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Games of the day – Riordan vs. St. Ignatius boys soccer: The Crusaders are still looking for their first win of the season, while the Wildcats have tied their last three WCAL contests. Lincoln vs. Washington girls basketball: Both teams have started off AAA play 2-0 and are tied for first place in the Lang Division. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Lowell 53, ISA 39
Mission 92, Jordan 32
Lincoln 59, Washington 49
Burton 56, Wallenberg 29
Galileo 73, O’Connell 38
Marshall 56, Balboa 54

BCL Central boys basketball
Waldorf @ Pescadero, 5:30 p.m.

AAA girls basketball
Washington 62, Lincoln 30
Burton 46, Wallenberg 41
Balboa 49, Marshall 27

BCL Central girls basketball
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 50, International 40
Waldorf 51, Pescadero 8

WCAL boys soccer
St. Ignatius 3, Riordan 1
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, Serra (San Mateo) 1

WCAL girls soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, Notre Dame (Belmont) 2

WCAL wrestling
Riordan 39, Mitty (San Jose) 26
Bellarmine (San Jose) 57, Sacred Heart Cathedral 26

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      • Feel The Pain | January 11, 2012 at 3:57 PM |

        The game wil be close and Balboa NEEDS this game big time. An 0-4 start will make it hard to achieve a top 4 seeding from the LANG and a berth in the playoffs. I like what Marshall has done this year and even without key components are prime to make a nice run. With that said, there will be no blowout and Balboa will keep it close, it’s anyone’s game to win, tossup.

        • BALBOA choked big time. They had a double digit lead at haltime, then for some reason, BALBOA’s head coach slows the pace down. Instead of trying to win, they were trying not to lose. Anyways, BAL was up by 1 with about 6 secs left in the game. Marshall at the free throw….the kid makes the 1st FT (tie game), then misses the 2nd, mad rush for the loose ball, Marshall gets it, kid throws the ball up from his hip pocket into the hoop. Game over, Marshall wins by 2. anyways, heard alot of f-bombs in the crowd, total different atmosphere from the WCAL games I normally attend.

  2. Marshall 56
    Balboa 54

  3. great game marshall buzzer beater

  4. I just can’t wait for Friday. Galileo vs. Burton? Game of the day, yeah?

  5. The score was off the actual score was Galileo lions 73 OConnell 36.

  6. marshall and lincoln this friday

    • that will be important, especially with this barely win by marshall over bal…. but lincoln should pull through relatively easy

      • marshall needs a big game from holliday and the big man alexander. AAA coaches need to game plan to play attacking basketball to get marshall players in foul trouble because they literally have no bench. they also play a 1-2-2 or 2-3 zone and will give shooters looks, #13 for balboa was able to hit a couple big threes against that zone

        • what happened to theo?

        • If I’m not mistaken, Marshall will first rely on their 2-3 zone. If that gets beaten, they will switch to a 1-2-2. Many teams that have a zone as their primary defense will start off in a 2-3 zone and will switch to a 1-2-2 zone if it their 2-3 zone is continously getting beat. Match-up zone is another alternative Marshall should explore (if they haven’t already done so).

      • Marshall can be beaten if you can stop their guards from driving to the basket and defending their 5- foot jumpers. Then, if they miss those shots, you need to box out the Alexander kid from tapping the ball into the hoop. If Lincoln can do that, they should be able to win because Marshall plays a matador defense, due to the fact that they have a thin bench which doesn’t allow them to take defensive chances.

        • I agree that Lincoln has to be the slight favorite Friday, unfortunately I can’t go to the game but I would add a couple things from last nights bal/marshall game that might come into play:

          –Marshall’s 2-3 got a LOT more active in the 2nd half. Bal had 37 at halftime and 17 in the 2nd half and that’s not just because they got a little tentative. Marshall cut the baseline off and started moving their feet.

          –Marshall started in a 1-2-2 and gave up a ton of looks, mostly because they weren’t jumping to the ball.

          –Gotta say Marshall’s coach is doing a lot with a thin team and my hats off to him and his players.

          –Holloway picked up his 2nd foul early and wasnt much of a factor in the 1st half. In the 2nd half he looked better even after he tweaked his ankle. Really nice player with a real nose for the lane.

          –I’ve only seen Lincoln once but if I were game planning for them I’d say you have to get physical on both ends. Rotate in the 6th, 7th, 8th men frequently and ask them to get in someone’s jersey & make multiple efforts on every possession on defense–at some point, probably mid 2nd or late 3rd quarter, this is going to pay off and youre going to put a little run on the scoreboard.

          –Great moment from last nights game, #10, who had had quite a few turnovers, stepped to the line with 6 seconds left with Marshall down 1 and hit a big free throw to tie the score. He and his team were so excited with that shot, reminded me of why high school sports are so great. Good for him, now tighten up those passes which I’m sure coach will work on.

        • It’s obvious who most of you had your hopes on last night, that lost last night, really hurted some of you the way Marshall took over the second half and brought it home. Marshall played a terrible game yesterday on both ends of the court, and was still able to beat another one of the teams most of you believe is on another level above Marshall, playing with five players and doing what they are doing…….

          Yes your right, Marshall has only seven players, only five play; What does that say about teams that are even allowing Marshall to play with them, not to mention the team that have lost to them; It deminstrate two things: the lang division is…. or Marshall is making a mockery of this hold rating system.

          It is unbelievable, Marshall has done what they have done this season already with five players also, it appears that some of you are doing a great scoting job for the other AAA teams against Marshall.

          Whatever happen against Lincoln, Marshall has brought more respectibility to the AAA, playing with only five players and not giving end to any team.

          • I disagree that Marshall played a terrible game on both ends; they played poorly for 2 quarters and then really well for 2 quarters. Difference was moving their feet and getting active, and #55 dominating the offensive glass.

            Playing with 5 in a high school game is doable, games are only 32 minutes.

            Maybe Marshall can get some help when the 6 week report cards come out, I dont know whether they have any ineligible players but if they do i hope they’re doing what they need to do in the classroom.

            I agree that Marshall is bringing more respectability to the AAA, Burton is doing their thing too this season good to see those programs build some excitement for the playoffs.

    • its at Marshall so let’s see if they can get a little home court advantage going

  7. That 2-1 SHC soccer victory over Serra was huge. That knocked them out of first place. The Bells lost too. Irish are tied for second place.

  8. SHC might have what it takes to secure a top 3 finish in what looks to be a down year for the WCAL as a whole

  9. Good job Burton! Keep on winning. I want to see y’all make JB have one of your games as the “Game of the Day!” JB, this is my plug for Burton right here. I know the Neff division is the weaker of the two, HOWEVER, if Burton beats Lincoln on January 20th and beats Mission on January 24th, then I say Burton vs. Marshall should be the “Game of the Day” on January 26th. Those two schools are rivals so it’s only fitting. At first look, the odds of Burton beating Lincoln, or Mission (or even both for that matter) seems to be a long shot. However, the AAA is always full of upsets. C’mon JB….what do you say?

    • here’s how it happens: #32 ching gets all the attention and still gets his 20, but #23 steps up and has a huge game–he has a good looking shot and plays with some confidence so I can see it happening

      plus Burton’s big weakness is in the middle but who in the AAA can really exploit that?

      • GCJ01,

        I like the enthusiasm though as Wallenberg grad, I wish Burton had lost! :)

        Seriously, I was at the game and Burton let Wallenberg hang around. The score was 26-23 with about 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. You can say Burton woke up or Wallenberg lagged a bit but Burton went on a 13-3 spurt to close the 3rd quarter and that was all she wrote. Burton is a solid team but will need to play at their best to compete against Mission (haven’t seen Lincoln or Marshall yet).

        As for Wallenberg, Coach Mulligan is doing the best he can with what he’s got. Like all his teams, they give great effort. However, unlike years past where he usually has a few guys who can put the ball in the basket consistently, he doesn’t seem to have any go to guy. When Burton when on their run, there wasn’t much Wallenberg could do.

        Wallenberg is also lacking some athleticism which hurts as the top AAA teams this season are athletic (Mission, Lincoln, Marshall). Wallenberg’s three big kids are nice role players but are not threats on offense. Wallenberg has a couple of decent ball handlers but again no one that is a huge offensive threat.

        • Don L,

          A fellow Neff division grad…I like that!

          First, I have great respect for Coach Mulligan. He is a great coach and always seems to put forth great compitition even when he lacks the players to do so. I remember playing Wallenberg at Kezar and they had a great all-around team (great shooters, banged hard on the inside-even with no one taller than 6ft 3, and great athleticism).

          I remember when last month someone made an ill-advised comment about Wallenberg and you essentially, and in a nice way, put them in their place (it was actually funny). I, of course, chimed in with my opinion. I’ve always respected Coach Mulligan, HOWEVER, when they play Burton, I’m siding with the Pumas.

          It’s been hard for me to watch the Pumas ever since the 2003-2004 season. Even though they’ve made the playoffs (as the third or fourth seeds) the last three years, they’ve done so with sub .500 records. Wallenberg, on the other hand, has not had a losing record since the 2002-2003 season and have finished either first or second (including their run to the Championship in the 2009-2010 season) almost every year since then.

          I guess, just as Burton was rebuilding since 2004, Wallenberg is starting to rebuild. Hopefully it won’t take them eight years to get it right like it did for the Pumas. Wallenberg can easily take the fourth spot in the Neff if they just take ISA out of the picture.

          • GCJ01,

            Good to see Burton rising again after some mediocre years. I still remember when the Burton teams had Harvey Carey (forget what years those were, have to go look it up) and the Burton team was ranked fairly highly though lost in the second round of the State playoffs. You guys have had some decent teams since the Carey days though like you said, not as much recently.

            Actually, I would like to see Burton rise as an AAA athletic power though I think the school is only Division III with around 1500 student enrollment. You guys have a nice athletic / football field. I like the Burton gymnasium and your campus is not too bad though I think the school doesn’t have the best reputation.

            I’m also familiar with the Burton girls basketball program. Coach Jackson does a good job and had the team competitive in the last few years which I liked. Like the boys, I would like to see other teams step up to break the Lowell / Washington / Lincoln monopoly (though Lincoln is struggling now). In fact, a former CYO player of mine (Sophia Wan) played for Burton for several years.

            It’s good to see AAA alumni support their schools year round and not at championship events. While I don’t think the kids really care about having a huge amount of alumni support, I think the coaches / administrators appreciate it. I know Coach Mulligan appreciates it that I make it out to at least several of games during the season.

            Good luck the Burton teams and let me know if you’re ever at any games. Be good to meet the face behind the name. :D

            • Don L.,

              The Harvey years was in the late 90’s. He graduated right as I entered Burton. 1997 was when they won the City Championship (against Gal if my memory serves me correctly). That team was stacked. They had Harvey, Arinze Anorou (who went on to play at Sac State), Daniel Perry (whose brother I ended up coaching when I was an assistant at Burton), and many others. Coach Matthew Prophet (who now teaches at Lowell) was a great coach. I actually played for him one year. The mid 90’s to the early 2000’s were Burton’s strongest years during the past fifteen years.

              Coach Brian Jackson is a great coach. He’s been at Burton for a very long time and coaches volleyball, basketball, and softball. I learned a lot of my coaching skills from him. He’s a mellow guy that knows how to get the best out of his players.

              I agree with you 100 percent regarding alumi needing to support their schools. That is one of my main issues with the AAA. The alumi seems to abandon their schools. This isn’t a major issue at Lincoln, Lowell, or Washington (or even Gal to some extent). However, the rest, seems to have issues. The kids these days probably won’t know the importance of the alumni until after they graduate. However, to some extent, that’s the alumi’s fault as well. How can we expect the kids to care if we do not show them that we care?

              I’m checking my schedule because I do want to get out to some games this year. It’s difficult for me to attend games in January because I coach basketball in the South Bay. I’m going to try to make the Feb. 16th game when our two schools meet again. Are you planning to go to that game? The game will be at Kezar.

            • Don L.,

              I was thinking…I find it interesting that you and I are the two AAA alumni that consistantly defends and supports the AAA on SanFranPreps. This is not to say that there aren’t others that do it, because there are. However, I’ve noticed that we do it the most.

              I see all of the SI and SHC alum and students on here supporting (well, a lot of the time their criticizing, but that’s another story) their schools. Even ARHS Stats, with all of his knowledge, is practically the voice of Riordan. So, the WCAL is well represented. However, there isn’t as much support coming from the AAA Alumni (and students for that matter) community. I may be wrong, but it is sad to see that our own alumni do not chime in as much as we do.

              I litterally took on SI and SHC during football season when their football teams were underachieving. SI eventually pulled off the “upset” and beat SHC in the CCS championships. I got so much heat from WCAL fans (especially the SI fans) throughout football season, it wasn’t even funny. But my sole purpose of doing it was because during the 2010 season, they were knocking the AAA because our teams were subpar. Now, since ALL three of their teams were underachieving, I took it upon myself to prove the point that everyone, including the “mighty” WCAL, have down years. I went into the battle alone (I didn’t expect anyone to help to be honest-although you did help out now that I think about it) and stood my ground.

              This is what AAA alumni need to do. They need to support the AAA and continue to provide a solid foundation for our league. I love what Don Collins is doing. Thanks to him a lot of schools have new football fields (like Burton) or have new facility renovations (such as Lincoln and Wash).

              We may not be as strong as the WCAL, however, we do the best we do with what we have. They have more “privileges” than we do. Not to mention, they have way more support from their alumni community than we do. But your comment about it being nice to see a AAA alum support their school YEAR ROUND really got me thinking about that.

      • Mission. Lowell, and Lincoln can exploit that!

  10. How the hell did International loose to San Domenico..anybody at that game? Huge upset..

  11. | January 12, 2012 at 10:47 AM |

    This was a good game for bal,bal was leading the 1 and 2 quarters but then somehow marshall’s coach gave them a talk that boosted their morale.Bal played a close game, They played better in their pre-season but somehow went down enetering the AAA.Marshall played good in their zone and bal’s shooters were on spot. good game bal.Marshall and Lincoln should be a good game.

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