Boys Basketball: University’s quick start leads to non-league rout of Leadership

Leadership junior guard Ken Massingale (left) pushes the ball upcourt against University on Saturday at University High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

Leadership junior guard Ken Massingale (left) pushes the ball upcourt against University on Saturday at University High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

By Jeremy Balan

Before Leadership High School’s boys basketball team could even blink, it was in an insurmountable hole on the road against University.

University junior guard David Medoff knocked down a 3-pointer 6 seconds into the game to spark a 18-2 run and the Red Devils never looked back in a 72-33 non-league win on Saturday.

Led by 11 points from Harold Getz, 10 University players scored and seven scored seven points or more in the rout.

University junior Harold Getz goes up for a shot in the lane against Leadership on Saturday at University High School. (Photo by Christian Chew)

“It’s always good to get off to a good start and that’s been a trend this year,” said University head coach Randal Bessolo. “We were able to rotate guys through and keep guys fresh, so it became easier to sustain the lead when you keep your guys fresh.”

Getz, a 6-foot-3 junior, scored seven points in the first quarter, but created scoring opportunities for teammates throughout, with assists on the perimeter and with his back to the basket in post play.

“Harold is a special player and we played the first seven games without him, so some of those early results probably wouldn’t have happened,” Bessolo said. “He’s been our leading scorer and leading rebounder since, and he’s still probably not 100 percent. He’s just a very creative player and can make a lot of things happen.”

The Red Devils (7-8) shot 51 percent from the floor in the first half, but hit a considerable cold streak in the second half, especially from 3-point range, where they shot 3-of-19 in the final 16 minutes.

Despite the long-distance shooting struggles in the second half, University extended its lead after every quarter, because Leadership’s own cold streak lasted the whole game.

Despite missing two starters for personal reasons, the Griffins (8-9) got into positions to score all game, but shot just 22 percent from the floor and 14 percent from 3-point range.

“We had an off shooting night and had a lot of good looks, but we haven’t had a consistent lineup,” said Leadership head coach George Adkins. “We’re older with age, but we’re young on the court and the inexperience showed.”

One of the lone bright spots for Leadership was the play of guard Joshua Blueford, who had a game-high 12 points. The sophomore showed quality ball-handling skills and a scoring touch from 3-point range, but became visibly frustrated as the game wore on and the deficit grew.

“He has a terrific upside, but he’s only 14 years old and he’s playing his first season of varsity basketball,” Adkins said. “He is growing with every game and each practice, and he’s actually come a long way. Even a month ago, he was a totally different player.”

Both teams have flown under the radar with sub .500 non-league records, but both should be playoff contenders in their respective leagues.

“We’ve won 101 games in four years and won the [Bay Counties League West] for the last thee years, but we’re a whole different team,” Bessolo said. “We lost Noah [Springwater] and Zio [Enriquez], and two returning guys, who had all-league recognition last season, are both out for the year. We’re starting completely over and we are an underdog, and we deserve to be.”

Scoring Leaders

Harold Getz – 11
James Burton – 9
Jordy Byers – 9
Jack Gale – 9
Two players tied with 8 points

Joshua Blueford – 12
Derek Russell – 9
Kevin Massingale – 6
Gydner Smith – 4
Two players tied with 1 point

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19 Comments on "Boys Basketball: University’s quick start leads to non-league rout of Leadership"

  1. My question is, why would a team continue to shoot 3-pointers when they have a marginal lead? Unless I missed something here, they should’ve just ran the clock and continued to shoot 2-pt baskets. By continuing to shoot 3-pointers it makes it seem as if you’re trying to run up the score. Leadership isn’t a strong program and, unless some miracle happend, was going to lose anyway. However, I wish both teams the best of luck this season.

    • Johnny Drama | January 8, 2012 at 9:03 AM |

      Great observation GCJ01. After watching Uni and Coach B. for several years, that is just their style. They live and die by the three. This year they appear to be dying due to their personnel being different than years past. They lost arguably the best player in UHS history in Springwater. I don’t think they are running up the score although I did think that before. This is just how they play and they never stop playing this way.

      • Thanks Johnny Drama and thank you for clarifying it for me. I’m in total agreement with you regarding University’s style of play. They are definately dying by the 3’s this year. It’s easy to run their system when they have the talent to do so (like they did last year with Springwater and company), but one would think that if you do not have the talent to run the system you want, it should be changed a little. I’m not saying to completely abandon the system, however, if it’s not producing the desired results on a consistant basis, it should be tweaked just a little.

    • GCJ01- Thats how a team plays…. Why should they change the way they play just because it’s a blowout. If they were pressing and not rotating their players in the game then I’d take issue with it. Both teams goals should be to get better and ignore the score! I see no problem in doing what you’re trained to do. Shooting 3’s as a result of creative offensive basketball is not running up the score!

    • because both teams are d-5, the score of this game had seeding ramifications for ncs. this is most likely why uhs ran up the score. if they are battling for a higher seed with a team and leadership is the only common opponent, the margin of victory would be a factor

  2. JB did SI girls basketball team win?

  3. Bball fanatic | January 8, 2012 at 11:25 AM |


    • Anyone can look good in these highlight videos. All they do is fast-forward on the dribbling parts to make it look like the player is Flash Gordon. Then, they slo-mo the jumpers to make it look like they have soft jumper

  4. Are there more pictures? Where can we see them at

  5. Who are the two previously all-league players out for the whole year for University? Max Savage and Will Carroll?

  6. Getz cut the mullet!!!

  7. Interesting side note for Leadership. I went to play pickup ball at 24 Hour Fitness last Monday and there was this young Asian (Filipino I think) guy that was dominating (I didn’t play him as he was on the “A” court….I was playing on the “B” court). He looked like he might be in college. When I talked to him, he was a senior in high school and said he went to Leadership. Unfortunately, due to some conflicts with the coach, he chose not to play. While I’m sure it’s different playing pickup vs varsity ball, this kid was quick and could shoot. Too bad he chose to sit out his senior season. You can play pickup ball or leagues for a long time but you only get to play and represent your high school once in your life.

  8. Yeah don that kids name is Rio losing him was a big loss we lost another great big man too so that all hurts…ps it’s Kenny Massingale

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