Boys Basketball Top 10: League play leads to Top 10 shakeup

The top-ranked Irish celebrate with their fans and fellow students after their win over rival St. Ignatius on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

The top-ranked Irish celebrate with their fans and fellow students after their win over rival St. Ignatius on Tuesday at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral (13-1, ranking last week: 1)

The Irish bounced back from their first loss of the season with three consecutive solid victories last week. Sacred Heart took down rival St. Ignatius to seal the Bruce-Mahoney series to start the week, then took down Valley Christian (10-5) and St. Francis (9-6) by double digits.

2. Riordan (9-6, ranking last week: 3)

The Crusaders move to their highest ranking this season on the strength of the biggest upset of the season. Riordan took down the same Bellarmine (9-6) squad that gave No. 1 Sacred Heart Cathedral its first loss of the season and also gave a scare to Mitty (10-2) after a lopsided loss to Serra (13-2) to start the week.

3. Stuart Hall (14-3, ranking last week: 4)

The Knights have won 10 straight games, have the size and solid guard play to hang with the City’s top programs this season. Stuart Hall started Bay Counties League West play with wins over Drew (2-11) and Marin Academy (9-5), behind the sharp shooting of senior guard Tim Connolly and the inside game of 6-foot-4 freshman Armani Collins, who is averaging nearly 10 points per game.

4. Mission (12-7, ranking last week: 5)

The Bears Appear to be hitting their stride in AAA play, beating league opponents Balboa (12-7), Jordan (1-10) and Washington (8-12) last week.

5. St. Ignatius (7-8, ranking last week: 2)

The Wildcats had a rough week and may be playing their worst basketball of the season. The week started with a loss to No. 1 Sacred Heart Cathedral, then came two disappointing losses at home against St. Francis and on the road against Valley Christian, which was winless in league play and lost to Riordan and Sacred Heart by nine and 17 points, respectively. St. Ignatius is now tied for last in the WCAL with the Warriors and has averaged 37 points per game in league play.

6. Lincoln (9-10, ranking last week: 8)

The Mustangs are just behind Mission as the most impressive AAA squad so far and kept pace just behind the Bears in the standings with wins over Jordan, Washington and Marshall (5-10) last week.

7. University (9-8, ranking last week: 8)

The Red Devils have quietly won four straight games, including a double-digit win over No. 9 Lick-Wilmerding and Drew last week.

8. Lowell (10-7, ranking last week: 10)

It hasn’t always been pretty, but the Cardinals are still undefeated in AAA play and appear to be the class of the Neff Division. Lowell routed bottom-half division opponents O’Connell (0-8), ISA (4-10) and Wallenberg (3-13) last week.

9. Lick-Wilmerding (9-8, ranking last week: 6)

The Tigers slip three spots after a rough start to BCL West play. Lick dropped its opener to No. 7 University, then fell to unranked Urban (8-7) for its fourth-consecutive loss.

10. Gateway (11-1, ranking last week: 9)

The Gators took down International (3-11) and Pescadero (2-8) decisively last week, and sit atop the Bay Counties League Central, but will take on fellow unbeaten league foes in Waldorf and Bay this week.

On the brink: Waldorf (7-3), Galileo (9-8), Marshall (5-10), Urban (8-7), Washington (8-12), Balboa (12-7), Bay (10-6)

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52 Comments on " Boys Basketball Top 10: League play leads to Top 10 shakeup"

  1. Whats happening here? JB highlights SH in an poll/article and not SI?? Before anyone questions SFPreps polls, remember its just like any weekly poll, teams move up and down with its wins/losses. So remember if SI girls losses and Mercy wins every game, that weekly poll will feature Mercy as #1.

  2. isnt marshall 6-9?
    not 5-10?

  3. Lots of bad basketball in San Francisco

  4. Paper plate | January 16, 2012 at 4:32 PM |

    Good Lord I understand that a lot of this ranking is based off of record and how a teams is playing this current week, but do honestly think Stuart Hall could be SI in a basketball game. I will give Mission some credit they have a couple of good scrappy guys on their team this year, but honestly The Hall would easily lose to SI, and be blown out in every game in the WCAL.

    Sorry to put Stuart Hall on blast and San Fran Preps I know your just trying to be fair and do your job, I just wanted to say my opinion.

    • Stuart Hall beat Mission this year, just to let you know. I’m not sure if they could beat SI, but they have looked good this year and SI’s playing horrible right now.

    • I don’t think Mission nor Stuart Hall can beat SI, but you never know. I think SI almost lost to Mission last year, when SI had a better team. Mission almost won, but Stephen Domingo blocked the buzzer beater. SI only won by 1 point.

      • they also had played a game a few hrs before, because there was a black out when they were supposed to play

      • SD31 played defense?

        • Domingo’s defense has been great this year; it’s his offense that has suffered. Not trying to make excuses, but perhaps the broken foot in the summer, followed by the broken wrist may have had psychologically consequences which resulted into poor, unconfident shooting.

    • y are u hating on Stuart Hall? Stuart Hall is doing well this year and they are a small school too so give them some props. And they could give any team a good challenge.

    • stuart hall definetly has the size, athleticism and guard play to compete with a lot of big team. plus their press is a dragg

      their also very deep

  5. Basketball Fan | January 16, 2012 at 5:05 PM |

    Riordan is #2. Who would of thought that…. Go Crusaders.

    • Kezar for Keeps | January 16, 2012 at 5:13 PM |

      I don’t know why people get all riled up about these rankings. jbalan obviously knows how to stir the pot and get the conversation going and people fall into the trap every time.

  6. JB, whats your opinion on the mystery and legend of Balboa always having to play their opponent and the referees? Is it because of a not so clean history of violence and poor sportsmanship? whats the deal?

    • I’m not sure what you’re talking about. At every Bal game I’ve been to, I haven’t noticed any bias.

    • Maybe the refs hate Balboa’s pee-wee basketball court. A half court shot in Balboa’s home gym is basically a NBA 3pt shot.

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. However, officiating at Balboa’s gym is not an easy task. Most regular folks can understand that a regulation court will help players (more space to roam, etc, etc). However, a regulation court will also help officials!

      Balboa’s court (especially at the baseline) does not have enough room for officials to get good angles on some plays. When you add in some athletic kids in a small and confined space, lots of stuff will happen that officials may miss or see late due to poor angles.

      That being said, it’s not impossible to officiate there. Takes a lot of talking / communication to adjust to the court conditions. What you all bias may simply officials trying to see through the action. Can’t call stuff if you didn’t see it clearly. Guessing is definitely not encourage with the officials. Girls games at Balboa are a little easier to officiate. The girls are smaller and the game is a tad slower.

  7. When is SFpreps going to go to a Stuart Hall game ??

    • SanFran Preps has covered two of Stuart Hall’s games this season, already.

      Game vs. Wallenberg and Game vs. Mission

      • clarence D. | January 17, 2012 at 3:39 PM |

        never did a full article with the pictures and stuff

        • If you want pictures of the Stuart Hall team, hire a photographer.

          The pictures are a nice addition to the articles, but I would rather have more articles than more articles with pictures.

          Also, Stuart Hall is small school, to get coverage of the school’s basketball program, the team has to win a few league championships or schedule the bigger San Francisco Schools.

          University has done both of these.

          I looked over the Stuart Hall Schedule.

          Stuart Hall played in two tournaments, one out of the city and one at Lowell. In the Lowell Tournament, Stuart Hall lost their first game of the tournament, so they got no coverage.

          Stuart Hall scheduled mostly smaller schools for non-league games.
          The only non-league games on the schedule that merited coverage were the Mission and Lowell games. The Lowell game was scheduled opposite St. Ignatius’ Sand Dunes Classic, which meant it got no coverage.

          Date Opponent Result
          12/01 5:00 PM South Fork (Miranda, CA) **
          Details: Redwood Classic
          (Anderson Valley HS-Boonville, CA) 83 – 55 Win

          12/02 5:00 PM Point Arena (Point Arena, CA) **
          Details: Redwood Classic 65 – 48 Win

          12/03 12:00 PM St. Vincent de Paul (Petaluma, CA) **
          Details: Redwood Classic 76 – 55 Win

          12/03 9:00 PM Pinewood (Los Altos Hills, CA) **
          Details: Redwood Classic 75 – 47 Loss

          12/06 5:30 PM @ Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough, CA)
          Details: Crystal Springs Uplands School 59 – 40 Win

          12/08 6:30 PM Piedmont (Piedmont, CA) **
          Details: Cardinals Classic at Lowell 62 – 52 Loss

          12/09 3:30 PM Balboa (San Francisco, CA) **
          Details: Cardinal Classic at Lowell 59 – 54 Loss

          12/10 2:00 PM Bay (San Francisco, CA) **
          Details: Cardinals Classic at Lowell 56 – 47 Win

          12/13 5:30 PM @ Bay (San Francisco, CA)
          Details: Bay School 51 – 48 Win

          12/15 6:00 PM Mission (San Francisco, CA)
          Details: Stuart Hall High School 67 – 66 Win

          12/17 5:00 PM Leadership (San Francisco, CA)
          Details: Stuart Hall High School 90 – 65 Win

          12/20 5:30 PM @ College Prep (Oakland, CA)
          Details: College Prep 52 – 37 Win

          12/29 5:00 PM Lowell (San Francisco, CA)
          Details: Stuart Hall High School 45 – 27 Win

          12/31 1:00 PM Wallenberg (San Francisco, CA)
          Details: Stuart Hall High School 67 – 32 Win

          01/07 TBA @ Woodside Priory (Portola Valley, CA)
          Details: Woodside Priory 50 – 36 Win

          01/10 5:30 PM @ Drew (San Francisco, CA) *
          Details: Booker T. Washington 69 – 29 Win

          01/12 5:30 PM Marin Academy (San Rafael, CA) *
          Details: Stuart Hall High School 82 – 79 Win

  8. who did SH lose to?

    • SHC lost to Bellarmine, the game before the Bruce Mahoney. It was a look-ahead game.

      • JJ SH didnt look ahead at all. They lost by 1 point. Everyone knows the WCAL is a grind. Bellarmine is no slouch except they had a brainfreeze vs Riordan last week. But it was a “good” loss to get out of their system with SI next.

        • SHC’s lost to Bellarmine, in my eyes, looks pretty bad considering Riordan ran them off the court, and SI beat Riordan relatively easily, since everyone here thinks Domingo only played well because Riordan’s team is “short”.

          • JJ, I would bet you any amount of money, SHC will not lose to Riordan. Admit it, SI is not playing well, period.

          • By one stinkin’ point… at their place with their refs? That won’t happen up here.

            • Riordan and SHC is a must see game now? But its so hard to get there and there’s no parking!

              • I know the parking sux. The nearest lot is at that theatre on Van Ness.

              • I don’t understand why people complain about the parking. I never have issues parking at all. By the time I get there all of the street parking is free and available.

              • Jbalan, do you know why SHC allows or does not allow people to park at the Grace Cathedral parking lot at the church? Seems like there would be plenty of parking then?

              • I don’t. Again, I don’t have any trouble finding parking whenever I’m there.

  9. It was good to see SHC win tonight against Mcclymonds, which are physically much bigger than the Irish. They are a huge team, the Center is 6’10, with everyone else 6’4 or taller.

  10. Wooooow… SHC beat the MACK house?! After already blowing out Jesuit?! Looks like another title run for the Irish is in the works. Huge win.

  11. Feel The Pain | January 17, 2012 at 10:14 AM |

    This was definitely a good win for Sacred Heart beating a marquee name McClymonds squad. McClymonds is 9-8, due in large part to missing 3 players, including the aforementioned 6’9 Jamaree Stickland, who either start or get significant playing time. I am not sure if all of those players returned for last night’s game but McClymonds lost to a Skyline team last week by 3, who in turn lost to Oakland Tech. by 10. Nevertheless, it’s a good win, but I wouldn’t say huge if McClymonds was short handed.

  12. Lowell is only on this because they haven’t played the top ranked teams yet.

    • Feel The Pain | January 17, 2012 at 11:16 AM |

      A few losses to the Lang and their out of the top 10. Aside from Jordan, they need to win at least 3 out of 5 against the rest of the Lang Division to say they are for real. Marshall at Lowell tommorrow will give us an idea how good the Cardinal really are. Coach Ray will come up with a game plan that caters to their strengths, defense and a slow paced game. We’ll see tommorrow.

  13. Jbalan, that’s because they look out for you and time it so when you arrive, someone leaves.

    It’s also just not quick to get there…

  14. people are so whiny about parking. i took the 38 geary every single day! drops you off van ness, walk up 1 block to franklin and 1 block left! take the train, get off van ness station walk 4 blocks and walk up eddy! jeezus!!!

  15. UHS is about to scrape stuart hall tomorrow. UHS has got no competition in the BCL.

  16. I don’t know about that, the exiting thing about BCL basketball this year is that the top four or so teams seem pretty evenly matched, with Stuart Hall slightly ahead. I think any game in which Uni, SHHS, Urban, or Lick play each other will be a good exiting game that could potentially go either way. UHS is still good, but they sure aren’t leaps and bounds ahead like last year.

  17. I’m proud of Riordan. Keep it up!

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