Boys Basketball: Holliday’s big night sparks Marshall’s win over Washington

Marshall sophomore guard Mizell Parker sprints past a Washington defender on Monday at Washington High School. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Marshall sophomore guard Mizell Parker sprints past a Washington defender on Monday at Washington High School. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Aidan Fitzsimon

Marshall High School only suited up seven players on the road against Washington on Monday, but that proved to be plenty for the Phoenix.

Marshall took advantage of several matchup advantages that led to a 67-52 victory over the defending Academic Athletic Association champions.

Marshall junior guard Aumon Holliday handles the ball on the perimeter against Washington on Monday at Washington High School. (Photo by Eric Luis)

“We defended hard, rebounded, blocked shots and took care of the ball and got a big game out of Aumon Holliday,” said Marshall head coach Dezebee Miles.

Holliday finished with a game-high 37 points, shooting 14-of-20 from the floor and and 8-of-11 from the free-throw line.

Holliday consistently got the ball on the wing, crossed-over multiple times, lost his defender and then beat most of the help defense that flew at him.

“I did a pretty good job. I don’t know what my average was, but I think I shot pretty well [and] hit my two-point field goals,” Holliday said.

The Eagles (8-10, 2-1) shot 47 percent from the field, but were hampered by 19 turnovers, and Washington’s shooting waned as the game progressed.

The lone bright spot for the Eagles was senior forward Josh Jones, who had 10 of his team-high 14 points in the final 16 minutes.

“I think we played well,” said Washington head coach Jolinko Lassiter. “We could have played a lot better, but you give credit to Marshall. They got after it tonight and they did what they needed to do.”

The Phoenix (6-7, 2-1) also got major contributions from sophomore point guard Mizell Parker, who finished with 11 points and created havoc for the Washington guards, creating numerous opportunities for Holliday and other teammates.

The Phoenix hung with the Eagles through three quarters, leading 18-15 after the first quarter, 29-26 at the half and 46-40 after the third.

In the final frame the Phoenix put the game away, though, outscoring the Eagles 21-12.

“They just seemed to find some extra energy to put the ball in the basket, defend and get the job done,” Miles said.

Scoring Leaders

Aumon Holliday – 37
Mark Alexander – 12
Mizell Parker – 11
Preston Demming – 8
Jason Smith – 6

Josh Jones – 14
Gordon Kwan – 10
Brandon Barnes – 9
Dane Vande Guchte – 9
CJ Avery – 6

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19 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Holliday’s big night sparks Marshall’s win over Washington"

  1. Aumon Holliday is a beast on the baseball diamond as well.

  2. I know this may cause a racous and I’m biased because I did see him go absolutely crazy last night, but Holliday may very well be the best all-around guard right now in the city. Dunbar and Mabrey are good, and certainly play against better competition but still they don’t shoot the ball like Holliday. Moore for SHCP in my view is underrated, but still doesn’t shoot like this kid. Porter for Mission is likely the most athletic, but like his team his play can be up and down. Holliday played every minute of the game and dribbled similarly to Dunbar but shot the ball like Johnny Mrlik, granted they were closer jump shots. Young from Lincoln is also highly-talented, but not quite at this kids level. Maybe it was just one game but this kid deserves a seriosuly look. When he was contested on lay-ups by taller players he used his body to finish. Say what you want, but I would highly recommend seeing him play before you judge my comment. Also watch out for fellow guards Mizell Parker and Jason Smith.

    • i would point out that marshall lost to mission 85-66 last week.

      • I’m comparing players not teams sir. They also aren’t as deep as Mission.

      • And would point out to you, is that Marshall played almost the hold fourth quarter with only four men. I was at the game; the final score does not indicate what happen in that game, Mission was very lucky to come out with the win, Mission was out played in the paint all night in that game also, with what Mission is about, there was no way Marshall with seven players ( they only play five) should of been able to do what they were doing against Mission

      • the phoenix first and last lost in the league.

    • i agree with you to an extend. how many shots did he take. the most underrated kid i think right now is the guard from lincoln. i dunno his name but he is quick and very talented. very all rounded player and very dangerous if you leave him open. i seen him played at non-league and man, he can play.

    • Holliday is really good. #12 and #25 are players. #10 hit a big free throw tonight but mustve had 8+ turnovers. Marshall does a lot with a short bench, no bench really.

  3. Marshall is set up to make a run this year and next year. Gonna try to check them out later this week.

  4. Best player in the AAA?

  5. Anonymous your analysis is spot on. The only reason they played with six is because the big man mark Alexander got in a little foul trouble. He actually didn’t start but was in after a minute. And bball fan if he continues to play the way he has he very well may end up being aaa player of the year

    • I worry a little about the big man’s temper. Hope that stays under control because he is a crucial piece for them, he rebounds well and has a nice touch on putbacks.

  6. true warrior | January 10, 2012 at 5:54 PM |

    Mizelle Parker beasting, he’s only a sophomore too!

  7. the look out | January 11, 2012 at 1:14 PM |

    And Marshall player number 25 is also a big help. Lets see what he has to do through out the season

    • Lets get off the Marshall band wagon, let see what they have for the rest of the season, I agree they are one of the best team. Can they play with Lowell, Mission and Lincoln?

  8. looking at Sanfranpreps players total from this game is Marshall 74-48 Washington. looks like Washington score table had some funny business going on but great game both teams. nOW I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHO POINTS ILL TAKE AWAY TO MAKE IT MAKE SCENE ON MAXPREPS. BUMMER!

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