

    • Feel The Pain | January 4, 2012 at 5:07 PM |

      Meant to put #4 to #10. SH, SI, and Riordan should not move all season IMO even if they accumulate losses in the rugged WCAL. They are far and away the top 3 in the CITY.

    • I like your analysis. You are correct that even though the Bucs have a great record, the strength of it hasn’t been as strong as others. Mission, Lincoln, and Lowell have even and sub .500 records respectively, but that’s due to playing a stronger schedule.

      In the case of Mission, they could’ve won a couple of more games had they played up to their potential. Bal has a small team and it will be tough for them to go up against teams that have tall players. If they play SMART and stick to the fundamentals (especially in the rebounding department), they will be able to compete with the bigger teams.

      Mission looked shaky in the preseason, but I do believe they will get it together and have a successful run in league play. They remain my pick to win it all. Lincoln isn’t that far off. Luckily, Mission, Lincoln, and Bal (and Washington) are all in the Lang Division. Whoever earns first place in that division (without a tie-breaker) will become champions (as I stated, I believe it will be Mission).

      In the event that I am wrong, the champions will come from the Lang Division due to it being the stronger of the two divisions (with all due respect to my fellow Neff Division teams).

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