Girls Basketball Top 10: SI still holding off undefeated Mercy

Sacred Heart Cathedral head girls basketball coach Mike Carey (right) glances at the scoreboard at USF's War Memorial Gymnasium on Jan. 10. Carey resigned from coaching duties on Friday. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Even with a solid start in West Catholic Athletic League play, Sacred Heart Cathedral head coach Mike Carey and the Irish are still looking up at Lowell, Mercy and rival St. Ignatius in the Top 10. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top 10 boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. St. Ignatius (13-2, last week’s ranking: 1)

Mercy would likely have taken over the top spot if the Wildcats had any missteps last week, but they didn’t, taking down rival Sacred Heart Cathedral, St. Francis (11-5) and Valley Christian (7-8).

2. Mercy (16-0, last week’s ranking: 2)

The Skippers impressed in their first week of play in the West Bay Athletic League’s Foothill Division, taking down Eastside Prep (8-8) and Sacred Heart Prep (11-5) by substantial margins.

3. Lowell (13-4, last week’s ranking: 3)

The Cardinals have yet to be challenged in Academic Athletic Association play, including a win over Wallenberg (1-14) last week, and likely won’t until they play No. 6 Washington on Jan. 27.

4. Sacred Heart Cathedral (9-7, last week’s ranking: 4)

Other than a double-digit loss to No. 1 St. Ignatius, the Irish have played impressively in WCAL play and even sit above the Wildcats in the league standings.

5. University (15-1, last week’s ranking: 5)

The Red Devils may have reached their ceiling in the Top 10 due to a relatively weak strength of schedule, but they just keep winning. University extended its win streak to 15 games with double-digit wins over No. 10 Lick-Wilmerding, Drew (9-4) and Rincon Valley Christian (8-8) last week.

6. Washington (12-5, last week’s ranking: 6)

The Eagles, like Lowell, have yet to be challenged in AAA play, including blowout wins over Marshall (0-8), Lincoln (6-11) and Mission (4-12) last week.

7. Convent (7-6, last week’s ranking: 9)

The Cubs struggled at times in the non-league season, but got back into their comfort zone with the start of Bay Counties League West play. After a week off, Convent took down Drew and Marin Academy (10-7) to open up league play last week.

8. Galileo (11-5, ranking last week: 7)

The Lions didn’t look great in a 10-point win over Wallenberg, but bounced back with a blowout win over Burton (4-11) to wrap up last week.

9. International (8-6, last week’s ranking 8)

The Jaguars, an early Bay Counties League Central favorite, had their first setback in league play with a loss to upstart San Domenico (12-4) to start the week, but responded with wins over Gateway (5-5) and Head-Royce (6-8) to end the week.

10. Lick-Wilmerding (5-7, last week’s ranking: NR)

The Tigers don’t have an impressive record, but took down last week’s No. 10 team Urban by 12 points. A close loss may have kept the Blues in the final spot, but Urban will have several opportunities to get back into the Top 10.

On the brink: Urban (10-6), Drew (9-4), Lincoln (6-11)

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22 Comments on " Girls Basketball Top 10: SI still holding off undefeated Mercy"

  1. Stay Tough Mercy! We are proud of you! Go Skippers!

  2. SI just lost today to Beserkeley, so maybe Mercy can get the #1 spot next week, if they go undefeated this week.

  3. Mercymercyme | January 17, 2012 at 8:55 AM |

    Congrats to Mercy, saw they were ranked #10 on CalHi Sports last week. Also of note, Terra Nova lost to East Side Prep (53-47) last night, Mercy beat East Side Prep 54-37. That may cause a shake up in those rankings as long as Mercy continues to win. They play Nortre Dame (San Jose) tonight and then on Thursday at home vs Pinewood. Pinewood has been a big challenge these past few years. However, Pinewood may be down this year, as East Side Prep just beat them with a score of 36 to 26!?

    • What’s happening with basketball thus days?
      Terra nova loaded with Div 1 player recruits losing to eastside
      Prep. Upsets galore these season, except for maybe Mercy and
      SHC boys who are winning when they are suppose to win.

      • Terra Nova with Terilyn Moe (Nevada-Reno), Ivonne Cook Taylor (former SHC player, Texas Tech) & Jayzel Tuauala (another former SHC player, San Jose State) loss last night because they played poorly and got cocky. Their coach never had control of his team and let them play anyway they wanted too last nite. They lack discipline and won’t go far in the post season because they lack focus and a strong hand to control them. Mercy on the other hand has a strong coach who is not afraid to pull players when they make mistakes. Granted Eastside Prep had some tall and athletic players but I see why Mercy beat them by double digits because they play as a team and show discipline and their coach has a game plan other then throwing it out there and letting them “play”. Talent is nice but it isn’t everything.

    • How can you honestly think Mercy can pass SI with the type of schedule Mercy has played? WBAL is not very good this year and SI has played a bunch of top teams all season. I would like to see Mercy play Berkeley or even a Terra Nova team and see then. I really can’t see them winning against either of these teams. I have seen Mercy play a few times and they do play hard and should be proud of the season they are having but just do not see them competting with the upper echolon teams.

      • Mercymercyme | January 17, 2012 at 12:15 PM |

        Anon: Why so sensitive? I didn’t say that Mercy will pass SI on the SF Preps Ranking, I was referencing a possible shake up in CalHiSports rankings. I don’t know much about Berkeley but am very familiar with the TN team and I think it would be a great game. I was just pointing out the interesting fact (at least to me) that TN lost to a team that Mercy beat by double digits. Meanwhile, small schools will always be looked down on by the ‘upper echelon’ (note correct spelling lol) fans, nothing new here.

  4. What is wrong with you guys???? ITS A SUBJECTIVE POLL!!!!! This isnt the AP or ESPN Coaches Poll that determines who is the national champion. Its not the BCS poll with computer generated comparables that formulate a #1 and #2… You guys are taking this way too seriously. From now on, forget slamming JB on his choices for his top 10. Just list your top 10 and thats it.

    I’ll save you guys any arguments now ok? SHC will be the FINAL #1 ranked men’s team and SI will be the FINAL #1 ranked women’s team.

  5. Ari, no one mentioned JB’s rankings. And the whole of SF preps is to be sociable and discuss the subject at hand. Every team is vulnerable , Unless you can see in the future, which I HIGHLY doubt, nothing is guaranteed or should be taken for granted!

    • Heres the deal, if SH men’s and SI women’s dont finish #1 on JB’s subjective poll at the end of the basketball season, I will go to a AAA game. That pains me to even say that.

  6. Mercy would blow SI out by 20 on any given night get with the program people….

  7. JB stick to your website policies and stop allowing PERSONAL ATTACKS.

    • That is directed at the people being covered in the stories or in the realm of high school sports, not anonymous commenters on the internet. I don’t think it’s a personal attack if they’re saying something about a person using a fake name. It’s actually pretty impersonal.

    • Ari Gold: JB was being nice. He’s basically telling you to quit whining. All you do is come one here and talk bad about people and talk bad about the AAA. When someone does it to you, you whine and cry and run to JB asking him to tell the people to stop picking on you. Now I see what you’re really like.

      You’re one of those hypocrites who can only dish it out but CAN’T take it. You shoot your mouth off and CAN’T back it up. I will give you this, at times, you do make some good points and even have some great info to share with us. However, most of the time you’re just talking just so you can be heard. For the most part, you add no depth to a conversation except on the entertainment side because what you say is so pathetic it’s funny…just not “ha ha” funny.

      Next time you decide to run to JB to protect you, remember, (1) actually know what you’re talking about as JB was nice enough to clarify his policy, (2) DO NOT go to the founder of the website demanding that he does something about an issue that you contribute to and only said something because your feelings got hurt, and (3) GROW UP! If you can’t take it, DON’T DISH IT!!!!!!

      The AAA might not be the stronger league when it comes to sports right now, but we’re obviously the stronger league when it comes to backing up what we say and when it comes to being REAL men and women. You just put the whole WCAL to shame. I hope you’re proud of yourself!

      I’ve said my peace regarding this, now it’s time to move on to more important things.

  8. Ms. Arthur Chin | January 19, 2012 at 4:23 AM |

    none of us will be completely happy until they go head to head until then all we can do is go by the teams they played against and mercy is clearly the favorite.

    it comes down to the matchups one on one for the starters and bench vs. bench. what do you all realllly think?????

  9. I second that!

  10. Even if you match up, it still a matter of opinion. So the dispute is still there and as for them playing each other, it’s not going to happen just because of the differences in school size and etc. The real issue is that people should understand they are other teams, leagues, and players that are really good and not just limited to the WCAL. They play ignorant to the fact and go as far as to bash other teams and players. Is that what we are reduced to? Respect the game and foremost respect the student- athletes. Remember they are STUDENTS first! They are not being paid to play or to play for anyone’s expectations but for their school they chose to represent and above all, THEMSELVES!

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