Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart comes alive in fourth quarter to seal Bruce-Mahoney series

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Joshua Fox skies for a layup against St. Ignatius on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Joshua Fox skies for a layup against St. Ignatius on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Jeremy Balan

The Bruce-Mahoney basketball game was ugly for three quarters, but at its most important stage, Sacred Heart Cathedral shot the lights out.

And in the process, they made a baseball game in late March significantly less important.

After shooting just 29 percent from the floor through three quarters, the Irish connected on 7-of-11 shots in the fourth quarter of a 45-37 win over rival St. Ignatius on Tuesday at USF’s War Memorial Gymnasium to clinch the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy for the first time since the 2008-09 school year.

St. Ignatius sophomore guard Trevor Dunbar drives past a Sacred Heart Cathedral defender on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

“No words to describe it. I’m just happy, because this is my last year and I wanted to leave with a bang,” said Sacred Heart senior forward Joshua Fox. “We wanted it and we took it.”

Fox connected with his final three shots of the game and led the Irish (11-1, 2-1) with a game-high 13 points and certainly left with a bang. With the Irish clinging to a 34-31 lead, Fox followed a miss from fellow senior forward Taylor Johns with a put-back dunk to seize momentum and force an immediate St. Ignatius timeout with 2:35 remaining in the game.

“I call that kid a basketball player,” said Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour. “I don’t care where you put him out there, he’s a basketball player. Taylor struggled, but between those two, at least one is going to show up for us, and when they both show up we’re really good. It was his time tonight.”

But it was neither Fox nor Johns that put the game away, as junior guard Khalil James connected on a 3-pointer with 56 seconds remaining to give the Irish a 41-35 lead, then hit four free throws in the final 36 seconds to seal the victory.

“People will find out that we’re not a two-man team,” Barbour said. “A lot of kids on this team are good players. They can make shots, they can make good decisions. That’s the beauty of our team.”

Through three quarters, however, the game looked to be played at St. Ignatius’ tempo, and the Wildcats led 26-25 heading into the final frame.

“I thought we had them, but it’s just hard to win with 37 points,” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon.

While the rest of the Wildcats shot 0-for-6 from the floor in the fourth, St. Ignatius sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar took hold of the spotlight and scored eight points in the final quarter on a mix of pull-up jumpers and seemingly-effortless drives through the Sacred Heart defense.

Dunbar had all of his team-high 10 points in the second half after a 0-for-8 shooting performance in the first half.

Photo slideshow by Doug Ko and Eric Luis

“He had a rough game up to that point and a lot of sophomores would crumble there, but he didn’t,” Reardon said.

The game opened up in the fourth quarter, but in the first three, neither team could capitalize full off extended scoring droughts.

In a span of over eight minutes in the second and third quarters, St. Ignatius (7-6, 1-2) went scoreless, but the Irish could only build a 25-18 lead. Then, the cold streak hit Sacred Heart, as the Irish went over eight minutes without scoring for most of the third quarter and at the start of the fourth.

“Nobody was going to concede a basket,” Reardon said. “This has been going on in this game for 10 years.”

Dunbar’s late push just wasn’t enough to buoy the Wildcats, though, and as the final seconds ticked off the clock, one side of the gym erupted and the other fell dead silent in another classic in the Bruce-Mahoney series.

“To really experience this, you have to be here as a player, coach or fan,” Barbour said. “Reading about it gives no justice to this night.”

Scoring Leaders

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Joshua Fox – 13
Khalil James – 12
Herman Pratt – 6
Taylor Johns – 5
DeOndre Otis – 3

St. Ignatius
Trevor Dunbar – 10
Antonio Aguilar – 9
Stephen Domingo – 9
Nick Johnson – 5
Two players tied with 2 points

Here is a bonus video from our friend George Nguyen and Yay Area’s Finest

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72 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart comes alive in fourth quarter to seal Bruce-Mahoney series"

  1. Disappointing night for the Cats, but they need to prepare for their next game vs St Francis. Aguilar is starting to play better, Dunbar is gaining valuable varsity experience after shaking off the early game jitters, and Domingo needs to let the game come to him and try not to force too much. Still lots of chances to make some noise in the WCAL and CCS. I think the players don’t know what their roles are on the team yet, but this will eventually come as they play more games together. The chemistry is just not there.

  2. Fox is a good kid. I’m glad him and his teammates won especially this being his senior year. Congrats SHC!

  3. Old Wildcat | January 11, 2012 at 8:08 AM |

    Congrats to SH. They wanted it more and it showed.

    The Bruce Mahoney Trophy was a big deal when I attended and we brought it back senior year.

    Unfortunately, SI doesn’t have the same spirit…

    • SI doesn’t have the same spirit? Tell that to the girls varsity basketball team last night that waxed SH and to the CCS Champion football team that beat SH at AT&T Park in December in front of 12,000 fans. I’m ashamed you are an alumnus of SI.

      • Is this really Mr. Corwin, the history teacher from SI who retired 20 years ago? If so, you were my teacher for World History, great class & great teacher

        • Uncle Frank | January 11, 2012 at 9:24 PM |

          JJ: Frank Corwin (AKA Uncle Frank) died quite some time ago. I went to the funeral I think about ten years ago. Obviously, several of us identify him with SI so much that we use his name (or nickname) as our message board alter egos in honor of the impression he left upon us.

      • but to say you are “ashamed” of an alumnus. hmm…

    • I think he meant that SH had more will to win because their leaders are seniors, while SI’s team is led by a sophomore and a couple juniors.

  4. Best game of the year for SI mainly because Al Waters, who has not been playing, picked up the speed of the game and Antonio was successful early because SHC failed to front him in the post. SI cannot win if they play slow because the don’t have the size and by slowing down they lose their athletic advantage. SI again got killed on the boards, especially early. Until they find a rebounder / set up man / glue player for their team, they won’t win. This would also give them the chemistry they’re missing that JJ mentions. Their offense should be thrown in the trash and instead they should run a two post high low set. It would give them another rebounder and would create better inside-out action for un-contested shots. Real surprised that SHC didn’t go inside early as they had a hug advantage with Johns and Fox. Now if SI had a fast break offense they might have a chance to beat Serra, Bellarmine and St. Francis- all bigger teams.

    • Too bad they don’t have a 6ft. 8″ to get you those rebounds and the inside game you are looking for.

      • hear they have a 6’6 – 6’7 sophomore on JV that with some additional strength training could be that post presence next year? Have not seen/heard much about him other than when he is on and gets rolling has a nice inside game.

      • According to their roster, they have two 6′-5″ kids that could do the dirty work.

  5. shoulda just kept giving it to Aguilar until SH proved they could stop him. For some reason they moved him to high post and things went dead on offense. Domingo needs to play inside more. He shoots way too many 3’s and isn’t a good rebounder for his size. Dunbar is fantastic and the rest of his team mates need to be ready for the ball at any time, had a couple of turnovers cause they weren’t ready for the great passes. The moonlight bunny ranch owner Ref and his little brother really blew it in the 4th. Dunbar was fouled on all his drives and then while getting grabbed by the jersey he was called for offensive when trying to get the guy off him.

    • As a side note, Johnny Mrlik goes 5 for 9 on 3pointers leading his team with 22 pts as a freshman. If he was still on SI’s team, SHC wouldn’t have gone on a 14-0 run, and SI probably would’ve won. What were the coaches thinking not putting Dunbar on varsity last year? I guess they wanted the senior guards besides Mrlik to get playing time? Last year’s team seems to be the better team so far, as they had good rebounders back then. Like alot of people said above, the SI coaching staff needs to cater to their strength which is speed. I think a Missouri Tigers type offense would work well and would be alot of fun to watch, but I doubt they will make this change in the middle of the season.

      • merkinworld | January 11, 2012 at 5:30 PM |

        It’s high school basketball. enjoy it. lay off the kids, they are teenagers. lay off the coaches, they do it because they love the kids and they love the game, they are not getting rich.

    • Kettle calling the pot black. An SI fan complaining about the refs during an SH/SI game. Give me a break. SH has been playing that card for years in football and basketball. Better team won. Plain and simple.

      • This wasn’t the usual WCAL no-calls let em play Ari. I agree, the better team won, but they shouldn’t have given the situation in the 4th.

        • Irishi Italian | January 11, 2012 at 1:34 PM |

          Non-calls went both ways. There were numerouse fouls that SI committed on the other end that were not called. One slap on Josh Fox we could actually hear from the other end of the court despite all the noise and no call. And the basket interference on Josh was an awful call. I am actually glad the refs let them play a little bit.

          • Concur about the refs. I quit counting bad calls/no calls at around 30.

            • Yeah but you whine about the refs after every single SHC game that is even close. It’s always the refs fault. Never the excessive amount of hand-checking or hacking by your players.

  6. Competitive game. Nice to see Aguilar post up. Domingo had a good first quarter but just disappeared the rest of the game. SI just does not have a “go-to” scorer. Domingo seems to want to fill that role but until he gets consistent from the perimeter, he won’t be that guy. He plays soft for a kid with his length. Dunbar will continue to improve with experience…really tried to take over SI’s offense late in game, breaking his man down on a consistent basis.

  7. George Nguyen | January 11, 2012 at 11:20 AM |

    Lost my phone, here’s the Bruce Mahoney video!

  8. Here’s the armchair quarterback analysis and you don’t have to look further than Fox and Domingo. Josh Fox who has probably the most textbook form on his outside shot does everything his team needs him to do to win. At 6’3-6’4, he would naturally be a college shooting guard, but in high school he plays 4 or even 5. He rebounds, hustles, plays solid D. On top of that he can hit any shot on the floor whether its on the perimeter or on the blocks or driving to the lane. That is why SH won besides the clutch play from James in the 4th quarter.

    On the flip side, you have Domingo. Ive seen this kid since his freshman year. I cannot believe the talent this guy has. There arent too many high school kids in SF with his height and athleticism. My first thought was oh great, this kid is going to dominant SH all his years. Boy was I ever wrong. For one and this is all my speculation, this year’s team has an odor of showcasing Domingo and his college talents. At 6’7, he would make a perfect small forward or dynamic shooting guard. If you watch SI’s offense, they run plays so he get shots pretty much from 15 ft and out. Hardly any plays that has him post up against smaller players or having him cut to the basket. Its all outside shots and of course his favorite fade-away jumper. Yes we all know you can do that, but it doesnt help your team win. You know you can do those during the summer AAU camps. This is about your team and helping them win and doing everything that you can do to give your team the best chance to do so. Which means using your height, which I’m pretty sure on most nights he is the tallest player and add his arms length. Theres no reason why he cant pull down closet to 10 rebounds a game or block or alter 3 shots. And he should get at least 3 offensive rebounds since hes so tall. But he doesnt and I dont know why he doesnt and honestly if he plays like this, SI is not going to go very far in their post season.

    On another note, Dunbar is totally being misused. He is ultra quick and can get to the paint any time he wants, but SI offense sets really just renders him useless. He’s better suited for an up and down, transition offense say like SH. Having him run the weave in a half court offense really takes away from his game which is finding an open man after breaking down his initial defender or taking it to the basket.

    • Spot on.

      • Yes, I agree with Ari’s statement. Nevertheless, I am glad SH won… Congrats to SH and their basketball program! Never a better feeling than beating SI.

    • Johnny Drama | January 11, 2012 at 7:42 PM |

      Ari, your analysis is very thorough! I didn’t go to the game but I was surprised that we hung around as long as we did. I told you you’d like Dunbar. He’s nice and I agree the system stifles him a bit. I can no longer disagree with you about Domingo, you’re right about him. He’s more comfortable being Robin rather than Batman. He misses Mrlik more than you, haha! Hopefully he steps up to be the leader we need him to be. Aguilar appears to be getting healthy. If he continues to play well, he’ll make a big difference inside and will open it up for SD. We shall see as the season moves on.

      Now to SHC….a win is a win but this shouldn’t have been close. Not sure they can win NorCal’s playing like they did last night. John’s lack of a go to move appears to be hurting him? If he doesn’t dunk it or lay it up, he appears to struggle. For SI to hold SHC scoreless for over a quarter must be a great concern for SHC? They looked like a different team than the one who beat Jesuit. Can they beat BOD? Curious to hear your take Ari, or anyone else.

      • @Drama, Can you imagine if Mrlik was 6’7 and with his hard nose mentality to get to the rim or just chuck it up from 22 ft at will? Thats the main difference was Mrlik didnt mind getting mugged going into the lane because he knew that was a easy two points at the line. Domingo isnt willing to do that. If he wore maybe three layers of Nike Pro Combat then he might.

        Im not sure if you know this but because of SI’s increased enrollment, they are not playing Division 3 this year. They moved up to Division 2. So that just made CCS Div 3 a shoe in for SH. So now SI has to deal with Mitty and St. Francis in CCS. And all SH has to worry about is Riordan or Burlingame.

        As for NCS, BOD is tough. Even without Ashley, they still have a pretty deep team that is almost the same as last year. You would think it would be closer this year if they rematched up in NCS. If SH could clone a Kevin Greene, then I definately think they could win NorCals.

        • SI boys are still playing in D-III. SI girls are the only ones moving up to D-II. Riordan has dropped to D-IV.

          Also, SH wouldn’t meet O’Dowd in NCS. It would be in the state playoffs.

        • SHC showed it could play with Jesuit and did beat Jesuit, while SI lost to Jesuit. I think all SH and SI games are pretty low scoring with lots of physical contact. It is almost like the teams are playing football rather than basketball every year.

      • Johnny, you know how it is in a game like this. Just watch the next game and see how much more relaxed on the court the players will be. It happens every time.

  9. @ Ari Gold…you are absolutely correct. Great observations.

  10. This game had a lot of big name players in it.
    Trevor Dunbar: This kid is a true point guard, when he got into the open court he was amazing. When he gets a consistent shot he will be great. Man imagine the damage he would do with some good bigs ( like the ones at SHC?) Coach open the court up for him! Throw out that system and let him run!

    Stephen Domingo: He was supposed to be the big name? The one that supposed to be a top 50 player in his class? Supposed to dominate? NOPE. I’ve watched him every year in the Bruce Mahoney and he is the same player. He can shoot but only under two conditions, 1. Has to be open. 2. Being guarded by a 6’1 or smaller player. I hate being down on a kid but he oozes with talent and potential. I just get so frustrated knowing he should be dominating.

    Taylor Johns: He really didn’t have a good scoring game but he plays with so much effort and intensity it makes up for bad shooting nights. Kid crashes the boards like a beast and alters shots left and right. When his fundamentals and footwork catches up with his athleticism he will be a good D1 player. Was definitely the most athletic player on the court, second to Gordon in WCAL.

    Josh Fox: Maybe the most underrated player in the bay area? He has a nice shot, good vision and ball handling. But none of those skills impressed me more than his heart. He plays with his heart on his sleeve which can be a double edged sword but when it works to his advantage it is a beautiful thing to watch.
    Khalil James was clutch last night and really stepped up. He outplayed Dunbar the last two minutes which is saying a lot because Dunbar was all SI had in the fourth.
    Now as a fan of City basketball I can only wish of a starting five with Dunbar,Domingo,Fox,Johns and basically put anyone else out there and thats the best team in CALIFORNIA. As fans we should be proud of all this talent we have in the City. Now just get Riordan back up!

    • People need to lay off stephen domingo. he’s had a few off games but thats not even the point. its that here is a smart, hardworking 16 or 17 year old junior in high school who has to come home to see his local hs sports site has people constantly bashing him, saying whether he “should have dominated” or whether he should be considered an “elite player”. He’s already got so much on his shoulders and is working as hard as he can to get better and prove people wrong. None of us posting have EVER been as good at basketball as he is and its easy to sit back on your computer at night and say things about him but think about what that means. I am all for this medium of talking and conversation and i think its great, but pretty much all the domingo talk has been negative of late and i don’t think thats quite fair for a junior in high school

      • Thank you for saying this. It’s probably something I should have said a long time ago.

        Specifically with Domingo, the critiques are constantly vitriolic. I’ve interviewed him several times and he’s a polite and gracious student athlete. If you don’t agree with the way he plays, that’s fine, but also remember that he came back from a broken wrist midway through the non-league season. Maybe that’s the reason those shots he was normally hitting with regularity.

        Regardless, he’s a very good basketball player and is a lock to be a Division I recruit, but just because he doesn’t meet your expectations, doesn’t mean you need to come on here and relentlessly criticize him.

        • I would agree. He is just a HS kid that is still learning and growing.

          • I never said he was a bad kid or not smart. I was just pointing out that he has so much more potential but maybe I was being too harsh by saying he shouldve have dominated? All of my comments were just based off what I have seen from many games that he has played in. If we are only allowed to make positive comments than I am sorry. I just want to wish the kid the best in the future because it is bright.

        • I feel like because people talk about Domingo as a star that they feel when he doesn’t play well they want to bash him. Its not fair to the kid and remember he is a KID. I say cheer for your team without bashing a kid to do it. Lets cheer for these city kids to make it big if the oppurtunity shows itself. Josh Fox played a nice game and had good energy for the irish. Tyler Petroni played a solid game with good defense and rebounding well for a guard position player. SHC to be even better is to use Fox better and make him the focal point on offense. Just a thought…Good luck to all city schools…

      • I think what people are getting so riled up about Domingo is that with the reputation he has as a high school basketball player, he is expected to play like what he is known for.

        • JBALAN:

          My issue is that Domingo seems to work on his game and improving his future college prospects under the guise of playing for SI. In one way, I can hardly blame him. People look out for #1.

          However, the disappointment to SI fans that leads to all the vitriol on this website comes from SD’s unfulfilled potential and his inability to transfer all that God-given talent to Ws for his team. Obviously, the kid is a super prospect who will play at a high D1 level; probably Pac 12. Why do I think that? Well where do D1 teams go to look for their recruits? Mostly to AAU club mega-tourneys. And, SD looked pretty darn good for Dream Vision this summer before he broke his foot (Of course, that was before he broke his wrist after hanging on the rim after a dunk in the early fall).

          But, there is still the unfulfilled potential SI fans can’t help but notice that he is a legit 6’7″ with a huge wingspan. So, why doesn’t he dominate inside? Because, simply, that is not where he will play in college. He is a college 2, or maybe a 3, who will live and die with his 3 pointer. The disappointment to us SI fans is that Domingo doesn’t do the things a supremely talented 6’7″ player can, and should, do. Why doesn’t he do these things? Because he can’t work on his outside game if he is: posting up, taking it hard to the rim, rebounding or playing D (admittedly his D is better this year).

          In addition to the unfulfilled potential, his petulant attitude on the court just looks really bad and rubs some of us old-timers the wrong way. Last night was a great example. SD was subbed out in the late 3rd and spent the next 5 minutes shaking his head and complaining to anyone who would listen. This wouldn’t have been so bad is it hadn’t included the first couple of minutes he was on the court in the 4th quarter. In fact, during an early 4th Quarter time out, half the time out was spent by his teammates trying to calm him down and get him back in the game mentally.

          Although I can’t agree more that the vitriol is unnecessary, it is extremely disappointing to watch such a supremely talented player spend every game outside the three-point line where he takes ill-advised shots. In fact, tonight’s TV re-broadcast points out he has only made 17% of his threes this year. He spends all of his time at the offensive end outside of the arc and yet he makes only 17% while also taking more shots that anyone else on the team. He three point shooting percentage was bad last year, but I don’t think it was that bad (more like 25%).

          Once again, he is a youngster and his game (and attitude) might grow up and mature over the next year and a half, but right now he looks like he plays more for SD than he plays for SI. I can’t tell you how much I wish it were different

          P.S. None of this post contains the vitriolic comments you have warned against. It is thoughtful and it is based upon the observation of someone who believes Domingo is the most gifted player I have seen at SI since at least the 80s. Therefore, it would be nice to see you let it pass your standards for allowing posts to be published.

          • merkinworld | January 12, 2012 at 8:12 AM |

            well said. thoughtful and intelligent.

          • SD -“most gifted player at SI since 80’s”??? I could think of some pretty gifted players: Ali Thomas (D1-USF); Luke Whitehead (D1-Louisville); Joe Skiffer (D1-Boise State) – where are you getting your facts?

            • Again, seems to be a respectful kid, but has a lot of pressure on him, as it was noted months ago he was on the 16-U USA development team – A prestigous honor. How did he get there? Being on a team that won a mythical AAU championship as a freshman put him on the radar (ie a tryout or two, boom). However, with that comes an unfair expectation that “every game” has to be a highlight real. Did he bring it on himself – I would say, no. I personally dont think he doesnt come across as arrogant. He may have confidence in himself, but all good athletes need to show some grit for themselves and teammates to succeed at the upper level. Not everybody has to be a nice guy all the time.

              Look, the general public’s access to internet, ESPN, and AAU sites, make even the casual observer, a person “with an opinion”. That is an issue the Skiffers, Thomas, Middlebrooks and Fortiers of the world never had to deal with.

              • Well said. Let’s try and be more uplifting and say more positive things about this teenager coming out of a City school.

            • Uncle Frank | January 12, 2012 at 4:24 PM |

              I am sure you are aware that there is a difference between fact and opinion. My opinion is that he is more physically gifted than all of those you mentioned. (Of the three you mentioned, I saw Thomas the most, but thought Whitehead was the most gifted of those 3.)

              By the way, I used “gifted” deliberately. Although I think he has more natural talents/tools than those who have played before him, including those 3 you mentioned, I did not refer to him as the “best player” because he hasn’t used his gifts to achieve nearly as much as any of the three you mentioned (except maybe at the AAU level.)

              Going back a little further, I’d take Juan Mitchell (1972-1975) any day over Domingo.

              • And like Juan Mitchell (Columbia) , an Ivy League team might be a good fit for him. A backcourt of Springwater and Domingo would be nice for the Lions

            • Don’t forget John Duggan. (Though he forgot his shot when he played at USF).

      • Get a life and find a job. You guys have way to much time in your life, remember that these kids are in high school.

  11. That means the school whose alum includes the man who was San Francisco’s mayor when Steve Young & Troy Aikman met in 4 straight NFC Championship games gets the trophy for the 1st time in 3 years

  12. when was the last time baseball decided the bruce? seems like the winner is always decided by basketball

  13. JBalan…

    I think people need to start putting their first and last names up on the board in order to comment about a team or player. Easy to speak your mind when you write Anonymous or made up names as Ari Gold etc…Blogs are great for having discussions but man up and put your real name behind your comment. We will see then who writes what…..

    • You really think people will put their real name on here? Jimmer Fredette was commenting on here about a month ago. If you have to put your name, people will just say John Doe or Bruce Mahoney is their real name. People love to crticize others hiding behind a computer, but I doubt they will say what they say here to the player’s face.

  14. JJ…..Exactely!

  15. Want to comment on Steve Domingo. 1st off, I think its unfair for everyone to bash this KID because of he doesnt play the way people expect him to play. If the coach has no problem with him playing the way he does, who are we to say what’s right and wrong with Steve’s game.
    I say to all the naysayers and “experts” to look at the pluses Steve brings to San francisco Basketball as a whole. He has the attention of National Colleges and that could potentially open the door for other kids like Fox, Johns, Mabrey (Riordan),Dunbar and the list can go on. And it also will serve the City well that coaches are looking at us now rather than Oakland or DelaSalle.
    As a person who coached Steve since he was 7 years old, I have always known him to be a great kid and never cocky at all!! He always gives back and he evens finds time to coach a youth team in his little spare time that he has.
    Steve was always the one who came early and stayed late after practice to work on his craft. I think now the results are starting to pay off. Who is to determine if the hype that he gets is worth it??
    Good Luck to Steve and I wish nothing but the best to ALL the players that play the game they love.

    • I speak for myself and Im guilty of being hard on Domingo. 1) I went to SH, 2) He goes to SI … Its utterly hard for me to root for any SI players… There are a few that have slipped through the cracks and thats because they were just great players and I have no choice but appreciate their greatness. Them and Johnny Drama.

      I never said he was cocky or has a bad attitude or anything like that. I made an observation based on games I’ve seen him play since freshman year that he doesnt do enough to help his team win. His freshman year SI was 12-15 (ok thats alot to ask from a freshman), last year they were 17-10 led mostly by a cannonball named Mrlik, this year they are just above .500. For a guy with his talent and athleticism, I would say his team’s have underachieved. I dont have his stats in front of me but if you look up any WCAL player that has been 6’7, starter, varsity since freshman year, I bet a pretty penny that guy has avg between 14-20 ppg, and 7-10 rpg. Domingo you can pretty much half that. He is by far your best player on most nights but look at him in the sample size of the last two games vs Mitty and SH… ok given, his wrist injury, more man than me to go out there and give what he can. But look at the guy ranked ahead of him in recruiting Aaron Gordon. The guy played with MONO vs Bellarmine and played only 1.5 quarters and scored 18 points….. WITH MONO!!! Players grind it out… Star players which people would consider Domingo of most nights, grind it out and help their teams win. Domingo falls short of that and we arent talking just stats. We’re talking wins and wins when it really counts.

      • Johnny Drama | January 12, 2012 at 8:54 PM |

        @Ari…appreciate the love man! This is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in! The conversation is definitely better than my last girlfriend!

      • Ari Gold, I actually agree with you on some of what you’ve said. Star players do need to step it up. You gave a perfect example with Aaron Gordon. He’s been playing with mono and is still a huge threat.

        HOWEVER, I can’t say this enough, look at the system Domingo is playing in. His lack of production isn’t completely his fault. He has to do what his coach tells him to do. The coach should implement a system that fits his team. Some players can’t adapt to their coach’s system (which might be the case with Domingo). At least, it should be 50/50. The coach can run his system, however, make the changes to fit his current players so that they can succeed.

        If most of Coach Reardon’s plays calls for Domingo to play the 3 spot instead of a 4 and 5, then what’s going to happen? Domingo will be shooting more instead of banging hard inside.

        On a side note, congrats on SH winning the Bruce-Mahoney game.

      • Maybe he’s just not as good as people think. Aaron Gordon really shouldn’t play with mono. If nothing else, it’s very contagious.

    • So Nate- You taught him that ugly fade away and his knowledge of team shot selection….. those great triple threat moves, attacking dribble moves….a variety of different finishes at the rim….I’m sorry Steve… You’re off the hook….

  16. When will Yanoj Jackson play? What is his injury, I would like to see his development some time this year?

  17. wow things ppl say!!! BUT JUST TO HEAR THE THINGS PPL SAY ABOUT KIDS ITS WOW!!! IF YOUR TEAM WOULD HAVE WON!!! We would not hear this about Domingo!!!You are right nate good kid and nothing but Love for you and all the Kids you help!!!!!AND THATS LIKE 15KIDS ON S.I TEAMS RIGHT NOW AND ALOT ON S.H and its not your job to teach them it all“`Thats why they call it a TEAM~SO IM Not hear to make things worst but think before you talk!!!!AND BE A MAN are LADY!!!!!!And put a Name on it!!!!MAY WE ALL HAVE A BLESS DAY and GO 49ers!!!

  18. Hey Hey Hey , guys and all , let’s celebrate the boys that put it all on the line their senior year to will their team to win the Bruce . Let’s pay tribute to Fox and Johns . Johns had an off night in scoring but contributed with solid D and rebounding and being all around physical . As for Fox , what more could you ask for ? this kid never ceases to amaze me , he has handles like a guard , rebounds like a 7-footer , has a sweet shot , will find a way to score and many a time make a game-changing / momentum dunk filled with emotion . He has the biggest heart filled with desire and will battle till the end . He never wants the credit for the W’s , it’s all about the team and not about stats for him , a sign of great maturity . A D1 school that takes a chance on this kid will never regret the decision , he is a workhorse and an intelligent one and an all around humble kid and never cocky . I have become one of his greatest fans , I am by the way an SI Mother , good luck Josh .

    I am an SI parent and believe that we should celebrate talent here in the WCAL and stop bashing our kids and I now lead by example .

    • I concur with Grace, where Josh Fox goes he will be good. The kid plays with a lot of heart and intensity and can make all the shots around the perimeter and the paint.. He is all about the team and is a humble kid who lets his play do the talking. Im sure he will get some D1 looks.!

  19. In total agreement with Grace , an exemplary move indeed . At the end of the day a mothers love always shines through . So , to us critics , remember , that child is loved by someone and is human .
    By the way , Congrats to Fox and Johns and your SH team on a great win and better luck next year SI , we know you will be dominant for years to come and your time is near .

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