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Game of the day – Marshall vs. Washington boys basketball:: The defending AAA champs surprised many with a 26-point win over Balboa last week and sit tied with Mission for first place in the Lang Division. Marshall is 1-1 in league play, but looks to have the talent to be a playoff contender. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Lincoln 58, Jordan 16
Marshall 67, Washington 52
Mission 75, Balboa 55
Lowell 61, O’Connell 28
Galileo 51, Wallenberg 16
Burton 63, ISA 51

AAA girls basketball
Washington 61, Marshall 23
Galileo 47, Wallenberg 37
Balboa 61, Mission 53

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  1. No Jordan @ Lincoln girls basketball game today?

    • Jordan and ISA cancelled their varsity girls basketball programs last week.

      • That’s totally sad. I really don’t like basketball programs especially the girls teams dropping their entire season.

        • I agree !! Don Collins needs to do something about these programs that get dropped at the last minute. Hopefully the girls that want to play are allowed to join the programs at other AAA schools without much red tape.

          • There is a girl on June Jordan’s boys’ varsity team. I am guessing she is allowed to be on the team because their is no girls team this year. Saw her play, and she can hold her own against the boys, relatively speaking.

            • There is a girl on ISA’s team as well. She does pretty well.

              • Im going to say this much and you know I dont say much good about non-wcal, but THE best girl’s player I ever saw was ISA’s Jamie Redd. Jamie could have played on any varsity men’s teams. She was THAT great. She was on a campus visit to SH once to see if she would transfer in for the following year. During a lunch pick up game she swatted a male classmate of ours. No cheap block either! Guy was doing a turnaround baseline fade, and she sent it out of bounds. The peanut gallery went nuts! Oh well, sorry ISA. But thats for Jamie Redd memories.

          • What do you insist Mr. Collins do? There is no easy fix for this problem. I agree, it’s sad when programs drop. It’s even more sad when schools can’t even field a sports program. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration before a solution can be found. The size of the school population, student grades, interest by the students, alumni and school admin support, funding, people willing to coach, venue to support the specific sport being played, etc. are just a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

            I hope that the AAA community, especially the alumni, will begin to invest more time and resources into the ALL AAA schools so that we can fix this problem. It can, and will, be done.

            • Sorry folks, I put this comment in the wrong place. My apologies.

              • Oops, again I apologize, the comment is in the right place. I thought I didn’t see the comment I wanted to respond to. It’s too early in the morning for me obviously. Please bare with me.

    • I was going to mention Jamie Redd too as ISA had some tough girls teams back in the 1990s with Washington. It’s too bad that ISA has fallen off. Jordan is a new program and it’s always a struggled to get a program off the ground. Hopefully, Jordan can stay with it though I think they are a very small school.

      Another player that came to mind (and I had to look her up) was Brandy Reed of Balboa. I though Reed was older than Redd but apparently they are close to the same age.

      I don’t think Redd ever got ISA (or Wilson previously) to the State finals but I still remember the year that Balboa got all the way into the Division 1 Girls state finals thanks to Reed. I think Balboa lost big but it was an impressive feat and probably the last boys/girls AAA team to make the State Championship.

      • I remember watching Jamie Redd and Brandy Reed play at Kezar…they easily have to be two of the best female ball players to come out of the city in the last 15-20 years.

        • @airball…. id rate 1) Redd, 2) Tierra Rogers, 3) Kiki Moore. Id say in the top 10, 6-7 are from SH and Im saying being nice here because I would say all 10 are from SH but like I said, Im being nice.

      • Feel The Pain | January 10, 2012 at 8:48 AM |

        Brandy Reed carried that Balboa team when they made a nice run to the State Title Game. She went on to Southern Miss and bounced around the WNBA.

        • You can list at least half-dozen women from SHCP (slight edge of Kiki Moore over Rodgers, but we are splitting hairs). As for SI, Meinhert(sp) and Canepa were impact players too. Reed was special.

  2. Galileo girls beat visiting Wallenburg 47-37

  3. What do you guys think of the Burton Boys bball team? After seeing their performance in the Lowell and Burton game, they seem like a pretty good playoff contender.

    • Probably the 2nd best team in the Neff, either them or Gal. They need #23, #2 and #4 to emerge as reliable support players for Ching. I think they’re a playoff team for sure and I think their potential 1st rd matchup with Lincoln or Marshall will be a fun game.

  4. Kezar for Keeps | January 9, 2012 at 7:20 PM |

    Nice to see a AAA coaching staff had some decency playing against Jordan this season. Washington beating them 73-18 and Marshall beating them 98-29 is contradictory to what HS athletics are about and if I were an AD at Marshall or Wash I would seriously think about firing those coaching staffs. They don’t get it. Nice to see Lincoln’s coach is a decent person. Same goes for Burton beating OC 88-24. All of those teams should be ashamed.

    • How is 58-16 much different than 73-18? 42 vs 55 point victory. No one is getting fired at Wash for winning 73-18, that is absurd.

    • Lots of blowouts this season. Looks like SFI dropped their team as well, despite playing in some preseason tournaments? Too bad as it’s tough on the kids to be on the receiving end of big blowouts. The boys side of the AAA usually doesn’t have such big blowouts. The girls side had more with Lowell, Washington, Lincoln usually beating up on everyone else. But Mission girls and some of the other schools are picking back up a bit so hopefully the boys will get back into balance too.

      • SFI was never going to play a AAA schedule, just 10-15 non-league games to start. Did you really hear they folded the team?

        • Jeremy – I did not hear anything about the SFI team folding. I made an assume because I saw your scores didn’t have them listed so I checked the AAA league results and they weren’t there. I did not realize they weren’t playing an AAA schedule though I thought they were listed in the AAA schedule when it first came out. Could have been mistaken or it just changed……

    • Marshall blow out jordan with five guys come on man if anything jordan needs to look into their program! good luck haters

    • it is ashamed how certain teams want to run up the points. but winning by that much doesn’t prove anything, it just make the team look selfish and for the coaches especially. you are right, i was glad to see at least there was a coach out there that saw that. Lincoln has a great coach and much respect to you coach.

  5. Burton beat ISA by around 9 tonight. Final score was 61-52 or thereabouts.

  6. #15 on Marshall had game-high 37 points against Washington tonight. Great all around player!

    • Mizelle Parker…only a sophomore, can shoot, handle the ball, play decent defense and has good instincts/feel for the game….has definitely flown under the radar to this point.

  7. Galileo boys 53
    Wallenburg boys -22

  8. Burton boys-63
    ISA boys -51

  9. Man, what is w/ Pat Mulligan’s Wallenberg boys hoops team this year?

    • They used to have a player named Garrett Moon but now this team is in a downward spiral this year.

      • Jeremy noted this a few weeks ago and I put some stuff that I saw as well:

        Moon graduated a couple of seasons ago, after Wallenberg lost the AAA title to Mission. Wallenberg lost to Sacred Heart Prep in the Division IV State playoff game the following week.

        Last season, the remaining core of that team including 6’3″ forward Aaron Brown, 6’2″ forward David Li and guards Ronnie Brown and Andrew Choung all graduated.

        The only kid that played some good minutes the past two seasons is 6’3″ senior center SImon Quan. Quan is HUGE and probably could play football or wrestling if Wallenberg had those sports. Alas, Quan isn’t particularly fast or athletic. Though there are some seniors on the roster, I don’t think they played much last year so experience is lacking. Wallenberg’s Frosh/Soph squad didn’t do well last year either. So the cupboard may be a little bare this season.

        Mulligan noted he has some good freshman players(which I know two of them from CYO) but they haven’t played an AAA game yet so not sure how they are faring. So, this may be one of Mulligan’s down seasons but hopefully, he’ll be able to bounce back soon.

  10. Hey whats going on did Balboa Bucs lose players to grades? Its a tough 0-3 start with Marshall Next!

  11. they didnt have garrett moon last year and they did fine, but i still dont know whats up with them.

  12. What was the wallenbergs kid that played SF last year did he also graduate?

    • Theman – are you talking about the 6’3″ kid from Wallenberg? Aaron Brown perhaps? He graduated last season. Unfortunately, he was also ineligible for the first half of the season and during the playoffs, had a terrible game. He was trying to force the action too much. Wallenberg had a chance but too many turnovers.

      • No I know of Aaron Brown, but i saw a player lay against thurgood last year and he stole the show, he was black and about 6 ft .

        • Theman,

          Not 100% sure, but there was a kid I saw during the Wallenberg alumni game that may have been who you are referring to. Not sure he was 6′ but he looked like he could play a bit.

          HOWEVER, I watched Wallenberg play tonight and there was a black kid but I don’t think it was the same one I saw during the alumni game. The kid I saw tonight wasn’t involved in the offense much. In fact, the kid that I saw during the preseason didn’t seem to be on the varsity team. I didn’t see the F/S game so not sure if he was a younger player or perhaps he isn’t eligible to play.

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