Boys Basketball: St. Ignatius can’t keep up in second half of loss to Mitty

St. Ignatius sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar tries to drive past a Mitty defender on Friday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

St. Ignatius sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar tries to drive past a Mitty defender on Friday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Aaron Perez)

By Bonta Hill

The St. Ignatius boys basketball team went into the halftime break against visiting Mitty down by just a point after a jumper at the buzzer by junior forward Stephen Domingo.

It seemed that the shot could spark the Wildcats and possibly lead to an upset of the defending Division II state champions, but St. Ignatius missed its first five shots in the third quarter to kick-start a 11-0 Mitty run, before eventually falling 51-39 to the Monarchs in West Catholic Athletic League play.

After hanging with the Monarchs in the first half, the Wildcats (7-5, 1-1) shot only 25 percent from the floor in the final sixteen minutes.

Domingo shot 2-for-12 from the floor, finished with five points and was held scoreless in the second half.

“We shot poorly, and if Stephen makes [only two shots], it’s going to be hard for us to win,” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon. “We just don’t have many other weapons.”

St. Ignatius couldn’t take advantage of below-average performance from standout Mitty forward Aaron Gordon, who didn’t start the game due to a battle with mononucleosis and was visibly hampered by the illness coming off the bench.

Gordon, who Mitty head coach Tim Kennedy didn’t think would play, finished with only six points while playing in spurts.

But forward Neil Vranicar and guard Jordan White would pick up the slack for the Monarchs (10-1, 2-0).

Vranicar finished with 11 points while chasing around Domingo on defense and White added 10 points, including a crushing 3-pointer with just over two minutes left that put the Monarchs up 49-38.

“Offensively, our seniors really stepped up after coming out a little tight,” Kennedy said. “Vranicar and White really hit some big shots for us tonight and relieved some pressure off the big fella.”

A bright spot for the Wildcats was the play of sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar.

Dunbar, who scored a team-high 14 points, sank back-to-back jumpers in the fourth quarter that cut the Mitty lead to 36-32.

But after St. Ignatius missed two free throws and a chance to cut the Monarchs’ lead to two points, Mitty’s Conner Peterson got fouled while attempting a 3-pointer – the second time the Wildcats fouled him on the perimeter – and Peterson sank all three, extending the lead to 39-32.

St. Ignatius would get no closer the rest of the game and shot just 27 percent from the floor in the fourth quarter.

With the Bruce-Mahoney game coming next week against rival Sacred Heart Cathedral, Reardon wasn’t looking ahead to Tuesday. Instead, he focused on what his team can do to get better.

“We’re not where we need to be. We’re not ready to be a good team yet,” Reardon said. “Hopefully, in two practices, we can put together a game plan and be able to execute it. Hopefully we’ll be able to shoot a little bit better.”

Scoring Leaders

Conner Peterson – 13
Neil Vranicar – 11
Jordan White – 10
Aaron Gordon – 6

St. Ignatius
Trevor Dunbar – 14
Nick Johnson – 7
Stephen Domingo – 5
Antonio Aguliar – 4
Noah Bull – 4

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70 Comments on "Boys Basketball: St. Ignatius can’t keep up in second half of loss to Mitty"

  1. SI only lost by 12…not bad, however, they really should’ve capitalize on the fact that Gordon didn’t play much. Mitty does have other weapons, such as Peterson (who is a real good player) and Vranicar, so they have the talent to pick up the slack when Gordon isn’t in. SI, on the other hand, shouldn’t totally rely on Domingo. Coach Reardon’s comment “…and if Stephen makes [only two shots], it’s going to be hard for us to win,” implies that they do rely heavily on him. I haven’t seen SI play, but I’m sure they have other guys that can step up to the plate, just like Mitty did in Gordon’s absense.

    I’m pretty sure Domingo will, AGAIN, be criticized for his play, but the fact of the matter is, basketball is a team sport. When you know one of your star players is having a rough night, it’s up to the rest of the team to step it up. You can not always rely on your top guy(s). SI will bounce back from this. Good game both for SI and Mitty.

  2. A terrible game played with minimal intensity! SI’s shot selection had everything to do with why they shot poorly.Fadeaway 3’s, pull-up 2’s with pressure. Post players with weak post moves and finishes inside. Mitty got cleaner looks from the perimeter. Gordon definitely looked hobbled by his mono. His moves were’nt explosive…. same crossover EVERY time.. (Uhhhhhh figure it out SI) leaving off 1 foot with no extension… He did a great job of finding open teammates for great looks…. and that was a difference in the game…. as compared to Domingo’s nauseating shot selection…. dunbar did a nice job getting penetration and finished with some nice floaters and pull ups… SI’s offensive attack and mindset won’t win many games! And it wasn’t a byproduct of great Mitty D.

  3. The turning point of this game was when Antonio Aguilar clanked 2 free throws for SI. Like the article said, making the 2 FT’s would’ve cut the Mitty’s lead to 2. The ref also made a bad call when Aaron Gordon’s rear end was sitting out of bounds while calling timeout, and the ref gave him the timeout. The JV game was actually more exciting, to tell you the truth. SI JV won by 2, but Mitty went for the tie and the tying bucket rolled off the rim. I thought Mitty should tried for a 3 to win the game.

  4. Bonta, your numbers are a bit off. Domingo actually shot 1-12 from the field and completed 3 free throws, finishing with 6 points. Last night was Dunbar’s coming out party, as he picked up the slack from the rest of his team, dribbled through defenders, hitting step back jumpers and nailing floaters in the lane. The rest of Mitty’s team did a great job stepping up when Gordon was clearly in no position to play basketball. Number 15, I’m not sure of his name, shut down Domingo on one side, and was light out from downtown on the other side. I was definitely impressed with Mitty’s guard play. I have watched SI play a couple games this season, and I have seen similar performances from all their players. Last night, Dunbar emerged as an elite player while Arizona’s head coach watched on. I was rather disappointed with Domingo, as this is the third game I have seen him perform like this. I came out to watch a Gordon-Domingo show, which nobody got, but it was still an entertaining game. Congrats Monarchs.

    • I stand corrected Lukas, old age seems to be creeping on me a lot earlier than I anticipated. Domingo had one field goal in the first half and none in the second. However, I still have him down for five points. The shot he made before the halftime was a two-pointer, not a three. Plus his three free throws. Nevertheless, he had a tough night.


    • I agree that the lack of senior leadership for SI is lacking. The only senior that gets significant playing time is Nick Johnson and I don’t even think he’s really a vocal leader. Johnny Mrilik was a great leader, and is currently playing well in college, getting huge minutes off the bench. SI can start winning, but the leadership has to come from somewhere, most likely from one of the 3 captains. We should see this Tuesday who will become SI’s leader on the floor.

  6. It was pretty much a full house last night. I must of missed the play when Gordan got hit in the face. What happened? He seems more humble than his brother was at this age. Good game last night but if Gordon was at full strength it probably would have been a blow out.

    • Johnny Drama | January 7, 2012 at 11:46 AM |

      I agree. He is a nice kid and seems to have learned from his brother’s experience. If he was even at 50% it would have been a blowout.

      Dunbar played very good and needs to take a bigger offensive load. Domingo has looked very average and yesterday looked below average. My man Ari may be right!

      • Gordon was dribbling around the right side of the key. It seemed like he looked up and collided with the defender’s elbow or something. He flinched, lost the ball, looked at the ref who was coughing up his whistle and got no call. Shortly after on the return possession, the ref called a time out because Gordon was bleeding. Will def need to see him again healthy. You could feel the gym/game shift when he joined the game.

        • Even though he has mono, Gordon played because Mitty relies on him to run their offense. Mitty looked like a middle of the pack WCAL team without him in the game and the game absolutely shifts when he comes in because his teammates are used to him playing a point forward position and opening up the floor for them.

          I thought Coach Reardon actually prepared a good game plan and mixed up the defensive looks quite a bit. SI’s defense was able to keep the Mitty offense at bay for most of the first half and the Wildcats had a legitimate chance at winning this game at halftime. Trevor Dunbar is quite a player and he was on his game last night, but the Wildcats need someone else to score with Trevor if they want to win league games. Last year, when SI relied so heavily on Mrlik for their offense, you saw them win tight games when guys like Domingo, Johnson, and Aguilar would step up. Anyone who saw the game last night knows Trevor has the tools to take this team to the next level, but he needs his teammates to take advantage of the open looks they were getting (many of which Trevor helped create).

          Last night wasn’t as discouraging as many people might think because SI missed so many open shots that they would normally make. Domingo is not a 1 for 12 shooter and Roberts’s 3 quick fouls in the second half hampered his playing time, and subsequently, his scoring ability. Basketball is a team game and last night, the shots weren’t falling for the Wildcats as a team. I look forward to seeing how their strategy changes against Sacred Heart on Tuesday because they will need multiple guys to hit jumpers and spread the floor to keep pace with the Irish

          • Roll Cats-
            What game were you watching… SI’s shot selection was brutal!!!!!! except for a couple of floaters by Dunbar, a couple clean 3’s from their down screen pop up Princeton action..1 clean look from 3 in 2nd half..Dunbar can be a special penetrating player as he develops, explosive dribble moves..but is he going to develop with the good ol boySI network of alums who cant coach a lick! Game plan???…. Straight man and a 2-3 zone?? Thats mixing it up…. Did you watch Gordon off dribble…one move a crappy crossover where he leaves off 1 foot and throws up slop! And they let him do it at least 8x!!!!! Gordon did a great job of finding open teammates in catch n shoot situations though and Mitty has a nice grasp of shot selection…open 3’s and basket finishes.

            • @Jumpah I was watching the SI vs. Mitty game that happened last night. You’re talking about the shots that they made, not the ones that they missed where they had open looks. You can criticize the Princeton all you want but they got into their sets better than they have in some of their previous games and the offense is going to be staying, it’s tough to learn but clearly the coaches believe they can execute in it. Defensively, they had the plan in place to let Mitty not Gordon beat them and look what happened, Gordon scored 6 points (his season low) and yep, Mitty did end up winning it. I wouldn’t go as far to say they let Gordon beat them off the dribble and score 8 times, because you’ll notice, he scored 6 points. So you’re clearly exaggerating here. I’ll give you the point you’re saying about Mitty having a nice grasp of shot selection, they let Gordon run their offense and take their cues from him and his supporting cast is very comfortable with him in the game. But when he goes out, their offense just doesn’t score.

              • Is a fade away 3 an open look? Uhhhhhh no …. is a fade away square in the air 3 an easy shot to hit.coming off a double screen?…Uhhhhh no! Is a step back 3 with a guy in your mug an open look….uhhhhh no!
                Listen and learn. What is good shot selection? Easy scores…finishes at rim, floaters and wide open 3’s..
                How do you get easy baskets? Dominating post…flex cut lay ups shuffle cut lay-ups… back door layups…spread floor drive and finish lay ups…press turnover lay-ups… If you watch enough basketball you’ll notice every great scorer has a variety of finishes they can execute now…especially floaters that are 7-11 foot shots that are too quick for a defensive big man to block…3’s are just a byproduct of great mechanics and practice..Alll you have to do is master the shots you want to take by allotting practice time.Not allowing your team to settle for slop n vomit shot selection is a coaches responsibility to define in practice… That clearly is not done after watching SI last night!
                I LOVE that Princeton action that got them a couple of nice looks…how bout using a high ball screen for Dunbar a little more…. or pick anId pop with the 2 “D-1’s”? Or create unbalanced floor situations that “force” the defense to help off a great shooter…or give up a lay-up. It’s called having an innovative approach to basketball, and based on SI’s recent history of basketball success with numerous league, section and state titles….
                Not really exaggerating I’m saying he went left EVERY time and he got by his guy..couldn’t finish and put up slop!…Nice scouting and in game adjustments. All players have pet moves they like. Any good player picks up on those things…and a good coach with a feel will see it in film and when scouting an opponent in person.
                Class dismissed, Roll Cats…I’ll get back to the Warriors now! Puuuuuuuuuke!!

  7. Feel The Pain | January 7, 2012 at 12:30 PM |

    Although it’s still early in the season, I’m glad to see that Dunbar is getting his due. To many his height is a question mark to play on the next level, but I think he is showing that his reputation is justified. Like others have mentioned, this was his coming out party with Domingo being shut down and it’s just the beginning of what this kid can do. I’ve seen it for over 5 years and he’s only going to get better with his decision making. Just like his behind the back, no look passes, he will continue to amaze us all. Good luck TJ, continue to do your thing!

  8. Everyone kept saying last year’s SI coach was bad, but Coach Reardon hasn’t done much better. I think Domingo would’ve had a better game, if he didn’t know the Arizona Wildcats coach was there, but it was obvious he knew he was there. Most of those shots he tried were very makeable. I think Arizona is a good school for Domingo if he wants to make the NBA, but his jumper has to be more consistent.

    • NBA?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

      • Players like Jeremy Lin make the NBA, so anything is possible.

        • Johnny Drama | January 7, 2012 at 2:30 PM |

          Jeremy Lin led his HS to a state championship beating state power Mater Dei in the finals…..let Domingo win anything in HS before you compare the two……..I would love to see him win anything for SI, I’m an alum.

        • jeremy lin was way better than any SI player right now when he was a sophomore. please. sorry that the domingo kid had to hear this.

      • Coach Reardon definitely is not utilizing the talent he has…SI should be a lot better with a guy like Domingo there. Either start highlighting him like Johnny Mrlick or get him to crash the boards this year!!!!

        • @ Drama: Who do you think the better shooter is, Mrlik or Domingo?

          • Johnny Drama | January 7, 2012 at 9:09 PM |

            When they are wide open, Domingo, with a defender in his face, Mrlik. It appears that Domingo struggles when he is the main guy. When he had Mrlik as the main guy, he got open looks and buried them. His game is too one dimensional at this time and he has been exposed. He can impact the game defensively and on the glass but when his shot isn’t falling he tends to shut down across the board.

          • Mrlik is definately a better shooter than Domingo (no disrespect, just fact). Look, Domingo is a nice lookn ballplayer who fits the image that lots of coach look for in a player. He has potential and you cant teach 6’7″ with potential. That is why teams are looking at him. Does he have a lot to improve on, you bet. However, he MAY fit into somebody’s plan as a role player at next level. I imagine he got all his exposure on the AAU circuit where they dont look for defensive minded players but players that can play in the open court. The WCAL game does not fit him. I call it the “Johnny Bravo” syndrome. As much older posters, he fits the image of kids to watch. As for NBA, a big stretch. With the right team, he can be a nice role player at the next level. With his SI education, he may fit in well at a mid-level, WCC or Ivy League team. He may get his looks from the Pac-10 teams (because he is on the radar from this past summer), but who knows if it will eventually pan out. I wish the best for the kid. The bottom line, havnig your college education paid for would be nice (at any school).

  9. JJ- Fadeaway 3’s with defensive pressure are makable shots…. 10% of the time. If I were a college coach watching the game…… “Check, Please”! He’ll be a consistent shooter if he learns to create balanced shots . That leg kick fade is a turrrribulll habit that needs to be deleted from his mechanics.

    • His last few shots were basically wide open with minimal pressure. I think Mitty knew his outside shot was off, so they were begging him to take the shots. Anyways, Nowitski and Durant shoot with that leg kick fade shot alot, and it seems to be working for them. Also, It seems like last year’s jumper was hitting at a higher rate than this year for some reason, maybe the wrist is still bothering him???

  10. Check this video out — Trevor Dunbar TJ #10 highlights class of 2014. raw footage uncut via @youtube

    • Comparison to Nowitzki and Durant now?!!!! LOL

    • if you’re going to watch one of his videos watch the one where he plays for the soldiers. It’s hard to be impressed with someone playing public grammar school basketball in san francisco.

  11. When you look at the quality of his misses….oh my… a lotta left/right misses. His free throw rhythm is off as well.
    Players like Jeremy Lin make it to the NBA because they can play, are fun to play with, play hard, handle the ball, create good shots for themselves and their teammates, guard people….As a matter of fact Jeremy’s shot is much improved now….to the point where he’s a great shooter now….. because he doesn’t fade anymore.. Domingo has a lonnnnngggggg way to go in understanding the game. Ihardly think that it was a conscious Mitty thought that hey Stevie’s off ….let him shoot…Mitty has a great coach who can teach defensive principles that force people into poor low %age shots.

    • That’s why the Warriors cut him?

      • JJ.. They waived him with the intent to sign him back after their attempt to get Jordan fell through and were going to sign him to a guaranteed contract when the Knicks picked him up on waivers. I think the warriors would love to have him back.

      • And if Jeremy Lin is such a great shooter now, how come his FG % is 0.00% this year??

        • Johnny Drama | January 7, 2012 at 5:08 PM |

          @JJ I always thought of you as a very educated poster on HS Sports but now you’re being delusional. You’re comparing a professional player at the highest level to a kid who just went 1-12 being guarded by a kid who is not a household name or even ranked nationally. Peterson dominated Domingo, period. Lin DOMINATED HS for Palo Alto and remember he dropped 30 points while at Harvard against a UCONN team that had several NBA players on it. He was being guarded by Kemba Walker most of the game. It’s not even close at this stage of their careers.

          I would love for SD to make the NBA so he can make millions and donate back to SI but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. He has a long way to go just to be a factor in college.

          • i guess Jeremy Lin had top college coaches at his games, when he was 16 also???

            • As a matter of fact JJ he didn’t because he wasn’t 6’7… Cal and Stanford didn’t think he was good enough!!! And you know… they were right he wasnt good enough..But that drove him to get better…to master his craft.. to prove people wrong. to the N B A!!! He’ll take that next step
              .I hope Sd maximizes his potential and learns to play the game better than he does now… He’s getting looks form D-1’sbecause of his “up” side not because of his skill mastery.. 6’7″ with length are a nice starting point.. Does he have the heart to be great… does he compete with ferocity..does he play every play… does he have pride in his D… Can he create quality shots? Is he fun to play with? Theres a lot more to being a player than just looking good in an airport or having $150 shoes…or hitting 1 impossible fadeaway in 4 attempts.

            • Johnny Drama, he has a long way to go to make an impact in high school. Dunbar is by the better recruit for colleges if they were smart.

        • JJ- “Mommy, make him stop” What I want you to do is take a look on you tube of Jeremy working on his shooting this past summer and notice the purity of his shot… Consistent repeatable mechanics, beautiful rhythm…. This fall he was consistently making 70% of his NBA 3’s in drill shooting situations… The next step for him is to get an opportunity to get some consistent minutes….then look out. You’ll love how he plays the game…and you’ll root for him…. Nice talkin to you!

          • Hi Jumpah,
            Would you please provide the link to the youtube of Jeremy working on his shooting this past summer. Just want to learn from his mechanics. Thanks for the info.

            • You’ll see it on the Day in the life of Jeremy Lin… and in one more that I’m not sure the title of…but it’s on his You tube channel.

              • Out of all the people in the world, why would you learn your shooting mechanics from someone who plays 1 or 0 minutes a game? I’ll see you at the Jeremy Lin NBA Hall of Fame induction in the year 2028

      • Johnny Drama | January 7, 2012 at 4:40 PM |

        And the Knicks picked him up! Because J-Lin can play at that level.

  12. COncerned Citizen | January 7, 2012 at 4:47 PM |

    I thought it was a decent game. Mitty’s guard play, along with Dunbar’s fantastic performance, made it fun to witness. On another note, I’m starting to think that JJ up there is related to Stephen Domingo somehow. NBA? COMON!

    • How do you know Stephen Domingo won’t make the NBA? Because he won’t win a State Championship, like Jeremy Lin did? Michael Jordan even got cut from the varsity in HS, so Domingo still has a chance to make the NBA.

      • COncerned Citizen | January 7, 2012 at 6:35 PM |

        Ok JJ, or Stephen, or whoever you are. Anything can happen, and we never know where Domingo will be basketball-wise in 5 years, but be realistic. I’ve seen Brandon Jennings play when he was an incoming sophomore. He was a dominant force, scoring over 30 points on top notch national competition, and now he is a decent pro. Domingo went 1-12 on a “good,” undermanned Mitty team. I’m not sure you’re aware of how hard it is to make it to the NBA. It’ll be great if he can make it, but he needs to work.

        • Brandon Jennings never went 1-12 in a game before? Just cause you score 30 pts a game in HS doesn’t mean you will be decent pro, look at Darius Miles, Sebastien Telfair, etc…..If Domingo wasn’t that good, why are top college coaches going to SI games? To test out their mediocre snack bar?

          • Johnny Drama | January 7, 2012 at 9:16 PM |

            You sort of contradicted yourself there JJ. Most NBA players were studs in HS able to drop 30-40 in their sleep and yet they still don’t become decent pros. So you think a kid who struggles against mediocre competition and has yet to prove he can carry a team will? Yes coaches are coming to see him, I wonder what coach Miller thought? Seeing him and making him an offer are 2 different things. He is struggling being the MAN. He looked much more comfortable being the sidekick last year. He’s struggled in his first 2 league games.

            I hope for his sake he figures it out because he is talented. He needs to diversify his game a bit.

          • COncerned Citizen | January 7, 2012 at 10:21 PM |

            JJ there is obviously nothing that anyone on SanFranPreps can say that will break this illusion of yours, so I’ll let his game speak for itself. I’m not talking about the 1-12 night he had last night, I’m talking about all the sub par games I’ve seen him play (every time I’ve seen him play). He will play college basketball, no doubt about it. But the NBA is a long shot, even for the real star players out there.

  13. Forcing Dunbar to run a slow down offense takes away all his quickness. It’s the wrong system for the players they have, but SI only runs one system regardless of their yearly personel. Not the most intelligent approach. Again, SI got killed in the paint and it’s not all Domingo’s fault. He has no support from the 4 and 5 positions, expecially when you’re power forwards are 6′. As I said early in the year, they’re a 6th place WCAL team.

  14. City Lights | January 7, 2012 at 9:55 PM |

    JJ must be Domingo, his dad, uncle, etc. Just stop now dude while you’re ahead. Talking about the NBA is so absolutely ridiculous I can’t even put it into words. A tiny percentage of all the BEASTLY ballers that make it to D1 even get to SNIFF the pros (in this country at least.) Unbelieveable.

    By the way, teams that play great defense won’t let you just “run-n-gun” AAU style. They run up the court every time. They just pull it out when nothing is there. This is why De La Salle and schools that play D like them will not let ANYONE run an “uptempo” offense on them. Learn more about the WCAL and the nighty D played in it before posting as if SI is walking the ball up the court on purpose and just passing on easy fast break layups.

    • All I said was that Domingo has a chance to make the NBA, I never said he WILL make the NBA. Then, all you guys start thinking I’m related to him, just cause I think he can make the NBA? HAHA. People like me and you have 0 percent shot at making the NBA, but when good college coaches are coming to your games, this is another step in toward making the NBA. Next step is going to an NBA factory like Arizona. With hard work, anything is possible, and since a BAY AREA kid like Jeremy Lin made it getting 1 min a game in the NBA, so can SD.

  15. 2011 NBA MVP (Dirk Nowitzki) was 1/11 FG tonite.
    I hope this is helpful to all.

    • I’m pretty sure there will be some that will miss the point that you’re trying to make!

    • Johnny Drama | January 8, 2012 at 8:35 AM |

      I get it but 1-11 against the best players in the world is a lot different than 1-12 vs a kid from San Jose. I do not think all the comments are made from observing one game. He’s having a tough season thus far. He struggled against Uu’s defense and was struggling against Riordan as well. JJ made a valid point that SD was injured and no matter how good you are, it takes time to get back to form. From what I understand it was his non shooting hand that was injured but I may be wrong.

      I wish the kid the best and I hope he really does live up to the hype. It can only mean good things for him and the school.

      JJ, good luck vs SHC on Tuesday.

  16. merkinworld | January 8, 2012 at 9:58 AM |

    Luke Whitehead was a better player at SI, did he play in the NBA? let’s follow his career. I believe he played on the varsity as a freshman and had 3 solid years in the wcal. Left SI senior year for Oak Hill Academy. Played four years at Louisville for Rick Petino. He was 3rd team all-conference senior year.Went un-drafted in the NBA. In 2006 he was drafted in 7th round by the Sioux Falls Skyforce, and cut later in the year. He played in Australia for the Gold Coast Blaze. Was arrested by the Louisville police for posession of 2 handguns and 2kg of pot. He is now a rapper and music producer. Making it to the NBA is no easy feat. Good Luck to any and all of these kids if they can accomplish it.

    • Although Luke Whitehead LED SI to a #8 national ranking, he bailed out from SI for selfish reasons, instead of trying to win a State championship for SI. SD31 has more potential and the height to make the Association.

  17. I hope you guys realize you’re adults bashing on a 16 year old kid…

    • merkinworld | January 8, 2012 at 2:13 PM |

      I didn’t bash anyone. Re-read my post. I’m just pointing out the difficulty of making it to the NBA. Did I not wish the kids good-luck?

    • City Lights | January 8, 2012 at 4:19 PM |

      No one is “bashing” the kid. If anything we are giving Domingo’s mom or dad (JJ) a cold splash of reality in the face. Your love for your son is making you delusional. Talking about the NBA right now makes you look foolish.

      I honestly wish the best for Domingo and hope he ends up having a great career at whatever level.

      • For the record, JJ is not a member of Domingo’s family. He participated in the pick ’em contest, so I know who he is.

        • City Lights | January 8, 2012 at 6:01 PM |

          Then he is obviously a child friend of SD or an “agent” lol. No rational adult starts talking NBA just because a kid has a pretty shooting motion.

          • He’s just an SI fan with an opinion. I don’t think we need to read into it any more than that. In fact, it’s kinda tiresome.

  18. BOTH Whitehead and Domingo are way over rated …product of “scouting” propaganda. Levy Middlebrooks, Paul Fortier and David Wilson were much better players and whose teams would have smashed this current team. Dunbar is a very good High school pg, mid major D1 is where he’ll probably end up.

  19. No, but I do believe Fortier played in Europe for a time. David WIlson was a last minute commitment to Washington based on his play during SI State championship run (lost to LB Poly). All three had the luxury of only having to deal with coaches and college recruiters. Remember, they played before the internet, AAU, ESPN (when they were covering tractor pull) and all the experts on this board.

  20. merkinworld | January 9, 2012 at 7:30 AM |

    Jeff Thilgen was another nice player at SI. Their team his senior year was solid, I think Fortier was a junior. Jeff earned a 4 year schollie to Cal.

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