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Games of the day – Lincoln vs. Mission boys basketball: The two AAA favorites won their first league games on Wednesday and both teams should be healthy for what could be a AAA championship preview. Mercy vs. Mercy-Burlingame girls basketball: The Skippers take on their namesake rival from the Peninsula and have beaten the Crusaders in at least 11 straight games, dating back to 2005. St. Ignatius vs. Mitty boys basketball: The Wildcats were one of just two teams to beat the Monarchs in their run to a Division II to state championship last season and Mitty will return to the site of that loss tonight. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Washington 76, Balboa 50
Mission 72, Lincoln 67
Lowell 51, Burton 42 (OT)
Wallenberg 55, O’Connell 33
Galileo 58, ISA 40
Marshall 98, Jordan 29

BCL Central boys basketball
Waldorf 61, International 26

WCAL boys basketball
Mitty (San Jose) 51, St. Ignatius 39
Bellarmine (San Jose) 52, Sacred Heart Cathedral 51
Riordan 57, Valley Christian (San Jose) 48

AAA girls basketball
Washington 73, Balboa 41
Lowell 62, Burton 15
Lincoln 71, Mission 33

BCL Central girls basketball
International 60, Waldorf 19
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 60, Leadership 8

Non-league girls basketball
Mercy 72, Mercy (Burlingame) 32

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  1. Where’s the girls and boys top 10?

  2. FYI re SI vs Mitty boys bball and to all you Gordon watchers.

    According to the mercury news Aaron Gordon is recovering from mono and came off the bench in the 3rd Qtr Tuesday to lead Mitty to an OT win against the Bells. Maybe his minutes will be limited tonight and give SI a chance?


    • Thanks for that heads up, sfpatriot. As a causal fan, would have been disappointed to show up for the game with no Gordon. Hope he plays, though.

      • Gordon is playing, but he got stuffed at the rim about 2 times by Domingo. He does look a little weak running up and down the floor. Still having a decent game. Start of 3rd coming up.

  3. Beat Mitty!! Go Cats!!!

  4. Oh so lucky Gordon isn’t starting. Domingo you lucked out!

  5. Here at the SI-Mitty game, and the Head Coach of the Arizona Wildcats is here, Coach Miller.

    • Uncle Frank | January 6, 2012 at 9:58 PM |

      Univ. of Washington coach Lorenzo Romar was at SI last week during the Sand Dune to watch Domingo. Former SI big man Paul Fortier, now an asst. coach at washington, was there the not before hanging with Domingo after the game. Huskies are making a big push.

      Romar, a former point guard, should put Dunbar on his radar as well. Kid reminds me of Alton Bird, Reardon ’75. Not at that level yet, but he’s only a sophomore.

      • I think Arizona has a good shot at Stephen Domingo, although he didn’t really have a good game vs Mitty. He even shook hands with Coach Miller after the game. Aaron Gordon spoke with the Arizona’s coach after the game too. Trevor Dunbar had a great game in front of Coach Miller, so he might gather some interest from Pac 12 coaches later on.

        • Mitty put big guard on Domingo; he was a non-factor whole night. Again too many fade-aways and never contested inside. I will be curious if SHC puts Fox on Domingo on Tuesday. Dumbar is solid as point but is trapped in a half-court game. Mitty did a good job in not lettng him get his passes off in half court. They gave him an opportunity to score and he had some nice touches. Probably (like DOmingo) plays well in a AAU setting. Solid effort by Mitty to expose SI. Mitty is also good in transition. Being Arizona in town, this was an easy game for coach to watch and confirm the strengths and weakeness of Domingo and Gordon. Gordon despite the mono, is such a presence and fluid both in and out. They put him in the game as much as needed. HE, will be a cant miss at next level.

          Alton Byrd was special in the day. Dumbar a lot more solid physically as I recall Byrd, but Alton was something to watch in the half court games of the day.

          • What I remember of Alton Byrd was his low top converse shoes; made him look quicker than everybody else. He also had Elmer Love to pass to (kinda stringie like Domingo, but muscled inside. Those Riordan/SH/SI games in the early 70’s were epic. How about Daryl Burns and Don Burl, Tapia. All three guards could play today’s game.

            • W.Alum, you’re reading my mind. Daryl was a great shooter. Don Burl could play with anyone out there. No shot clock, no three-point stripe.

              • Uncle Frank | January 8, 2012 at 1:15 AM |

                Of course, Uncle Frank prefers to recall the ’75 and ’76 WCAL seasons when SH and Riordan weren’t much of a threat. Si went 23-1 in the regular season those two years losing only on a home town job in the jungle game at Serra in ’75. Naturally, they won the WCAL tourneys as well. The ’75 team started 4 seniors and yet the juniors who were second string that year later went 12-0 in ’76. I think that makes the ’75 team one of the best WCAL teams top to bottom.

              • Not Uncle Frank | January 8, 2012 at 7:32 AM |

                SI had the refs in their pockets.

  6. SF Wrestling | January 6, 2012 at 7:51 PM |

    Lowell defeats Burton 51-42 in OT

  7. MARSHALL 98
    JORDAN 29

  8. Feel The Pain | January 6, 2012 at 8:13 PM |

    With today’s loss to Washington, Balboa could be looking at an 0-4 record to begin AAA action with games against Mission and Marshall next week. They will definitely drop in the rankings but how far?

    • BALBOA will easily fall out of the top 10 rankings, if they happen to be 0-4 to start off the AAA season. They definitely need a W next week to stay in the top 10

  9. Refs swallowed their whistles this game. Letting everything go. Gordon getting a lot of no calls. Dunbar ok, he’s impressed me so far. But the slow down game isn’t suiting his skills. Seems like he’s restricted running this organized half court SI offense.

  10. Galileo Lions- 60
    ISA- 40

  11. just watching | January 6, 2012 at 8:49 PM |

    how did balboa lose to washington??

  12. Feel The Pain | January 6, 2012 at 9:04 PM |

    From San Jose- Bellarmine 52 SH 51

    • ARE YOU Kidding Me???? Were you there? How bad were the refs?

      • Could you imagine if SHC had Dunbar this year with the two BIGs…they would be killing people!!! But I’m happy he is at SI with Domingo too.

  13. The Lowell and Burton game was intense and very close..

    • Overtime is as close as you can get But remember Lowell has been playing without their starting center , sprained ankle, with him it’s not that close

  14. purplemomba | January 6, 2012 at 9:52 PM |

    Congratulations Crusaders! Way to persevere despite the distractors and distractions!

  15. Today game between mission and Lincoln was a good game but unfortunately Lincoln lost but not to poor offense but to poor officiating. The referee that are hired to do the job has to get better at making these calls. They need to stay up to date with referee lesson. And being an ex player and ref, I know you have to take refresh course and today it was bad. Too many miss calls and it was obvious that the ref made these call out of favoritism. Remember, just do your job and if you call one down there, you need to call the same the other way. I don’t like the way one of the ref, I think he was so moan, made call. It was bad but it was good for mission. Honestly, I didn’t care who won but Lincoln did not have a fair game. Too bad…

  16. Ditto..well said bb fan. I was so disgusted with that same ref.

    • You are the same person as Bb fan. I can see your IP address. Don’t try to amplify your point under a different name.

      • Same ip but different person jb.

        • Whatever. The officiating was not the issue for Lincoln.

          • What!? You were at the game and you say its not officiating. Hey, sorry but I still don’t believe you saying this. I know it is a job for you not to be bias when you write but at least be real about certain issues. I am not saying you are not a good writer but a good writer see what he writes and you weren’t paying attention jb.

            • It was no worse than any other high school basketball games I’ve seen.

              How about all of the free throws Lincoln shot in the fourth quarter on borderline Mission fouls to get back into the game? I paid attention to those.

              Don’t make excuses for Lincoln’s loss. Mission played better.

              • jbalan burning everybody out here with the truth!!!!!
                by the way, what number are you on Lincoln, bb fan(anonymous)???

    • JB got ’em again!!!!! Mission is going to win the Lang division and the championship anyway. Excuses won’t help anyone, so stop making them! Stick to facts!

  17. Looks like BALBOA will have a free-fall in the rankings. 2 Straight AAA games, and 2 straight losses, and one being a blowout loss to an “average” WASH club. Teams are figuring out how to beat this club. Adjustments have to be made on Onondaga. I used to deliver pizza at Balboa like 15 years ago, and the school kinda looks like a correctional facility, lol.

  18. SHC looked past Bellarmine and lost. They must’ve been looking ahead to the Bruce-Mahoney game. Mitty is good, but I don’t think they will go undefeated in The WCAL. I think Riordan’s ballclub in 2001 Is better than this year’s Mitty team. maybe it was because Gordon was sick??

    • It’s easy to come to that conclusion, but a call here, a mental mistake there can cost a win in a tight game. I’ll bet Coach Barbour had plenty to tell these guys afterwards. On the other hand, if they did look past Bellarmine, they had better make it worth it. I don’t want to see the trophy game be up to baseball.

  19. Great job ladies keep up the good work, Mercy 14-0 next stop East Side College Prep, Good Luck

  20. Lowell’s boys (probably the favorite to finish atop the Neff Division) got pushed to the limit by Burton. Could it be that the Neff Division is up for grabs now? GREAT JOB PUMAS!

    • Burton wins if their great shooter TC knocks down those free throws with 2 seconds remaining in regulation. The free throws were the result of a Tech-foul by a fan running onto the court with time on the clock and Lowell up 40-39. Great game Cardinal and Pumas.

      • A fan seriously ran onto the floor with time remaining? That’s sad, not to mention, bad timing as well. Either way the game was still close. Did that fan get ejected?

        • Lowell head coach Rob Ray called me about it tonight.

          With Burton down by a point, a fan, who thought the game was over, ran on the floor with seconds left and a technical foul was charged to Lowell.

          Terence Ching shot the two free throws, but made only one, sending the game to overtime.

          The fan was ejected.

          • Thanks JB. Maybe the fan is new to the basketball scene. Everyone knows that the game is over when the buzzer sounds and the referees blow their whistle. Also, last time I checked, there is a game clock on the scoreboard at Lowell. In essence, the fan really didn’t have any excuse to think the game was over before it actually was. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way I guess.

          • Hey JB I’m a Lowell student, (hence the school IP) and I have some more info on the fan. The kid is one of the most obnoxious fans at our school and had already been banned from attending soccer games after screaming “Shoot it!” and “Hey is this JV?” when ever the other got the ball, followed by “You suck major D!” whenever they lost it. Mr. Ray was SOOOOOOOO mad and hes also the athletic director so the kid is banned from attending any Lowell sporting event for the indefinite future. They even considered suspending him.

  21. Great job Riordan. Despite what’s going on, you’re still staying focused on what you need to focus on….and that’s winning bball games!

  22. what was june jordans results and if marshall beated washington in the preseason then they could do it again.

    • Feel The Pain | January 7, 2012 at 12:15 PM |

      They definitely are a team to watch. I’ve seen them play and their record does not do them justice. A few months back, I mentioned that this was a team to watch in AAA play, but they lost some games and were off most people’s radars. The LANG Division is the better of the two divisions and it is conceivable that Balboa may not make the playoffs if they go 0-2 this coming week. They need to win one of these games, probably against Marshall to stay in it, if not they will have to win the re-matches and get some help from NEFF Division schools, otherwise they have a tough task ahead in the next month and a half.

      As for the NEFF, Lowell continues to do it with defense and timely shooting with 2 OT wins. Aside from June Jordan, Lowell could anywhere from 3-2 to 0-5 against LANG’s other teams. Lowell’s style of play will keep them in most games, but winning 2 OT games vs. Galileo and Burton, are a harbinger of things to come against the LANG schools. If Lowell ended up being the #1 seed from the NEFF, they will struggle with whomever the #4 from the LANG will be in the playoffs. They have O’Connell, Wallenburg, and ISA in the next three games so they should be 5-0 heading into their battle with Marshall on the 18th. That game should be a nice measuring stick of how good the Cardinal are.

      • Very discliplined and well coordinated. But can they beat teams that play very aggresive and and beat other teams by 35up.

        • Feel The Pain | January 8, 2012 at 9:58 AM |

          That’s exactly my point. I don’t want to bash on Lowell, but their style of play is not conducive to blowing teams out by 35+. Their guards will wilt under aggressive play and they have no post presence, so with that said, they will fall to the likes of Mission and Lincoln, but keep it eerily close in games vs. Balboa, Washington, and Marshall. I agree with you, the Cardinal is just not athletic or long enough to play with those teams, but Coach Ray will devise a plan to keep them in some of those games. Like I said earlier, I can’t wait to see how they stack up 6 straight games against the LANG, it’ll be interesting.

  23. It wasnt a tourney back then. Simply top 4 league team made the playoffs (1v4; 2v3). The current politically correct tourney format didnt come into place until the late 80’s. And only the champion was guaranteed a place in CCS (in which there was only one division). It truely made every league game important. Yes, the Juan Mitchell led Cats were good.

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