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Games of the day: In arguably our best slate of basketball games to date, the Convent-University girls and Stuart Hall-University boys will both play for first place outright in the BCL West. In the WCAL, the Riordan-Sacred Heart Cathedral boys game will be a matchup of the two City teams currently playing the best basketball. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Marshall 50, Lowell 40
Wallenberg 45, Jordan 28
Balboa 68, Burton 58
Galileo 53, Mission 52
Lincoln 58, O’Connell 10
Washington 67, ISA 48

BCL Central boys basketball
Gateway 61, Waldorf 40
Leadership 42, Pescadero 12

BCL West boys basketball
University 59, Stuart Hall 52
Lick-Wilmerding 44, Marin Academy (San Rafael) 38

PSAL North boys basketball
Mid-Peninsula (Menlo Park) 48, Jewish Community 38

WCAL boys basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 63, Riordan 49
Serra (San Mateo) 59, St. Ignatius 37

AAA girls basketball
Lowell 53, Marshall 11
Balboa 61, Burton 30
Galileo 67, Mission 43

BCL Central girls basketball
Leadership 36, Pescadero 20
Waldorf @ Gateway, 4 p.m.

BCL West girls basketball
Urban 54, Drew 34
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 47, Lick-Wilmerding 44
Convent 54, University 39

PSAL girls basketball
Mid-Peninsula (Menlo Park) 34, Jewish Community 19

WCAL boys soccer
St. Francis (Mountain View) 4, Riordan 0
St. Ignatius 1, Valley Christian (San Jose) 0
Bellarmine (San Jose) 2, Sacred Heart Cathedral 1

WCAL girls soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 3, Presentation (San Jose) 3
St. Ignatius 0, Valley Christian (San Jose) 0

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79 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. Let’s make a statement tonight Crusaders. Anything could happen.

  2. Feel The Pain | January 18, 2012 at 11:56 AM |

    Sacred Heart is on a roll. I’m hoping the Crusaders can at least be competitive. Lowell/Marshall in the AAA will be interesting.

  3. Wow great result Irish soccer!
    SI girls tied Valley Christian 0-0

  4. galileo played a good game beating mission today then

  5. marshall girls 11pt’s
    lowell girls 60pt’s
    basketball girls

  6. SI Soccer Dad | January 18, 2012 at 9:05 PM |

    SI Varsity soccer 1-0 win over Valley Christian this afternoon. Junior Denis Shanagher got the lone score.

  7. dam galileo doing work. that’s gotta get them on top 10, wins over mission and university this season

    • so as marshall beating lowell
      gal vs marshall this friday interesting game to see

      • If the big man Alexander doesn’t get into foul trouble, I think Marshall will SMASH Galileo. I didn’t go to the Mission-Gal game, but I’d be willing to bet the 2 players who were benched for a time — didn’t give their 100% effort.

    • Feel The Pain | January 18, 2012 at 9:38 PM |

      Winner of this Friday’s game between Galileo and Marshall will enter the top 10. Lowell is likely to drop out especially with a road game at Mission coming up this Friday as well. Both of these schools started out 5-0 in AAA play, but one will be looking at a 2 game losing streak after that game.

      I expected SH to win but I give credit to the Crusaders for playing hard and making it respectable. Don’t know what to say about the Serra/SI score, except “What’s going on with the Wildcats?”

    • They seem like sporadic wins though.

  8. The SI boys hoops still can’t get it together.

  9. gateway coming back from a very disappointing loss with a BIG win over Waldorf!

  10. SI boys only score 4 points in the 4th that’s ridiculous!

  11. Great win by gal. They played very well. Teams underestimate this small squad but they can play.

    • Gal just beat the best team in the AAA. That means Lowell better watch out. I wonder if the Neff division is starting to rise back up to become the dominant division in the AAA!

  12. Another scoring drought for SI. I was thinking at halftime, maybe this is the game when SI scores over 40 points. Boy, was I wrong. SI built about a 6pt lead in the 1st quarter, then Serra took a 1 pt lead right before halftime. Then the 2nd half came, and it was all Serra. The refs called a couple fouls on Domingo on what looked like clean blocks, and he was sitting on the bench most of the 2nd half due to foul trouble. He probably had about 5 blocks in the game, but his offense was no where to be found. I’m guessing he had about 6 pts in the game. Harvard head coach Tommy Amaker was at the game recruiting. He used to be the head coach at Michigan, and was a Duke great back in the day.

  13. how did waldorf lose so badly? were they missing players??

    • nope. gateway played a great game. they hit their shots, boarded well, and played a great zone.

  14. Once again, SI fails to break 40 points.

    Out-scored in second half, 34-13.

    This team would have a hard time winning in AAA.

    • The AAA have teams that can compeat with WCAL TEAMS

      • Which teams? Honestly interested in which can compete. I wish there could be a city championship.
        Bracket would have two play in games. Assuming the last top ten is the final rankings.
        7. University plays 10. Gateway/ 8. Lowell 9. Lick
        1. SH would play winners of Uni/Gateway
        2. Riordan would play winners of Lowell/Lick
        3.Stuart Hall plays 6.Lincoln
        4.Mission plays 5. Si

  15. Serra/SI game was a great 1st half, then Serra played lights out defense.

    • Every team in the WCAL plays lights out defense on SI. Every SI game I’ve been to (except the Riordan game), they don’t score for 5 or 6 minutes straight. Domingo was warming the bench most of the 2nd half, due to foul trouble, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered much because Serra has a deeper team who can all score. I think the SI coach reads my comments because Daniel MacLean-Vermic played, getting significant minutes, but he shot an airball 3. Game was a little chippy at the end, with alot of hard fouls as the game got out of hand. I honestly think the 13-1 SI JV could beat the SI varsity.

  16. I really don’t want to take anything away from Galileo’s win, but there is some context to that game. Mission sat two starters for discipline.

    • Well, I think they only sat one of there starters and only 1 did not play. But there is no excuse how Mission would lose.

      • They sat two starters. One for a half, the other for the entire game.

        • Jbalan, he didn’t sit out for a whole half it was only a quarter. But still, isn’t Mission a solid team? They should be a good team down the stretch playing tough games.

    • I was wondering what happened. That score was “perplexing” to say the least.

  17. SI looks lost. They played well in the 1st quarter, but lost steam towards the middle of the 2nd quarter. Missed many easy layups, just did not finish. The 6ā€™ 7ā€ shooting forward played well for awhile, but as someone mentioned before, foul trouble took him out of the game. A somewhat acrimonious game at times, refs called lots of ticky tacky fouls and missed many real ones.

    Watching the game from behind the SI bench, these kids appear to a have a look of bewilderment on their faces. They have talent and athleticism, just not seeing put together, yet.

    • A lot of great coaches were interested in that SI coaching position in the Spring….They should have opened it up and hire the best one to maximize their potential!!!!! I bet the new AD is wishing he had!

      • Looking at their website, it appears that SI only hires grads from the inside for the big (Bruce Mahoney) sports and apparently the AD as well. Maybe they should have kept Lippi.

        Saw SHC handle Riordan. Yawn. Thought it might be close. At least I didn’t have to sit through Serra pounding on the Wildcats.

    • The refs should start their own Disney club with their mickey-mouse calls.

    • What else is new? “Missed many easy lay ups – just did not finish”…story of their league play.

      Who else in WCAL will they beat? MAYBE VC at home. That’s about it.

  18. Familiar story for SI. Out rebounded, no inside out action on offense, system doesn’t match their athletic ability. Two post high low set would work well for stephen

    • Their offensive scheme could dramatically improve with a two post (high/ow) set and would also increase their positioning for back cuts and offensive rebounds. Also would like to see the offense start with sharp passes to the wings (with back cuts), more movement without the ball and screens or high post initiation instead of horizontal guard dribbling against pressure defense for the first 15-25 seconds on most set plays. Would also like to see a set offensive scheme to break the press…anyone ever think about passing to a flashing big to the middle (who then pivots and looks to the edges to break the press versus having the guards trying to dribble through the press and/or into the traps

      • You might’ve just solved SI’s problem. However, it seems as if Coach Reardon is set on his current system.

  19. The new AD played soccer while he was at SI, so he probably has no clue. I think the JV coach — Kareem Guillbeaux — is doing a better job. You can teach x’s and o’s but if you can’t put the ball in the hoop, you will lose alot of games.

    • Did the SI JV coach beat Serra tonight?

      • SI JV won by 1point, but they came back from a double digit deficit. I think Kareem Guillbeaux or Joe Skiffer should be the new head coach, so it will be the 1st black head coach in SI’s basketball history.

      • Yes by 1 point 40-39.

        • Sounds like it was a hell of a game. I don’t watch much JV ball. Who is on top at the JV level in the WCAL this year?

          The last JV coach I heard about was the guy (Kennedy) from Serra that took over at Mitty. Seems like he’s doing OK. lol

          • Bellarmine and Saint Ignatius Junior Varsity’s are both 6 – 0 in league prior to Friday’s Game.

  20. University will be ranked #3 next week, after they beat this week’s #3 Stuart Hall. Mission will be #4, assuming the beat Lowell on Friday. The Hall will be #5. SI will be ranked #6. Bank on it.

  21. WOW, did I read that right? GAL BEAT MISSION?!?!?!?!?!?!

  22. I think the game this Friday, Burton vs. Lincoln will be a good game.

    • I hope Burton wins. I want to see the Neff division take over as the power house of the AAA. Gal just took down Mission. Is Lincoln the next to fall?! We will see!

      • Keep on hoping. Yesterday, Marshall put a half court clinic at Lowell. Lowell had no answers for Marshalls half court offense. Marshall back door, high lowed and pick and roll all game, Lowell had nothing to stop Marshall with. Marshall had a 19 point lead in the first half, a 17 point lead in the second half, and 12 to 15 point lead most of the game. Yes Lowell would make runs, but Marshall would answer everytime. I watched Marshall beat Lowell at its own game; the half court game.

        Marshall zone defense gave Lowell problems all game, forcing a number of turnovers. Lowell was only able to produce eight points in the paint the hold game; most of Lowell point came from above the free throw line.

        Let get real, Mission and Marshall are the best teams. Lincoln, I know they can not be happy with the way they won that game against Marshall; because they were suppose beat Marshall, That game was never suppose to be that close, Marshall playing with only five men, not to mention the three controversal calls late in the fourth quarter given to Lincoln by the same ref all three time.

        The question I have is? how is Marshall beating teams with only five players, playing a half court game, a game that inter-city basketball players in the AAA ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE ABLE TO PLAY! Marshalls’ coach have out coached all the coachs he’s faced this season in the AAA, let keep it real, whatever happened in the game with Mission and Galileo, is not going to happen at Marshall on friday.

        • you should ask yourself as a marshall parent or maybe student, why are you losing? are you kidding me about them beating Mission and Lincoln, come on be real. They were lucky they didn’t get blown away by Mission or Lincoln. that’s on the real. Hey, marshall have a good team but Mission and Lincoln are still the AAA team to beat.

        • I find it interesting that my comment was referring to Burton vs. Lincoln, but yet, you chose to bring up Marshall. Marshall had nothing to do with what I posted. Maybe touching up on understanding what you read is in order.

          However, I will entertain your comment and say that Marshall is having a great year. If the kids learned how to succeed in their academics just as they are on the court, maybe they wouldn’t struggle fielding a team every year. With that said, I’m glad coach Miles has put together a group of young men that can play good together. They will definately have a successful year this year.

      • Lowell House | January 20, 2012 at 11:43 AM |

        I’d like that too, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Read about the Lowell Marshall game here:

        • Lowell House,

          In all honesty, I don’t think it will happen this year. Even when I was playing in the AAA ten years ago, the Lang division was the strongest of the two divisions. However, most of the Neff teams were stronger than they are today. Lowell has always been good. Burton and Gal are starting to come alive again. Wallenberg is in a rebuilding year. ISA and O’Connell, with all due respect to both schools, tend to be the weaker schools in our division and this hasn’t changed much in the past ten years.

          I think next year or in two years the Neff will start to take over. We’re in the beginning stages now. I hope it does happen soon because the last time the Neff Division was stronger than the Lang division was in the mid-to late 90’s when Burton and Gal dominated the league.

  23. Another less-than-40-point game for SI. I hope they can get it together.

  24. Mission lost that game behind a lot of stuff going on. Officials weren’t calling anything for both sides, especially Mission! And all gal did was play zone all day which is something Mission is not used to seeing the whole game. They came out of the zone one time. One of there key players didn’t play. So a lot was going on. But if they play them againg I bet gal would have a much header time with them as Mission did with them at their house

  25. Mission is not losing again! Promise u that!

  26. mission is not that great of a team. i’m sorry but a lot of their shot were not skilled. luck only take you so far then it runs out. any jb, stop being so bias on your comments. that is not your policy. stick to the story pal. GAlileo beat Mission fair and square. hate excuses.

    • It’s not bias. It is called context. If we were covering the game, it would have been in the story. Would you rather I not share the information presented to me?

      • come on now, let give gal team some credit for steppin up and beating mission. i just thought that gal is not getting enopugh credit. that all

    • They lost by one? They played without two starters and one for sure didnt play? One starter is guaranteed at least 1 point 9 out of 10 times, so the context of this game is actually very important. No one is saying that Gal can not beat mission but with all Mission players playing it is unlikely.

    • anonymous #3 | January 19, 2012 at 1:06 PM |

      i agree that if Mission was to play gal again at keezar the liklely chances of wining is not to high. but they did win.. they are most likely to see them againg playoffs

    • Feel The Pain | January 19, 2012 at 3:43 PM |

      “mission is not that great of a team. iā€™m sorry but a lot of their shot were not skilled. luck only take you so far then it runs out. any jb, stop being so bias on your comments. that is not your policy. stick to the story pal. GAlileo beat Mission fair and square. hate excuses.”

      gal fan, Galileo is probably the front runner in the Neff and a re-match with Lowell will determine the Neff #1 seed for the playoffs. With that said, Galileo did beat Mission, albeit without some of their players, but they did win. Now in order for that win to have some real meaning, they will need to go on the road tommorrow and handle their business at Marshall. Many teams have taken this Marshall team for granted just because they have a 7 man team. I for one have advocated for Marshall since the pre-season to be considered a AAA threat because they are a talented bunch who’s finally turning some heads in league, and they are not even playing with their full complement of players. They should be getting some of their players back soon and that doesn’t bode well for future Marshall opponents in the coming weeks.

      Lowell’s 14/15 man squad fell at home to this hard nosed team. If Marshall was in the Neff they would be the #1 seed without a doubt. Some of these Neff/Lang games being played in the next few weeks are previews of what some of the playoff matchups will look like. The Mission win was good, but Galileo will need to beat Marshall, Lincoln, Balboa, and Washington. I say that because they will be playing one of those teams in their playoff opener.

      Marshall is playing great ball and will not lose 2 straight at home. Winner jumps into next weeks top 10. Marshall will roll.

      • I think this “winning with only seven men” thing is getting blown up a tad too much. Most coaches would probably choose quality over quantity anyways. Not to take anything away from Marshall, they are definitely doing a fine job this year….very nice win for Galileo….Mission is still the front runner, followed closely by Lincoln and Marshall in that order. With that being said, the AAA title is completely up for grabs.

        • Feel The Pain | January 19, 2012 at 10:52 PM |

          Try saying that to the Marshall coaches when they finished the Mission game with 4 players on the court. I agree that most coaches would choose quality over quantity, and that Mission is the front runner. However, I’m not blowing the “winning with only seven men’ thing out of proportion, or as you put it “a tad too much” but stating the context in which they are playing their games. I just think they’ve done a nice job with the adversity they’ve faced since the season started and I am showing support for those young men. In any event, the AAA title may be up for grabs, but the champion will come from the LANG.

    • I do not know why you people keep attacking JB. JB presents FACTS that (1) is given to him by the coaches themselves, or (2) he has witnessed. Yet people still attack him. Everytime he questions your attacks, you never have an answer. So, you might want to KNOW what you’re talking about before making a comment. The sad thing is, Gal won the game and you should be happy with that. There is something called a SORE WINNER.

      Next time you want to complain about something JB writes or attack his policies, THINK TWICE. You might want to ask Ari Gold how well that went for him!!!!!

      • all of you are making good points and are contributing to this site in a positive way, hats off to all of you high school AAA basketball fans.

        Now its Friday, lets have some fun and discuss something a little softer: Who haS the best looking uniforms in the AAA and WCAL, where is the best place to a high school game, what gyms in the city are best to watch a game.

        • Fun Stuff
          Let’s stay consistant with categories. People can play off this: If you dont have an opinion put N/A:

          Best Uniforms WCAL: SHC Away
          Best Uniforms:AAA: Marshall Away/Wash Away
          Best Uniforms: BC: Stuart Hall
          Best Arena Overall: Crusader Forum
          Best seating (comfort): SHC
          Best concession: Crusader Forum
          Best Amenities (Lockers): SI
          Safest gym: SI
          Best Parking: SI
          Best AAA Gym: Kezar
          Best AAA Home Gym: Lincoln
          Worst Gym: Galileo or Mission
          Most Intimidating Gym: Marshall/University
          Least intimidating: SHC
          Best student support: University
          One place you dont want to be in a earthquake: Stuart Hall
          Biggest waste of space: Washington

          • I have had similar thoughts about the earthquake situations at Stuart Hall and Convent. Both are underground.

            Underrated gyms are Mercy and International.

          • How can you say Kezar has the best AAA gym? Although it is a very historic venue, the place is old and there is an obstructed view in some areas of the gym. The lighting also makes you want to sleep. And why is Marshall’s gym, the most intimidating? Is it because it’s in a rough neighborhood? For me, I thought Balboa gym was intimidating. The security guard is a woman and about 80 years old, and people were yelling obscenties throughout the game. I think the best uniforms are the Riordan home jerseys of the JV; the jerseys look like bootleg LA Laker jerseys, even down to the design of the lettering.

            • JJ. Again, criticizing. Again the post is one person’s opinion. Just put your thoughts down under the various categories and leave it at that. The obstructions are part of charm. Would agree that I would love an updated arena, but the floor must stay. Balboa was close, but since its above the gym a whole 15 feet its not quiet there. If you have been to a packed Marshall game you would understand-the neighborhood itself is not bad.

              • I’m not crticizing. You’re the one who’s crticizing my post. i guess we can’t argue over who has the best gym or the best uniforms? Isn’t the purpose of these forums is to have a healthy debate?

            • JJ. Its a poll: I put down my answers; you put down yours. SImple as that. No narratives( i.e. criticism). Again the post is one person’s opinion. Just put your thoughts down under the various categories and leave it at that.

          • Adding 2 more categories

            Best Bingo Hall: SI’s Cowell Pavilion
            Best Example of Sports Facility Designed By A Guy Baked Out Of His Mind: Riordan’s Football/Track & Field Field

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