Girls Basketball: St. Ignatius jumps out to big lead to best rival Sacred Heart Cathedral

St. Ignatius senior Kaitlyn Crawley sets for a shot in the lane against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

St. Ignatius senior Kaitlyn Crawley sets for a shot in the lane against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Bonta Hill

The St. Ignatius girls basketball team showed no ill effects from a 19-point loss to Archbishop Mitty on Saturday in a spirited matchup against its archrival on Tuesday.

The Wildcats never trailed against Sacred Heart Cathedral, defeating the Irish 56-44 in West Catholic Athletic League action at USF’s War Memorial Gymnasium.

St. Ignatius senior Maria Kemiji-McDonald tries to work her way through a pair of Sacred Heart Cathedral defenders on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Eric Luis)

St. Ignatius (11-2, 2-1) scored the last seven points of the first half to carry a a 29-13 lead into the half.

Meanwhile, Sacred Heart (7-7, 2-1) shot a paltry 18 percent from the floor in the first half and it proved to be too much to overcome.

The Irish did make a run in the second half and cut the St. Ignatius lead to 48-42 on GeAnna Summers-Luaulu’s layup with 3:48 left in the game, but that was the closest the Irish would get, as the Wildcats scored the next four points to put the game out of reach.

“We knew Sacred Heart would make a run at us, but our seniors led the way at the end and their leadership was the key to maintaining the lead in the second half,” said St. Ignatius head coach Mike Mulkerrins.

Although Sacred Heart was able to shake the cold shooting in the third quarter and score the first seven points of the second half, it wasn’t enough, as St. Ignatius broke the Irish’s full-court pressure, leading to easy baskets.

“We talked at halftime about attacking them and slowing the pace down, and we did that in the third quarter,” said Sacred Heart head coach Mike Carey. “But that run [St. Ignatius] made in the second quarter was tough to come back from.”

Senior Kaitlyn Crawley led St. Ignatius with 12 points, while fellow senior Maria Kemiji-McDonald added 11.

SI freshmen centers Josie Little and Sydney Raggio were also effective, combining for 15 points while controlling the glass for the Wildcats.

Photo slideshow by Doug Ko and Eric Luis

“We knew they were big and how we had to limit them to one shot, but our problem was that our defensive rotations were a little slow,” Carey said. “It’s the third league game and we’ll continue working on that and we’ll be ready for them the next time around.”

St. Ignatius exacted a bit of revenge from last year’s Central Coast Section Division III championship loss to Sacred Heart, but Mulkerrins said that defeat, along with their last loss to Mitty, are distant memories.

“Every game is a new season and you can’t dwell in the past,” Mullkerrins said. “[Those games have] been buried.”

Scoring Leaders

St. Ignatius
Kaitlyn Crawley – 12
Maria Kemiji-McDonald – 11
Josie Little – 9
Courtney Gong – 6
Sydney Raggio – 6

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Jerrieza Enriquez – 9
Ashley Gainer – 7
GeAnna Summers-Luaulu – 7
Kayla Coloyan – 6
Briannah Smith – 5

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42 Comments on "Girls Basketball: St. Ignatius jumps out to big lead to best rival Sacred Heart Cathedral"

  1. I know SHC didn’t win but at least you could of had a few more action shots in there. There are more pictures of the band.

    • Next time why don’t you take pictures for SanFranPreps and submit them instead of complaining? They did the best they could.

      • Actually Eric Luis does a fantastic job taking pictures. And on his website he has a ton more action shots from the game for the SHC girls. I’m just wondering why they weren’t added, that’s all.

        • Staying up late at night writing articles and posting pictures is a tough job. So, depending upon how many articles BH wrote in addition to this one, might be the reason why there weren’t many action photos. Also, maybe not all of the photos were available to BH at the time. Those are my two guesses.

  2. The three freshmen girls on the SI girls varsity team and the five freshmen on the JV team are amazing. Not to mention the SI frosh girls basketball team is 12-1. The Class of 2015 has a bright future on the court. I can’t wait to see what happens when they are all on the varsity level together.

  3. SHC shot 20% as a team, Geanna was not in her game,foul trouble early and SHC got into a hole early in the game. SI have bigs inside ,so SHC needs to knock down shots. Easier said than done but try next time SHC. This one belongs to SI.

    • It truly was a poor start for both teams. But it was evident SH shot percentage was sour, especially from the free-throw line. SI’s coaching outsmarted the SH bench. SH performance was far better than last year’s, however the match-ups didn’t make sense at times. Regardless of skill body vs body, height vs height should be matched up as close as possible and rotate your bench with your top 6 or 7 players. SI used at least 8 of its top players, while SH picked players from the bench like it was “Bingo Night” Come on SH, let’s get it together and match-up the right players. Also, this is Varsity Ball not Empathy Ball – players earn their time and skillfulness to play. No to knock any player down, but in REAL basketball there are players that never touch the court. This was the Bruce Mahoney game, play the game to win!!

  4. There’s over 40 + comments from the boys SI/SHC game but only 4 for the girls game. This is sad. Did y’all forget that the girls played to? The SI girls won their game so I would at least think the SI students and alum who visit this site would show their support. Yet, their talking about the boys losing. NEWS FLASH, YOUR GIRL’S TEAM WON!!!! Show the same support for the girls as you do for the boys. This just doesn’t go out to the SI and SHC crowd, this goes for the AAA teams as well. The girls need the support just like the boys do.

    • GC. There is no disrespect here, it is just the vast history of SI/SHC has centered on the boys sports for so long and most of the poster I gather are male. The Bruce-Mahoney has exclusive ties to the boys teams and that probably goes back farther than you can imagine in the minds of alumni. If you can believe, people lose sleep over the results of the Bruce-Mahoney games.

      The ladies in their own right are outstanding athletes (and students) and getting so many more oppportunities than their mothers before them. To them, Title 9 is probably looked upon more of a right than a priviledge. Are they less athletic or determined, no. Go to a volleyball match and dare to walk on the court and return a ball.

      Look, it is this way in most sports, For better or worst, it is centered around the boys game.

      However (as to your point about the game itself), I will simply say, SI won predominately because their game is centered around the post. SHC at this point will live and die on the perimeter, and with the size of SI for the next several years, I see very little changing.

      • WCAL Alum: I do understand. I was just saying that the girls deserve their recognition to. You are also correct that most of this country is centered around guy sports. However, there are some cases where it’s the women sports that play an important part in carrying their sports programs. One good example is at the University of Tennesse. UT’s mens bball and football teams have been subpar recently. However, their women’s basketball program have remained strong.

        An example that’s closer to home would be SI’s women’s basketball team. They will more than likely finish atop the WCAL whereas the SI boy’s team will not (Mitty will probably take home this honor again). If you read the comments that are being made on here, the SI community spend more time talking about how Domingo is underachieving and how Coach Reardon doesn’t know how to coach than they do about how well their girls are doing and the simple fact that they will probably be the champs of the WCAL. That’s sad and a bit disrespectful. But, I am proud of the SI girls and wish them continued success.

    • 40+ messages from the same bunch of armchair experts complainig about the refs, arguing with each other, pumping up/beating down the kids ….?? That’s considered support? SI came out strong, played a well-balanced game and the better team, on that night, won. Looking forward to a re-match at month’s end. SH will come at us hard and our very deep, talented team will be more than ready for them! Congrats to both teams, their coaches and families!!!

  5. They are too busy ripping the boys to think anything positive.

  6. Good game by both teams. SI has really good senior players and good coaching and that lead to the victory. Noticed SI coach more involed during time outs instructing his players showing them what he wanted executed. SHC coach seemed unorganized, not sure what he wanted to do, didn’t seem like he had a plan. just an opinion, good game by both teams, SI clearly the better team.

  7. SI was expected to win this game, it would have been a big upset if they lost. SI had alll the advantages height, athleticism although I give credit to SHC for playing hard. it’s hard if your best player(Geanna) is struggling , in foul trouble and your teammates are not knocking down shots. With class 2015 coming together next year, SI wil.l have a good team next 3 years be probably the dominant team I their last 2 years in high school. Don’t count out SHC they have players of their own 2014 and 2015 clas that can be very good.

  8. That #25 girl on SI’s team needs to know she isn’t the only player, same goes for #22. They have a great outside shooter on their team who i have seen dominate outside and yet their coach and players are still oblivious as usual. San Fran Preps needs to stop encouraging #25 and #22 by your articles. At least admit they are huge ball hogs. And that coach needs to understand it is not CYO anymore. Stop subbing every halfway point!

    • SI supporter | January 12, 2012 at 4:41 PM |

      How can you criticize our 2 best senior players/leaders and the coach after the team had won the Bruce?
      9 of the SI players had scored that is good teamwork. Our size dominated SHC on the board and they have no answer for our inside game. The great outside shooter wasn’t making her shot and got burn on defense. Basketball is NOT only shooting from outside 3 point line, it is about matchup, adjust to your oppontent and defense!!

      Great Job Ladies!!!

      • Don’t complain if your great shooter was not able to pad her stats. The players you’re calling ball hogs are your best players. Besides they won the game.

      • Yes, SI won the game, but every win is a team effort. To say that #22 and #25 are the best is a matter of opinion. If you want to label them as the best players than why aren’t their stats dominating over the rest of the team even when they play the entire game? Let’s say SI has a lot of good players and leave it at that.

        • As a matter of fact they are, the best on your team . Stats are deceiving . One night you’re dominating and one night you are struggling. What is the point of these discussion SI is a very good team, and I think I know who you are referring to as a “great” shooter, and I tell you she has a good shot when “wide” open but terrible when guarded ,mediocre ball handling , and horrible defense. Just tell her to play and don’t complain she’ll get her points, but pls don’t criticize any other player on the team. Having a deep bench this year is a luxury for SI this
          Year hence the frequent subs. And agin stop complaining about how your coach subs , either you are a parent
          Or the player herself stop complaining. Okay?

          • If the SI coach is able to swap 5 in and 5 out and still manage to win then it bodes well for the future of the team. They will be pretty deep as well next year with 3 jrs, 1 sop and 3 frosh already playing this year matched with who ever moves up.

            • Agreed! There is no better experience than playing experience. Why have kids capable of contributing sitting on the bench while 5-6 kids get run into the ground. Being able to go deep into the roster will do nothing but help the team in the post-season and next year.

  9. Wow, pls remember that #22 and # 25 are the two best players on your team. Your daughter probably did not get her supposedly score per game that’s why you are complaining. Besides there are other players who
    Scored. Stop this nonsense calling them ballhogs.

  10. Just watched the replay of the game on cable. Did it look this ugly in person? A lot of airballs, bad/poor passes that led to turnovers. I thought it was sloppy on both teams. SI definitely had the better team and was able to overcome their mistakes. SH could not overcome the poor shot selection and really some pretty bad defensive laspes to win the game. This was pretty close to the way they played last year. God I don’t remember the play of the teams being like this 3-4 years ago. SH’s lack of height is going to hurt them down the road on the rebounding. Does anyone box out anymore? Also SH’s play selection seemed to be a lot of one pass and shoot the ball, which doesn’t help you if you don’t rebound.

  11. SHC programs changed so much but not in a good way … Looks like its going down hill . I give the ladies respects though they are a talented group who just needs the proper guidances

  12. How about giving recognition to all the girls teams as a whole? Everyone is so fixated on which team or player is better and to point out their flaws and weaknesses but no one has the guts to give recognition where it’s due. The only way girls sports will get respect if people giving them respect.

    • Great Post, its really sad to see kids get blasted on these forums. I’m sure they read or hear about there name being mentioned whether its good or bad. Both teams played hard, SI got the best of SHC in this one but I can’t complain about the effort, SHC girls gave it there all. Good luck to both teams the rest of the season.

      • Compared to years ago, there’s plenty of respect. Don’t read too much into people’s comments. Most of the time, any feedback is good feedback.

  13. The last time I remember, basketball was a team sport. To say that #22 and #25 are the best players is just that …a matter of opinion. You can blame the coaches and their lack of coaching skills which allows these two ladies to play the way they do…a two man team! Whether you like it or not, it is what you watch and considering they take as many shots as they do their stats should be a lot higher!

  14. @ I C Stars, how can you say not to read into it too much when the fans acknowledge girls aren’t getting a fair share! Yes compare to the other years there might be a bit more recognition compare to hardly none from the past! Look at all the post people are commenting on the boys and compare it to the girls, there is quite a substantial amount of interest compare to the girls both negative and positive. Be real!

  15. Saint Ignatius girls have enough talent to continue to beat most opponents. However, you can take this to the bank : this team will continue to lose to truly high quality opponents AND will get bounced early (again) in the state playoffs because :

    1) offense is defined by ball-hog players (certain players regularly go “1 on 3” and force up gobs of garbage)

    2) team commits WAY too many turnovers (average over 20 per game so far in WCAL play)

    3) a few starters/regular players either don’t know how/are too slow to defend

  16. Seen SHC frosh play twice and didn’t see much as far as talent and skill. The teams they are playing are awful.

    • Well they are winning and playing as a team, something that the Varsity is not doing as of yet.

    • They are playing the same teams in league that everyone else is playing in the WCAL! Don’t try to discredit the FROSH achievements for the IRISH girls.

      • SI has the top frosh class and they are all on jv’s so don’t act like the IRISH frosh girls are all that, lets be real here. Go watch them play and tell me who is good on that team?

        • They are playing as a team. They may not be individually better than some of the girls at SI on the Frosh or Junior Varsity, but collectively they are playing well enough to win and they are undefeated!..Does that make sense? Do you know what TEAM means?

          • Besides with those kids on that frosh team, didn’t they beat SI”s Freshman team 39-34? You are also implying that SI’s frosh girls team is awful? They can only get better, these girls have 4 years, right?

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