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Games of the day – Balboa vs. Lincoln boys basketball: Balboa has put up an impressive non-league record, but will get one of their toughest challenges from the Mustangs, a preseason AAA favorite. Lincoln has a glaring size advantage, but Balboa senior guard Jonathan Burnoski is coming into his own, scoring 20 points or more in four of his last five games. Galileo vs. Lowell girls basketball: The Cardinals have undoubtedly been the most impressive AAA squad in the non-league season, but Galileo has put together a winning record as well. Unfortunately for the Lions, recent history is not on their side. Galileo has lost at least 18 straight matchups with Lowell (AAA records only go back to 2002). For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Lincoln 47, Balboa 39
Mission 85, Marshall 66
Burton 88, O’Connell 24
Lowell 57, Galileo 51 (OT)
Washington 73, Jordan 18
ISA 37, Wallenberg 31

BCL Central boys basketball
Gateway 57, Leadership 50
Bay 55, International 29

Non-league boys basketball
University 76, Oakland 62
Oakland Military Institute 50, Urban 47

AAA girls basketball
Lowell 58, Galileo 41
Mission 48, Marshall 37
Lincoln 57, Balboa 53
Washington 2, Jordan 0 (forfeit)
Wallenberg @ ISA, 5:30 p.m.

BCL Central girls basketball
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 45, Waldorf 22
Gateway 44, Leadership 29
International 64, Bay 27

WCAL girls basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 59, Notre Dame (Belmont) 36

Non-league girls basketball
University 49, Athenian (Danville) 28
Urban 64, Oakland Military Institute 23

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31 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. From the San Francisco Section office…

    ISA girls basketball has dropped it’s varsity team this season and Jordan girls basketball will forfeit its first two AAA games.

  2. BALBOA lost. We will see new rankings next week. LINCOLN boys ranked #4 in the CITY???

    • what a good game between these two teams. it went down to the wire but the 4th quarter was all lincoln. they outplayed balboa and #25 and #5 of lincoln played an awesome 4th quarter. there you go kid, you play like that and that what it takes to win games. DEFENSE!

  3. Washington – 102 June Jordan – 21

    • You gotta be kidding me? We’re U there?

    • When you have this type of lopsided score in any sport, its definately a mis-allocation of the school’s funds towards a sports program. Losing like that teaches nothing. It neither promotes health, competition, or life lessons. Do your school a favor and put that money into technology or even better hiring teachers that can make a real difference in a kid’s life.

      • joe da schmoe | January 4, 2012 at 9:14 PM |

        the real score was 73-18

      • Wow, are you really trying to correlate a sports score with funding towards a sports program? Interesting. C’mon Ari Gold, I know you’re smarter than that. Jordan just doesn’t have the talent. It’s still fairly a new school.

      • So you would rather have a kid from the inner city on the streets maybe gang-banging because sports isn’t offered at that school or playing a sport like basketball which teaches life lessons like teamwork, hard work and perseverance??

        • JJ: WELL SAID!!!!!

        • @JJ thats the a pretty shallow-minded thought you came up with. Youve watched Sunset Park and Coach Carter wayyyyyyy too many times. Just because theres no sports program at a school doesnt mean the kids are going to join a gang or do gang-like activities. Ever heard of performing arts, music classes, band, art classes? High school sports isnt the only show at the school and Im sure these other educational departments would love to have more funding instead of it going to a sports team that has a hard time filling their roster or getting kids to actually be interested in. … GC and BBFan *smh smh*

          • So basically you have no real defense to what JJ said! You said JJ’s comment was shallow-minded, you might want to check yourself first before making such a strong statement. It’s okay, some people can handle the truth and some can’t. We obviously know which one you are!

  4. Great job Burton!!!!!

  5. Just as a side note, the AAA records only go back to 2002 because the record keeping prior to current commissioner, Mr. Donald Collins, wasn’t up to par. This is not the fault of any one particular person, but as a whole, it should’ve been done a lot better.

  6. Wallenberg lost to ISA? WOW

  7. Balboa needs some depth, Lincoln looked pretty good but I wonder if Mission will be a little too fast for them

    Interested in seeing Burton and Lowell

  8. Urban @ OMI ?

    • bballobserver | January 5, 2012 at 11:17 AM |

      Baffling loss. After winning the Rincon Valley Tournament against a fine Ferndale team, Urban couldn’t put this game together. Defense is Urban’s strength and offense good at points. Nate Cohen scored 18 points (about his average). Matulich and Cohen had solid rebounds. Matulich and Monges had 10 and 9 points. Defense didn’t hold.

  9. I want to today & I just found out that Lincoln def. Balboa 63-57 not 57-53.

  10. Coach Smith | January 5, 2012 at 12:36 PM |

    Correction, JV lost 63-57 and Varsity lost 57-53.

  11. 57-50 doesn’t really reflect the balance of the gateway vs. Leadership game. gateway controlled the game, but sloppy turnovers lead to room for leadership to come back. gators look good when they play with intensity and control at the same time. they were KILLING leadership in the first quarter. gateway looks solid.

  12. Is Bay really that good? or is International a weak team?

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