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Games of the day – Lowell vs. Mission boys basketball: Both teams were handed their first league losses this week, but each still figures to be the favorite to win their respective divisions and to carry the top seeds into the playoffs. Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Mitty boys basketball: Both squads have been upset on the road in early WCAL play, but should be the top two seeds in the league for the second-consecutive year. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Mission 66, Lowell 54
Balboa 78, O’Connell 26
Lincoln 62, Burton 52
Washington 54, Wallenberg 31
Marshall 44, Galileo 42
ISA 54, Jordan 38

BCL Central boys basketball
Waldorf 63, Bay 60 (OT)
International 57, Pescadero 9

BCL West boys basketball
University 60, Urban 55
Lick-Wilmerding 55, Stuart Hall 47
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 64, Drew 32

WBAL Skyline girls basketball
Harker (San Jose) 58, ICA 16

WCAL boys basketball
Mitty (San Jose) 62, Sacred Heart Cathedral 59
Bellarmine (San Jose) 60, St. Ignatius 49
St. Francis (Mountain View) 55, Riordan 39

AAA girls basketball
Lowell 39, Mission 10
Washington 50, Wallenberg 21
Galileo 63, Marshall 23
Lincoln 57, Burton 41

BCL Central girls basketball
International 57, Pescadero 4
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 49, Gateway 17
Bay 33, Waldorf 30 (OT)

BCL West girls basketball
Convent 50, Lick-Wilmerding 39
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 50, Drew 28
University 51, Urban 45

WCAL boys soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 4, Valley Christian (San Jose) 0

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough) 7, Mercy 0

WCAL girls soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, Valley Christian (San Jose) 1

We didn’t get a reporter out to the game, but here is another bonus video from the Lincoln-Burton boys game by our friend George Nguyen and Yay Area’s Finest

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  1. Too bad there can’t be two “Game of the day” choices. The SHC/Mitty game should be good to.

    Regarding the “Game of the Day,” I’m pulling for Lowell in the upset!

  2. Feel The Pain | January 20, 2012 at 2:27 PM |

    The wrestling teams at Riordan and Sacred Heart sent full squads while Galileo and Washington each sent 8 man contingents to the Mid Cal Tournament today and tommorrow in Gilroy. Good luck to all the young men representing SF.

    • Agreed! Good luck SF teams!

      • Being a coach as SHC for the past few years, I have to commend the great job Coach Tran is doing with the kids right now. They are growing, and getting better as the years progress. The team has grown substantially since I started there 6 years ago. We have been taking it to all the other WCAL powerhouse teams, and keeping up with them. At Mid-cals, Gabe took home a very respectable 7th place for the SHC team. As for Riordan, they are an excellent team on the verge of greatness. I can see a lot of records being broken this year. A lot of hard work goes into this sport, and it is nice to see some recognition on this board finally.

        Good job Irish and Crusader wrestlers

        • Wonderful insight Coach A. I wish you and all of the City teams the best of luck this season. I need to try to get out to a wrestling match or two this season.

  3. Last night @ Mercy high, the Pinewood JV hoops team managed to score 3 points the whole game. Tonight, Pescadero only managed to score tonight 4 points for the whole game. I guess that team doesn’t know how to play “D” or shoot the ball very well.

  4. boys basketball marshall 44 galileo 42

    • They both played well. Marshall was up by 12 going to half, but Galileo slowly chipped the lead down to 1 or 2 and actually took the lead with about 35 seconds remaining. But a couple of mistakes from Gal made them lose that game. It basically was down to the wire with both these teams. Great job to both teams, hopefully this will be one of the match ups in the playoffs.

  5. SI boys hoops team stinks some more tonight,

    • This sounds like a broken record

    • Like what we said, with all the talent SI has, they don’t know how to win.

    • SI showed some spark in the 2nd half when they pressed. The defensive intensity picked up their offense as they scored 30+ points in the second half. Domingo played the post for most of the second half and did well, but the team struggled to get second shot attempts and help for Stephen inside. Bellarmine’s front line is not big for WCAL teams, but with three at +-6-4, they out rebounded and outscored SI on both ends inside.

  6. Lick Beats Stuart Hall 55-47

    • LETS GO LICK!!!! great win over a quality opponent in stuart hall, and lick showed they were clearly the better team with a strong run in the fourth quarter to close it out

  7. I wonder how much Taylor john had tonight against Mitty he had 15pts at half good game lose by 3

  8. SI is weak. I think if Domingo went to SHC he would be a lot better. Domingo with his size would be crashing the boards. Coach Barbour would not allow him to be a perimeter man, no way.

    • Domingo is crashing the boards; it’s the other players that aren’t showing up. Aguilar only showed up for 1 quarter all year, and that was in the Bruce Mahoney game. I’m pretty sure he’s been on varsity since sophomore year. Maybe he’s play through injuries? I never seen Al Watters hit a jump shot all year, and he was on varsity since his sophomore year. The list goes on and on…..

      • JJ, I don’t know if you are coming to the same games as I am… Stephen is good, no doubt about that, but he has a lot of maturing to do. You can’t pout and get angry when things don’t go your way. He is improving and he is rebounding, however he is also taking a ton of shots that he should not be taking. Why would he take a fade away 3 pointer when he is covered by 3 guys. If he is covered by 3 people, that means there are others that are wide open. Pass the ball!!! On that note, who is #33? He was killing it in the game against the bells… He had a 3 pointer, he had the boards, he had some great layups… The list can go on for a while. He never forced the shots, rather took great shots. This team came together in that game better than the past few. I see great growth coming from this team. The other teams in the WCAL should keep an eye on them. Good job Cats. Keep it up.

    • Yeah no way Barbour would let a 6’6″+ guy be a perimeter man. OH WAIT!! He already did with Jerry Brown. Oh what? You don’t remember that? And all the people that complained about it on NCP? Short memory?

      • Jerry Brown was better in the paint than Domingo has been, he dunked a lot.. We will see…Domingo is still playing so it is not a fair comparison.

  9. SI lost 60-49 but was down 4 with 3 min left. Bells came out on fire with #33 hitting 5 3’s. SI did a great job with some d pressure in second half that led to them scoring 38 plus points I think. SI point guard is nice and Domingo finished with about 16-20. Bells are limited but reallly big and crash boards hard.

  10. At least SI scored over 40 points tonight!

    Stuart Hall lost two games in a row! Looks like they’re dropping a couple of spaces in the polls. Great job Lick-Wilmerding.

    Gal almost beat Marshall.

    Close game between Mitty and SHC.

    Great night of basketball.

  11. SI fans need to start to focus on their womens team. At least they’re winning and will probably take the WCAL. Keep up the great work ladies!

    • Mulkerrins has the SI girls playing great (especially Maria K-McD) even though their point guard situation is a weakness. Don’t see them winning the WCAL though. Mitty is an absolute beast. They beat Valley Christian 74-18 this week and dominated SI down there in their first meeting. The big problem for SI’s girls is that the CCS playoffs won’t provide them an alternative path to glory this year like they have in the past.

      In the past, SI’s girls were a Division 3 team in CCS playoffs. I think they have made it to the championship of Div. 3 for seven straight years and won 2 or 3 times. Their main competition at that level was always SH. The problem this year is that SI is now Division 2 for girls and that means they are in Mitty’s division in the CCS. I think that means gets SI three more chances at Mitty this season: the regular season game at SI as well as a possible match-up in the WCAL title game and the CCS Div. 2 final. I would be surprised not to see Mitty representing the North in the state championship for Div. 2 girls.

      That is just a preview, but what it means is that the SI girls are having a great season and can continue to excel, but that they shouldn’t be judged as less than stellar at the conclusion of the season just because Mitty will be their personal roadblock.

      Go Lady Wildcats!

      • I wouldn’t count SI out of the title just yet. Hopefully what you just said won’t be true next week.

  12. The Burton/Lincoln game was close at the half. I wonder what happend. Good job to both schools!

    • Eat & Sleep Basketball | January 21, 2012 at 4:28 PM |

      GCJ, I have to tell you that you are not to far off on a lot of your comments.

      You missed a hellova game at Lincoln against Burton yesterday. After the first period, it was looking like another Lincoln blowout brewing the score was 24-15, with #23 Brown and #5 Young connecting on six 3-pointers scoring 20 of Lincoln’s 24. Ching had 11 of Burton’s 15. In the second period, Ching teammates, #23(Sabucdalao) and #4 (Gant) found their confidence and focus and scored 19 points in the period, also Burton’s defense turned it up a notch gaving up only 2 field goals, one of them came at the buzzer after a questionable no call of traveling. Lincoln took a one point lead into half, 35-34. The 3rd period was either a defensive battle or cold shooting, both teams made 3 field goals each.

      And after 3 period the score is 45-44, Burton.

      The 4th period was exciting, it started with Brown tying the score making 1 of 2 FTs, then #24 hit a 3pointer to put Lincoln ahead by 3, then Ching fighting through contact makes a short baseline jumper bringing Burton with in one. Moments later Sabucdalao connects for three, Burton leads by 2. Lincoln makes 2 FTs to tie the score, then again Sacbucdalao hits from downtown, Burton up by 3 with about three minute left. Lincoln then went inside to #33, score 53-52 Burton. With about 2 minutes remaining, Burton was called for a bogus shot clock violation, one of many mystery calls or no-calls of the night. Lincoln went ahead for good after making 2 more FTs and a basket by Snoody on an offensive rebound.
      In the last minute of the night Burton missed 3 shots, 3 of 4 from the free-throws, and committed 2 turn-overs.

      Lincoln made 4 FTs with :14 seconds left

      Lincoln- 62
      Burton – 54 Final

      Great Game.

      • I believe you forgot about the technical that was called on Coach Breaux.

        • Coach Breaux got a Tech? Well, that’s no surprise. I love Coach Breaux, but at times he needs to remember to relax on the refs. I remember I attended a game a few years ago when Burton played Monta Vista in Cupertino and he was riding the refs and almost got a Tech. He’s very passionate and emotional and is a great coach, but his temperment at times can get him, and the team, into trouble if he’s not careful.

      • Eat & Sleep Basketball:

        Thank you for breaking the game down for me. I saw the buzzer beater in the video that was added with the article. It would’ve given Burton the lead going into the half instead of Lincoln. Things like this can either hurt or help a team’s moral. The refs missed a call there, but these things happen.

        By your recap, seems like the refs missed quite a bit of calls (or made mistakes on them). The AAA, from my personal experience, have “interesting” basketball refs. I’m speaking as a former player and a former coach. I won’t bash the refs because I know they are human and make mistakes, however, it seems as though the ones that ref AAA games tend to be a little off more than those in other leagues.

        Again, thank you for recaping the game for me. You did a great job of doing so.

  13. Wallenberg played an outstanding first half against a washington team, score was 24-24 at halftime. However in wash finished the game on a 30-7 run. Switching to a 2-3 zone

  14. The Bay varsity girls beat waldorf 33-30 in OT at the waldorf gym! Great game.

    The guys game was just as exciting, down 12 with 5 minutes left in the game, they came back to send it into overtime. It was super close, but bay’s got home court advantage next time!

  15. Are you serious? MKM is having a terrible season. The coaching staff needs to realize what they have, and not base everything off of last year. S.I. should be the team to beat, but not with the coaching!

  16. Mitty is the best team in the WCAL!

    • SHC beat Serra, Mitty beat SHC, Serra beat Mitty, seems like at this time any of these 3 can be the best in the WCAL. Mitty has to go to SHC and Serra has to play at Mitty still. Who ever wins the league will earn it in a big way. These are really good and solid teams on any given day can beat eachother. I can’t wait for the next 2 weeks of WCAL ball. Good job kids and keep working hard and good things will come your way..

  17. Speaking of refs. I heard coaches set the tone of the game in regards to fouls and physical play. Any High School coaches have any insight?

  18. Wow, SI broke 40 points…must be on a roll now.

  19. Was at the Marshall/ Gal game on friday: Marshall did the oppisite of what they did in the Balboa game. Marshall maitained a 10/12 point lead for the first half, in the second half Marshall was flat and shot a very low percentage from the field, but was in control of the game.

    Galileo would take the lead with 35 second left in the game by one point, Galileo would hold that lead for 20 seconds, Marshall would hit a three pointer and lead by 4 points with 15 second left, Marshall would force Galileo into a turn over, and the game was over. Hey, it wasn’t even close.

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