Girls Basketball: Washington blows away Lincoln to take control of Lang Division

By Ryan Kuhn

Washington High School’s girls basketball team now stands alone as the only undefeated team in the Academic Athletic Association’s Lang Division after crushing visiting Lincoln on Wednesday.

Eleven Washington players scored in a 62-30 win, the Eagles’ largest victory against Lincoln in more than seven years.

Senior guard Raelyn Cheung-Sutton and junior forward Grace Lui led the Eagles (11-5, 3-0) with 10 points apiece, followed close behind by Mari Kawano and Karah Butac, who had eight and seven points, respectively.

The Eagles started the game on an 11-0 run in the first quarter and soon after, Washington head coach Vince Wong subbed in his entire bench.

“That’s the strategy for most of our games,” Wong said. “It helps my starters rest and [gives] the other girls a chance to play, so when we play for championships they will be ready.”

While Wong able to use 11 players, Lincoln (5-11, 2-1) only had six players dressed and available to play.

Lincoln head coach Jason Lee said his team was short three players because of injuries, but also stated his team’s performance was inexcusable.

“We need to get ready for the lower competition in league play,” Lee said. “We know for a fact that we are not 30 points worse than Washington, because I see that at practice, but until they realize that, and show up and play that way, there is nothing we can do.”

Lincoln’s lone bright spot was senior center Jessica Garrett, who finished with a game-high 17 points. She leads the Mustangs with 14.1 points per game and 9.8 rebounds this season.

Not only was Washington’s offense in sync, but its defense was also pressing and forced 13 turnovers in the first half and only allowed the Mustangs to shoot 24 percent from the field.

Raelyn Cheung-Sutton – 10
Grace Lui – 10
Mari Kawano – 8
Phacharee Arunleung – 8
Karah Butac – 7

Jessica Garrett – 17
Michelle Wong – 8
Ezra De Asis – 3
Joi Fisher – 2

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11 Comments on "Girls Basketball: Washington blows away Lincoln to take control of Lang Division"

  1. Great article RK. I wonder how Lincoln would’ve faired against Wash had they had all of their players.

    • If Lincoln had all their players they would have still lost. Washington played their bench just as much as the starters.

      • That must mean Lowell and Wash might just be the top 2 schools in the AAA. If that’s true they will probably meet in the championships. I can’t wait ’til they play eachother on January 27th. The best thing about it, they play at Kezar.

  2. Lincoln is really down this year, besides Garrett and Wong not that deep.

  3. What happened to Mariposa Silifaiva?

  4. Lincoln was a bit down last season. Jason had a couple of players or so from two seasons ago that chose not to play last season. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch them this season so not sure who they got besides Wong and Garrett. Wong’s a nice player though. Seen her since she was in middle school. Jason usually has at least 10 to 12 players but 6 is a surprise.

    • I wonder what their reasoning for not chosing to play was. Lincoln is only carrying nine players this year, and as you said, that’s odd. I wonder what’s going on.

      • GCJ01,

        From talking to Jason last season (I know him personally from playing with and against him in some Asian b-ball leagues), a couple of his better players (twins I think?) wanted to just focus on one sport (track or something). Now, that was last season. Not sure what is going on this season. The Lincoln JV team had a decent amount of players last season so interest is there. Unlike the smaller schools, it’s not like Lincoln is lacking in students. I’ll have to stop by and watch a Lincoln game and say hi to Jason.

        • That’s what threw me off. Lincoln does not lack students be any means. They have one of the highest student populations of all of the AAA schools (right along with Wash and Lowell). The interest is there, but just how much may be the question

    • The Lincoln girls hoops team haven’t been that good ever since Hallie Meneses left.

      • She graduated in 2010 so it’s only been one season removed. I’m guessing Lincoln is in a rebuilding year.

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