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Games of the day – St. Ignatius vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral girls basketball: The Wildcats come in as significant favorites, but the Irish have been impressive in early WCAL play, with 20-point wins over Notre Dame and Presentation. Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius boys basketball: Again the Irish will be prohibitive favorites, but the memory of last year’s game will be fresh in the memory of all who watched. But this time it is the Irish who can clinch the Bruce-Mahoney trophy. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/SanFranPreps.

BCL Central boys basketball
Bay 78, Leadership 69

BCL West boys basketball
Stuart Hall 69, Drew 29
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 43, Urban 42
University 50, Lick-Wilmerding 39

WCAL boys basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 45, St. Ignatius 37
Serra (San Mateo) 57, Riordan 41

BCL Central girls basketball
Bay 57, Leadership 34

BCL West girls basketball
Convent 54, Drew 35
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 42, Urban 33
University 52, Lick-Wilmerding 36

WBAL Foothill girls basketball
Mercy 54, Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto) 37

WCAL girls basketball
St. Ignatius 56, Sacred Heart Cathedral 44

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Harker (San Jose) 3, Mercy 0

AAA wrestling
Washington 54, Lincoln 18
Lowell 63, O’Connell 3
Mission 36, Galileo 27

Non-league wrestling
SFI 30, Berkeley 18

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  1. Feel The Pain | January 10, 2012 at 3:41 PM |

    AAA Wrestling action starts today as well with 3 matches starting at 4pm

    Washington at Lincoln
    O’Connell at Lowell
    Galileo at Mission

  2. Good luck to everyone!

  3. Im going to save Jeremy some time and write the game summary article for tonight:

    Many SHC students and alumni are still licking their wounds after their CCS Division 3 championship loss in football to St. Ignatius back in early December, but in front of the usual 5,000+ fans packed into USF’s War Memorial Gymnasium Tuesday night, the Irish can now find redemption in two words. Bruce Mahoney.

    Having defeated SI in football for the first leg of the trophy back in the fall 38-14, the men’s basketball team came out like 15 roadrunners and raced to a fast [__ to __] first quarter lead thanks to its fast-paced full-court press which lead to easy transition baskets. SI point guard, Trevor Dunbar, a stellar ball-handler and one-man press breaker could not escape the trapping press and committed [__] 1st quarter turnovers which led to [__] Irish points. “Their press was smothering and they came out with a lot of energy, ” said Dunbar. Dunbar did do his best to make up for his early miscues by scoring a team high, [__] points. But that was pretty much it for the Wildcats.

    Highly touted 6’7 junior forward Stephen Domingo coming off a lackluster performance in his last game vs. Mitty on Friday night, continued his shooting slump on Tuesday going [__-__] from the field and finished with [__] points. SI was outrebounded by the Irish [__-__]. “When you don’t rebound the ball, its very difficult to beat the other team. I know I need to step up and go inside and get those rebounds. Domingo finished with only [__] rebounds for the entire game and was consistently beaten on the boards by a smaller 6’5 Taylor Johns who played tremendously last night by posting a double-double ([ ] points, [ ] rebounds).

    Irish coach Darrell Barbour praised Johns for his huge game. “Taylor came up big tonight. He was disappointed in his performance Friday at Bellarmine and wanted to come out and play hard and he set the tone with his rebounding and finishing on turnovers.”

    The Irish were led by the other half of the dynamic duo, 6’3 senior Joshua Fox with [__] points. Fox’s picture perfect outside shot form was on display and the SI defense had no answer as it seemed Fox range was unlimited Tuesday night draining [__] 3-pointers. “When youre hot, youre hot. Im just happy to bring home the Bruce my senior year. Thats something I will never forget.”

  4. Listening to the Irish broadcast team for the women’s game and I swear they just need to take away Rheina Ale’s headset/mic. She is absolutely non-existent and when she speaks all she says is “great pass, shes a freshman, i think thats her 2nd foul.” I’d rather listen to Sr. Francis broadcast than listen to Ale. Looking forward to the men’s broadcast with George Devine and SHC great LyRyan Russell!

  5. Who’s winning?

  6. Great job Mercy 54-37!

  7. Girls game was actuallly closer than I thought .

  8. SD31 is having a nice game so far. Antonio Aguilar is also stepping up, which he needs to keep doing because the CATS need his rebounding, scoring, and senior leadership. Fast-paced game.

  9. Trevor Dunbar had a bad 1st half, but he is having a nice 3rd quarter. The story of the game is basically runs by both teams. At 1 point, SHC had a 14-0 run, but SI came back in the 3rd with a huge run themselves. 4th quarter will be very interesting, as this game will most likely come to a buzzer- beater shot at the end.

  10. Good job hanging in there SHC!

  11. AL WATTERS stepping up for SI in the 4th quarter. SI needs to practice their free throws!!!!!!

  12. Game Over. Khalil James with a 3-point dagger. OUCH!!!!

  13. The B-M trophy moves back to Ellis Street tomorrow morning.

  14. I think it’s quite clear that SHC is the better team, but at USF, it’s anyone’s game. Don’t try to deny that tonight could have gone either way. SHC won tonight, as many expected, but spent most of the game either behind or within a couple baskets of SI. The gap only widened in the last 2 minutes or so of the game. The atmosphere every year at USF is incredible, and the experience is absolutely magical. Congrats Irish, but we’ll come back fighting next year! And hey, the trophy needs to get polished every once in a while, right? ;)

    • Yes, SHC deserved the B-M trophy, but next year SI should get it back with arguably the best QB in the WCAL in Jack Stinn. Then with Johns and Fox graduating, SD31 and Dunbar should have a free lane to the hole all day.

    • High Pockets | January 10, 2012 at 10:41 PM |

      What, you guys don’t polish it up?

    • I agree that it was magical. Every game is a SLUG FEST…haha, Don’t try to deny that last year SH could have won that game if they made their free throws…. when they lost by 2 points.

  15. It was a fantastic evening of prep sports. Congratulations to SHC. SI did a great job of dictating the tempo of the game but could not close when they had the opportunity. SHC was fortunate to win the game. Even the half-time shows were entertaining. The Bruce-Mahoney returns to Ellis Street. By the way, both men would be proud of how well both teams and schools conducted themselves.

  16. SH Girls lost but put up a good fight. There were glimpses of good defense and ball handling, but shooting was limited. Keep your head up girls’ you did what you could, get them next time.

    • The girls just need some height out there. For the men’s game, outside of SHC’s power outage in the third quarter, they finally got their game going in the 4th and scored as many points as they did in the whole first half. It’s nice to bring back the trophy where it belongs.

  17. I’ll be curious to see the shooting % stats. Basket seems to be a bit small. SD, where were you the 2nd half? You seem to be upset when they pulled you in the 3rd Q and you really never returned. Enjoyable game. Refs, you do know what traveling is don’t you? Congrats to Fox, great kid, great player.

    • By my count, SHC shot about 39%. You’re right about the refs. They were horrible. Josh Fox played well except for one crazy shot he took. Taylor Johns didn’t have a big scoring game but he made up for it inside. Remember, pick-up the ball… you’re not Magic Johnson.

      • Way to go IRISH! The Chronicle had some really nice pictures of the game. What a great night, NO BETTER feeling than beating SI!!!!

    • I had Domingo as 1-9 or 1-10 on 3 pointers with 9 points total. He hit that one 3 in SI’s big 3rd Q run and then he got completely torked off when subbed out at end of the period. I was sitting right behind the SI bench. As opposed to Riordan’s midgets, he sure didn’t like shooting over the length of Johns and Fox.

      Dunbar will be great, but sometimes he really plays like a sophomore. Couple of huge FT misses around the 5 minute mark in 4Q.

      Let’s face it: SH is just better. Maybe we’ll do better next year, but I fear Domingo will probably be at Findlay Prep by then. Dunbar will need someone else.

  18. On the other hand, the SI girls continue to look awfully good. SH’s Geanna S-L was in foul trouble and just didn’t play very well. No denying she is very good, but if she is off her game, SH is very limited offensively,

    Maria K-M and Crawley are the backbone of that team. Plus the 3 freshman make you think they will be okay for the next couple of years.

  19. For IC Stars what was wrong about the Refs I thought both of the group did a nice job

  20. From Tues. 1/10:

    PSAL North boys basketball
    East Palo Alto (Menlo Park) 78, San Francisco Christian 41

    WBAL Skyline girls basketball
    Mercy (Burlingame) 55, ICA 11

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